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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-16-2015

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Nootropics. Brain Boosters. Cognitive Enhancers. Limitless Pills. They have lots of different names, but they’re basically all the same thing. They’re supplements that claim to help you think better, remember longer, focus more intently, and process information more quickly.

These supplements are getting more and more popular by the day, and the truth is I’ve tried a lot of them myself. One that I’ve recently come across is called Brain Abundance. I haven’t tried it yet, but I wanted to put together all the information we have on it, so if you get to it before I do, you at least have some idea of what to expect.

Benefits of Brain Abundance

Just like our bodies, over time and with age, our brains deteriorate to some degree. And just like wrinkled skin and lost muscle tone, the degree of degradation varies from person to person. Whichever end of the scale you find yourself on, Brain Abundance promises to slow the process down and improve the way your brain functions.

Brain Abundance ReviewBy taking 3 Brain Abundance capsules a day, the benefits they claim you can expect are:

  • Improved cognitive function.
  • Support for a healthy memory, both long and short term.
  • Help coping with stress and anxiety.
  • More positive mood and outlook.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased focus and metal clarity.
  • Protection against cell damage caused by free radicals.

How Brain Abundance Works

One of the key factors for any supplement claiming to improve cognitive function is its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. This is the interface that decides which substances are allowed into the brain and which ones need to be protected against. Unless a supplement can cross that barrier, it can have little effect on how your brain works.

Brain Abundance promises that its substances are formulated so that they can indeed cross the blood brain barrier.

Brain Abundance Ingredients

There are a full 13 ingredients in the Brain Abundance formula. Let’s break them down. There’s:

  • Folic Acid which improves memory and cognition, and is currently being studied as a potential help for Alzheimer’s Disease patients.
  • L-Glutamine which provides energy to the brain and is known to improve mental alertness, mood, and memory. It can also decrease sugar cravings.
  • Phenylalanine which may improve symptoms of depression and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Rhodiola Rosea which can help relieve the anxiety and fatigue brought on by stressful situations.
  • Sensoril which provides a calm, positive frame of mind, conducive to thoughtful, rational, decision making. Because of its effect on mood, it also can help curb emotional eating.
  • Vitamin B12 which needs to be maintained at healthy levels in order to help fight off memory loss and cognitive decline of any kind.
  • Grape Seed Extract which is an antioxidant that can cross the blood grain barrier to regulate neurotransmitters in the brain, improve the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.
  • Astaxanthin which is another antioxidant that makes it through the blood brain barrier to help keep neurotransmitters in peak condition.
  • Niacinamide which may help combat learning disorders, anxiety, insomnia, aggression, and several other conditions of the brain.
  • Vitamin B6 which helps fight body and brain fatigue. It also fights against brain shrinkage which causes diminished function as we age.
  • Resveratrol which is yet another antioxidant that crosses the blood brain barrier. It keeps neurotransmitters clean and functioning, while providing anti-aging benefits as well.
  • Zinc Picolinate which is essential to so many bodily functions and chemical reactions. One of its primary functions is maintaining a proper hormone balance.
  • Ginseng which may help protect the brain against deterioration and improve cognitive function.

There’s little doubt that the Brain Abundance formula is safe and may help you feel a little better and maybe even brighter, but overall, it’s a pretty weak formula. I’m used to brain boosting supplements with actual nootropic ingredients that feed neurotransmitters in your brain and actually boost functioning. Brain Abundance looks more like an herbal, feel good, multivitamin and antioxidant formulation.

The Brain Abundance Business Opportunity

As we dug a little deeper into the information provided by the Brain Abundance website, we found what may be the “real” point of this supplement. It became clear that Brain Abundance is a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. If you’re not familiar with that term, think Pyramid Scheme.

Basically, they’re not just selling their supplement. They encourage all their customers to become salespeople. If you do, you become part of a higher level salesperson’s network, and they get a piece of your commission on everything you sell. In turn, you also recruit salespeople for your network, and you get of piece of all their commissions. When your salespeople recruit their own network, you get commissions on all of their sales too. And this goes on for “generations” of salespeople.

Historically, these MLM schemes make a crapload of money for a few people at the top of the pyramid because they get a piece of every sale made by most of the salespeople in the company. But most of the people that get involved after the company is established, don’t do very well at all.

Brain Abundance Reviews

There are a few Brain Abundance reviews on, and they’re mixed. One thing you should note, however, is that none of the 5-star reviews are marked as “verified amazon purchases” while all of the 1-star reviews are.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase Brain Abundance, be aware that you will be recruited to sell the stuff, and recruited hard. They make much more money if you sell then if you only buy. They want you to do both, and they want you to convince all of your customers to do both as well.

If you try to order Brain Abundance online, you’ll be asked for a member referral number before they even show you a price. That’s how they can know what salesperson and network gets the commission.

Brain Abundance is also currently available on for about $45.

Does Brain Abundance Work?

One of the most important things to remember about MLM companies is that they don’t really care all that much about their products. It’s all about the sales structure and the commissions. They want their product to be good enough not to create a bad reputation. That would make it harder to sell. But mainly, they’re concerned with finding a product in a hot little niche that’s rising in popularity. That makes brain boosting supplements a perfect candidate for this kind of marketing scheme.

I haven’t tried Brain Abundance, but frankly, the formula is weak. It doesn’t have any of the nootropic powerhouses you look for like racetams or phosphatidylserine for example. My educated opinion on the subject is that you probably won’t find much benefit from taking Brain Abundance.


If you’re looking for a cognitive enhancement supplement, there are far better options than Brain Abundance with no strings attached. If you’re looking for a business opportunity, I would tend to recommend against that too. It’s not that nobody makes money on these schemes. Just the vast majority.

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