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/wp content/uploads/2011/03/hgh factorThere are a lot of hgh supplements on the market that claim to help boost lean muscle, and help you lose weight at the same time.  Hgh Factor is one of those supplements, so we decided to take a hard and fast look at this product to see if it really does what it claims.  Ever since the publishing of a study conducted by the “New England Journal of Medicine” talking about the effects of HGH on the nervous system, many companies have been coming out with these products in an effort to capture the market.

Quick Facts About HGH

Human Growth Hormone has been studied and used for the past few years as a way to treat children with growth dysfunctions, and is typically taken in inject able form.  True GH is applied subcutaneously under the skin, and takes a period of up to 12 months to actually work.  It can only be prescribed and administered by a doctor, and often can cost upwards of $15,000 for a years worth of therapy.

Over the years, doctors have discovered that using HGH injection on adults can act like a kind of “Fountain of Youth” by rejuvenating and regenerating cells, basically taking the fight to aging. But there are other benefits besides rejuvenation. HGH can help increase lean muscle growth, decrease fat stores, provide energy and vitality, improve athletic performance. No wonder doctor and patients decided to use this stuff off-label. There’s a lot of good it can do.

But again, HGH injections are expensive, invasive, and they’re just not an available option to most people.

So What is HGH Factor?

Since HGH injections are out of reach for most people, HGH Factor claims to step in and provide the same benefits, only safely, legally, and affordably.

hgh factor imageHGH Factor is not actually growth hormone.  It can’t be, because it is illegal to sell it without a prescription and doctor supervision.  What it is, however, is a so called “hgh releaser”, which somehow encourages the pituitary gland to help produce more of its own hgh.  This particular product uses amino acids and peptides in an effort to do this, but there has been no research or clinical studies to back up these claims.

HGH Factor is promoted all over the internet, but you can only buy it on their official website.  Moreover, reputable online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay do not carry very many of these types of supplements, probably because of the nature of how they are promoted.

HGH Factor Ingredients

The ingredient list provided by the HGH Factor website is divided into two parts.

The HGH Stimulators include:

  • L-Ornithine which reduces post workout fatigue as it increases HGH levels.
  • L-Glutamine which maintains the proper nitrogen balance for efficient circulation.
  • L-Lysine which is in conjunction with calcium to strengthen bones, cartilage, and collagen.
  • L-Valine which improves post workout recovery by helping muscles to both repair and grow.
  • L-Isoleucine which increases energy and endurance while promoting muscle repair.
  • L-Arginine which directly increases human growth hormone levels and speeds up tissue repair for better post workout recovery.
  • L-Glycine which strengthens both bone and muscle tissue, and helps in the formation of creatine for added muscle power.

The HGH Releasers include:

  • Astragin which is a combination of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. It boosts the effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula, and may have anti-aging effects of its own, based on how Astragalus is thought to protect DNA strands from the damage of aging.

How To Use HGH Factor

The recommended dose is 2 HGH Factor capsules taken in the morning with breakfast. This is actually a little unusual for an HGH supplement. It’s generally customary to take these at night so they can work on your body while you sleep, which is when most HGH activity takes place in your body.

We’ll mention here that often, you’ll see HGH Factor promoted along with another supplement, called Xanogen – a male enhancement/enlargement supplement. According to the very hard sell marketing they do, taking HGH Factor and Xanogen together will net you 4 inches of growth “down there” in just 4 weeks.

There are numerous websites and blogs sharing the stories of average guys who became WELL ABOVE AVERAGE by using this combination.

HGH Factor Xanogen Blog 1

HGH Factor Xanogen Blog 2

As you can see, the claims are way over the top, especially when you consider that you’re just not going to get real or permanent manhood growth by taking a pill. If you’re still curious about it though, head on over to my full review of the HGH Factor and Xanogen stack.  I actually tried it myself, and can tell you first hand, there was no 4-inch growth.

User Feedback

While it is talked about a lot through various discussion boards, especially on body building type sites, there haven’t been many guys that have come forward to say they have tried the product out.

We found this review on an external site:

“I used HGH Factor for about a month and saw absolutely no results from it, I’m not saying it doesn’t work, because it might works for someone else, but it definitely had no impact on me, They said that it was supposed to grow your penis like 2 inches in a month or something, but i didn’t even get hard off of it, Waste of money if you ask me”.
Jeff, Tenn.

