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Lately I have been noticing tons of ads on the and other media sources about a product called Instaflex, which is a joint support therapy designed to help heal damaged joints.

Being an avid beach volleyball player with tons of joint problems, I decided to review this product personally for my visitors.

After some extensive research of the ingredients, side effects, consumer reviews and testimonials, as well as some of my own personal testing, I decided to report my findings of the results that men and women across the US have experienced with Instaflex.


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Instaflex Vs. Instaflex Advanced
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How does It Work?

According to the companies official website, instaflex works by using a combination of all natural ingredients such as glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Hyaluronan, Termeric Root Extract, and Boswellia Serrata Extract. I have taken my fair share of joint supplements, and I have noticed that glucosamine is listed in practically every one. But what exactly does glucosamine do? For that, I decided to do a little bit of research to find out what this extract actually is.

The official site ( states that this extract “aids in resisting cartilage degeneration, diminishing joint pain, and preventing functional impairment”. For all intents and purposes, this is a fact that has been proven in numerous clinical studies, and the fact that this product contains glucosamine proves that it may indeed work.

Risk Free Trial

Right now, everywhere I look I see free trial offers of Instaflex available on their main site. The trial lasts 14 days (actually 18 days from the date or order),and if you are unsatisfied with the product you have to send it back to redeem a refund. I have ordered several of these types of products in the past, including Somnapure and prostate forte, and you need to make sure that you cancel your trial before the date is up. If you don’t they will continue to charge you on a monthly basis, AS MUCH AS $70 A MONTH!
This is the same as their Testerone Boosting supplement Nugenix, which is made by the same company. I talk more about this below.

User Reviews of Instaflex

instaflex reviewThere are mixed reviews of Instaflex on a wide variety of sites, including Amazon, ebay, and others. While some say it is great, others say they get better use out of a dose of advil or tylenol as opposed to this product. By and large, the majority of the reviews are positive, with many people that have played competitive sports for years saying that it has been a miracle pill for them.

We received a few bottles of Instaflex, and had some friends test it out for it’s effectiveness. Here is a review we received:

“Hello everyone my name is Heather, I play allot of beach volleyball and as I have gotten older I noticed while sitting in between volleyball games I would start to get stiff.In my younger days I could sit in between games and feel just fine but not anymore. I looked for a supplements that would help with this and that is when I tried Instaflex.

I wanted something to help with the stiffness and my mobility on the volleyball court. I have been taking Instaflex for 3 weeks now and I have noticed a real difference in how I feel. The stiffness has all but gone away and my mobility on the court has increased. I would recommend this product to anyone that has joint discomfort or stiffness.”

Heather Gervais, Stuart, Florida

Dosage and Instructions

According to the bottle, you are supposed to take 3 capsules once daily on an empty stomach. Here’s a picture of the label.

What’s the Difference Between Instaflex and Instaflex Advanced?

Since I originally wrote this review, Instaflex came out with a new version called Instaflex Advanced. While I haven’t had a chance to personally test it out, I have done a bit of research on it.

There’s some pretty major differences between the two, which I’ll attempt to outline below:

Ingredients: Probably the biggest difference between the two is the ingredients list. From what I can tell, they are completely different. The ingredients in Instaflex Advanced include Tumeric Extract, Resveratrol, Apresflex-Boswellia serrata extract, UC-1, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bioperine.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the labels:

Instaflex original vs Instaflex Advanced formula

Price – Depending on where you buy it, you can find Instaflex Advanced for as little as $29.99 at Walgreens, to as much as $57 at GNC. Regardless of where you buy it, you will be paying more than you would with the original Instaflex formula.

Reviews – Luckily, both of these products have tons of reviews on Amazon. What’s interesting to note is that there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference here.

For example, the average star rating for both are eerily similar.

instaflex advanced vs original reviews

For a supposed “new and improved” formula, it doesn’t look like it from the average reviews. One would think that there would be a marked increase in the number of 4 and 5 stars reviews, but that’s simply not the case here.

To be fair, however, it should be noted that there are close to a 1,000 more reviews for the original version then the Advanced one.

So what did the majority of the Instaflex Advanced reviews have to say?

A good portion of them are very positive, with people reporting some pretty good pain relief.

instaflex advanced review on amazon

positive review

However, others are not so kind in their feedback for the product:

bad review of instaflex advanced

Some even claimed that it made their pain WORSE.

bad review

It should be noted, however, that many of these 1 and 2 star reviews have more to do with the fact that they feel like they were scammed by the free trial (more on that below), rather than the effectiveness of the product.

Click Here to read my full review of Instaflex Advanced.

Where Can You Buy Instaflex?

Instaflex Joint support is available at a number of online retailers, as well as physical locations nationwide.If you choose not to participate in their free trial, you can find it in GNC for a price of $50, which is a $20 discount as opposed to be enrolled in their autoship program.

Free Trial – Auto Ship program

So Instaflex has a free trial / sample program which allows you to try the product out for a period of 18 days. At the end of those 18 days, they WILL bill you $69.99 for that bottle, plus enroll you in their monthly auto-ship program.

What this means is that if you don’t call to cancel your trial of Instaflex, they will continually send you a new bottle and charge you $74.99 ($69.99 for the bottle, $4.99 for the shipping).

It’s all right here in the terms and conditions, which many people tend to miss:

instaflex terms and conditions

Your best bet is to just by it in a store, or mark your calendar so you don’t forget to cancel if you’re not satisfied.

