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Male enhancement supplements come and go all the time, but one thing is for sure.

The marketing almost NEVER changes.

Typically you’ll see claims like:

  • Bigger, longer lasting erections on demand
  • Longer lasting power
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improved sexual confidence

I’ve seen the claims more often than I can count.

The most common claim, other than just helping improve sexual performance, is:

You guessed it…

Increases in size.

I’ve also tested many of these so called sexual enhancers, with mixed results.

Some worked great, while others, not so much.

Herbal Virility is a male enhancement product that recently popped up on my radar when I was doing some “research” on an adult film website.

Initially, I came across a banner ad that looked like this:

herbal virility max ad

As you can see, right out of the gate they are telling you that you can ad 4 inches to your penis in just 4 short weeks.

Of course, they don’t put the ACTUAL Herbal Virility Max bottle on this ad, but when you click the ad it takes you to a blog called “Emilys blog” which gives you the inside details.

/wp content/files/2012/09/emilys

Throughout this “blog”, Emily describes a very common situation in older couples.

Her husband has been problems, well, getting it up.

/wp content/files/2012/09/emilys blog

She reads some interview with a pron star who guys by the name “Johnny sins”, and in it he HIGHLY recommends using Herbal Virility Max to solve all of your bedroom woes.

johnny sins herbal virility max

Emily decides she’s going to slip her husband some of the pills under the guise of them being a multivitamin.

The end result?

They end up banging for an hour and 47 minutes, and that the official site told her that he can expect to grow larger in the coming weeks from taking their pills.

herbal virility max results

Pretty impressive, right?

I visited the Herbal Virility Max official site and this is what I learned.

The product promises long lasting and fast results, and that it can work even for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

While what is presented about Herbal Virility Max on the manufacturer’s website sounds promising, the lack of clinical evidence must be noted.

The pills work by increasing the duration and quality of erections, something men suffering from erectile dysfunction have to struggle to on a daily basis.

This herbal formula wants to be an alternative for pharmaceutical products for ED, but without testing it yourself, it cannot be said whether it can truly work for you or not.

How Herbal Virility Max Worksherbal virility max review

Herbal Virility is described as an all natural treatment for men that are unsatisfied with the quality and duration of their erections.

The main ingredients in this pill are Maca and Horny Goat Weed, two compounds that contribute to stimulating the levels of nitric oxide in the blood.

When these levels reach a certain value, they are capable of dilating and relaxing the blood vessels in the penile area, allowing erections to occur more often and easier.

Herbal Virility also contains a powerful aphrodisiac, an extract obtained from Yohimbe bark, an African tree traditionally used in treating men with low sex drive.

It must be mentioned that the pill also includes L-Arginine, another stimulant of nitric oxide levels.

The combination of L-Arginine and Yohimbe is actually VERY common, and I can attest to it’s results.

No clinical studies about Herbal Virility Max are mentioned.

However, the product is fast acting – in about one hour – , and it lasts for about 48 hours.

A money back guarantee is readily available, in case you are unsatisfied with it.


  • An all natural formula
  • It contains powerful ingredients, that have been proved to work in treating ED naturally
  • The website offers refunds


  • Expensive
  • No clinical studies are available
  • Details on the manufacturer are difficult to find

Where to buy Herbal Virility Max

Herbal Virilitycan be bought directly, from the official website. You can choose to either get their free trial, or purchase it outright.

The free trial involves more than you think.

You pay $4.59 for shipping and handling, BUT, what they do NOT mention explicitly on the checkout page is this:

herbal virility max free trial terms and conditions

That’s right, you’ll end up getting charged close to $80 for your “trial bottle” if you don’t call to cancel.

What’s even worse is that they will continually charge you $80 every 30 days, and keep sending you the product.

The absolute worst part about all of this is the VERY deceptive naturein which they hide their free trial.

The FTC requires that if you’re promoting ANY free trials, that you make it clear and conspicuous to the potential buyer that they know what they’re signing up for.

herbal virility max terms and conditions 2

However, as you can see from the image above, it’s not obvious.

In fact, in order to find out if you’ll be charged or not, you actually have to manually click on the “Terms and Conditions” link just above the Rush my order button.

I’m willing to bet that 99% of guys simply won’t do this.

You can’t buy Herbal Virility Max in stores like GNC, Walmart, or Walgreens, so don’t even bother checking there.

What About Combining Herbal Virility Max and Alphadrox?

