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Update (8-31-2018):We’re looking for one health volunteer to test out Addyzoa!

The product will be provided free of charge, all we ask for is a detailed review of your personal results.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Natural Ways To Boost Your Sperm Count
Pros and Cons
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Addyzoa is a little different than most of the supplements we cover.

Instead of erectile dysfunction or low libido, it treats a low sperm count for the purpose of increasing male fertility.

Based on the Ayurvedic tradition of healing herbs, Addyzoa is based on the principle of natural herbs realigning the systems of your body to function at their peak form, and providing antioxidant protection for healthy sperm.

The benefits you can expect from taking Addyzoaare:

  • Boost sexual desire.
  • Increase sperm count.
  • Improve sperm health and movement.
  • Increase the chances of pregnancy.

Up next is a look into the formula to see how well we can expect Addyzoa to work.

Addyzoa ReviewAddyzoa Ingredients and How They Work

The primary mechanism of action in Addyzoa is antioxidant protection.

The antioxidants in Addyzoa hunt down free radicals and protect sperm cells from their damage.

By reducing oxidative stress, the herbal antioxidants keep sperm healthy and abundant.

Some of the key ingredients are:

  • Shilajit and Kapikachchhu which improve sperm count.
  • Guduchi and Amalaki which protect sperm from oxidative damage.
  • Ashwagandha which is an antioxidant for increasing sperm count and motility, and is also found in many over the counter viagra alternatives.
  • Shatavari which helps generate healthy new sperm cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take it?

The recommended dose depends on how low your sperm count is.

If it’s 5-10 million/ml, take 2 Addyzoa capsules twice a day.

If it’s more than 10 million/ml, take only 1 capsules twice a day.

In both cases, a course of treatment is 90 days.

You should also avoid drinking alcohol while taking Addyzoa (more on that below).

Does it help with Premature Ejaculation?

Theoretically speaking, Addyzoa should have no effect on your stamina or help with premature ejaculation issues.

If you’re having problems with premature ejaculation, you might want to check out a supplement called Prosolution Plus.

It’s the most effective premature ejaculation supplement we’ve ever tested, and we’ve tested DOZENS.

Are there any side effects?

As with any supplement, side effects are possible. For example, one of the main ingredients in Addyzoa is Tribulus Terrestris, which has a long list of potential adverse effects.

For example, it has been shown in some limited clinical studies to aggravate BPH symptoms, and increase prostate weight. Obviously this is not good if you’re trying to get your wife / partner pregnant.

Another potential side effect of Tribulus is that it may decrease blood sugar to dangerously low levels.

Obviously you’re really only at risk of getting side effects like these if you overdose and take too many Addyzoa capsules.

Does it really work?

If you’re looking for success stories from men who’ve used Addyzoa, you’re likely to come up short. Since I originally published this, we’ve only had 1 review posted.

As you’ll see, the results look promising. But 1 review is hardly enough to come to a decent conclusion.

In general, a wide variety of reviews from both critics as well as your everyday verified customer is a good litmus test as to whether or not a supplement is going to work well for you, but of course everyone is different.

5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Sperm Count

Let’s face it. Youre interested in Addyzoa for it’s supposed increase in sperm benefits. It may work, but the bottom line is it’s not the only thing you can do to increase sperm production.

Here’s a few other helpful tips to get you started:

1.) Do Kegels / PC muscle exercises.

While there is no direct correlation between exercising the PC muscle and sperm production, doing these exercises WILL help you shoot loads much further. VERY important when trying to get pregnant.

I have a detailed guide explaining how to perform these exercises in my free “Natural Enlargement Exercises” eBook, click here to sign up for it (completely FREE).

2.) Try some other supplements.

Our biggest gripe with Addyzoa is it is clearly lacking some KEY ingredients that can help with sperm production. For example, the amino acids L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, and L-Arginine have both been shown to increase both sperm speed AND production.

Check out a supplement called Semenax.

It contains ALL of the above ingredients, and then some. Check out my review here to learn more.

3.) Drink Less

It has been clinically studied that drinking just 5 drinks per week can reduce the quality of your sperm. Most guys know this, but some don’t.