This is clearly a reference to the HGH Factor and Xanogen stack, so this guy pretty much had the same impression we did.

We also found plenty of positive customer testimonials posted on the HGH Factor website, but we want to caution you to take those with a grain of salt, since companies have been known to embellish or even flat out fabricate customer reviews. That said, here are a couple:

“I would like to let you know that I am having great results with HGH Factor! After one month’s use I have had better pumps, better strength and I have about five pounds more muscle”.

-David S., Austin, TX

“HGH Factor is so awesome I don’t know where to start. I feel a rush of clean, pure energy. I have razor sharp focus and clarity, so much so that it makes everything seem easy. I feel calm and peaceful. I know it isn’t a fat burner but I can literally feel my body burning fat — I can see it, too. I highly recommend this product to all the stim junkies, gym rats and everyone else who needs a kick in the pants. Once you get your hands on some HGH Factor you’ll never go back”.

– Jeremiah P., Biloxi, MS

Where to Buy

Hgh Factor does not appear to be sold in any brick and mortar stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or local stores. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to order it online, but there are two ways you can go.

All the promotional websites that you’ll find online lead to the the “free trial” offer, which turns out not to be free at all. They charge your credit card $4.95 for shipping, and send you a full one month supply bottle. The day you order is the first day of your 18 day trial. If you don’t take action by the 18th day, they will charge you $89.95 for the “free” bottle you already received, and they’ll start sending you a new bottle each month for that same $89.95 price plus shipping.

Lots of companies use an autopay program and lots of customers like it because it means they don’t have to remember to order each month. The problem with this one is that it’s misleading. Customers usually have no idea their signing up for autopay when they order the trial. HGH Factor puts the information in the fine print of the Terms and Conditions. Most people miss it.

HGH Factor Trial terms image

If you’d rather just avoid that whole mess altogether, you can order a straight up sale at the HGH Factor website. A single bottle costs $99.95, but you can save a bit by buying more than one bottle at once.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee, but you need to make sure to get an RMA number and return all boxes unopened, except for the one you used to test out the product. And your return request needs to come within 30 days.

HGH Factor Pros

  • There’s a 30 day money back guarantee
  • They provide Good Customer Support
  • They use High Quality Ingredients
  • Positive Testimonials From Customers on Their Site

HGH Factor Cons

  • It’s Very expensive ($100 for 1 month supply)
  • Limited information is available on third party sites
  • There areNo Clinical Studies or Physician Recommendations
  • They make Exaggerated Claims
  • They use the Free Trial Scam


The use of HGH Releasers is somewhat controversial, with one side arguing that the body simply cannot produce any more hgh after age 20 regardless of what you eat, and the other side saying it can.  Until further proof can be obtained in the form of medical research and hard facts, we are going to say that more needs to be learned before approving or dissaproving hgh factor.  The company’s site is very informative, and they make a good case for their product, but there is simply not enough known about whether or not it truly works effectively for muscle growth and sexual enhancement.

Have You Used HGH Factor? Leave Your Review Below!

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Do u take 3 pills a day and is it ok to take2100 milligrams -troy

The recommended dose is 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast.- Rob

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Can a man take Hgh Factor if they have a prostate problem? -doni

It should be fine, but you'll want to check with your doctor just in case.- Rob

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    1. Hey Jeff,
      We don’t sell HGH Factor, you’ll have to contact them regarding your order. Here’s their info: 800-587-0888


  1. Hgh has been around much longer than a few years. Let’s get it right!

    True it was originally suited for dwarfism yet it served other purposes. I know back in the day it was used with some astonishing results.

    As far as bodybuilders were concerned, it gave a few competitors a true edge. A couple became champions but we have these guys that want to sit back and look for or to miracles to swallow that will be the panacea to most of their developmental needs.

    Bullshit. It takes work.

    Better make it enjoyable, it’s going to be a long ride. Creatine, Muscle Volumizer,TechII, Muscle milk.

    If you’re a snicker snacker and need to supplement something, creatine or muscle milk is the better choice. Not as tasty though.

  2. I used it for about 2 weeks and felt no change at all. The worst part is I went to cancel my trial, and they wanted me to send back the unused portion.

    What a pain in the butt!
  3. I used hgh factor for about 2 months, but did not get the size gains or increased energy they were talking about. I think the best thing you can do is just diet and exercise, and maybe take some creatine or something.

    I don’t know where they get these claims about using it for increased penis size, because mine didn’t grow at all.

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