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Note:  This is just a review.  Click Here to visit the official Absorb Your Health website.

Nootropic supplements have been the latest craze in the industry the last couple of years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  I literally come across 2 or 3 new ones popping up per day, with clever names like “AdderRX“, “Adderin”, and “Addrena“.

Clearly these are spinoffs of brand name medications like Adderall, and many of these companies claim that there formula works better than Adderall, without the side effects.

Fat chance of that!

However, when looking at the formulas for most of these supplements, one thing comes to mind over and over.

They look nothing more than a heavily loaded multi-vitamin.

That’s where the Absorb Your Health comes in.  They ACTUALLY sell Nootropics, and they’re serious about providing you with not only the best value, but also the highest quality product.

In this particular review I’m going to talk about their Nootropics All-Star Pack, which is a stack of supplements that works GREAT at helping to increase focus, concentration, short and long term memory, as well as motivation.

What is the Nootropics All Star Pack?

The Absorb Your Health Nootropics all star pack is made up of 4 nootropic supplements:

  • Adrafinil
  • Noopept
  • Alphs GPC
  • and Sulbutiamine

Each of these on their own are actually very powerful, but if you’re looking for the ultimate nootropic experience, you should combine all 4.

over the counter adderall alternative

This combo basically provides a step-by-step approach to giving you an Adderall-like effect.

Step 1:  Adrafinil

adrafinilThe first time I took Adrafinil I was actually pleasantly surprised.  Unlike stimulants such as caffeine, DMAA (more on this below), and yohimbe, Adrafinil doesn’t make you hyperactive and jittery.

Instead, it basically wakes you up.

It does this because it’s essentially the precursor to a drug called Modafinil (sometimes referred to as Provigil).

Modafinil is known as a “wakefulness-promoting agent”, and is used to treat things like narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

However, Modafinil is only available via a prescription.  (Well, Afinil Express sells it w/o one, but that’s a whole other story)

Adrafinil is NOT.

In fact, Adrafinil is BASICALLY the same thing as Modafinil, because it’s the precursor to it.

What does that mean?

Well, essentially when you consume adrafinil, as it passes through the liver it is metabolized into Modafinil.

So, it “turns into” Modafinil.

That’s step 1, getting you to wake up.

Step 2:  Noopept

noopeptThough technically not a “racetam”, noopept is a nootropic that provides similar effects to Piracetam.

However, it’s actually 1000 X more potent, and has been shown to help increase attention span by providing a subtle psychostimulatory effect.

It’s also been shown in several studies to improve memory, learning capacity, focus, and concentration, and on its own works very well.

But it’s most effective as a neuroprotective agent, which essentially means it protects your brain from stress.

That’s step 2, calming you down and increasing attention.

Step3:  Alpha GPC

alpha-gpcAlpha GPC is a choline containing supplement that helps with new memory formation and learning, and has been widely accepted as an effective nootropic.

Choline is often found in many of the foods we eat, however, most people are deficient in it.

Alpha GPC fixes all that.

It’s primary purpose is to reduce cognitive decline, which is inevitable as we age.

Some studies have also shown that it can help DRAMATICALLY with attention span and focus, which is why I’ve included it in this stack.

That’s step 3, getting you dialed in and focused.

Step 4:  Sulbutiamine

sulbutiamineSulbutiamine is a natural compound that is actually a derivative of Vitamin B1, commonly known as Thiamine.

You’ll notice that a lot of the nootropic supplements on the market often contain pretty high doses of Vitamin B1.

That’s great and all, but there’s one major problem.

It does NOT cross the blood brain barrier in effective doses.

That basically means you’re not getting it’s full effects.

However, with Sulbutiamine, the effects are WAY more pronounced.

The reason behind this is it DOES cross the blood brain barrierin much more concentrated doses.

It’s primary purpose is to enhance energy and mood, 2 things that are absolutely CRUCIAL when you’re trying to get stuff done.

That’s step 4, improving your mood AND giving you a big boost in energy.

So, just to recap.

Step 1: Adrafinil – will WAKE you up.

Step 2: Noopept – will CALM you down.

Step 3:  Alpha GPC – will get you DIALED in and focused.

Step 4:  Sulbutiamine – will IMPROVE your mood and give you energy.

How Should I Take It?

If you’re just starting off with nootropics, I would recommend that you take each one of these by themselves first to assess your reaction.

