Body Fortress NOS Pump Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

body fortress super nos pump reviewPre and Post workout supplements are the bodybuilder’s biggest secret to success.

Feeding the body what it will need during the workout is going to help you remain motivated, get impressive pumps, and keep your energy levels high.

Feeding it what it needs at the end of the workout is a bit of challenge, and this is why we decided to investigate the claims made by Body Fortress about its Body Fortress NOS Pump product.

What It Does and Ingredients

They label it as a “nitric oxide stimulator”, but they also say that it is best used during exercise to enlarge muscles and afterward to provide the amino acids and carbohydrates so essential to recovery.

We will review these claims, assess the ingredients, seek out some consumer feedback, and determine if this is a product suitable for modern bodybuilders’ needs.

We have to admit to being a bit surprised by the incredibly brief list of ingredients posted on a box of Body Fortress NOS Pump.

We found that there was some dietary fiber, a bit of sodium, and the well-known Arginine AKG.

There were a few inactive or “other ingredients” and nothing else.

This led us to instantly understand that the product was really not much more than an NO enhancer. Does that translate to a bad product? Not at all!

We actually approved of the “cleanliness” of the ingredients list because it meant that this was not a formula packed with fillers and chemicals that offered very few benefits.

When To Take It

What we can say is that the Body Fortress NOS Pump alone is not going to give the active bodybuilder a huge amount of energy because there is nothing in the formula to actually boost energy levels.

What the Arginine ingredients will do is to work as NO enhancers, meaning that nitric oxide production jumps up and serves as a vasodilator that increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles during a workout.

Taking the supplement immediately after the workout is complete only helps to keep all of the easy blood flow moving in and out of the muscles as well, and this dramatically reduces lactic acid formation and the likelihood of soreness or pain.

User Reviews

We had to double-check our theory by looking for some consumer reviews from those who had used or were using the Body Fortress NOS Pump product.

We discovered that tons of bodybuilders loved the product for its simplicity and for the impressive “pumps” it made possible.

Many also said that they really appreciated the fact that it was gentle enough to take before and after a workout.

Many other NO enhancers are full of other materials that are rough on the stomach, over stimulating, or just full of junk that is of no benefit.

This is not the case with this product, and a lot of people really appreciate the benefits.

The only common point of concern was with the size of the pills, but most of these consumers were “first timers” or new users of bodybuilding supplements who had not yet tried many other products.

Where To Buy

The cost of the Body Fortress NOS Pump product was also very popular.

The standard bottle has 90 tablets, and the standard serving size is three tablets.

This means that a single workout will require six tablets.

This translates to two weeks in each container.

The cost averages at less than $10 per bottle, and this makes it one of the most affordable of the NO enhancers on the market.

Overall Recommendation

We highly recommend the use of the Body Fortress NOS Pump simply because it is a basic formulation that is effective and easy to use.It is affordable and safe for advanced lifters and beginners alike.

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  1. I just wanted to now if u guys had any info on testbooster 1.0 made by blade nutrition I got it from and wanted to now if u guys heard about it thank u have a good day
    1. Hey Mike,

      Yeah, we did a review on it earlier this year. It looks decent. The only drawback I see is that you have to take 6 pills a day.


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