You’re wife will have to stop drinking for 9 months if she gets pregnant, you should have no problem doing so for a few months to increase your chances.

4.) Refrain from masturbation

The more times you have an orgasm / ejaculate, the less thick your sperm becomes. Limit masturbation to just once a week, and have sex more often.

5.) Improve your diet

Did you know that processed meats can actually be VERY bad for sperm count? Try to eat less processed foods, skip the cheeseburger, and eat more lean proteins like fish.

Addyzoa Pros and Cons

Advantages of Addyzoa

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • It comes in 20-capsule strips so you can order just what you need based on your sperm count.
  • There are no reported side effects.
  • Clinical testing shows that Addyzoa improves sperm motility.

Disadvantages of Addyzoa

  • There are no Addyzoa reviews from customers letting us know whether or not it helped them.
  • It’s not available in stores.

Where to Buy

There are plenty of online retailers that sell Addyzoa.

One 20-capsule strip sells for $8.95. If you need the lower dose, you’d need 3 strips per month for a total of about $27 a month.If you need the higher dose, you’d by 6 strips for a total of $54 a month.

As of this review, Addyzoa is not sold in stores.


If you are truly having trouble conceiving, you should discuss treatment options and other alternatives with your doctor.But if you’re not ready to go down that road just yet, trying Addyzoa could help.

If you are already working with a doctor, talk to him or her about the possibility of using Addyzoa.

Have You Used Addyzoa?

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User Questions and Answers

Can a woman take this Addyzoa to increase her fertility? -Felix Josiah

No.  It's purpose is to increase sperm motility.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
49 out of 54 people found this question helpful.

Can i use folic acid with Addyzoa? How much would I use? -abbey timothy

You should be fine using folic acid along with this supplement, however check with your doctor to be sure. If you're trying to get pregnant then a healthy dose would be around .4 - .8 mg.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
37 out of 44 people found this question helpful.

Does Addyzoa increase sperm count? -adedeji soyemi

No. It seems to work well at increasing the motility of sperm though, which is basically how well the sperm swims. Source: Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
29 out of 33 people found this question helpful.

Has there been any result or improvement on anyone using Addyzoa and with no sperm count? -Fred

Addyzoa can help, but if your sperm count is that low, you should check with your doctor for a solution.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
23 out of 26 people found this question helpful.

Does Addyzoa help in solving weak erection or weak penis? -Nelson

It boosts our libido, which can help with erection, but it's not a huge help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 13 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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    1. Hey Pete,

      From what I’ve read, supplements like N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), maca root, and Korean Ginseng can all help with improved sperm production and formation. I would recommend you pick up the Absorb Your Health brand, they have the exact amounts you would need for optimal results. Links below:

      NAC –

      Maca Root –

      Korean Ginseng –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. It’s really tough for me to answer specific questions like this, guys. Could it do it?

      Possibly. Will it definitely do it?

      There’s really no way to tell for sure until you try it yourself.
  1. One of my balls is damaged as such causing my sperm count to read 3.3million.can addyzoa repair this damage for me to be fertile?
  2. Hello I went for a sperm test after myself and my wife have been trying to conceive for over a year and here is my result.

    Volume of sperm tested : 2.5
    Transparency : Opaque
    Consistency : Viscous
    Colour : Creamy
    Normal: 0%
    Abnormal: 100%
    Head: 50%
    Neck: 20%
    Tail : 30%
    PUS Cell: 2-5/hpf
    Active motile : 0%
    Slugishly motile: 0%
    Dead on examination : 100%
    Sperm Count: 0.5million/mL

    I saw my doctor after the result and he asked me to go for a scrotum scan in the radiology department which I have gone for and result sent to him but I have an appointment with him for next week. He said I should start using Addyzoa which I started yesterday.

    What’s your take on my result and do you think Addyzoa can increase my chances of getting my wife pregnant.
    1. Hey Seun,

      I’m not really a fertility specialist, so I can’t really tell if your numbers are good or not. With that said, we’ve received mixed results about Addyzoas effectiveness. Some (like the reviews here) said it worked great.