We also searched around in local stores such as Walmart, Target, Rite Aide, Walgreens, and CVS, but could not find it for sale in any of these stores. You can buy from a number of online merchants, including and

My Personal Results With Instaflex

I finally got a chance to try Instaflex out myself, and wanted to report on my results to you guys. As you know, I decided to get the trial package of Instaflex, which was about $4.95 for shipping. Knowing that this was only a trial, I told myself that If I did not start seeing immediate benefits from the product that I would call and cancel immediately.

After just a few days, my order arrived in the mail and I started taking it right away. I have some pretty bad joint pain as a result of playing way too much beach volleyball and basketball, and it has by far been affecting my ability to play. The one thing I noticed about Instaflex was that it started working within the first few days. I noticed that I was taking less and less advil to try and get rid of my pain, and walking down the stairs first thing in the morning was no longer a “chore”

How this can work for someone that has more intense joint pain, I don’t know, but I do know that for the limited time I was taking Instaflex, I was feeling great.

So Does Instaflex Really work?

It’s a mixed bag with Instaflex…some same it works great, some say it did nothing more then act as a placebo. My own personal results were good, but you need to keep taking this supplement to get the full effects from it. That said, it is quite expensive, so it’s not really available to everyone especially if you’re on a budget. But, if money is no object, than I would definitely recommend giving Instaflex a try (just watch out for the free trial, it may come to bite you in the butt down the road!).

Be Sure To Leave your Review and Rating of Instaflex Below!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

happy again

By Jerry Benoit,  Jul 11, 2014

I can't believe how well instaflex worked for me. I suffered for the past three years daily with tremendous pain in my left knee.  I've tried a lot of things that did no good. I searched a long time to find Instaflex in the drug stores but always came up short.  I finally found it, tried it and WOW. I feel so much better and I am recommending my friends try it.  Pricey but damn well worth it. I have the desire to walk more to try to lose weight.  I wouldn't do this before because of the pain. I love it.

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99 out of 110 people found this review helpful.

By Alan Peterson,  Jul 1, 2015

Over a year and a half ago I had my right knee replaced, doctor told me in a years time it will be back to normal, well here it is much later and going on almost two years, no change.
My pain was so bad I could not perform my duties of my part time job, which I do a lot of standing.
A neighbor suggested another pill, (3 per day) and the pain got worse.
I saw Instaflex advertised on-line and sent for the 14 day samples, the third day of taking instaflex , my pain almost 100 % went away, I can stand longer, walk more, therefore I ordered your product and I being 79, am so happy, what a difference,,, Thank you

Was this review helpful to you?
89 out of 95 people found this review helpful.

By Laurel,  May 14, 2013

I took Glucosamine C/MSM for years with no results. I have severe feet, knee, hip and lower back pain.  I live on the 3rd floor at my condo and have had to take my steps one at a time for a few years now. I started taking this ... Not the entire dose - just 2 per day and in just a few days I noticed relief.  My sister was visiting (she's had knee replacement and has worse arthritis than me)... We came home and I went up my stairs and it wasn't until I reached the top before I realized I climbed the stairs normally. Frankly, I was shocked at how well it worked and have no side affects whatsoever.  This stuff works great (on me). I gave my sister some and she was shocked how quickly they worked on her too.

Was this review helpful to you?
66 out of 72 people found this review helpful.


By Charlotte,  Nov 11, 2015

I have taken intaflex for two weeks and it has made such a difference in my walking. It took away most of my pain in only two weeks.  I don't think i can go on without it. My doctor approved my taking it.  I also have a pacemaker.

Was this review helpful to you?
62 out of 67 people found this review helpful.

By Rich M.,  May 18, 2013

OK folks, this is my 3rd week update. I have been very impressed with the results thus far, starting at the end of the very 1st week.  I have been taking 3 Instaflex upon arising on an empty stomach with 8-16 oz of water.

I have a reminder set on my iPhone to post another comment in late June or July 2013. Good luck everyone! I hope it works for you and if not, I pray that you will find some type of relief for your pain. ~rlm

Was this review helpful to you?
46 out of 56 people found this review helpful.

Ask A Question

User Questions and Answers

I received my free trial. I wasn't aware I would be billed and on an automatic shipment per month. Is this correct? If so how do I go about cancelling? Thanks so much! -Nancy

It is correct. I searched through the "terms and conditions" and found the information you need:

Unless you cancel before the end of your trial period as specified above (within 18 days after placing your order), you will automatically be enrolled in our Auto-Ship program. We will ship your first 30-day supply of Instaflex at the end of your trial period, and you will be charged $69.99 plus $4.99 S&P and any applicable tax. Thereafter, you will continue to receive a fresh 30-day supply of Instaflex about every 30 days for as long as you stay a member of our auto-ship program. The card you provided when you ordered the trial product will be automatically charged $69.99 (plus $4.99 S&P and tax if applicable) when each new product ships. To cancel future shipments in the auto-ship program, you must call 1-800-436-0920 at least 1 day prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships.

- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
29 out of 30 people found this question helpful.

I am taking one advanced instaflex in the AM, can I take another one in the evening. -Barbara

The recommended dose is 3 pills per day, so I'm sure that would be fine.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
26 out of 33 people found this question helpful.

Did the doctor who created instaflex once state take only one capsule instead of three? -Barbara

Not that I'm aware of, but I'm not sure what you've heard.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
16 out of 20 people found this question helpful.

I am taking instaflex and my bottle says take one a day not 3. Can you tell me why -Charlotte

I checked my bottle and the website, and they both say the serving size is 3 capsules.  I don't know why yours says it's one.  You can contact their customer service at email address: or phone number:  1-800-436-0920.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
13 out of 14 people found this question helpful.

Does it works for old men?! -Hasna ali

There's no reason why it wouldn't.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
15 out of 19 people found this question helpful.

