Myo T12 Reviews

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

myo t12 reviewIt sure seems like a lot of the mass building supplements on the market right now are selling based on trend factor and flashy packaging and ingredients alone, and it makes finding products that actually work harder than you might think. Sadly, it seems almost rare these days to find a product based purely on science and research, so when we saw MYO T12, our curiosity was piqued. This product has been clinically validated to help stop the body’s production of myostatin, which is proven to restrict the building of muscle mass even in people who train incredibly hard.

How It Works and Ingredients

Looking at this research, it certainly seemed like it would be an effective product, but we were worried about safety. Surprisingly, there have been enough clinical studies into MYO T12 to show pure safety and efficacy. In fact, the supplement actually helps achieve optimal activity within the body, reducing myostatin considerably without ever posing a risk to health or safety in the process. MYO T12 was created by a group of very successful people with a wide range of backgrounds that left me feeling confident, including backgrounds in sports, medicine, and bio-tech. Looking at the research that led to the product’s development showed that there were no corners cut creating it, but in truth it is the results that matter.

User Reviews

In looking at reviews of the product, we have found that users believe that it really does not do anything. Claims such as “A complete waste of money” and “this stuff really sucks” are incredibly common for the product, which is available via the company’s website.

“At $100 a bottle, I needed to make sure I knew what I was investing in. After reading through some of the reviews, I was very skeptical to even but it, but I decided to try it out anyway. I gotta say that I had mixed results with it. Way too expensive when there are other, cheaper alternatives on the market.”
Paul, Connecticut


As to whether or not we recommend MYO-T12, we have to say no. The amount of research done into this product may well be more than we have seen with any other mass building supplement on the market, and the bottom line is that this product really introduces something both new and needed to the market.Users, most of whom are very knowledgeable about supplements, really seem to react with enthusiasm regarding MYO-T12, and the science behind it leaves us feeling confident. The lack of side effects is certainly promising as well, and the bottom line is that for bodybuilders who are tired of being unable to gain mass no matter what they do, this product seems to hold the secret to reversing that.

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  1. After saying this you might think I am an ass but I will say it anyway, I bought Myo just for its black and white and yellow beautiful packing and without any research what so ever on the product so goes right in saying that IT SUCKS. Its even worst than drinking water

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