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60 Minute Stamina Overview

The majority of reviews for male enhancement focus on supplements that typically provide a boost in your libido and a harder erection. This review is a little different as it focuses on an online streaming video program called 60 Minute Stamina. 60 Minute Stamina is presented by male porn star, Marcus London and it provides a step-by-step on how to last up to 60 minutes in the bedroom.

Obviously targeted to men who have less than desirable performance time, 60 Minute Stamina promises to reveal the secrets of Marcus London, a man renown in the adult film industry for his special talent of being able to get up and go for hours on end. This training series was born from a demand to know from co-workers and fans alike how he was able to last for a seemingly impossible amount of time. 60 Minute Stamina promises to teach you how to develop “all night stamina” and even end your problems with pre-mature ejaculation. The ability to end a medical condition? That’s quite the claim but is it too good to be true? Let’s take a look at how this video training series measures up.

What Does 60 Minute Stamina Include?

60 Minute Stamina ReviewWhat you get when you order 60 Minute Stamina is the following:

  • Two 45-minute Stamina Training Seminar videos
  • Four 45-minute Stamina Demonstration videos

In each of the training seminar videos, Marcus explains his stamina building techniques. This would be the textbook part of the course, where you are learning the history, benefits, and how-to of these handy tips and tricks. The demonstration videos are the practical application of the seminar. You are treated to the sexual performance exercises performed by Marcus and other famous porn stars on their adult film star co-workers. While Marcus is in the middle of a session, he casually points out and explains how each of the methods discussed in the training videos are used. You essentially are getting a play-by-play of the textbook material during the real world application.

The Techniques Presented in 60 Minute Stamina

Many of the tips, tricks, and exercises that you’ll see in 60 Minute Stamina can also be found in a number of different meditation, yoga, and physical exercise manuals. During your training, you will learn to utilize each of the following within the bedroom:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • 60 Minute Stamina primarily focuses around a tool of the human potential movement known as neuro-lingustic programming, or NLP. Essentially, you are re-wiring your brain in a way that enhances your ability to communicate, resolve issues, and change perception of a situation. This type of brain game could come in handy during a time when you need to have a positive outlook more than anything.

Visualization Techniques

  • As the old saying goes, “Keep your eye on the prize.” 60 Minute Stamina takes you through a series of visualization techniques designed to help you block out negative thoughts and focus on the task at hand: love making.

Pelvic Control Techniques

  • Much as you’d expect, 60 Minute Stamina takes you through a series of physical exercises that enhance your control of crucial sexual performance muscles, with an emphasis on the pelvis.

Breathing Techniques

  • Although it may seem contradictory, relaxation and calmness play a huge role in preparing you for a long-standing rump in the sack. 60 Minute Stamina takes you through a series of breathing techniques that focus on proper breathing, helping you to stay within the present moment. Again, a vital trait to have, especially if you’ve been known to let your mind wander when it shouldn’t.

Do This, Not That Sexual Position Guide

  • Ever get into a position and you immediately think, “Yup, that about wraps it up.” According to 60 Minute Stamina, there are several of these trigger positions and your gracious host makes a note to point out each of them. The video guide also demonstrates positions that are amazing for her while you feel little, ensuring she gets hers and you wait your turn.

60 Minute Stamina E-mail Coaching

After you have completed your video training, 60 Minute Stamina includes 30 days of e-mail coaching, helping to expand on and remind you of some of the finer points of your sexual performance guide. The idea behind the e-mail couching is more of a review of the material you learned in the six video guides. It also serves as a means for you to reach out to customer service if you find yourself stricken with confusion or the urge to purchase more of the 60 Minute Stamina products.

Free Gifts!

Although this may be a limited time offer, 60 Minute Stamina also includes the free gift of another series of sexual performance lessons. The gift is called the Advanced Orgasm Mastery Program, and it focuses on the techniques you need in order to provide her with mind melting orgasms. It’s not enough that you have to last for an hour, you also need to make it count. In this special program, you are instructed by two women on what to do and what not to do to bring her to orgasm. Just be sure to pay attention to the lesson at hand.

Pros and Cons of 60 Minute Stamina


  • Completely natural way of extending your performance time in the bedroom
  • No need to worry about taking or using a potentially harmful supplement


  • May not work for everyone based on health condition
  • Requires constant practice until mastery of techniques are achieved

Side Effects of 60 Minute Stamina

Since you are not ingesting a supplement or strapping yourself up to a performance-enhancing device, the only side effect you may have to worry about is light-headedness from breathing too deeply or a bruised ego from getting caught breathing like that.

Does 60 Minute Stamina Work?

The video series has quite the line-up going for it. From breathing techniques to brain re-wiring, it seems like this should be the real deal. However, it’s impossible to know if it will work for everyone. Some men are more susceptible to mind, body, and breathing training than others. One thing that can be mentioned is that there are enough techniques included in this guide that some improvement should be seen. While you may not get up to lasting for a full hour, if you are able to add 10 to 20 minutes on to your current time span, it’s something that she will certainly notice.

60 Minute Reviews and Complaints

Aside from the testimonials on the 60 Minute Stamina website itself (which we always take with a grain of salt), there isn’t much in the way of actual customer feedback. There are obviously sponsored testimonials out there that are written with a template, but as for legitimate, average-Joe reviews, they are very hard to come by. Each of the websites that featured a review on 60 Minute Stamina raved about the effects it produced.

To some, there is no more iron-clad of an indicator as to what kind of experience you can expect out of a product than a verified user review, and as such, it is understandable that the lack thereof can be somewhat off putting.

Again, something to take into consideration is that while you may find great or horrible reviews on a video training series, it may not be the quality of the training as much as the person watching. The only way to know is to try it out for yourself and you can do just that without the worry of breaking your bank. Thankfully, 60 Minute Stamina offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Where to Buy 60 Minute Stamina

You can purchase the 60 Minute Stamina program online through the official website or one of the affiliates that links to the official website. The entire program, including the bonus offer, sells for $67. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee as well, making this a risk-free venture.

The Bottom Line

The need to improve your time in the bedroom is one shared by thousands of men. Instead of throwing away money on supplements or performance enhancing tools, you get the chance to naturally fix an issue for a low price. 60 Minute Stamina is risk-free in more than one way. The money back guarantee removes the financial risk, so if it doesn’t work for you, feel free to return it and get your money back. No harm, no foul.

Best of all, since it is not a supplement, there is no health risk. For any guy out there who is looking to ditch his insecurities about his bedroom performance, 60 Minute Stamina offers you the inside industry scoop from a number of well known male porn stars. If you hesitate because of the fact they these guys are porn stars and not men with real jobs, take a moment to remember this: these guys are at the top of their game in an industry where you are expected to stand on command surrounded by a dozen other people just staring at you. All in all, you’re getting the tips and tricks from men who are getting paid the big bucks.

Have you used 60 Minute Stamina? Leave your review below!

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