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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-27-2020

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MaleFormulaXL Overview

Note: This review is NOT for Male Libido Xl, that is a completely different product. Check out my full review of Male Libido XL pills here if that’s what you’re looking for.

MaleFormulaXL is the “Scientific Answer to small men” everywhere. That’s what the website claims. We find that to be an intriguing promise, so we decided to look deeper to see what we can find out about this product. The one-page website makes plenty of claims. Among them:

  • More powerful erections.
  • Improved Girth.
  • Increased sexual stamina.
  • Biggest, strongest erections ever.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers over 5 years.
  • The most trustworthy name in male enhancement.
  • Recommended by thousands of doctors.

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How Male Formula XL Works

Unfortunately, the website does not list the formula’s ingredients. There is, however, a brief explanation of how male formula xl works.

Itcontains specific ingredients that allow the Corpus Cavernosa (the cylindrical chambers inside the penis) to accept an increased amount of blood. This is probably due to an increase in Nitric Oxide, probably from ingredients such as L-Arginine and Epimedium Sagittatum. This increased blood flow is what creates stronger, harder, bigger erections. The theory then goes on to state that over time, the expanded capacity causes penile tissue to grow, and the penis becomes permanently bigger.

That is not possible, period, but nonetheless, countless male enhancement supplements continually make that promise even though it is entirely baseless.

MaleFormulaXL ReviewOne interesting thing to note is that the MaleFormulaXL website uses the name of a different product – Mojoblast – in the description of how the product works. When we took a look at the Mojoblast website, they use a lot of the same language as the website for Male Formula XL.

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MaleFormulaXL Pros and Cons

Advantages of MaleFormulaXL

  • It claims to be recommended by doctors.
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee.

Disadvantages of MaleFormulaXL

  • There is no contact information given on the website.
  • It is expensive.
  • No ingredients are given. In fact there is very little information given on this product.
  • We found no MaleFormulaXL reviews online. In fact there is almost no mention of it at all, which is odd considering it has been around for 5 years and is recommended by thousands of doctors.
  • The only way to buy it is by signing up for a “free trial” offer that’s really not so free.

Where to Buy

The only way we found to purchase MaleFormulaXL is by signing up for a free trial offer at their website. You initially pay only shipping charges, and receive a one-month supply. If you do nothing else, 14 days from the date of your initial order, you will be charged $89.95 for the product you already received, and Male Formula XL will send you a new supply automatically and charge you $89.95 each month. This practice is called a “negative option”, and it’s fairly common in internet product marketing. The problem is, this is all explained in the fine print, and most people don’t know what they’re signing up for. When they do find out and try to cancel, they have difficulty reaching customer service, and then often have even more difficulty getting them to cancel future shipments.


There are several red flags warning you to stay away from Male Formula XL. No ingredients are listed. It uses recycled marketing from the website of another product (probably made by the same manufacturer). It is expensive, it has virtually no word of mouth, and it’s only available to purchase under confusing terms. There is no contact information given on the website. They mention a guarantee, but how can you enact it if you can’t contact the company? You have viable male enhancement choices. MaleFormulaXL isn’t one of them.

Their bold promises that have no basis in fact should have been the first clue, but shady business practices and lack of critical information seals the deal that it is not worth trying.

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All User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By thumper,  Apr 30, 2013

I too have been scammed by this company. I ordered 3 different types of pills from 1 website, and then cancelled via telephone before the trial period was over. 20 days later, I am charged $89.00.  I went thru my emails, and found the number to call about the charge, they have no record of a cancellation. She states that she can refund me HALF back.  I offered to return the unopened bottles, and she states they wont accept them and I have to pay the amount as per her quote, or the full amount.

This is a great way to make money, scamming people into a forced payment. I WILL spread the word around about this product, and their support staff.

Recommendations : DONT BUY ITS A RIP OFF

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By Mark Hewins,  Jan 18, 2013

Don't waste your money on this product. Does not work at all.  They want you to buy all these other product's to go with it. And of course your not told this when ordering.  BIG SCAM HERE!!!DON'T BUY IT!!!

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By ali,  May 31, 2013

Male formula XL is good. But try to buy it from proper place or any medical or health store....

