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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018

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We’ve been talking about free trial workout supplements for a long time now, and they just keep coming.

Every day, I get inquiries from my readers, asking me to check out this one or that one.

It’s really an ingenious marketing strategy if you think about it.


  • Put up a glossy website promising explosive workout results to guys trying to achieve their fat loss and muscle gain goals.
  • Fill the website with images of guys with perfect physiques and hot women lusting after them.
  • Offer customers a chance to try your product for free.


That’s what it looks like to the untrained eye, but if you know where to look, you’ll see that most of the time, none of this is as it appears.

Recently, we had a look at one of these products called Bio Fuel NO2, and we’ll show you how and where the whole scheme starts to break down.

Bio Fuel NO2 ReviewWhat Is Bio Fuel NO2?

The funny thing is Bio Fuel NO2 never really defines itself in terms of what kind of workout supplement it is.

Looking at the ingredients, it appears to be a pre workout supplement, but it can probably be taken once a day at any time during the day in an attempt to maintain consistent ingredient levels in your system.

The Bio Fuel NO2 Website

Some supplements in the online market are promoted with website filled with overblown details about what they can do for you and how the “science” backs up their claims.

Often, these descriptions are a bunch of bullshit, but they do a good job at reeling customers in.

Bio Fuel NO2 uses a minimalist approach.

There’s only one short page on the site devoted to explaining what this stuff does and how it does it.

Basically, by “delivering nutrients the body craves” Bio Fuel NO2:

  • Elevates natural growth hormone levels.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Improves circulation for better pumps.
  • Boosts libido and supports healthy sexual performance.

Then there’s a short blurb about the ingredients (which we’ll get to shortly), and the rest of the website is devoted choosing which order to place for your Bio Fuel NO2, and completing the transaction.

Bio Fuel NO2 Ingredients

They don’t provide a complete list or show a bottle label, but Bio Fuel NO2 does disclose it’s 3 primary active ingredients: L-Citrulline, L-Norvaline, and Pure NO SuperMolecule.

Here’s how they work in a nutshell:

  • L-Citrulline is a precursor to L-Argninine, which is a precursor to Nitric Oxide.

    NO is crucial to getting your best workouts in a number of ways. It functions as a vasodilator.

    By opening up your blood vessels, it allows an increased amount of blood to flow through to your muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients.

    With more blood, oxygen, and nutrients, you can workout harder and longer than you otherwise could.

    The increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery also improves post workout recovery because your muscles have the necessary components in abundance.
  • L-Norvaline is a form of one of the Branched Chain Amino Acids that can enhance post workout recovery.

    As an essential amino acid, the body cannot produce it, so it must be provided for in the diet.

    It extends the functional life of L-Arginine, so your body can product NO on an extended basis.
  • Pure NO Super Molecule.

    This is just Bio Fuel NO2’s made up name for L-Arginine.

    L-Arginine is the most commonly used precursor to nitric oxide, the benefits of which we explained above.

    L-Arginine is also thought to increase the body’s natural production of human growth hormone, necessary for muscle tissue building and repair.

Is the Ingredient Profile Any Good?

Sure, there are definitely some workout benefits to be had by taking L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and L-Norvaline. But that’s not the whole story.

These three ingredients can be found in hundreds of pre workout formulas, and most of these contain additional active ingredients as well.

We also have to note that Bio Fuel NO2 doesn’t say how much of these are actually in their formula.

For all we know, it could be just a dusting, just enough to say it’s there, but not enough to be effective.

Without specific ingredient information, we just don’t know.

Where to Buy

The only place to purchase Bio Fuel NO2 is through their official website, but once you get there, you have a few different options.

The Straight Sale

If you click the “Buy Now” link on the website, you’ll be taken to a page with some of your options.

A single one month supply bottle costs $94.67. But if you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get one free for a total of 3 bottles, and the cost for that is $114.99. Clearly, that makes no sense.If one bottle is $94.67, then 2 bottles should cost $189.34, not $114.99. But that’s what it says.There’s also an equally confusing choice to buy 3 bottles for $139.99 and get 2 free for a total of 5 bottles.

