Eco Slim Review – Lose Weight Naturally?

Rob Miller | April 30, 2017
Product Reviewed: Eco Slim
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Eco Slim Overview

Most of us have been there. I know I have.

You put on a few extra pounds maybe over the holidays or on vacation.

Or maybe you just stopped working out and being careful about what you eat for a while and noticed a certain amount of fat creeping onto your belly area.

You start to wonder, “I used to have abs. Where’d they go?

” Clearly it’s time to do think about losing some weight.

You start watching what you eat, you get back to the gym, and you think about using a supplement.

Most weight loss supplements use chemicals and make giant, impossible claims of rapid weight loss with minimal efforts on your part. EcoSlim is different.

It’s all natural, and the only promise it makes is that it will help you in your efforts to take the weight off.

In other words, it’s not promising miracles. Eco Slim is promising help.

By taking EcoSlim along with eating a sensible diet, working out at least 3 times a week, and drinking 8 glasses of water a day, you’ll lose weight faster and more healthily than you would without taking it.

Note:  This review is on the Eco Slim weight loss drops, NOT the medication with the same name.

EcoSlim ReviewEcoSlim Ingredients and How They Work

Taking EcoSlim promotes weight loss in several ways.


  • Helps regulate your metabolism.

  • Encourages the breakdown of fats.
  • Boosts your energy.
  • Balances sugar levels.

  • Improves your mood so you’re not eating for comfort.

And it’s all done using natural ingredients including:

  • Bladderwack which helps regulate digestion and support glandular health.
  • Cleavers which helps flush toxins out of your system and maintain sufficient water levels.

  • Garcinia Cambogia which helps suppress your appetite and limit fat staorage with HCA which is similar to citric acid.

  • Dandelion which support the healthy functioning of the liver and has been shown to improve weight loss efforts.

  • Centaury which helps clean the blood, keeping it free of toxins.

  • Guarana which supports energy and metabolism with its natural caffeine content.

  • Tumeric which supports the health of the adrenal glands.

  • Ginger which warms the body and aids digestion.

  • Cayenne Pepper which helps digestion and improves metabolism.

The recommended use is a few drops mixed in water 3 times a day.

Eco Slim starts to work immediately.

How quickly you see results largely depends on your entire weight loss program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the price of Eco Slim in Pakistan?

The price for one bottle of Eco Slim in US dollars is $27.71 which translates to 2,904 Pakistan rupees.They do charge $13.95 US dollars for shipping to Pakistan, which converts to 1462 rupees.

So the total price in pakistan for a one bottle supply would cost 4,366 rupees.

Shipping to Pakistan typically takes 14 – 28 business days for delivery, so expect that when you order it.

Do they make Eco Slim as a capsule?

As far as I can tell, there are no Eco Slim capsules. It’s only available as a liquid.

Are there any side effects?

As with any supplement, side effects are always possible, and this is of course the case with Eco Slim as well.

While researching the ingredients in Eco Slim, I noticed that common side effects of guarana include:  insomnia, increased anxiety, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, and increased heart rate. (1)

Because of this it’s recommended that you take it as early in the day as possible, and on a full stomach.

Another common side effect with one of the other primary ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia, has been noted to cause adverse effects such as: dizziness, dry mouth, headache, and upset stomach. (2)

This effect could be compounded by the fact that it already contains Guarana, which has similar adverse effects when take in large doses.

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EcoSlim Pros and Cons

Advantages of EcoSlim

  • The formula is all natural.

  • Most of the EcoSlim reviews I’ve come across are very favorable.

  • It costs less than a lot of weight loss aids.

Disadvantages of EcoSlim

  • Though it is all natural, it does contain caffeine, which may be fine for most, but not fine for others.

Where to Buy

There are lots of online sources for ordering EcoSlim, however from what I can tell it’s ONLY available online.  I searched through all of the most popular stores like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Vitamin Shoppe, and none of them carry it.

One site was selling a bundle of Ecoslim and Detox Drops, which according to them helps to promote body cleansing and detoxification.

It’s not clear if you absolutely HAVE to buy them together to get the best results, but I would imagine so.

One thing is for certain, Eco Slim is NOT ridiculously expensive when compared to other weight loss drops of its kind.

A 2 oz bottle will run you about $55, and the directions on the label state that you should take 0.50 ml 3 times daily.

If my math is correct, a 2 oz bottle will contain just over 59 ml, which would be about 118 servings.