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male formula xl

By damian,  Jan 27, 2015

I ave bought this product in november 2014,and im being honest when i say it does work..
After 3weeks of taking 2 pills each day there was a BIG difference, it takes awhile but it does actualy make ur cock bigger,
At first i didnt notice any improvment it was the mrs who noticed first, and please to say that a healthy 8 1/2 inchs is not bad.
People chating about a monthly fee is rubbish i paid for the shipping for 1 month and they have never Once tryed taking any money from my bank...

They say try before u buy but i can Verify that this product works,
But the down side is if u dnt keep using it you will lose some of the size...
Hence y i use this product daily...

an to confirm yes im white an i was born in the uk..
An no i have not been paid to write this.. i wish....

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28 out of 38 people found this review helpful.

By train,  Feb 19, 2013

I have been using it for 17teen days now and I already was large But there is a difference in erection ,lasting longer a rise in testosterone and and sex drive over in all I've had no negative side affects other than boot bein able to have sex when I wanted to .lol.I have used nitro expansion with male formula clean and I have my own routine on how many I take and when and it seems to work better like that after one week u should see and feel a difference if not you may need to increase one or the others dosage by one tablet over the other try more of one ,one-day,and snore of the other the next do not exceed over three pills of each of the other because I haven't had to and that works best for me switching it up every other day and work out not just ur body ,ur penis also "look at web sites for how's" .email me if any questions and I will paste and copy question and answer back to this page. But it works trust me I'm from Oklahoma 🙂 and I have no reason to lie I'm not getting paid nor bribed.

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17 out of 25 people found this review helpful.

By john,  Apr 17, 2013

--------------->DO NOT GET THIS<------

i got the free trial and paid $5 for shipping which is not bad but the PILLS DO NOT WORK.then they CHARGED ME $89.00 cause the trial was just for 15 days then they charge you

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Over charged and gave me the runs

By paul,  Nov 11, 2017

Amazing Biolabs called me unsolicited and offered me a free sample of a months supply of Male XL for a little less than $5. I agreed to try their product after I was assured that all I would pay would be shipping charges.

I received the product and tried it out, but it gave me diarrhea. I figured out that was that, and I wouldn't reorder.  At no time did I agree to a continued subscription. About a month later, I received a second bottle.  When I called the company they offered to refund 50% of my money (about $79) and I could keep the product. When I said that wasn't good enough they offered to refund 75% and I could keep the product.  When I said that still wasn't good enough, and my next calls would be to my credit card co and the FTC, they agreed to refund the entire amount if I return the product. When I called my credit card company they told me that Amazing Biolabs had also charged me an additional $80 for the "free trial".  I am now working with my credit card company to get a complete refund and I'm going to call both the FTC and the BBB to complain about this fraudulent marketing practice.

All this just to get the runs.

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Bmillz's Review

By Bmillz,  Nov 10, 2015

So i also got force to pay for these pills dat doesnt work 89 buck down drain . i had called day after i order to cancel order cuz i didnt see da bad reviews til after i order nd they told me i would have to call back after i get pills nd try it out for ur 14days trial which i guess starts wen u put order in not wen u get product ..... So a week later after got the pills i called to cancel nd den found out i was billed already cuz i didnt call im da 14days i order it frm so i asked to speak to manager nd guy was rude nd told me hes da manager aint no one higher den him......over all they suck nd jus want to get ppl money

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1 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

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User Questions and Answers

Is it really work and if I go for trial is that free -Ko

No  and no.  I haven't used it, but I don't think it's very effective.  And the "free trial" is not free. If you don't cancel within 14 days, they'll charge you full price for the "free" bottle, and continue to send you a new full price bottle each month.- Rob

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I want to cancel my order but i need a contact number, can someone help? -Antonio

There should be a contact phone number listed with the charge on your credit card statement. If not, call your credit card company. They should be able to put you in touch with them.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
7 out of 7 people found this question helpful.