Can u take flucosamine or ibuprofin with Insaflex? -Kathie

The Instaflex formula contains glucosamine already, but yes, you can use it to improve the pain relief you experience with ibuprofen.   Check out what WebMD has to say about it.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
9 out of 13 people found this question helpful.

do studies show the advanced instaflex,without glucosimine,work to relieve knee pain and stiffness? Also is it safe for people with coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes? -aggie

I don't believe there were any studies conducted on that formula showing proof that it works without the glucosamine.  That said it's worth giving it a shot.  Whether or not it's safe in your particular case, that would be a question best reserved for your doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
9 out of 15 people found this question helpful.

I have a shellfish allergy. Does instaflex have any shellfish included in its product? -Joe

According to their official website, Instaflex Advanced does not contain shellfish.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Does it contain ibuprofen or similar to Naproxin? -Connie

No. Its active ingredients are Glucosamine, MSM, White Willow Bark, Ginger Root, Boswellia Serrata, Turmeric, Cayenne Fruit, and Hyaluronic Acid.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Is it available in Canada -Marlene

They do ship to Canada.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

What is the difference between instaflex and instaflex advance and are they both products of the same company? -Godson

They're both made by the same company. The big difference is that original Instaflex uses glucosamine and chondroitin, while Instaflex Advanced uses Coolagen as their main ingredients.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

I have bone on bone osteoarthritis in both knees and am trying to avoid replacement surgery. I've been doing quite well with Move Free products and am currently taking the Ultra blend of cartilage and potassium chloride, boron glycinate, and hyalauronic acid (3.3 mg). Today I purchased a bottle of Instaflex at my local CVS for a clearance price (use by date of 12-18, so not expired). Instaflex has a different ingredient combination than the Move Free Ultra, with the exception of Hyaluronic acid (4 mg), which is in both products. Question: Would there be any compatibility problem with taking both supplements? Perhaps a reduced dose of the Instaflex in combination with the Move Free? I've always wanted to try Instaflex but do not want to give up my Move Free. -Anne

There shouldn't be any problems taking them together, but with that said, I always start off with the lowest possible dose of any new supplement, especially if I'm also taking something else. Once you assess how you feel, you can boost the dose to meet the daily recommendation.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Does Instaflex have a phone number that is not disconnected? -Jay

The number I have for them is 1-800-436-0920.  The Call Center Hours are  9am to 9pm (EST) Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm (EST) Saturday.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Is it safe to take Instaflex/Instaflex advanced if you had a total knee replacement? -Carol

It should be, but I would imagine you wouldn't need to take it if you had that surgery done.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

This is a scam. Do not sign up for the free trial. They will start sending you very expensive shipments of this product that you will not be able to cancel or return. I got stuck with it and it did not wok for me. Don't be a sucker. -Sue

It's true that signing up for the free trial offer also enrolls you in their autoshipping program.  A better option is to buy it outright at a store. That way, if it's not for you, you're under no further obligation.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Would this product effect your kidneys.? -Leonel Lopez

There should not be any effect on your kidneys.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Where is instaflex available to purchase in or near Moncton, NB Canada -Gerry

It's sold online and at GNC, but I don't have a list of store locations. If you have a local GNC, check there. Otherswise, you can purchase it online.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Should I discontinue instaflex advanced. Just found that regular instaflex should not be taken if I have heart disease. I can't find any reference to heart disease re the advanced formula. -sally

Anyone with heart disease should consult their physician before taking any supplements.  Bring a bottle to your doctor to find out if the ingredients are safe for you to take.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

What is the best time to take instaflex advance am or pm -barbara

As long as you try to take it around the same time each day, morning or night is fine.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Are there steroids in instaflex or other similar meds. -Stan

No, these are all natural supplements.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

How many instaflex pills should one take per day? -Doris

For the original version, it's 3 pills per day, and for Instaflex Advanced, you'd take 1 pill per day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Did you feel Instaflex was as effective as Joint Advance? -Eva

It's close, but I prefer Joint Advance. They both work quite well. I think it comes down to mostly personal preference and trial and error.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I have been suffering with Sciatic Nerve pain in my lower left back and leg. My husband got me this free trial. I have been taking 4 motrin a day for about 3 weeks it has helped. Do you think this product can get rid of the pain? Have not started taking it yet. -Susan

It's meant for joint pain. Your pain is nerve-related, so it probably won't have much effect.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is there a certain time of day better to take instaflex and how many times a day can you take it. Thank you -deborah

With the original version, take 3 capsules a day (all at one time) any time that's convenient. For the Advanced version, take 1 capsule daily. You can take either version any time of day you want, but you should try to make it close to the same time each day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I got instaflex from Amazon and it was a bottle of GREEN capsules. The ones shown in the ad are blue and white striped. Is the Amazon product really Instafles, or a Chinese rip-off? -kenneth

There are several sellers of Instaflex on Amazon. I don't know but I suppose it's possible yours is counterfeit. Contact Instaflex; they should be able to help you determine if yours are real.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Do you need to take it with food? -Pat

According to the bottle, you are supposed to take 3 capsules once daily on an empty stomach.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Will instaflex and blood thinner be affected and how ? -Mary

When you take a prescription medication, you need to discuss potential interactions with your prescribing doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Instaflex does it work on Knee bone on bone -Sarkus

You can certainly give it a try, but what I've found is that Instaflex works for many, but not for others. It's best to check it out for yourself.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

When is the best time of the day to take Instaflex advanced also before or after meal ? -Pranee

They don't specify. Instructions just say 1 capsule a day with water. This indicates that the rest is up to you. My one recommendation would be that you take it at approximately the same time each day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Can Instaflex Advanced help the stiffness in my feet and toes? -Denzil Vickers