If you purchase through the straight sale process, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.I read the terms of the guarantee, and there’s no mention of a restocking fee, but you do have to return the unused product.

The Free Trial (Scam)

If you’re not familiar with the “Free Trial Scam” make sure you read this section closely.

One way to purchase Bio Fuel NO2 is to sign up for what they call a Trial Order.

The way it works is that you pay $4.95 upfront for shipping and they send you a one month supply Sounds like a great deal, right?

And if it ended right there, it would be. But it doesn’t.

When you sign up for the trial, they sign you up for their membership program, where they send you a new full price ($94.67) bottle every month.

On top of that, unless you call or email to cancel within 18 days of your original order, they’ll charge you that full $94.67 for the “free” trial bottle you already received and thought you paid $4.95 for.

Who is Bio Fuel NO2?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information available about Bio Fuel NO2. The website has only been around since late 2015, and the only information we could find at the Better Business Bureau is their name, address (in Cheyenne, Wyoming), and contact information.It’s true that this is better than nothing, but we were hoping we’d see some customer feedback as well.

This isn’t surprising, though, considering that they’ve only been around for a few months as this point.

Bio Fuel NO2 Reviews

Again, partly because the company is so new, there is unfortunately no customer feedback to be found online. Often, companies will post testimonials on their websites, but this isn’t the case with Bio Fuel NO2.

Bio Fuel NO2 Pros and Cons

Advantages of Bio Fuel NO2

  • The ingredients are natural.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Bio Fuel NO2

  • They don’t reveal an entire ingredient profile.
  • The ingredients that are listed are good, but not enough to justify the cost or the hype they’re trying to create.
  • There’s no real information available about the company that makes Bio Fuel NO2.
  • The pricing structure for straight sales is very strange and seemingly pretty random, not to mention expensive, with one bottle costing $94 while 3 bottles cost $115.
  • The free trial offer isn’t free at all.It just delays payment, then charges you full price.


With so many workout supplements available online, you’re bound to come across some shady characters trying to take an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Bio Fuel NO2 offers very little information about who they are, what their supplement is, or how it works.

It seems the vast majority of their efforts have been devoted to working out their convoluted pricing structure in order to present deals that seem too good to pass up.

If you could get 5 months worth of a good, effective workout supplement for $140, that would be a good deal.But the chances of Bio Fuel NO2 being that good effective workout supplement are quite low.

Add to that the fact that they’re also trying to sell it for $94.67 per month, and the whole thing borders on absurd.

Bio Fuel NO2is little more than a money making scheme, and you’d do well to skip right over it.

Have You Used Bio Fuel NO2?Leave Your Review Below!

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  1. Your review is accurate and appreciate. Too bad I didn’t find it beforehand.

    My experience:

    Total Scam!!!!!

    Product sounded worth trying for $6.00 for 60 capsules.

    Browser ad looked legit with a ESPN recommendation that looked legit.

    No warning or disclosure about 18 days and $94.67 hook there. The 18 days refund window includes shipping time to you.

    Credit card company won’t help you as they say that you ‘signed’ up for a monthly ‘subscription’ and you have to call / contact to get BioFuel frauds to cancel your ‘subscription’ first.

    So you have to nicely ask the scam artists to ‘cancel’ their scam against your CC BEFORE your CC will do anything to help you.

    Another legal loop hole to keep the scammers out of the reach of the regular consumer protection laws.

    Product going in the trash can now unused.

    Just a proprietary blend that I’d trust like their billing scam.

    In their defense, at least their own web site had their disclaimer laid out clearly at the moment.

    Cleverly, it wasn’t disclosed where I signed up or in the ‘terms’ either.

    Just avoid, period. Proprietary blends generally aren’t worth the price in my experiences.


  2. This is deceptive marketing and all they are a desperate company only after your money. I ordered and called within 18 days since they went into my account and drafted $94 unauthorized.

    I called they confirmed trial period of 18 days and I told them it was only 15 and requested a refunded. They said NO.

    Refund even it was unopened, they told me I couldn’t get free product I had to pay for it. They ad make it look like they are giving you the product for $4.95 shipping only and they are banking on people ordering and not cancelling.

    Crooks stay away. Minus -five stars!

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