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If you watch sports on television, you’ve seen commercials for testosterone boosting supplements.

They’re usually aimed at the guy in his 40s or 50s who’s finding himself losing energy, drive, and stamina.

And this energy, drive, and stamina can be regarding your job, your workout routine, your sex life, or any combination of the the three.

Ageless Male is one that comes to mind.

But according to VitaPulse, there’s a different way to go if you want a vitality boost, and it’s marketed toward women just as much as men. If there were a way to feel younger, stronger, and more alive without potentially messing with your hormones, it might be worth taking a look at, right?

We thought so, so we’re taking that look at VitaPulse.

What Is VitaPulse?

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That’s a great question, and the answer is actually a little less than straight-forward.

Most of the talk and hype surrounding VitaPulse is about how it can help lower cholesterol, protect cells, and prevent heart disease.

In fact, many of the claims sound suspiciously similar to that of Regenify and Resetigen-D, two completely different products.

But the official website tells a somewhat different story – here are the benefits they list on the website:

VitaPulse Benefits from Website

There’s no mention of heart health at all.

But again, when you look around the web for reviews, information, and feedback, most of what you see is about cardiac health.

So what gives?

Let’s talk a little about what goes into VitaPulse, then we’ll get back to this question in a little bit.

VitaPulse Ingredients

There are only three ingredients listed on the VitaPulse label:

  • CoQ10 (100mg)
  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) (250mg)
  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinine Disodium Salt (PQQ Na2)

vitapulse ingredients label

Here’s how VitaPulseexplains their benefits:

NAC is a powerful antioxidant in its own right, but it also acts as a precursor to Glutathione.

Glutathione is thought to lessen your risk of heart attack.

In fact, a study at the University of Minnesota Medical School found that people with high levels of Glutathione were 6 times less likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those with lower levels.

PQQ Na2 boosts energy by supporting the production and regrowth of mitochondria within your cells.

CoQ10 is also an antioxidant that works to protect cells from oxidation.

Cells are damaged by oxidation when they lose an electron, compromising their integrity.

CoQ10 prevents this damage, thereby reducing inflammation and plaque oxidation.

It’s true that if you look, you can find somestudies relating to these ingredients and how they may support heart health and function.

But there are a few problems with relying on these studies.

For one thing, they are often conducted using animals (mice), and not humans.

While this is helpful, it doesn’t tell the whole story or paint a complete picture.

In order to definitively know how something will work on humans, it needs to be tested on humans.

Also, when looking at studies and how they relate to particular products, you have to pay attention to the dosing.

In the case of VitaPulse, the doses used in the supplement don’t stack up to the doses shown to be effective in what studies are available.

It’s pretty widely accepted that the recommended daily dose of NAC is 1.2 grams, much higher than the 250mg in VitaPulse.

With CoQ10, the 100 mg in VitaPulse is way at the bottom of the 50-1200mg daily recommended dose of one capsule per day.

Who Makes VitaPulse?

VitaPulse is made by a company called Princeton Nutrients.

Despite the name and the official seal-like logo, they have no affiliation with Princeton University.

They are a company based out of Woodland Hills, California, partnered with Dr. Arash Bereliani of the Beverly Hills Institute for Cardiology and Preventative Medicine.

The two joined forces in 2015 in effort to provide heart-healthy supplements for more people than they could reach from just the Beverly Hills clinic alone.

If you look at the reviews on Yelp, the vast majority of people had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Bereliani.

He even makes it a point to personally reach out to practically every reviewer and address any concerns / comments they have.

dr. bereliani board certified cardiologist

The people complaining about him seem to be more pissed off about receiving a big bill, rather then the quality of care they received from him.

The company makes several other formulations including probiotics and weight loss aids, including Ultra Krill and NovaLite.

They also donate a portion of their profits to a charity organization called Pencils of Promise.

What Does VitaPulse Really Do?

We touched on this question a little bit above, but here’s where we’ll dive right in. There is real confusion about what exactly VitaPulse is and what exactly it does.

Even within the company’s own information, there are discrepancies.

Most websites with information on VitaPulse, including some pages at the Princeton Nutrients website, call it an antioxidant that supports heart health. They cite a few studies on the particular ingredients, and talk about how the antioxidant formula supports a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Vitapulse benefits heart health

But the main page for new customers looking to start using VitaPulse talks about relieving joint pain and stiffness, improving sleep, feeling more energized, increasing metabolism, maintaining a sense of mental clarity, and reduced muscle aches.

In other words – a completely different set of benefits.

VitaPulse Benefits from Website

I don’t know for certain why this discrepancy exists, but I have a couple theories:

  1. Princeton Nutrients made VitaPulse to be a heart healthy supplement and originally promoted it that way.

    But that’s dangerously close to saying that VitaPulse can cure disease, which is a big “No-No” with the FDA.

    Supplements are strictly forbidden from saying or even implying that they can cure a disease.
  2. The other possibility is that improving heart health is hard to quantify.