It may. It's designed to help with joint pain, so if that's the cause of your stiffness, then it should help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

How often and when do I take this just says one a day.....any particular time? -Sandra Jacobs

They don't specify which indicates any time is fine. I would, however, recommend that you pick a convenient time and try to stick to it every day. It's best to keep a steady level in your system.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Does it work for severe RSD?? -elna

I don't know much about RSD, but as a supplement for joint pain, I don't think Instaflex would be much help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Steps of taking Instaflex AT , Hyroz-Dsr capsules and Opitap-50 when fallen from 8 feet -Aman

When you're taking prescription medications, you'll need to discuss dosage and compatible supplements with your doctor and/or pharmacist.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

My doctor does not recognize this product hw do i presented to him -Angel

Perhaps you can share a website like with him?- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

When and how many pills do i take from my sample package -stan

It depends on whether you have the original or Advanced version. I recommend you follow the instructions on the package.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Can i purchase instaflex to try it out without having the condition you are required to adhere to once your company has our credit card number. As i read it there is no way to cancel after 14 days and once you fall on to automatic purchase.this situation is like a trap as far as i am concerned. I would rather buy the product with no strings attached and pay the price that is advertised for.maybe i am not reading your add right,if so would you let me know how to go about to get your instaflex. -Joseph is a review website. We're not the company that sells Instaflex. That said, you do have the option to buy a bottle outright (with no further commitment) at their website, with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also buy a bottle through Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Why can't I get anyone to answer when I call to cancel?? -Maryellen

I'm not sure what number you're using, but I checked their website and this is what I found: The number is 1-800-436-0920. Hours are Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm / Sat: 10am - 6:30pm / Sun: 10am - 4pm (Eastern Time). If you still can reach them on the phone, their email address is Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

How many tablets do u take a day, we can;t read the small print on the bottle -Judy

For original Instaflex, take 3 pills per day.  For Instaflex Advanced, take 1 pill per day. You can take them any time, but it's best to try to keep it to the same time each day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

It's 2 mo's I haven't got my money back. Pleas help my husband is sick I really need the money. -Camille

You'll need to contact Instaflex directly to check on the status of your refund. The customer service number I found at their website is 1-800-436-0920.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is it safe to take instflex after total hip replacement? -Diane smith

Because of your medical condition, you should check with your doctor about what supplements would be safe to take.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?


It's meant to be a daily supplement that you continue to take as long as it's effective.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I've been taking "Instaflex for about a month & have noticed no appreciable difference. How long a time frame(if any) should there be results? -Mary E.

You should have felt better by now. It may be that Instaflex is not the best choice for you. Have you tried Instaflex Advanced?  It uses a very different formula which may work better for you. Here's my comprehensive review: Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Does Instaflex help heal back of the knee & back thight pain due to overdo exercise. Thanks -Julian

It sounds like you're talking about muscle pain, in which case the answer is no. Instaflex helps relieve joint pain, not muscle pain.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Has anyone else taking instaflex had nausea ?I started taking it about two weeks ago and it seems to be helping my knee some, but I just feel yucky. -Connie

I've had one reader ask about stomach issues with Instaflex, so it sounds like it's rare, but possible.  Try taking it with a little food.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is it best to take instaFlex at night OR morning? -Janice

It's really a matter of personal preference. What's more important is that you take it consistently each day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Does instaflfx help with bone on bone in the knees -JoAnne

It can help to some extent, but if it's too bad, you'll need more than a pill.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Can instaflex cause diahrea and stomach issues -Jake

There are no side effects listed as commonly occurring with Instaflex, but people react all kinds of ways to different supplement ingredients, so it's certainly possible.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

At the present time I take metoprolol, furosemide, lovastatin, multaq plus 2 inhalers, Advair Discus and Albuteral. Is it safe to take the Instaflex at this point? -Joe

Not being a doctor, I really can't answer that question. Whenever you take prescription medications, you should discuss with your doctor any supplements you're thinking of taking.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

will this help with my arthriest in my knees -Charles Olson

I can't be sure that it will help you, but it has helped people with your condition in the past.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Can I take advil gel caps with instaflex? -Charlene

There shouldn't be a conflict. You may want to start out with a lowered dose of each the first time you use them together, just to make sure that if you have any reaction at all, it'll be small.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I have been taking Instaflex only for about two weeks and have noticed some improvement. Is this likely to increase over time? Thanks, PPC -patrick

It should increase for a few more weeks, then probably will level off.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I have an inflamed neuroma, will Instaflex Advanced help relieve the pain? -Anita

From what I understand, your's is a nerve pain, not a joint pain, so I wouldn't think Instaflex Advanced would help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

What product of Instaflex works good for artificial knee replacement that pains all the time....thank you -Carlos

Instaflex is a joint relief supplement, so it should help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

is instaflex covered under a drug plan -gerry

It's an over-the-counter pill, so I don't think it would be covered under an insurance plan, but you'd have to check with yours to be sure.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Are there any drug interactions, with this product, that I should know about? -Richard

If you're taking any medications you should always check with your doctor before starting a supplement.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I have moderate hipertention (somewhat higher than normal blood pressure) will Instaflex interact with that condition. Also does this product cause abdominal pain like some joint over the counter meds do. Thank you! -Janet

There's no conflict I'm aware of, but you should always check with your doctor before taking a supplement to make sure it doesn't interfere with your condition.  It does contain Glucosamine, which can cause stomach discomfort, but I haven't heard any particular complaints about it.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Instaflex regular seemed to work better the the advanced instaflex for me. my question can I take more then one cap a day of the Advanced Instaflex where I was taken 3 caps of regular Instaflex a day at once. -David

