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You may have noticed it’s all the rage in online supplements lately. Pair two products – usually one is a testosterone booster and one is a pre workout product – and call it the next best thing since steroids. Some of these “dynamic duos” are advertised in these fake ESPN or Men’s Health articles that we’ve written about, and some aren’t. But they all have one thing in common. They’re not worth spending your money or your hopes on.

We’re doing our best to keep up with them all, but to tell you the truth, it’s not easy. New ones come up all the time, and just when we think we’re caught up, we literally turn around and find one we’ve missed that seems to have been around for months. But as long as they keep appearing, we’ll keep exposing them, so look around our website for the stack that’s caught your eye and chances are we’ve written about it.

What Is Alpha Tren?

The product we’re talking about today is Alpha Tren. I haven’t seen it written about in one of those phony ESPN or Men’s Health Articles yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up at some point. For now, you’ll see it advertised on “review” websites as a standalone product and as part of a stack with Power Boost X.

From what I can tell, Alpha Tren is the testosterone boosting part of the combo, though the marketing is just vague enough to keep us from being actually sure of anything. Here’s what the official Alpha Tren website says about its benefits:

  • You’ll achieve bigger muscles.
  • You’ll see quicker recovery times.
  • You’ll last longer in the gym with added stamina.
  • You’ll maintain peak performance when you need it.

Those points in and of themselves don’t scream testosterone booster. They could be testosterone booster benefits, but you could also get these kinds of results with a nitric oxide booster. I’m not sure but I think this distinction is made vague on purpose. We’ll talk more about this as the review goes on, but suffice it to say these websites copy off of and outright steal from each other all the time.

Here’s where they come right out and say Alpha Tren is a testosterone boosting supplement:

Alpha Tren Testosterone Booster Image


But hold up a minute, Here’s basically the exact same image and text being used to sell a total different product, called AlphaFuel:


Alpha Tren Alpha Fuel Testosterone Booster Image

What Gives?

Clearly this is bullshit – using the exact same images and copy to sell two totally different products, but why? Why are they doing it? Well, there are a couple possible answers.

  1. Maybe they are competing products and one of the companies stole the marketing campaign from the other. This is probably the least likely scenario. If it is the case, a cease and desist letter will soon be followed up by a lawsuit if they don’t clear this up.
  2. Alpha Tren and Alpha Fuel may just be two different products made by the same company, and their product development has moved faster than their marketing, so they’ve put in sort of a placeholder marketing campaign for one of the products while they work on the real campaign. Could be, but also highly unlikely. A maneuver like this could lead to a poor reputation for the entire company and its full line of products.
  3. The most likely story is that Alpha Tren and Alpha Fuel are the exact same product made by the exact same company. But then of course you have to wonder why they would do this. The answer is as simple as it is sad. Alpha Tren and Alpha Fuel are both fairly useless as supplements. They may be of some minimal benefit, but they are not anywhere near as useful as their prices and their marketing would suggest. What happens is, as one product – say Alpha Fuel – starts to get the negative reputation it deserves, they simply move their efforts over to their “other” product – Alpha Tren. They’re completely the same, but the company gets to start fresh without the negative feedback collected by the first product.

Ding Ding Ding, folks. It’s choice number 3, unfortunately.

Now, I get asked a lot how I know these supplements are junk if I don’t try them. While that’s a valid question, I have an equally valid answer. I research and try supplements every day. There are common, recognizable techniques used by supplement companies every day. After a while, you get familiar with them and learn to spot them. Is there a chance I’m wrong? Of course. But the chances are far greater that I’m not.

Alpha Tren Ingredients

But let’s get back to the nuts and bolts of Alpha Tren specifically. After all, all this marketing sleaziness aside, if it works and it’s a good value, then I’ll recommend it.

Here’s the thing. Alpha Tren won’t reveal its ingredients online. Way at the bottom of the page, they display a link to a study on Tribulus Terrestris, but that’s as close as they come to talking about ingredients at all. I have to ask… why would you pay for a supplement when you don’t even know what goes into it?

Which brings us to our next point:

The Alpha Tren Free Trial

Alpha Tren wants you to believe they’re giving the stuff away for you to try for free. Don’t believe them. They offer what they call a Free Trial, but as you’ll see, it’s very far from free.

The way it works is that you sign up for the trial and pay the $4.97 shipping fee. They then send you a 30 day supply. Most people think that’s the end of it, but it’s not by a long shot. What happens next is that if you don’t call Alpha Tren and “cancel” you will be charged full price for the “free trial” bottle.

This is a common scam. We talk about it all the time. But this one is particularly heinous. Most products bury the real terms of the deal in the fine print and/or on another page of the website other than the order page. They hide it, but it is there. But with Alpha Tren, the terms of the trial are not clearly stated anywhere on the website. Believe me, I scoured the website, and I do this enough to know where to look. It’s not there. This may be a temporary situation, but as long as they’re letting orders go through, those terms should be there.

Here is the closest they get to telling you you’ll be charged full price:

Alpha Tren Terms Image

They mention that you’ll be billed for the trial, but they don’t say how much. In most cases, the cost is anywhere between $80 and $120, so that would be my expectation. They don’t even give you the number to call to cancel, and of course they leave out completely the fact that you have to cancel in the first place. It’s truly one of the worst, most deceptive free trial offers I’ve ever seen.

I’m no lawyer, but if they continue to leave the full terms off their website and at the same time continue to process orders, I believe there would be grounds for getting your money back if they charge you. Best not to even bother at all though.

Since there’s no other way to purchase or try Alpha Tren at this time, I would just stay away from it altogether.

Alpha Tren Reviews

There are lots of “review websites” that promote Alpha Tren, but these do not represent actual customer feedback and they are no substitute for it. They are basically sales vehicles for the products they represent. Since Alpha Tren isn’t sold in stores or on Amazon or other online retailer shops, there’s no real customer feedback at all. This is yet another reason to stay away from this product.

Alpha Tren Pros and Cons

Advantages of Alpha Tren

  • None.

Disadvantages of Alpha Tren

  • The ingredients are unknown.
  • The cost is unknown.
  • There’s no customer feedback.
  • The free trial is not at all free.
  • The terms of the trial are not made clear on the product website.

The Bottom Line

The title of this review references 3 reasons to steer clear of Alpha Tren. If you’ve read carefully, you already know them, but let’s list them out here just to make sure we’re all on the same page:

  1. With no ingredient information, we have no idea what the hell is even in these pills
  2. With no customer reviews, we have no idea if this stuff has ever worked for anyone!
  3. With a free trial without clear terms, most guys have no idea they’re not getting this for free and the rest have no idea how much they’ll be charged.

List or no list, it’s easy to see that Alpha Tren is nothing but a potentially huge hassle and a waste of money.

Have You Used Alpha Tren? Leave Your Review Below!

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  1. Same problems with shipping and returning. The worst of it was I have had hives all over my body and constipation since taking this product.

    I am allergic to shellfish and they can’t tell me if there is any shellfish in this product.
  2. Complete ripoff. They charged my credit card for the shipping of the “free sample” on Aug. 28th and I didn’t receive it until Sept. 7th, even though the promo said “get it in 3 days”.

    Even considering weekends and Labor Day, half of the 14 day trial had already expired. And every time I called, their recording said I was calling outside regular business hours – I called at 5:30 MDT and their recording said their hours were “8 AM to 9 PM” EST.

    I finally got my order cancelled after having to pay the $78.62 for my “FREE” sample – plus the shipping for my original order of $10.94. And the results of using the sample product I received was nowhere near their claims. STAY AWAY FROM ALPHA TREN!

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