    When people take supplements, they want to feel a difference.

    A lower chance of heart attack isn’t something you can feel, so they started marketing the kinds of feel-good changes people want from supplements.

The truth may be either one of these, neither one, or somewhere in between. We’ll keep watch as things evolve. VitaPulse has only been around about a year, so they may still be finding their footing.

Does Dr. Oz Endorse The Use of Vitapulse?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking around as to whether or not Dr. Oz has recently endorsed Vitapulse. I spent a good deal of time searching around on his site,, but came up short.

vitapulse dr oz

I have no idea as to why so many people are searching for this.

The only thing I can speculate is that some of the marketing done by some outside agency is making the claim.

VitaPulse Reviews

For a relatively new supplement and company, there’s tons of online feedback from customers who’ve used VitaPulse.

Literally HUNDREDS of them.

It’s sold on, so we found a lot of reviews there.

There are plenty of 5 star reviews, but also a significant number of 1 stars.

Here’s a typical 5 star:

“Not sure how it works, but feel like I have more energy and a strange feeling of well being,kinda weird but I like it,Placebo effect – dunno, but I ordered another round”.

They tend to speak vaguely of “feel-good” benefits, but stay away from specifics.

Here’s a typical 1 star:

“What a waste, I would of been better off buying a bottle of placebos”.

and this one:

“I think I’ll just eat more peanut butter sammies instead”.

Most people that panned it just feel fooled, like they fell for the scam even though somewhere in the back of their minds, they know better.

If you look at the reviews on the website Highya, the vast majority of them are 4 stars and above.

The negative reviews seem to be more concerned with how the company handles its customer service inquiries, rather than with the product itself.

I found one relatively suspicious review on WebMD. Someone asked a question on their section regarding what they thought of Vitapulse, and there are literally DOZENS of answers from people who say they’ve been using the product.

The problem is, most of the people who “answered” the question have literally only answered 1 question in their entire time on WebMD.

vitapulse webmd

vitapulse-suspicous-reviewsIt seemed sort of suspicious to me that all of these people with literally 1 answer, have so much praise for VitaPulse.

Then I clicked onto page 2 and started seeing this:

vitapulse complaintsAfter seeing all of this it’s hard to believe anything to be honest.

Upon further investigation I found a complaint about Vitapulse on the website Basically the complaint alleges that he bought 1 bottle of Vitapulse and used it for 3 weeks, with virtually no results.

He tried contacting them to get a refund, to no avail.

However, apparently a customer care manager from Princeton Nutrients got in touch with the gentlemen and offered him a full refund.

My Personal Review

vitapulse reviewsAs I noted in my video above, I’m not really the best candidate for testing Vitapulse. I’m actually a pretty active guy, I play a lot of sports, I eat right, and as far as I’m aware I don’t have any medical conditions.

With that said, I decided to at least give it a shot to see if there was any effect on blood pressure and just my overall sense of well being.

I took Vitapulse for about 3 or 4 days, and I have to admit I did feel a little bit of a difference while I was taking it.

I do check my blood pressure every once in awhile, and typically it’s in the normal range (120/80 plus or minus a few points).

After a few days I started to feel a little more energetic, and when I took my blood pressure after 4 days I noticed that it had dropped a few points to 117/78.

As for some of their other claims, most notably joint pain relief, a reduction in anxiety, and an increase in metabolism, I personally didn’t notice anything.

I would assume that if I had used it for a full month I may have realized those benefits, though haven’t seen much evidence from the other reviews of this.

What About Youtube Reviews?

As usual, there was nothing but crappy videos regarding Vitapulse on Youtube. For example, here’s the first one you’ll come across when you search for testimonials:

and another one:

as usual, basically just ads. Noone really talking about their experience or results with Vitapulse.

This has been a real pain lately, as Youtube basically silences all of the “real” reviews by banning peoples accounts (like mine), and all you are left with is low-information, poorly put together videos like this one.

What Do We Know About Princeton Nutrients?

As we said above, Princeton Nutrients only became a company about a year ago in 2015. But since then, they’ve already had 18 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau.

That’s a lot for a very short period of time.

Clearly the vast majority of customers that get screwed by a company don’t complain to the BBB, so if this company has this many complaints, imagine how many dissatisfied customers there are out there remaining silent!

Vitapulse bbb complaints

Clearly, the bulk of complaints are about the product itself, but delivery issues comes in a close second.

One positive thing of note is that there are no complaints about billing or the money back guarantee, which is a good thing because it’s clear that with all the other issues cited, they probably have plenty of customers looking for refunds.

But this kind of record with the Better Business Bureau is not a good sign for this young company.

Where to Buy

The primary way to buy VitaPulse is through the company website,

Here, you’ll find a few quantity and pricing options.

One 30-day supply bottle costs $49, 3 bottles cost $127, and 6 bottles cost $235. They say the most popular package is for 3 bottles.This way, you save a little money over the 1 bottle choice, but it’s a much lower outlay of cash all at once.

