Wenick Man Review – Does It Work?

By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 1-4-2022

Wenick Man Overview

Natural male enhancement is a tricky business.

Sometimes it means penis enlargement and sometimes it means performance improvement.

And sometimes it’s hard to tell just what exactly it does mean. This is the case with Wenick Man.

It’s a Chinese formulation that makes all kinds of claims.

According to some retailers, it’s all about penis enlargement.

Others say it’s about better erections.

Still others claims Wenick Man increases your libido.

And there are even those who say it increases the woman’s sexual excitement even though it’s the man who’s taking the pill.

When you get these kinds of discrepancies, it’s hard to maintain trust in the company.

But we can chalk some of the confusion up to the fact that English is clearly a second language for the folks who make and distribute this stuff.

So with that said, we’ll look into the formula and keep an eye to the big picture.

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Wenick Man ReviewWenick Man Ingredients and How They Work

The primary ingredients in the Wenick Man formula are:

  • Yohimbe Bark Extract which is a stimulant that can also increase blood flow to the penis. You have to be careful with Yohimbe.

    The FDA has recommended that you don’t use it because it can cause dangerous side effects like a drastic drop in blood pressure.
  • Avena Sativa which can increase the presence of free testosterone in the body.
  • Saw Palmetto which can support the health of your prostate.
  • Tribulus Terrestris which increases the body’s natural production of testosterone.
  • Ginseng which can increase energy.
  • Maca Root which is an herbal aphrodisiac that also boosts mood.
  • L-Arginine which increases blood flow to the penis for better erections.
  • Macuna Pruriens which is another herbal aphrodisiac.
  • Rhodiola Rosea which fights fatigue.

The recommended dose is 2 Wenick Man tablets taken once per day.

They even specify that you should take this pill whole, not chew it or crush it up.

Wenick Man Pros and Cons

Advantages of Wenick Man

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • You can purchase Wenick Man pretty cheaply.

Disadvantages of Wenick Man

  • Product information is difficult to understand and often conflicting.
  • It promises penis growth which a pill cannot do.
  • I’ve seen only a couple Wenick Man reviews, and neither one was favorable.

Where to Buy

Wenick Manis available online. A single bottle that lasts a month costs $16.65. Prices vary so you’ll want to check around before you buy.


The formula contains a pretty good array of ingredients, but you’ll want to be careful of the Yohimbe.Perhaps start off at half a dose if you’ve never taken it before.

Of all of the ingredients, Yohimbe definitely offers the most extreme side effects and if you are sensitive to them, they could prove to be quite severe.

But the biggest problem with Wenick Man is the fact that the promises and product description are difficult to understand.

Again, this is likely a function of English being a second language, but I still think you should be able to understand what goes into your supplements and what they’re expected to do.

For that reason, I’d go with something else besides Wenick Man.

While there is enough about Wenick Man to warrant trying it out yourself, because there are so many other products with significant information available about them I would recommend going with another supplement instead.

Have You Used Wenick Man?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?


By Vinco,  Oct 28, 2020
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Wenick gives me a terrible heartburn. I feel like my heart wants to tear apart.  Anyone experienced this?

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6 out of 6 people found this review helpful.


By Diane,  May 15, 2021
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

Its all natural and worked fast! Once a day As Needed.
He had no reaction and is having amazing strength and stamina.  I definitely noticed enlargement. I say try it!  I'm glad we did! Hard to find!  No need for prescription!

Was this review helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.

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User Questions and Answers

Will Wenick Man attack the kidney and heart attack? -Ben

I haven't ever seen or heard evidence of that, but it does contain Yohimbe, which is know to cause side effects, like headache and a racing heartbeat.- Rob

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21 out of 22 people found this question helpful.

How can decide wenick drugs real or not?Please.... -Phyo

It won't make your penis bigger if that's what you're looking for.  If you do try it, start with half a dose in case you react badly to the Yohimbe.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
13 out of 14 people found this question helpful.

Does Wenick Man capsule work to increase size & make my penis longer? -Sunil

No, it's a performance enhancer, but no pill will increase the size of your penis on its own.- Rob

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13 out of 15 people found this question helpful.

what are the prices of wenickman and swiss navy?60 capsules -zayar

We don't sell supplements, but there are plenty of retailers for both products. Prices vary, but it looks like they both retail for about $15.- Rob

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9 out of 12 people found this question helpful.

How to order, Thank you -Aurelio

There are several online retailers that carry Wenick Man. A quick search should find them for you.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
3 out of 4 people found this question helpful.

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  1. What is the recommended dosage for the Weinck Man? Is it 2 tablets once per day or 1 tablet twice a day?

        1. Hey Ahmed,

          You’ll probably get some erection help right from the first dose, thanks to the Yohimbe, but you’ll reach peak effects about 4-8 weeks in.
          1. Hey Ahmed,

            It could. It does contain Yohimbe, which can cause side effects.

            If you’re taking prescription medication, check with your doctor about what supplements you should or shouldn’t take with it.

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