In your internet travels, you may have come across a site called 3 inches 3 weeks.net.

3inchesin3weeks website

Look familiar? Thought so.

If you watch the video, the guy in it demonstrates that he has indeed grown 2 inches in penis size.

He starts off at 3 inches:

/wp content/files/2012/09/him at 3

Then he shows it at 4 inches:

/wp content/files/2012/09/now hes at 4

And then finally he’s at 5 inches:

/wp content/files/2012/09/and now finally hes at 5

So what does this prove?

Well, I don’t know.

What’s comical about it is, he’s literally just getting a larger erection size and taking a video of it.

Look down at your penis right now.

How big is it? If it’s completely flaccid it’s probably only 1 – 2 inches.

Now, jerk off for like 1 min.

What happens?It gets even larger.

So was there some miraculous increase in size?

Sure. You went from completely limp 2 inches to slightly erect 3 inches.

But this had nothing to do with taking some pills, right? You just got a boner…

This is exactly what I suspect he did in this video.


There’s actually a very good chance that Herbal Virility Max does indeed work. The combination of L-Arginine and Yohimbe is VERY potent, and will almost certainly help you in terms of increasing sexual stamina and improved erection quality.

It should definitely have positive stamina and erection effects but it does not live up to all of the claims that their ads make.

What holds me back from giving this supplement a favorable review is both their marketing of it, some of the claims, and the free trial.

It’s something that I could never understand.

If you have a TRULY great product, then why tarnish your reputation by running deceitful ads to market it?

Deceitful and over-zealous ads only serve to plant the seed of doubt in possible customers and suffer legitimacy.

Have You Used Herbal Virility Max?

If so, leave your review below!

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Have you used this supplement?

Dangerous Side Effects!

By Brandy,  May 11, 2020
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

My husband has a decade on me, and now that I'm in my prime, he's well over the hill. But he wants to make me happy and always takes care of me with our assortment of toys, but it's still not the same as making love to him.  So after seeing the ads on tv every night, he asked me to call and order them. They were advertizing your choice of 40 blue pills or 40 yellow pills for $99 plus 4 pills free.  When I called they offered me 100 "of the better blue pills" for $129 plus shipping. It seemed like a good deal, so okay, "I'll take it!" They also kept trying to sell me a "free" subscription service for "only two payments of $2.95" but I was very clear that I didn't want anything else.  When the package came a few days later, we were surprised to receive 4 bottles of 60 pills...a total of 240 pills for only $134! Wow, that was generous...or so we thought!
After one week with no erection, we noticed his hands were starting to swell.  After two weeks with no erection, we noticed his feet, ankles and legs were swelling too. Now in our third week, he has big rashes on his calves.  He stopped taking the pills a few days ago, but the rashes are getting bigger and redder everyday. I'm trying to get him into see a doctor, but with COVID-19 it's hard to get an appointment.
Not only will I be requesting to get my money back, they will also be hearing from our attorney to cover the medical bills incurred from these painful side effects.
All I wanted was to get fucked, not to get my husband all fucked up!!!!!!

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76 out of 78 people found this review helpful.


By arleigh,  Jul 23, 2014


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51 out of 59 people found this review helpful.

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How many tablets do you take a day -Casey

It looks like 90 pills is a one month supply, so that would indicate you'd take 3 pills per day, but you'll have to check out the instructions on the label to be sure.- Rob

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What is your number? -Edwin

SupplementCritique.com is a review website. We don't sell products, but if you have a question for us, please feel free to ask it here or send an email through our contact form.- Rob

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can I get it delivered in Muscat - Oman? -praveenkmar

It looks like it's only shipped in the US.- Rob

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How do you take it? Can you take one right before sex? Will it work? -Dennis

The instructions say to take it about 1 hour before having sex.  I haven't tried it myself, so I'm not certain whether or not it works.- Rob

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  1. 3 days in at 2 let day. Broke out in severed hives and whole body was red and felt like fire for about an hr.

    Not even one erection during this time. Will continue to try cautiously but not hopeful it does anything.

  2. Review “Herbal Virility Max”
    SHOCKING: READ Bad Side Effects
    I had tried many different products (Males related to the power and strength) .
    Herbal Virility Max had worth side affect of very bad mood
    that i ever experienced, compare to other products i have . “Power khan” the best by the way.

  3. Viewing many reviews on male enhancers, I came came across one “Max Performer” .
    Good review but hard to get a hold of in US.
    Have you checked this one out yet?

    Can I get it?

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