If you’re following their recommendation and taking 3 servings a day, one bottle should last you about 40 days.


If you’re realistic about reaching your weight loss goals and you want something natural to help you get there, EcoSlimis an effective and affordable option.

Have You Used EcoSlim? Leave Your Review Below!

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User Reviews

Farheen's Review

1 out of 5 stars
Dec 19, 2016 by 

I am using eco slim no use of it i feel my weight is gaining so disoppoint

Was this review helpful to you?
69 out of 96 people found this review helpful.



1 out of 5 stars
Dec 29, 2016 by 

It is waste of money and lots of frustration

Was this review helpful to you?
56 out of 73 people found this review helpful.


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User Questions and Answers

Can I take eco slim tablet on an empty stomach -

EcoSlim is a liquid solution. You take a few drops with water.  You should be fine with an empty stomach. If it makes you feel a little nauseous, eat a little something with your dose.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
102 out of 115 people found this question helpful.

The ecoslim drug i saw is tablets and not in liquid drug -

Must be something different. I tried a quick search for EcoSlim pills but couldn't find anything.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
77 out of 101 people found this question helpful.

my question . i started the capsule 2days ago and up still now i hav'not seen any result yet ? -

You should give it a little more time.  It's hard to see results from a weight loss program in just 2 days. Make sure you're eating right and exercising as well.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
43 out of 64 people found this question helpful.

Can I find ecoslim in Nigeria? -

It's available through several online retailers. You'll have to see if you can find one that ships to Nigeria.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
34 out of 47 people found this question helpful.

Were do I get it -

It's available online at the Native Remedies website.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
35 out of 50 people found this question helpful.

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  1. What are the side effects of eco slim and is it available in Pakistan? As here are dealers other on Pakistan too

    1. Hey Ubaid,

      The subject of this review is EcoSlim drops, not pills. They contain stimulants, so any side effects would be related to sleeplessness, anxiety, jitters, and the like.

      You can order it through the Native Remedies website. They do ship to Pakistan.

    2. I have consumed 3 bottles and I did not loose even 300 grams, what are the information they have provided is all fake, its a useless product you will not get any thing other then loss of your money, time and hope
    1. Hey Ijeoma,

      It really depends on your diet and exercise plan. EcoSlim is a supplement that helps give you energy, boost your metabolism, and suppress your appetite.

      In other words, it supports your diet and exercise efforts.

    1. Hey Kiran,

      This review is about Eco Slim drops, which is a different product than the capsules. I don’t have any information on the capsules.

      In any case, when you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, you’ll need to check with your doctor before starting any supplements or medications.

    1. Hey Nazifa, is a review website, so we don’t sell supplements – we review them. If you’re looking for Eco Slim Drops, you can contact Native Remedies at 1.920.232.3075. If you’re looking for Eco Slim pills, I don’t have any information on who or how to contact.

  2. hey rob thanks for your reply but currently eco slim does not ship to Nigeria and there is an ad online for an ecoslim that is in tablet form. am confused sells for 11,000 naira in my currency.

    need the drops for my wife and she is pregnant. Do not know if its good for pregnant women advise me.

    and please try to look into having a representative n Nigeria. That would be great cause people are suffering with depression and stigma from society.

    hope to hear from you
    1. Hey Eziafa,

      Yeah, there’s an Eco Slim tablet. It’s not connected to the drops in any way, and I haven’t been able to gather any real information on it at all.

      Eco Slim drops contain stimulants, so it’s not recommended for pregnant women. As for representatives in Nigeria, I don’t have any affiliation with Eco Slim, so you’d need to talk to NativeRemedies directly to see if there’s any way they can help you out.

    1. Hey Eziafa,

      You can order it through Amazon, which may ship to Nigeria. You’d have to check with them to be sure.

    1. Hey Jana,

      This review is for EcoSlim drops, not tablets. I haven’t been able to find a source for or information about Eco Slim pills.

      1. Hey Rania,

        Give them a call or send an email explaining your situation, and see if they’ll work with you. otherwise, you can buy and use a pre-paid visa card.

      1. I don’t have any knowledge about the Eco Sim pill, but alcohol in moderation is fine with the drops. Understand, the pills and the drops are not different versions of the same product.

        They are completely separate products.

    1. Hey Sammar, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      But you can order EcoSlim through the Native Remedies website. They do ship to Saudi Arabia.

