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Whether it’s from the 15 pounds you packed on in college, or from a recent pregnancy, you may be looking to shed some of those pounds you put on recently.  You probably look in the mirror and think, “geez, I am so fat!”.  This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.  This weight loss supplement stack will help you not only increase your energy levels and improve your mood, but can also help to lose that stubborn fat on your tush, hips, and thighs.

#1 Featured Fat Burner:  LeanBean Female Fat Burner

leanbean fat burner review

Visit the official Lean Bean site here:  www.LeanBeanOfficial.com

Most of the weight loss supplements we’ve personally reviewed on this site are geared towards men.

The problem is, men and women develop fat in different areas, and it takes a special kind of fat burner to work for women specifically.

Lean Bean female fat burner is that fat burner.

It was introduced to the market about 4 months ago, and ever since it’s been helping literally 1000’s of women get rid of stubborn fat in hard to reach areas.

My wife is actually one of them.

She used it for a total of 6 weeks and lost a whopping 10 lbs., all without increasing her workouts.

There’s also a TON of other women who experienced similar results, as noted in the before and after pictures below.

leanbean female fat burner before and after

leanbean before and after

Visit the official Lean Bean site here: www.LeanBeanOfficial.com

I would quite literally call Lean Bean the best fat burner for women on the market.

The biggest difference Lean Bean has from the competition is their formula.

It’s made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes:

  • Green Coffee bean
  • Acai Berry
  • Green Tea powder extract
  • Glucomannan
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Black Pepper
  • Rasberry ketones
    Unlike fat burners like Instant Knockout, Lean Bean female fat burner is designed to help burn excess body fat AND help curb your appetite.Click Here to read our full review of Lean Bean Female Fat Burner

    4 Gauge Pre Workout

    4 gauge pre workout review

    Visit the official 4 Gauge website here:  www.4Gauge.com

    Taking a pre workout should be the staple of any workout regiment.

    They make you workout harder, which inevitably helps you lose weight and put on muscle faster.

    I’ve personally tested well over 50 different pre-workout supplements, and 4 Gauge is literally the BEST one I’ve ever tested.

    Unlike most other pre workouts that end up with a huge crash at the end of the day, 4 Gauge doesn’t do this.

    The secret is in the formula, which includes:

    • Caffeine – Pretty standard in pre workouts, but 4 gauge only has about 150 mg per serving.  This is about half of what you would find in most other supplements like this.
    • L-Theanine – Because caffeine is such a powerful stimulant that can cause side effects like anxiety and restlessness, 4 Gauge packs 200 mg of L-Theanine to keep you calm and focused.
    • Creatine – Often overlooked in most pre workouts, creatine will help reduce muscle fatigue AND help to enhance cognition.
    • L-Citrulline – Citrulline causes a process called vasodilation, which is essentially a widening of the blood vessels.  This allows you to fully absorb all of the ingredients more efficiently, and as a result, you’ll get faster results.
    • Red Beet
    • Rhodiola Rosea
    • L-Carnitine
    • Coconut water powder

    4 Gauge was specifically made for both men AND women, click here to read my full review to learn more.



    3 Month Supply: $124.99 https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp
    nitrocut Originally developed for men, Nitrocut is a leading pre-workout supplement that helps to increase Nitric Oxide levels in the body, helping to deliver essential minerals and nutrients throughout the body more efficiently. With the recent addition of Rasberry Ketones, Nitrocut works best with a healthy diet and exercise, so you should be incorporating both into your daily routine. We've personally recommended it to hundreds of women, all of whom have come back with amazing results.



1 Month Supply: $49.99 https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp
5 HTP 5-HTP Max works to increase the serotonin levels in your brain, which is responsible for regulating your mood. If you're not in a good mood, you're not going to want to workout or eat healthy. 5-HTP also acts as a potent appetite suppressant, and works great in combination with Phen375. Experts and researchers agree that it works best for those who constantly crave found around the clock, especially carbohydrates.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Special Offer: 2LB $27.99 https://www.supplementcritique.com/wp
gold standard whey protein Most women think that protein is specifically reserved for men, but you would be surprised at how effective protein can be to help women lose weight. Protein is the building block of life, and actually has more thermogenic fat busting power than fat, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients and minerals. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey is a high quality, affordable protein that not only tastes great, but works effectively at helping to curb appetite and food cravings.


If you’re a young woman who has been on a quest to lose weight quickly and efficiently, then combining the above supplements would be your best bet.  Not only will you look better, but you’ll start feeling better and more confident about yourself.


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I'm almost 20 yrs old girl, weighted 52.3 kg (hight: 155cm) wishes to lose 4 kg. I don't know why my weight doesn't move but slightly then goes back, no matter how better, lesser I eat and more I move. Will these supplements be the good choice? Or they are extreme to me? Do they have any side effect? *I don't have that strong healthy body -TM

You may have hit a weight loss plateau, where the weight stops coming off for a while after steadily losing weight.  If that's the case, one of these supplements can help.  I would suggest Instant Knockout. It's generally considered safe, but there quite a bit of caffeine.  If you're not healthy, you should consult with your doctor about your weight loss plan and any supplements you might be thinking about taking.- Rob

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