      Others have reported less than stellar results. I would just take it as your doctor prescribed and then reevaluate in a month or two. Best of luck to you and your wife, and keep us posted on your results!
    1. Hey Johnson,

      If you’re already taking Manix, I would NOT take Addyzoa unless a doctor specifically advised it. There could be interactions between the two that may compromise the therapeutic effectiveness of Manix. (Source)
    1. I’m not really sure anything can bring back dead sperm, and unfortunately I’m not really well versed on these types of supplements. If I can think of anything I’ll let you know!

    1. Hey There,

      I don’t think Addyzoa can sort of “resurrect” dead sperm like that. From what I understand, it’s Addyzoas’ antioxidant effects that help minimize the damage free radicals do to sperm cells.

  3. My test result shows that my semen volume is 3.0mls, color grey opalescent, odor normal. fast progressive 00%, slow progressive 25% non progressive 15% immotile 60% no significant growth.

    Addyzoa was recommended for me, I took it for a month and I noticed a change. My wife was pregnant, but we are trying to conceive the second time now, I notice my semen has been reduced to less than 3.0mls.
    1. Hey Grace, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      You should be able to find a retailer online. Amazon in US sells it, and so does eBay.

  4. Dear Rob, my concern is my husband cannot sustain an erection and when he does, his ejaculation is so little and it flows out immediately. Its kind of very frustrating but can Addyzoa help?

  5. Before I started using Addyzoa capsules my sperm motility was 10% active, 15% sluggish and 75% abnormal. also 19.4ml sperm count. After 100days of using Addyzoa with Manix capsules, my condition deteriorated to 0% active, 0% sluggish and 100% abnormal.

    I also have a 0.2ml sperm count. Please, I would like to know the factors that bring about this?

    1. Hey Wasiu,

      I’m not really sure what’s causing that, but I would recommend you stop taking Addyzoa and talk to your doctor. You may be experiencing a negative reaction to one of their ingredients.

  6. My sperm analysis shows colour grayish white, vol. 2.2ml, ph 7.5. Liquefaction complete, consistency – normal. Active linear progression 35%, non linear 15%, sluggish 10%, immotile 40%, viability 70%, morphology 80%, viable count 2 hundred thousand sperm cell /ml.

    I want to impregnate my wife, what are my chances and what dose of the addyzoa should i use to correct this situation. Thank you.

    1. Hey Salifu,

      I’m not a doctor of fertility expert so I cannot tell you your chances of conceiving, but according to the instructions, your correct dosage of Addyzoa is sperm count is in the range that you should check with your doctor for your dosage requirements.
        1. Hey Solomon,

          Both women and men can use zinc supplementation. You don’t need much, but getting enough is important.

  7. My sperm is 7m ,motility and morphology is sluggish. I have taking 3 parks of addyzoa ,should I still take more?

    1. Hey Uche,

      That’s a really tough question. Addyzoa may help with fertility, but it is not a cure.

      If you’re looking for a definitive cure or answer to your fertility issues, you’ll have to have that conversation with your doctor.
  8. Please comment. Can I use Addyzoa along with Folic acid and Zinc together in order to boost my Sperm count?

    Thanks as I await your quick response.
  9. Comment pls a year ago I got married and expecting my wife to conceived but she couldn’t. And I was told to run a test of my Semen Analysis and the was (Motility:Active strong 5%, sluggish 5% and 500.000 sperm cells per ml too!

    So after the result my physician place me on ADDYZOA, Vitamin E and Zinc 100mg. Now after 3 months which is 90days!

    I had another test which the result was- Sperm colour: Grey white, Volume:3.5 ml, Motility:(Active strong 70%), Sluggish 10% why the count is 1 million sperm cell per ml , NO GROWTH. After this result she now places me on another 90 days with this prescription again 1 Addyzoa with 1 Vitamin E in the morning and 1 Addyzoa with 1 Zinc at night… Please should I still go on with it for another 90 days because am so much concern of mine sperm Count now, how it will get to 20 million and Above.

