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Rob Miller | November 3, 2016
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Optimind is the closest thing to Aderall that Ive tested, and Ive tested ALOT of Nootropics.

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nootropics weve testedNootropic supplements have definitely been heavy on my radar for the last year or so.

They also happen to be one of the fastest growing niches in the supplement market, with new ones coming out practically every day.

Some of these worked quite well, and others, not so much…

Many of them have claimed to be essentially legal otc adderall, which if true would be a real game changer.

Below is a list of the products that I have had a chance to test out.

Some of them I used for just a few days, some for weeks, and some for months.

Some of them I actually still use on a daily basis.

If you don’t see the one you’re looking for listed here, there’s a good chance I’ve written about it.

If you have a specific product you’d like me to test out, you can contact me and I’ll try to get around to it as soon as possible.

It’s nearly impossible for me to try ALL of them, but if it looks interesting enough, I’ll try it. (*Top Recommended Products Are Bolded)

A - EF - MN - X
Absorb Your Health Nootropics
Add Tabz
Alpha ZXT

Brain Alert
Brainstorm Elite

Cerebral Success


Enhanced Mind IQ
Focal Fuel

Focus Factor
Focus Formula
Focus XT



Limitless Forte

Mental Bright
Mind Boost
Mind Lab Pro
Neuro 3x


Phenibut XT

Realized Nootropics

Synagen IQ

Tru Brain

Our Top Choice For Nootropics – Optimind


optimind reviewOptimind is the closest thing to Aderall that I’ve tested, and I’ve tested ALOT of these supplements.

It’s made up of a high quality combination of all natural ingredients that are designed to promote laser focus, increase memory, cognition, and energy, and help to improve overall concentration.

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email me what you have on "Focuseffect" Nootropic looking for a memory/concentration or "smart pill". I'm elderly and my short term memory is bad. -

I haven't checked that one out, but check out my top 3 nootropics picks: Rob

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Have you tested Lumonol? -

I have actually. You can check out my review here.- Rob

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Hi, Any commentary on Provasil? -

I had done a review, but it wasn't particularly favorable. They asked me to take it down. I didn't have to, but I didn't think it was worth the hassle.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

What are your thoughts on the racetams: Aniracetam for example -

Definitely good for cognitive function enhancement.  Check out my write up here: Rob

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