The label does not specify a daily limit, but it does say to use only as directed, so you should probably stick with the original Instaflex if that's what works better for you at recommended doses.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I have bad knees that need surgery but don't wont to do that will these help me I have sample can I take more than one and is there a cheaper location for purchace -patsy bandt

It should be able to help relieve pain. I don't have a specifically cheap source, but it's sold in stores and online so if you do a quick search you should be able to find which location is cheapest.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Will it help hip pain? -Kevin

It should. It's meant to work on all kinds of sore joints.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

will instaflex work on arthritis in lower back -hillis

It can work on arthritis. Definitely give it a try.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Your company says its twice as strong as glucosamine yet that's one of your main ingredients. -Stanley is a review website. We're not the makers of Instaflex, but they say it's stronger than glucosamine because they add additional ingredients on top of the glucosamine.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I am on Lupron for prostate cancer. Is instaflex safe to take while on this medication? -Larry

Not sure to be honest, I would run it by your doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

does it work on the back? -Jo Ann

It's mainly for joint pain, so depending on the source of your back pain, it could work.- Rob

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Request you to send instaflex advanced in reduced cost of 26. -Bhargavi is a review website. You'll have to contact Instaflex directly to discuss placing an order.- Rob

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Not sure I took my Insta flex advance this a.m. what if I take another one -Linda

I wouldn't expect it to be a problem.- Rob

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How many pills I take at day -Mildred

According to the bottle, you are supposed to take 3 capsules once daily on an empty stomach.- Rob

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Should I take one capsule of Instaflex Advsnced without food or with food in the morning? -Aletta

Instructions say to take one pill daily with water. They don't specify with or without food, which would indicate either is okay.- Rob

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How often should I take Instaflex? I have been taking Instaflex daily. Is this right? Or should it be taken it when needed? -David

The label instructs to take it every day, so what you're doing is safe.- Rob

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What is in your product? -Darrell is a review website. We don't sell Instaflex. Read the review above for the list of ingredients.- Rob

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I just starting taking Instaflex. I'm on it for three days. I haven't noticed any difference yet. I have really bad arthritis. Can bend, can't hardly walk. Hurts to sit and stand after sitting. I'm in bad shape, also can't close my hands. Can I expect results from Instaflex? -Hazel

It's tough to say. I know plenty of people who get great results with Instaflex. Others not at all. Still, three days is not enough time to really know. Take it for about 2 weeks before making a decision.- Rob

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I previously sent you a question if Instaflex is good for a somewhat acting back ; but , I have another question ! I read a review that Instaflex may cause you to gain weight ! I am 69 years young and in pretty good shape ; unfortunately , I take medicine for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and I recently found out that I am Boarderline Diabetic where I had to lose weight from 228 down to now 200 lbs . Should I take Instaflex with my somewhat health problems ? Please REPLY quickly so I can start taking yourInstaflex to try it ! Many Thanks , Paul -Paul

Any time you take prescription medication, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplements.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I just started using Instaflex Advanced. Only a few days in and I feel a little less joint pain; but I am willing to go the 14 days to see if there is a marked difference.

    The box and label clearly states 1 capsule daily, with or without food. Regular Instaflex is 3 capsules daily.

    I will update at the end of the 14 days.
  2. I have arthritis in my left knee and was suppose to have knee replacement surgery in Dec. However I canceled because I was too afraid I might get infection and have to have my leg removed.

    I started using Dr. joints Advanced and have been on it for about 3 weeks. Still a lot of pain.

    Having actupuncer on it. Has helped some.

    Can you please help me on what is best. the dr. joint is helping some. I really really don’t want surgery.

    I am 65. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon
  3. I have found that Glucosamine is totally useless..for me. Also the chondroitin.

    But I’m happy to see that you have hylauronic acid, termuric, and MSM, things that actually work. I’ve been disappointed with everything I’ve tried.

    Haven’t ordered it yet, because nothing ever worked…but I’m glad you got rid of the some of the useless crap…like get rid of glucosamin. The problems is, we need a theraputic dosage, and you guys just don’t have it…because of your limitations with witht FDA. And…last but not least…being automatically charged an insane amount after the sample is sent. People sometimes don’t read the fine print.

    1. Hey Chrystine, is a review website. We don’t make or sell Instaflex.

      But I appreciate your feedback. It’s helpful for our other readers.

  4. I’m 69 years old I have MRIs for both knees,they said need total knee replacements,2 torn rotator cuffs,and just found out I have 4 herniated discs in the cervical area and 2 in the lumbar area,so I am asking can this product help me or am I wasting my time any money on this product so I don’t have to go thru mailing this stuff back because of false promises thanks just want the truth
    1. Hey Buster,
      Well, that’s a tough one. I think Instaflex is geared towards people with minor aches and pains, but it sounds like your on a different level.

      You could try it, but I wouldn’t make any guarantees.
    1. Hey Kathy, is a review website. You’ll need to contact Instaflex directly to change your shipping address.

  5. I just received your trial of Instaflex . However , I have spent two hours this evening reading reviews on your Instaflex and none of the reviews mentioned if your product will help a 69 year young active great grandpaw with lower back problems ?

    I am in great shape for my age due to raising two grand boys that play football and baseball . I am 6’2” tall and weigh 198 lbs .

    I have some knee problems and thumb joint problems and have already had both thumb joints replaced 6 years ago and my right hip joint replaced 11 years ago . With e playing college football for WV Mountaineers , motor cross racing and being a mechanical engineer climbing around on big product equipment at a Toyota Automtive plant for 35 years inspecting robotic production equipment .