  3. hey rob i need help i am using eco slim product since 1 month and i am not losing weight tell me how should i get lose my weight with this product is there any diet plan using with this product
    1. Hey Hussnain,

      EcoSlim drops are sold online through several retailers. Do a quick internet search and you should find it pretty easily.

    1. Hey Yusuf,

      EcoSlim capsules are a completely different product than the drops. I don’t have any information on them at all.

      You’ll need to contact your seller directly.

    1. Hey Iqrar,
      The supplement in this review is a liquid. There is also EcoSlim tablets, but I don’t have any information on those.

    1. Hey Athar,

      EcoSlim is sold through the Native Remedies website. They ship to Pakistan, so this would be the way to go.

    1. Hey Rabia,

      Because you have a medical condition, you’ll have to check with your doctor about whether or not it’s safe to take a weight loss supplements. Eco Slim contains caffeine so you’ll need to be aware of that.

      It’s available through several online retailers. We are a review website.

      You can find the retailers fairly easily with a Google search.

    1. Hey Rimsha,

      It does contain caffeine, so you may feel jittery from that, but there shouldn’t be any serious or dangerous side effects unless you have a sensitivity to caffeine.

    1. Hey Sameen,

      There are no serious known side effects if you’re healthy. But since you have health issues, you should check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

  4. Hi..

    I am 18 years old my current weight is 65 kgs
    I want to loss my weight without any side effects
    Please suggest me something..

    1. Hey Waneha,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hey Riaz, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      EcoSlim drops are available through a number of online retailers.

    1. Hey Saad,

      The 2 ounce bottle sells for between $35 and $40 just about everywhere. A quick search will find you several retailers, including Amazon.

  5. how ecoslim helps as a natural fat loss product? what it’s activity pathway on human body.

    i am 30 years old unmarried girl having 81 kg weight with sensitive stomach. kindly suggest me either ecoslim helps me in reducing weight fast?

    1. Hey Naz,
      Are you referring to EcoSlim drops or capsules? These are two completely different products, and our review is about the one that comes in drops.

      We don’t have any knowledge of the capsules.

    1. Hey Javairya,
      I don’t have the information you’re looking for, but the instructions are probably listed on the packaging.

    1. Hey Ali,
      A supplement can’t do the work for you. No supplement can.

      It may help boost energy and metabolism, and suppress your appetite, but there’s no way to lose weight without work.

  6. Hi.i.

    am.from pakistan.

    i want to know,how to use ecislim capsules after or before meal and two time or three times daily.plz reply me

    1. Hey Javairya,

      The EcoSlim in our review is a liquid. I have no information on the capsules.

      Do you have link to a website you can send me for more information?

  7. Hi
    I m 35 years old and my weight is 95 kg. Is eco slim work without exercise and dieting on body.

    Its too hard for me to do it.

    1. Hey Aman,

      EcoSlim is just a supplement. It will help you lose weight as long as you stick to a good diet and exercise program that leaves you with a calorie deficit.

      But it won’t make you lose weight without effort.

    1. Hey Faiza ,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  8. I ordered eco slim those are capsules I am using it for first time kindly inform me are they in capsule form or not bcoz you have mentioned they are drops so I am confused is it fake ? I don’t want to waste my money in Pakistan you know their is mostly froud

    1. Hey Ayesha,
      The only EcoSlim I am familiar with comes in liquid form. I get a lot of questions about EcoSlim pills, but I have no knowledge of them at all.

      My guess is that the two are not related, but I don’t know for certain.

    1. Hey Mrs. Wasim,
      EcoSlim is available online only.

      You should be able to find a seller that ships to Pakistan. Because of your diabetes, you should check with your doctor to see if it’s okay to use it.

    1. Hey Abdullah,
      Are you looking for something to help gain weight? Let me know your goals and I’ll recommend something that works.

    1. Hey Amdo,

      Unfortunately, you can’t reduce fat in just one area, and belly fat is often the last to go. Do a lot of cardio and make sure you eat a caloric deficit.

    1. Hey Buddy,

      I’m not sure if there are stores where you can buy it. You’ll have to check around locally.

    1. Hey Awolola,

      It’s available through several online retailers. Check out the Native Remedies website.

  9. Wow! Thank you for the quick reply and the extremely informative review.

    It really seems like you enjoyed learning about this one. Thank again!

    Very Respectfully.

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