The suggested dose for each is as follows:

First Time Use

Adrafinil:  250 – 300 mg

Noopept:  10 mg

Alpha GPC:  250 mg

Sulbutiamine:  500 mg

Once you’ve taken all 2 at these low doses, then you can start to move up.

Intermediate Dose Range

Adrafinil:  600 mg

Noopept:  20 mg

Alpha GPC:  500 mg

Sulbutiamine:  500 mg

And if you’re a pro at taking this stuff, you can move on to even heavier doses:

Adrafinil:  900 mg

Noopept:  30 mg

Alpha GPC:  750 mg

Sulbutiamine:  500 mg

It’s VERY important to note that you should take all of these on a completely empty stomach, just like with the Optimind and Phenibut combo.

I would also highly recommend that you take them first thing in the morning.

If you take them later in the day you risk insomnia, especially from the Adrafinil.

Where Can I Buy Absorb Health Nootropic?

You can buy all of these individually on their website, or you can purchase their Noootropics All-Star pack which comes with all of them.

Unlike many of the other vendors that sell these as a powder, they ALL come in capsule form.

There’s no measuring or “guessing” how much you need to take, it’s all taken care of for you.

Check it out here:  https://www.absorbyourhealth.com/product/brain-booster-power-pack/?ref=4349

What Can I Expect To Feel?

Within about 15 minutes of your first dose, you’ll start to feel the effects.  The best way I can describe it is like a fog being lifted from your head.

Instead of blindly staring at the computer screen, book, or whatever you’re doing, you’ll feel more engaged and motivated to start getting things done.

The effect is subtle at first, so much so that you might think it’s not working.

But it is, it just takes a little while to kick in.

Generally speaking, you’ll start to feel the best effects in about 45 – 60 min.  This of course depends on the individual, but that’s been my experience.

One of the most pleasant surprises from taking this stack is, unlike with Adderall, you won’t get that hyped up, cracked out, aweful comedown feeling.

You’ll get the focus and mood enhancing effects similar to Adderall, without all of the unwanted effects.

When it comes to taking Nootropics, it’s all about the dosage and how your body responds to it.

Some people (like myself) get a good response from a relatively low dose, and some people need a massive quantity to get an effect similar to that of Adderall.

It’s always recommended that you start off with the lowest dose FIRST.  You can always move up, but once you’ve taken a dose you can’t go back!

Visit the Official Absorb Your Health Nootropics All Star Pack page here:  https://www.absorbyourhealth.com/product/brain-booster-power-pack/?ref=4349

Who is Absorb Your Health?

Absorb Your Health is a UK based company who runs their operations out of Manchester, England.  I typically like to buy American, but unfortunately there’s not a heck of a lot of trustworthy nootropics dealers here in the US, for various reasons which I won’t get into here.

Absorb Your Health sells a wide variety of supplements, ranging from nootropics supplements like Noopept, sexual enhancement supplements like Tongkat Ali, and testosterone boosting supplements like Tribulus Terrestris.


I have tested Nootropic supplements from a wide variety of popular vendors, including Peak Nootropics, Lift Mode, and Nootropics Depot.  After using so many different vendors, I can say with complete confidence that Absorb Your Health not only provides the best value, but also pumps out the highest quality nootropics I’ve ever tested.

If you’re looking for something that will not only boost your productivity but also increase you focus, cognition, and moo, I would HIGHLY recommend the Absorb Your Health Nootropics all star pack.

Have You Used The Nootropics All Star Pack?  Leave Your Review Below!

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By  Renee,  Aug 20, 2018

These are the bomb! They are everything I loved about Adderall Without the unwanted side effects.


There is no dry mouth, and I am not chain smoking!

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I cannot find a list of all ingredients except the four main ones. I need to know what is in this product pls, -

They're each single-ingredient supplements, one ingredient in each, for a total of 4 ingredients.- Rob

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Every day I wake up and I take a Collard green Juice with lime. Can I take this suplements with this juice? How much time I have to wait after have took suplement to take a breakfast? Is it available in canadian stores? -

You should take them with a completely empty stomach, so I would wait on the juice until about half an hour after you take the supplements. Then wait about another half hour before you eat something else. You'd have to check with your local stores to see if they have them.- Rob

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How old do you have to be in order to take this? -

They're not recommended for anyone under 18.- Rob

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You can order a package including each at their website here: https://www.absorbyourhealth.com/product/brain-booster-power-pack/?ref=4349- Rob

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