    But I retired 9 months ago to build drag racing cars as a hobby . Will Instaflex help lower back problems .

    The pain is not serious , according to my doctor ; unfortunately , it hurts pretty bad if I have to stand ” say ” for an hour or longer or lift something heavy the wrong way !

    Looking forward to you reply !!!

    Thanks , Paul
    1. Hey Paul,

      First let me say that is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with Instaflex.

      That said, we’ve found it to be a mixed back. Some people say it works great, while others don’t get any relief from it at all.

      As for back pain specifically, it’s sort of the same thing. Some people get lower back pain relief by using joint supplements.

      Others get no relief at all.

  6. I ordered Instaflex Advanced and received it in the mail. I tried it for 2 weeks as I got the 14 capsules.

    I want discontinue my order as I had problems SO DON’T SEND ME ANY MORE. Take my name off of your list and also my credit card.

    Thank you !

  7. This product does not work and caused a side effect that required a ER visit. I was also charged 78.94 on my credit card for a order I never placed or received.

    Beware the free sample that you pay only 4.99 shipping triggers a order which was not received or ordered. When I called after discovered the charge I was informed it is on its way and I was charged since I did not call when I ordered the FREE sample.

    If I receive it and send it back they need me to call back and tell them and the will possibly refund my money for something I did not or receive.
  8. How do I know which product to take? Between Instaflex and Instaflex Advanced featuring UC 11collagen???

    Which product to choose??

    1. Hey Barb,
      I haven’t tested the Advanced version yet, so I can’t say for sure. What I would do is give the original version a shot first.

      If that doesn’t seem to work for you than move up to the advanced version.

  9. where is a scientific review of the results of Instaflex. I would think that Dr Katz should and propably has done such a study but I can find “only” the results of individuals who used the supplement.

    Thanks and greetings

    Alfred Drukker
    1. Hey Sallie,

      Give Instaflex a call to cancel the autoshipment. Their customer service number is 800.436.0920. A one month supply of Joint Advance is $39.95, though you can get it cheaper if you buy multiple bottles at once.

  10. I just ordered the free sample of instaflex, and afterwards, just read that if I do not cancel the order before 2 weeks, that you will send me more and charge me. Is that true?
    Do I need to cancel the order before the 2 weeks or get charged for more?

    1. Hey Jo Ann,
      Yep. You basically have 2 weeks to try it, and if you don’t call to cancel they will charge the credit card you used to pay for shipping the full price for the supplement.


  11. I have been taking Instaflex now for 1 week and all of a sudden I realized that I could sleep without any pain in my hips or legs or shoulders. It’s like my arthritis pain is gone.

    Wow. I tried it for my knee, but it has helped with my arthritis.

    How does that work. But one thing I noticed is that I have gained 3 pounds this week.Does it make me gain weight also?

    1. Hey Judy,

      I’m glad it’s working for you. There is some anecdotal evidence that glucosamine (which is in Instaflex) can cause bloating and weight gain, so yes, it’s probably related.

      You may need to adjust your diet and/or exercise to compensate.

  12. I have worn knees from being a plumber, I just found this product and will be trying it out. but I buy thru vitamin world and you can buy the 90ct bottle buy 1 get 1 free for $69.00, that’s 2 bottles for $69.00 thought i’d let you know, come back with a review after I try my 2 bottles
    1. Hey Salve,

      I’m not seeing where they say it’s been studied at a major university.

  13. If this is such a great product why is it being sold like snake oil they keep sending the product after the trail bottle and keep billing your credit card contacted them about the $40 $ charge they told me and found the charge was really $70
  14. To Rob; If this product causes drowsiness, can it be taken at night? Might also help with insomnia.

    Interested to see your reply.
    1. Hey Ellen,

      I’m not sure where you’re seeing that it causes drowsiness. The recommended dosage is 1 pill taken 3 times a day.

  15. All this info seems to be about back, legs, hips, & knees. What about shoulders?

    I have extremely painful osteoarthritis in both shoulders, & others can hear the grinding in my left shoulder when I move it in certain ways. I’d give just about anything to significantly alleviate the pain (I take glucosamine & chondroitin daily, occasionally take acetaminophen, but am leery about damaging my liver.

    Heat also helps quite a lot, as does limiting the way I use my shoulders…) Would Instaflex help me – safely? Thanks for listening!

    1. Hey Toby,

      It can work for your shoulder as well as for any other joint. But it seems to be the case that Instaflex works really well for some people and not at all for others.

      Hopefully, you’ll belong to the first group.

  16. Tried sample of instaflex and it gradually started to work.when the sample ran out,I doubled up on osteo biflex until the next bottle came.(about 5 days) within 4 days I noticed a considerable improvement in what was just short of agonizing pain in left knee an left hip.when I called the company,I told them that I liked the product but asked for a better price. we’ll see if they do this.also the customer service guy (Steve)gave me his ext.number and asked me to call him by 7/8 with the price and the name of the company (GNC)that i want them to match.this could work for me because my insurance and my dr.wants me to continue toughing it out.
  17. Hey there, wondering if is OK to take it with empty stomach at the same time that I am taking medication for thyroids?
    Can anybody answer me please?

    I would love to try it.
    1. Hey Mendes,

      Whenever you’re taking prescription medication, it’s recommended that you check with your doctor before taking supplements.

  18. I’m a 54 yr old lady and have been taking instaflex for almost a year because I have a knee problem it has worked for me it took the pain and stiffness like about 80 percent off and the only side effect that it gives me is that when I take the pills it gives me like a heartburn but I think because of that ingredient capsin which is like the red chili pepper other than that heartburn goes away like in 5 minutes and then I’m OK but I do take them 3 times a day instead of all three at once and I also take them with a meal and they still work for my pain and stiffness I did also noticed that when I take them with a meal I don’t get that heartburn
  19. I ordered the sample Instaflex on 4/10 14.
    I am not using this product . I have seen too many reviews that has me discouraged from using it including my doctor.

