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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-9-2018

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dymatize xpand reviewsCreatine supplements are practically everywhere these days. Most bodybuilders recognize how critical creatine is to a workout, and companies know this. Unfortunately, this actually makes it harder to find a good supplement.. After all, there are a ton of creatine supplements on the market, and most are average, while very few really stand out in the crowd. So when we saw Dymatize Xpand, nothing really seemed to jump out at us at first. But, knowing that it was important to give every product a fair shot, we decided to do some research.

How It Works and Ingredients

When we turned the product package over, we were surprised. The creatine in the supplement is blended with a unique tri-creatine maelate formula that actually helps to increase the supply of creatine within the muscle that is available for use. The active ingredients in the product are designed to help maximize your uptake of creatine, to help boost the recovery of the muscles after the workout, and of course, to help make your workout more effective than ever before. The AAKG offered in Xpand absolutely helps improve your pumps, and the other benefits are equally amazing.

There is sufficient evidence that Dymatize Xpand can help enhance your training. The creatine gives you the energy that you need and the ability to actually make your workout harder, stronger, and more effective. But the added ingredients to help reduce soreness and fatigue are just as integral here. Muscle recovery isn’t just about keeping from getting injured, this is also the period when the mass is actually built. The additives in this supplement help make recovery far less painful and help ensure a much better gain. But we still wanted to know what users thought of this product, which is available from Bodybuilding.com for a fairly low price.

What User Reviews Say

The supplement is definitely highly recommended. Many do warn, however, that it is best taken in the morning, as the effects can take some time to wear off, impacting sleep for those who take it too late in the day. Quotes such as “my pumps are great” are incredibly common, and overall, people seem pleased.

“While I still think that no xplode and 1 m.r. are better, I have to say that dymatize xpand definitely helped me build muscle quickly and easily. I had a significant boost of energy for the gym, but the only problem was how tired I was at the end of my workout. I mean I was completely and utterly drained. I recommend you try the caffeine free kind to avoid this.”
Nathan, London


The bottom line with Dymatize Xpand is that we have a supplement that provides benefits across the workout and mass building spectrum. There are benefits before and during the workout, as well as immeasurable benefits post-workout that, when combined, help to make everything about your regimen more effective. Because of the science, the results, and the many great reviews, this is one product that is easy for us to recommend.

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  1. Yeah sure as hell go for it. If there is anyone out there reading my review I’d say don’t miss out on a chance of an awesome workout opportunity.

    Go and buy Dymatize ASAP don’t even give it a second thought. It is that GOOD

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