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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 10-16-2015

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Probably the question I get most from guys visiting SupplementCritique.com is “What pill can I take to make my penis bigger?” It’s true.

Every guy wants a bigger dick, and they’re all hoping to get it by simply taking a pill.

They even hope that they can take the pill for just a few weeks or months and keep the growth forever.

I’ll tell you what I always tell them. Unfortunately, there is no such pill.

Supplements can be great for helping you get a solid erection that lasts and for lifting your libido to new heights.

But if penis enlargement is what you’re looking for, you’re not going to get it from a pill.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options and stuck with the size you were born with.

There are manual exercises that can help. There are pumps you can use.

But the overall best and most permanent results will come from using an extender device.

What Is The X4 Labs Extender?

X4 Labs Extender is a very popular penile extender device.

Basically how it works is by applying a constant, gentle tension to your member that over time can cause significant lengthening.

You wear the device each day for hours at a time, and you’ll see the incremental increases.

How Extender Devices Work

X4 Labs Extender ReviewBy consistently applying tension to stretch your penis ever so slightly, your cells begin to divide, creating more mass in the process.

For a clearer picture of how it works, think of the Long Neck women of the Karen Tribe in Thailand.

By applying consistent tension for years and years, the women’s necks become elongated, which to them is a sign of beauty and tradition.

By applying ring after ring year after year, some women attain a great deal of length to their necks.

The X4 Labs Extenderworks on the same principle.

You put the head of your penis through the hole in the base, you secure it using whichever method (the silicone harness or comfort straps) you find more comfortable and effective.

Then it’s the mechanism of the rods, springs, and tension screws that provide the tension that’s going to give you the growth.

You add or remove rods based on the size you are currently at, and the springs and screws adjust to provide the correct tension.

As growth occurs, you add longer rods.

The stretching breaks down body tissue, which then puts you into growth and repair mode, a lot like how weight lifting breaks down muscle tissue so it can be rebuilt bigger and stronger.

Benefits of X4 Labs Extender

If you’ve read any of my penis extender device reviews or discussions, you know that the most important feature for success is comfort.

X4 Labs Extender will only work if you wear it consistently.

And you’ll only wear consistently it if it’s comfortable.

For a lot of devices, that’s a big problem.

Finding an extender you can comfortably wear for hours at a time isn’t easy, which is why X4 Labs Extender is so customizable, with comfort velcro straps, memory foam padding, and no slippage silicone tubing.

In addition to all the comfort options, X4 Labs Extender offers a range of sizes and support systems which allows you to choose which combinations of options work best for you.

They’re got size options, comfort options, add-on options, all to make your fully customizable experience work for you in the end.

X4 Labs Extender Packages

The X4 Labs Extender offers several different packages ranging in price from $90 to $280. The $90 package (X4 Labs Deluxe Edition) is the base model, and has everything you need to achieve success.The pricier versions come with more bells and whistles as well as more add on bonuses, like DVDs, a a fancy case, and cleaning solution.

On the X4 Labs Extender website, there’s a comparison function that lets you choose 3 packages and compare them side by side.

This is a great feature as it allows you to really see what features are available so you can make the most informed choice regarding what you need and which one delivers the most value for you.

Money Back Guarantee

The X4 Labs Extender offers a unique satisfaction guarantee.

If you use it for 6 months and don’t achieve any growth, they’ll give you double your money back.

There are a few specific stipulations you need to adhere to… you have to register your device and keep track of your usages and progress. But I’d say it’s worth it.

For one thing, it helps you keep a record of your progress, which you’re probably going to want to do anyway.

And if it doesn’t work, hey, double your money back is a pretty good deal

Clinical Trial

The X4 Labs Extender offers another unique way to get their product risk-free.

If you sign up to participate in their clinical trial, they’ll foot the bill for your device.

Again, you’ll have to adhere to their stipulations, but it’s another option to make penis enlargement affordable, and you get to contribute to scientific study at the same time.

What About Peyronies and Add Ons?

A lot of guys who use extenders do so because they suffer from Peyronies Disease, which is basically an excessive curvature.

X4 Labs Extender has a few special Peyronies packages designed specifically for this issue.

They also offer an impressive list of add-ons to make sure your device works exactly as it should for you.

The Hybrid Support Base that comes standard is good enough for most guys, but X4 Labs Extender knows that no two penises are alike, so they offer the Quad Support Base and the Wide Girth Base add-ons if your size or shape makes them necessary.

X4 Labs Extender Customer Service

Between the Double Your Money Back Guarantee, the informative website, the live chat function, and the customer service call center, X4 Labs is very responsive to customer needs.

I haven’t seen a single complaint about how they handle issues when they inevitably arise.

X4 Labs Extender Pros and Cons

Advantages of X4 Labs Extender

  • It’s got several package options to suit the needs and budget of every guy.
  • You can purchase add-ons and replacement parts if you need them.
  • There are multiple comfort options.
  • There’s a double your money back guarantee.
  • You can get it free for participating in their clinical trial.

Disadvantages ofX4 Labs Extender

  • The X4 Labs Extender, like other devices, is expensive.


When it comes to extenders, comfort is king.

If it’s not comfortable, you won’t wear it.

And if you don’t wear it, it won’t work. X4 Labs Extender knows that, and offers all kinds of customization options so each guy can find the most comfortable situation for him.

An extender device can represent quite a financial investment, but in the case of the X4 Labs Extender, it’s a pretty safe bet.

Have You Used X4 Labs Extender?

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