When you use it how long does it take for it to work? -john

Unfortunately, they don't provide that information. If you're looking for an effective performance enhancement, go with something that actually works, like VigRx Plus.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
4 out of 4 people found this question helpful.
ASK A NEW QUESTION tablets ? aresult good for become big penis -Abduulah

There are no pills that can make your penis grow. For that, you need a device like the Phallosan Forte or the Hydromax Xtreme from Bathmate.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Hi I m from United Arab emirates so how can I take this product -Rahul

It's only available in the US at this time. Take a look at your local supplement store for a good pre workout supplement.- Rob

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3 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

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  1. Can I take male hard xl and male start at the same time and how many capsules do I have to take of each product ?
    1. Hey Isaac,

      I haven’t checked into either of these. Let me know what benefits you need, and I’ll recommend a great supplement or stack for you.

    1. Hey Ryan,
      It’s not recommended for anyone under 18, mainly because none of the ingredients have been tested on kids, so it’s unknown what kind of effects it may have on your body and/or growth.
    1. Hey Mohammad,

      It’s only available through its official website, and you have to sign up for a free trial that locks you into monthly payments. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    1. Hey Rudy,

      I’m not familiar with Male Star, but I wouldn’t recommend Testo XL. It’s another one of these free trial scam products. Give them a try, but make sure you call to cancel before your 14 day trial is up.

    1. Hey Aaron,
      I can’t seem to find a contact number for you to call and cancel. Check with your bank…they will definitely have a phone number you can call and may even do a 3 way call with you to get it sorted out.

    1. Hey Ayub,

      As a review website, we don’t sell supplements. I looked for information regarding Tesco Xl, but was unable to find anything.

  2. Please I need to get this product but the only problem this that I don’t where to find here in zambia, please help
    1. Hey Kedrick,
      You don’t want this product….they will end up billing your credit card a ridiculous amount, and it likely doesn’t work anyway. What is your primary goal?

      Maybe I can recommend something that really does work.

    1. Hey Juan,

      It used to be available through a lot of websites offering their “free trial”, but I just did a quick search and couldn’t find it anywhere.

  3. dear rob,

    i want to know,, which formula is better for male,, to increase the size in how many days and how many bottle should i use for it
    1. Hey Sohail,

      If you’re interested in size increases, no pill is going to do that for you. Your best bet is to use an extender device like SizeGenetics or a pump like Bathmate. The best supplement to take along with it to ensure your best performance is VigRx Plus.

  4. I’m wondering why they don’t reply anything at all for my email? And I’m wondering do I have to pay again?

    1. Hey Jojo,

      I scoured the internet for a phone number, but as far as I can tell, Male Formula XL is no longer available online. I would check all your packaging material for a phone number to call.

      If you can’t reach them, call your credit card company and ask them not to accept any further charges from the company.

    1. Hey BG,
      Sure thing. Check out our Penatropin Review for all the information you’re looking for.

        1. Sorry but we had to remove that article. They didn’t like what we had to say i guess.

          Let me know if it works!


          1. Yeah sorry but when i go to the page it says “404 page not found”. I just want to know if its worth purchasing.

          2. Hey BG,
            Sorry about that. I don’t know why that is. Anyway. No. Don’t bother with Penatropin. It did very little for me, and it only has two ingredients. I recommend you go with VigRx Plus.

  5. Ive tried a few products which my wife compares to her diet pills . She didn’t drop 50lbs and I didn’t sprout up a 12in dick in 4 weeks either ! im not on a computer much but when I do and think about it I like to watch these pecker pill companies change their name every 3 months .

    Gentlemen please don’t go into financial ruin THINK ABOUT THIS …. If these and other pills would work The Government and FDA would jump in this bed so fast so they could regulate it And get their cut AND make u get a prescription for these type of pills .

    Face it if men could be garenteed to have a10 or 12 Johnson we would tell everyone because that’s the way we roll .
  6. what about a bout if i don,t heve a sex with any lady but use only maleformula xl and nitro xpansion will my penis grow or meet with problem are these products tablets do i need to use any time i need to make sex with my girlfriend or after four weeks my penis will change as bigger as ever please give me a response
    1. If I understand you correctly, you are wondering if abstaining from sex will help to give you size gains with nitroxpansion and maleformula xl? If that’s your question than I would say probably not.

      I don’t think it matters either way.

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