Xantho Rx Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-18-2015

xantho rx review

There are a lot of male enhancement supplements that promise to “mimic” the best prescription only medications.

Naturally, one of the most commonly copied formulas is the medication known as “Viagra”.

We decided to investigate the Xantho RX product to see if its claims of being a supplement similar to the famous prescription drug were true.

For example, it stated that it would increase the length of a man’s penis, boost his libido, prolong and strengthen erections, and generally improve his sex life.

We knew we had to explore the list of ingredients, find a bit of consumer feedback, and compare some prices in order to see if the claims were true and how this product actually looks up against the competition.

How Xantho Rx Works and Ingredients

A look at the list of ingredients in the Xantho RX showed us that the compound would have an effect on the penis.

This is because the primary ingredient was Yohimbe, which helps improve performance by opening blood vessels and sending blood to the erectile chambers around the penis.

We also found that each capsule contains 247mg of Arginine too.

This is a compound used by weight lifters and serious bodybuilders because it creates a lot of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.

NO is a material that functions as a vasodilator, which means that it widens arteries and increases the amount of blood and oxygen heading into muscles and soft tissue.

So, these two ingredients would really help to strengthen erections and give them a much fuller or larger appearance due to the increased supplies of blood and fluid that they supported.

It should not be overlooked that the increase of circulation to the tissue is also going to heighten sensation in the nerve endings, and this is also going to stimulate a man and improve his level of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

The use of the primary ingredient Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa also ensures that pleasurable feelings are as powerful as possible by magnifying the sensations of the nerve endings in the penis too.

User Reviews of Xantho Rx and Feedback

We had to find out, however, if all of this science was backed up by the feedback left by those using Xantho RX.

Laboratory studies indicated that the dosage would improve circulation, so we needed to know if that was happening.

Generally, the men posting comments or participating in lab studies did see great results with the compound.

The only “glitch” in the use of Xantho RX was that it tended to require a three month regimen to obtain the best results possible.

Many of the men said that their erections were substantially “harder” than ever, and that their endurance was improved as well.

The most common people using this product were men dealing with ED issues or who were looking to increase penis size during sexual activities.

Where To Buy

The Xantho RX product, unfortunately, is difficult to obtain.

At the time this review went to press, the manufacturer was claiming that “production run” issues made the product unavailable to the male enhancement market.

They did not even make pricing structures available either!

Clearly, this is a serious problem for those who tend to rely on the supplement for their daily needs.

This is also a serious issue because it means that those who are building up the chemicals in their bodies can experience times when the formula is unavailable, and this impacts performance.


Apart from the horrible supply issues, we would highly recommend the use of Xantho RX for anyone looking for a reasonable alternative to a prescription medication.

The ingredients can and do enhance sexual pleasure and performance while also helping to resolve some of the most common sexual performance problems.

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  1. Enlarging the penis and boosting libido… well i don’t know about that but Xantho was made to give you stamina and it does that to perfection. I am a sex monster once I have Xantho in my system and all that happens is sex no weird stuff.

    I just hope it wont disappear from the market.

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