    Thanks for your speedy response.
    1. Hey Yinka,

      I know it can be frustrating, but I believe you should continue to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. She has the training as well as the familiarity with your situation needed to help you better than I can.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity. My doctor made me and my wife do some tests.

    I personally did urine, semen analysis and later semen culture so he prescribed tetracycline for me which I have completed and now am taking Addyzoa to boast my sperm count in other for me and my wife to have a child. My question is can I have sex with my wife while taking Addyzoa capsules because I am taking 1 capsule twice a day.

    1. Hey Matthew,

      Addyzoa is what I would recommend in terms of supplements for increasing sperm count. It doesn’t work for everyone, but judging by the reviews, it has helped some guys.

  11. I want to know what will be the Addyzoa dosage for someone with functional sperm concentration 50% viable and 50% non-viable??
    1. Hey Ephraim,

      They only talk about sperm count in the instructions. Check with your doctor about what would be your best course of treatment.

  12. Can i take addyzoa to increase a sperm count of 1.0ml ? and when it was examine there wasn’t cell moving inside the sperm and my sperm wasnt like this when i gave birth to my first child. Please help

    1. Hey Dan,

      That’s a lower count than what is usually addressed by Addyzoa, so while Addyzoa might help somewhat, I recommend you consult with your doctor for further help.
      1. I have already consulted the doctor and I was referred to take Addyzoa . I was told to take 2 capsules in the morning, afternoon and night for 3 months.

        Do you think it’s going to help?
          1. Hey Rob, i hope it will work too..if i should follow your first reply, you said my problem is more than what Addyzoa can addressed…Do you have any recommendation medicine for 1.0ml sperm, no swimming
          2. Hey Dan,

            Infertility is really not within my area of expertise. I’ve heard good things about Addyzoa, but I don’t have knowledge about other medicines to increase fertility.

            That’s why the best advice I can give you is to listen to your doctor.
    1. Hey Buddy,

      This is a good question, and to be honest I’m not really sure. They don’t really specify on their official website, and I can’t seem to find anything on it online.

      My suggestion would be to take it on a full stomach and assess your tolerance / reaction to it.

      If all goes well, I would then recommend you take it on an empty stomach to get the best results.
  13. How long will one have to take Addyzoa to increase a sperm count of 5 Million to 20 Million per ml? Can one use Addyzoa with Fertilsan M capsules for increased sperm quality?

    1. Hey Austin,

      You would take 2 capsules twice a day for 90 days. I don’t see any reason why you can’t take the two together, but if you have concerns, you should consult with your doctor.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Yeah there shouldn’t be any interactions, especially considering your doctor prescribed it.

    1. Hey Dev,

      According to the instructions for Addyzoa, you should take one capsule, twice a day, for a 90 day course. If you’re very concerned about your fertility and trying to conceive, you should consult with your doctor.

    1. Hey Femi, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      You’ll have to talk to Addyzoa directly for answers to your questions.

  14. My sperm count is 300ml, but my sperm motility is 20%, how long will l take Addyzoa to improve my sperm motility?
    1. Hey Kujo,

      I’m not sure exactly how long it will take, but the standard course of treatment is 90 days.

  15. Can a result with sperm count of 32ml, 30% actively motile, 20% sluggish motile responsible for frequent miscarriages after 2 to 3 months of pregnancy?
    1. Hey Andy,

      Sorry, but this is way out of my area of expertise here. I primarily research male performance enhancements and workout supplements.

      I think Addyzoa may be the only fertility supplement I’ve every researched at all. I recommend you discuss your situation with a fertility expert.

    1. Hey Buddy,

      I’m no expert, but from what I’ve read, you want to go for about once every 3 days for optimal sperm count.

    1. Hey Kwaku,

      Normal is 50%, though 25-50% might not be problematic. Under 25% is when there you’re more likely to have trouble conceiving.

  16. Can one take alcohol while within the period of using addyzoa. Are there some kind of food and drink to avoid?

    1. Hey Buddy,

      I don’t see any warnings against using alcohol or eating particular foods when using Addyzoa. A healthy balanced diet is your best bet, of course.