    I am a diabetic and have osteoarthritis with very much pain. I am
    within the period of canceling Instaflex.and you can consider it cancelled right now..

    You sent another bottle and the trial was not even over yet. This is not fair.

    I have already spoken to my credit card company about charging any more to my account… Since you have sent me another bottle I will send it immediately back to you. Please do not send me any more INSTAFLEX.

    Thank you!.
    1. Hey Jocelyn,

      This is a review site. We don’t sell or distribute Instaflex or any other products. You’ll have to get in touch with company you ordered from. Their customer service number is 1-800-436-0920. Their email is Make sure you contact them as soon as possible for your best chance at making sure everything is taken care of.

  20. It makes me nervous that it is taken on an empty stomach. Any pill on an empty stomach seems like it would do some harm.

    I plan on looking more into it. Thanks everyone for the input.

    Elisa Jed
  21. I bought the trial offer and am almost through with it. There isn’t much difference in my pain or movement.

    It didn’t work for me.
    1. Hey,

      I don’t see anything in the ingredient list that would cause problems, but I would suggest you talk to your doctor before taking it. He would know if there are any contraindications with your condition or any medications you’re taking.

  22. The scam part of ordering products like these is that they all seem to automatically sign you up for future orders that you have to go to the trouble of cancelling. If the product really works, people would obviously continue to order it or purchase from GNC or some other retailer.

    This is by far the biggest complaint people have. These companies need to stop this unethical practice.

  23. Hi

    I want instaflex joint support for mother who is having rheumatic arthritis.

    How can i get this india?
    1. Im not sure if they ship to India, you would have to check with them.

  24. I am a 50 year-old male who does yoga and play competitive masters’ league soccer. I tried the sample packet a couple weeks ago and had instant relief from the stiffness and pain which i normally encounter after playing or going up and down the stairs.

    I definitely recommend the product; probably cheaper to buy at GNC instead of doing the auto order though
  25. Im still trying to decide if this product is worth trying.

    But from some of the above comments I think people need to use common sense and realize:

    1. Not every product works for every person.
    2. Do your research

    3. Don’t be so foolish as to buy something without reading all the information on the website. It states CLEARLY you will be charged 4.99 for the 2 week ‘free trial’ and 69.99 plus 4.99 shipping will be automatically charged every month.

    These people who enter their credit card information then complain they didn’t read the fine print strike me as seriously missing something in simple word comprehension.

  26. Hi!

    I started the trial a while back and simply forgot about it. I probably tried it on the first day, single pills spread out.

    Didn’t notice any difference yet.

    Before I knew it, I received 2 additional bottles in the mail, 1 month at a time. I decided to call and cancel since I haven’t been using the product.

    I did explain this to the fellow.

    He offered to refund me $20 per bottle and hold off additional shipments for 3 months to give me a chance to catch up and advised that I could pop all 3 pills at once in the AM. (Probably the reason why I forgot about the product because I tried to take them throughout the day).

    CS seems to be excellent. I started again today.

    In fact the above mentioned call was this morning and right before I searched for reviews and came across this page. Lol

    As to my background, I’m compete in Olympic style Taekwondo and also train in Hapkido.

    My 2nd degree testing for both is in April so the training intensity has increased for the time being.

    I’ve always had left knee and ankle issues when active. I wear a knee brace and ankle brace when sparring.

    I probably doesn’t help that my techniques to be tested for Hapkido are sitting defense techniques where I’m basically bound at the feet and sitting in Indian position.

    I should be able to notice if there are any signs of relief.

    I just popped 3 pills as I’m typing and boy they smell interesting. Let’s see what happens.

    Will be in touch. Good luck with your goals, everyone.

  27. Just received 14 day supply of instaflex. I also called to cancel auto ship because of the cost, the associate was nice no trying to sell me any thing else, just asked why I was cancelling.

    Sent me email confirmation, which I saved, just in case. I’ll let u know in 2 weeks how my knees fell.

  28. Regarding the pain-relief benefits of Instaflex, you might want to look up the history of white willow bark extract — which apparently is nothing more than the free-range herbal ancestor of aspirin. The Wikipedia page on it mentions a potential for stomach bleeding.

  29. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 18, and now that I’m closer to 50 than 40, I’m really feeling the pain in my joints from the cartilage being attacked by my RA. I just saw the commercial for this product for the first time and almost went to the website on my cell phone. Thankfully, it was a pain to see the page on the phone, so I went to my laptop and “Googled” Instaflex.

    I found your page as well, and it’s obviously NOT a paid endorsement, it doesn’t even sound like an endorsement, just an account of what one person tried, as he’s tried other products in the past.

    Thanks to the info on this site, I won’t fall for the “free trial” and if I do decide to shell out the $50 at GNC (pun intended) then at least I won’t have to worry about cancelling the auto-ship mess with the company. I may just go back to using Osteo-Biflex though.

    It seems to also work and isn’t quite as costly.
  30. I have been taking instaflexfor almost 2 weeks. Results have been good.

    I have notice a bitter after taste in many foods I eat. Is this a possible side effect?

  31. I used the trial and a $70 bottle. I found the product did not help me and so I called to cancel but the man on line tried to sell some more and discounted it to $29.

    When I asked to get my money back, he just laughed saying I had surpassed 30 days.
    I think this is a scam.