If you buy through the website, you’re covered by their 90 day money back guarantee – here are the details:

Vitapulse guarantee

If at any time within those 90 days you feel that the product is not right for you, you can simply contact the Vitapulse customer service number at 1-866-427-3019.

At the time I wrote this review, it doesn’t appear that you can find Vitapulse in stores like GNC, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens or CVS. However, you can most certainly find each ingredient for sale individually, often at half the price.

It also appears that the only countries they sell Vitapulse to is the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and the UK.

VitaPulse Pros and Cons

Advantages of VitaPulse

  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • Some users say it helps with energy, stamina, and vitality.

Disadvantages of VitaPulse

  • VitaPulse can’t seem to decide if it’s a heart supplement or a youth supplement.
  • The ingredients, though they may show promise, are only present at very low levels, unlikely to affect much change.
  • There are way too many complaints with the Better Business Bureau about Princeton Nutrients, especially when you consider they’ve only been around a short while.
  • There are plenty of unhappy customers who feel like they were scammed into buying nothing more than a placebo.


VitaPulse presents itself as a legitimate 3-ingredient magic pill to improve your heart health and your overall well being and vitality.

Some customers agree that they feel better when taking it, but there’s a lot to be said for the placebo effect when you have high hopes for a product.

Another potential factor is that when people start taking something like this, they often use it to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and daily exercise.

These will certainly factor into why a person would feel better.

Is Vitapulse an outright scam?

I don’t think so.

However, with all the customer complaints and the fact that the ingredient dosing is so low, we don’t have a lot of faith in the ability of VitaPulse to have much of a positive effect.Your money and time would be better spent on some healthy food and a gym membership.

Have You Used VitaPulse?

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5 Star User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Martha's Review

By Martha,  Mar 15, 2017

I have been taking the Vitapulse supplement daily for about 18 months. The advertising material indicated that it could lower cholesterol, so decided to give it a try.  I've been taking statins for years to lower my cholesterol. Combined with three months on the VitaPulse, my cholesterol dropped below 200 for the first time in my life!  Nothing else had changed in my lifestyle, so I have to assume that it is working for me.

Was this review helpful to you?
6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

Steven ferguson's Review

By Steven ferguson,  Nov 2, 2016

The low doses of the ingredients in vita pulse are justified by the resistance of the capsule material to stomach acid... helping the dosage of ingredients into th intestine for 100% absorption.. its well known that these ingredients would get destroyed by acid in the stomach from other manufacturer's, without an acid proof capsule.. besides... the proof is in the pudding... i noticed a great benifit after 4 days... and my father same.... scoring 57 in golf for the last 10 yrs... and now after 1 week on vitapulse... hes shooting 46 s and 47 s... i didnt believe him at 1st... but he insisted... which i find incredible... because my father is usually very sceptical about these things..

Was this review helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.

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User Questions and Answers

1)Can a person on diabetes meds and blood pressure meds take Vitapulse 2) are there any contraindications ? -Livia

You'll have to check with your doctor about contraindications with the particular medications you take.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

2 comments on “VitaPulse Review – Does It Work?”

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  1. I see the reviews are quite old – this is 2022

    i am not sure of the year I started using this- between 2016-2017
    because I was scared.

    All my lipid scores were very outside the norm. I had been told I could have a stroke due to all the plaque they could see in back of eye during an exam.

    Said it was similar to someone 10 years older.

    All my family has bad cholesteral scores.

    After quite a bit of research I decided to try Vitapulse for 2 years. I was taking a cholesteral med from my Dr and had been for many years
    I watched my lipid scores get better and better every year after starting Vitapulse

    2 years ago i had to stop all supplements for 6 months. i had a lipid panel done before that as part of annual physical

    After 6 months I asked for a lipid panel to see if i was wasting my money on vitapulse, before i decided to go back on it

    During those 6 months not taking Vitapulse, my lipid panel scores went backwards 2 years!

    My dr said we needed to change my cholesterol med, not being willing to look at how Vitapulse worked for me

    Now, about 2 years later, an annual lipid panel was done!! wow!! I laughed and cried.
    Scored had been right around all nirmal levels last year
    This yesr everything was well within normal limits.

    i don’t know how this works, but my new eye doctor did not see much wrong in the back part of my eye. the previous dr was a well known surgeon i saw due to Fuchs Dystrophy.

    I have not tracked any of the other things they say about vitapulse
    but i weigh 325 pounds , am female, and all med things always checked are normal, except having a low pulse. All my “fat symptoms” have disappeared.

    If i see a new doctor, they look at all my scores twice, can’t believe someone my size doesn’t have heart problems and cholesterol issues

    this stuff can be a little spendy but is worth it. the company can sometimes help get the cost down.

    I only have anout $2000 gross each month. but this is in my priority list
  2. I do feel better, sleep better and have more energy. So it does have a positive effect.

    I just hope it does help my heart. Also, I just bought on Amazon Prime for $39.99/30 capsules, that’s $10 off from website.

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