  17. Please my husband just started taking addyzoa and instead of having increased sexual desire, he doesn’t have the feeling and no erection at all? What can you people tell me?

    We are very desperate. Thank you.

  18. My doctor just told me that my sperm has reduced to 55 percent and I want to how many addyzoa capsules I am to take a day. Maybe 1 capsule twice daily or 2 capsules twice daily.

    So please give your advice quick.
    1. Hey Tayo,

      The recommended dose depends on how low your sperm count is. If it’s 5-10 million/ml, take 2 Addyzoa capsules twice a day.

      If it’s more than 10 million/ml, take only 1 capsules twice a day. In both cases, a course of treatment is 90 days.

      Find out what your sperm count is in millions/ml if you don’t know already, and follow those guidelines.

    1. Hey Temitopw,

      He seems to be a candidate for Addyzoa. According to the package directions, with his sperm count he should take 2 capsules twice a day.

    1. Hey Sey,
      To be honest I’m not really sure. They don’t mention on their site whether or not you should continue sex or abstain.

      My guess would be that it’s OK to keep having sex as you normally would.

    1. Hey Yusuf,

      Because these are prescription medications and I’m not a doctor, you’ll need to consult your physician about what supplements you can take.

  19. During the stipulated timing of 90days recommended for taking addyzoa can I still have sex with my wife as usual?
  20. Please my husband is taking addyzoa. Can we still be having sex during his medication won’t it reduced the sperm count he is trying to boost?

    1. Hey Gloria,

      As far as I know, having sex while he’s taking Addyzoa won’t interfere with its benefits.

  21. Sir, I will appreciate it if you would give me an honest opinion about the drug Addyzoa Capsules .Does it in any way improve sperm cell in an Azoospermia patient cause due to chronic masturbation or STDs. Your swift response to this mail would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    1. Hey Mr. Willie,

      It’s been clinically tested to increase sperm motility, but I don’t have any specific knowledge regarding your issue. It sounds like you may want to consult a doctor.

  22. I have taken many strips of addyzoa for many years but have seen no result of impregnating my wife. I was tested with low sperm count and my doctor recommended addyzoa for me.

    In fact, since 2011 I have been taking addyzoa but still cannot impregnate my wife. The doctor says my wife has no problem of getting pregnant.

    The problem is me. Please what might be the cause?

    Why can’t my wife get pregnant? Thanks.

    1. Hey Samuel,

      I’m really not qualified to solve fertility problems. I would recommend you check back in with your doctor.

    1. Hey Abbey,

      I saw that when I looked it up. What I mean is I don’t have particular knowledge of it, but from what I can tell, there doesn’t look to be a conflict.


    1. Hey Abbey,

      I’m not familiar with Jobelyn, but I don’t see any particular conflicts.

    1. Hey Abbey,

      The two aren’t related, so while the Addyzoa works for improving your sperm motility, it doesn’t affect how long you last.

  23. I notice that using addyzoa does not work for erection. I notice that my sperm is not watery as before but it looks thick and white.

    Please suggest to me what kind of tablet I can buy that will give me thirty minutes without side effects. Thanks.

    1. Hey Abbey,

      Smoking can negatively affect fertility in both men and women. The Addyzoa may help improve your chances, but quitting smoking will too.

    1. Hey Nana,

      The ingredients are all natural, and shouldn’t cause side effects, but you should consult a doctor about how it might react with any other medications you’re taking.

    1. Hey Evans,

      Addyzoa should be fine to take with hormone replacement therapy, but I recommend you consult with your doctor just in case.

    1. Hey Emeka,

      Sorry, you’re out of my area of expertise. I recommend you talk to your doctor or a fertility specialist.

    1. Hey Tonye,

      They say it can help, but if you have serious concerns, you should consult your doctor.

  24. I just bought addyzoa today. After the above semen analysis result, my doctor recommended addyzoa, I hope it will reduce the number of dead sperm and boost my count and increase the percentage of motile sperm as well, hope to return with a positive review next time after using your product, thanks!

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