  32. Why is the trial shorter than the time period recommended for results? Makes no sense to me.

    I will not get sucked into another of these scams.
      1. How dumb can you possibly be??? Let me quote an exact snippet of this review for you, to make it abundantly clear: “I have ordered several of these types of products in the past, including Megamagnum and prostate forte, and you need to make sure that you cancel your trial before the date is up.

        If you don’t they will continue to charge you on a monthly basis, AS MUCH AS $70 A MONTH!"

        I literally tell you to be careful about ordering these “free trials”, and your’e telling me this sounds like a paid endorsement….sighs….

  33. A couple corrections I’d like to make. I am a customer service rep with instaflex.

    You do not need to send back the trial for a refund if you are not satisfied. However if you don’t cancel within the 18 day trial period and are billed, you simply need to call us up and send it back for a refund.

    Most of the people that you hear about that got “scammed” by us are people who simply DIDN’T READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and weren’t aware of what ordering the trial actually entails, which is a simple two minute call before the 18 days is up if you don’t want to continue. I hope this cleared a few things up.

    1. Kyle, I have found instaflex as a company to have good customer service. I spoke with a rep after checking on the product and finding it contained shellfish.

      The rep confirmed shellfish was an ingredient and honored the promise to cancel future shipments. I suggest people check with there doctor as advised on the bottle.

      I did not see a warning about allergies on the bottle. This might be somthing your company should add.

  34. I am totally against autoship. As soon as i read that, I am turned off and will not submit to anything.!!!

  35. I was going to try this. I went to the web site, but didn’t want to give them my credit card number (been burned before).

    After reading all these comments, I believe that once again its success is based more on the placebo effect than anything else.
  36. I must admit that I have not tried Instaflex but am finding the critiques interesting. I have pain in my hips, back and knees and have been taking glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM as 2 separate pills for the past couple of weeks.

    So far I am experiencing no relief from my symptoms and am unsure of what to do next other than to continue to lose weight and become more active.
  37. Are there not clinical trials required in order to support their claims or am I just being naive? Personal experiences are good but it is difficult to extrapolate to the entire population.

    1. F. Urban: Naive would be my choice.

      These supplements all have, right on the label/advertisement:
      These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
      This is the Congress’s way of enabling drugs to be sold that have neither been tested for efficacy or safety.

      If a product is “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”, why would a thinking person spend (in some cases a lot of) money on it.
      The reason is that hope is stronger than common sense.

      Same reason folks that can’t afford them buy lottery tickets.
  38. I started taking Instaflex joint relief supplement last week and I had instant relief after just two days but the only problem is the side-effect, the product makes me extremely sluggish or sleepy. I was taking 3 pills in the morning, I tried then to take 1 pill at 3 times during the? day? but I didn’t get the same same level of relief with that dosage.

    Except for the sluggish feeling I love the product! Is that sluggish or sleepy feeling normal???

    1. Hey Anthony,

      Glucosamine, which is one of the main ingredients in Instaflex, can cause drowsiness in some people. While it doesn’t happen to everyone, you may be one of the unfortunate few.

      Have you tried taking 2 capsules once a day? That may be able to help with the drowsiness and still provide relief.

  39. My husband has osteoarthritis terribly and decided to try Instaflex. The trial size is for a two week period, but when we got the bottle it said to look for results in 4 weeks time.

    The trial time was not enough. We cancelled the $70/month autoship seeing that the product is available in Canada @ GNC stores.

    He’s been using a Herbalife product called Flex Support, and it has all the same heaving hitting ingredients in the same quantity for 2/3’s of the price of Instaflex. More often than not, good sound nutrition every day plays an important role in joint health.

    1. Hey Kristine,
      Yeah I totally agree, they don’t give you nearly enough time to try it out and see if it works. Your best bet is to stick with the product you found, and for anyone interested in trying Instaflex I would suggest you just buy a bottle at GNC.

  40. I have tried years back a combination of Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate pills (500 mg and 400 respectively). This method was suggested by Dr. Jason Theodosakis in his book “The arthritis Cure” published in the late 90s.

    It worked for me, in fact it was like a miracle, it healed a cracked cartilage in one of my knees in about 1 year of taking these pills. Time passed and I ended up with a kidney stone and enlarged prostate problems.

    Then by coincidence I read an article that this treatment was creating problems in the prostate. So I stopped.

    My knee problem was not so serious, so I did not use the two pills for a few years now. This product has many new added products.

    My gut feeling is that unless there is documented serious research to include all products added and investigate their interactivity, I will not even try something new and with so many unknown substances (to me).
    Best of luck in your choice, this may indeed be something new, but I need more information on the research done.


  41. Major problem for small amount of Instaflex Users.
    I suffer major back, hip and knee injuries/problems.
    I started with the 15 day sample of Instaflex.
    Within three days of taking Instaflex I started getting cramps in my hands.

    By the seventh day the cramps were all over my body. My Doctor told me to discontinue the Instaflex and by the third+ week the cramps were gone except for my hands.

    By the fourth week the cramps subsided completely. after searching around I found other folks with the same complaint using Instaflex.
  42. I started getting chondroitin and glucosamine and it cured my joint pain. I saw a new product with tart cherries and glucosamine called Cherry Prime.

    I located some six days ago online and even found it with free shipping from Fruit Advantage.
  43. Well I don’t play much of sports but I do run almost a marathon every morning and instaflex has really made the joint pain bearing after that easy for me. I first got the joint pain because of my extensive running routine and my friend a doc recommended it so to all those who say its a scam please stop spreading rumors.

    1. I don’t understand why you keep running with your damaged joints. Why don’t you stop running and start swimming or any other activity that is easier on the joints?

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