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By: Rob Miller
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These kinds of supplements are popping up on my radar quite a bit lately.

Sometimes they’re vague in their claims.

Other times they’re extremely specific.

But they basically all make the claim that they rejuvenate your cells and make you feel better.

The most recent one come around is called Panaxcea, which sounds very similar to a competing product called Panexitrol.

On its website, there’s a picture of a young guy, blissful and almost flying. The caption is A Better New You!

Unleash The Power of Your Mind!
I thought it was kind of a strange juxtaposition, so I read on.

Panaxcea Benefits

Much like Panexitrol, the Panaxcea homepage lists out the benefits you can expect when you take this supplement.

Within each listing, a certain word was always present, and in the end I think it’s probably the most important word on the whole website.

The word is “may.” Here’s what I mean:

  • Panaxcea “may” regenerate cells and your joint and muscle pain “may” disappear, and “may” be replaced with great flexibility.
  • Your ability to process, remember, and recall information “may” show some improvement.
  • You “may” be able to move without pain.
  • You “may” feel rejuvenated.
  • You “may” feel young again.
  • It “may” rid you of years of toxic buildup.

All these benefits sound great, I admit.

But with the word “may” in every statement, it might as well say Panaxcea “may” start your car on cold mornings.

They’re not saying it actually will do these things, just that it may do them.

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Panaxcea ReviewPanaxcea Ingredients

A the very bottom of the website, there’s a link to the Panaxcea formula, and it’s a laundry list of mainly vitamins.

Here’s what Panaxcea is made up of:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorous
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum
  • Chloride
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Choline
  • Inositol (found in other supplements like GOLO)
  • Boron
  • Silica
  • Vanadium
  • Fluoride
  • Sea Cucumber Extract
  • Resveratrol
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin

Except for a couple of ingredients at the end, it reminds me of the ingredients listed on the side of a box of fortified cereal.

When I looked again, the list reminded me of something else too.

It seemed pretty close to the list for another cell rejuvenating supplement I’ve reviewed called Regenify.

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So I looked it up.

It’s the exact same list, right down to each of the same ingredient amounts. Panaxceais exactly the same thing as Regenify.

So is this a case of one supplement imitating another? Or is it something else?

I was curious so I did a little digging.

What is Regenify?

Several months ago, I started getting a bunch of questions from readers about a new supplement called Regenify.

They’d received a brochure in the mail about the stuff, promising that it could cure 100s of diseases and make you look and feel decades younger.

Understandably, my readers wanted to know if this stuff was legit. If it was, it would be quite a product. Hell, I’d take it for sure.

So I started looking into it, and all I could find online was a bare-bones website with little more than an order page.

They didn’t even disclose anything about the ingredients.

I let me readers know that I was looking into it, but having trouble finding information.

This being 2015, it’s pretty odd that an exciting new supplement didn’t have much of a web presence.

That and the fact that it made these ridiculous promises led me to pretty much write this stuff off.

Eventually, they did disclose their ingredient list.

It was exactly what you see above.

But they must have done quite a mailing push because people kept asking about it, partly because once I’d put up my review, I was almost the only search result when you Googled Regenify.

Even so, after a while the hype died down.

I just figured they had their run, and once people found out it was basically a multivitamin and it couldn’t cure diseases, they withdrew their push.

What is Panexitrol?

So I’ve noticed a lot of people are now asking me about a very similar product called Panexitrol. By all accounts, it appears that it’s virtually the same product.

You’ll see tons of similarities, including the products own labels:

panexitrol vs panaxcea

And if you try to go to the old Panaxcea website (, it redirects you to the Panexitrol website (

Back to Panaxcea

Like I said, a lot of the buzz has died out.

I still get the occasional question about Regenify, but it’s nothing like it was before.

When I was asked about Panaxcea, I could tell from the website’s home page that this was something similar.

It wasn’t until I read the ingredient list that I realized it was more than just similar. It’s the exact same thing. So I did a little more digging.

The Panaxcea website was first registered in early September of this year (less than 2 months ago).

When you look into who owns the website, that information if private.

But you can see what other sites are connected to it. And wouldn’t you know it?

The regenify website is owned by the same people that own the Panaxcea website.

Further investigation reveals that they have the same address and phone number as well.

This came as no surprise after having done my homework, but it immediately let me know what was going on.

Why Do We Care That They’re The Same?

So Regenify and Panaxcea are the same product made by the same company. Who cares?

Well, after the first initial round of excitement about Regenify, the complaints started rolling in.

Clearly, customers found out that it didn’t do what it promised.

But a lot of them also had horrific customer service experiences as well.

I’ve heard that the reps were rude and pushy and unable to answer any questions at all about the product.

I’ve also heard that getting them to refund your money under the money back guarantee is next to impossible.

In the supplement industry, it’s pretty common for a company to come out with a product, make a big sales push, burn a lot of bridges with their terrible product and service, then create a new brand and start all over.

It’s my opinion that that’s what’s going on with Panaxcea.

This could be avoided looking into a product before taking it, but not all potential customers are going to have as much access to information about male enhancement supplements and will not be able to know what to look for.


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Where to Buy Panaxcea

If you still wish to, you can order Panaxcea through their official website.

A single bottle costs $39.95, but there are other options where if you buy multiple bottles you can pay as little as $23.33 per bottle.They claim to offer a 90 day money back guarantee, requiring that you send the product back.

Panaxcea Pros and Cons

Advantages of Panaxcea

  • It contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

Disadvantages of Panaxcea

  • It makes some pretty silly claims about what it “may” do for you, considering that it’s a multivitamin.
  • It’s expensive for a vitamin.
  • It’s basically recycled Regenify.


Panaxcea cannot do for you what it claims.

More than likely, neither can Panexitrol. My guess is that they’re using the word “may” to cover their asses when someone decides to sue them for not living up to its marketing claims.

That should be enough to make anyone skeptical.

Then a look at the ingredients and a little investigative work into the company should clinch it.

Panaxcea is not something you need to bother with.

Have You Used Panaxcea?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Good result

By Cece Skye,  Jan 10, 2016

I have chronic Lyme Disease that has basically been destroying my joints and keeps me in bed exhausted and flaring up half of each month or more for 15 years. I just had my right shoulder replaced due to the damage.  On the first day I took Panaxcea I felt energy all day and skipped my daily 2 hour nap. I did my exercises as usual and my left shoulder was still frozen. I took the first dose at noon and I was still awake with energy at 2 am.  Day 3 when I did my exercises my left shoulder was no longer frozen and I could lift it up to the side for the first time in years. I'm now on day 7 and know to take it early in the morning so I can get to sleep earlier.  I still have pain but it has reduced by 50%.
I have tried many things over the years but this is the only thing that has actually changed something. I'm keeping a positive mind set and my intention is set for healing as it usually is.  So far so good!!!

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380 out of 425 people found this review helpful.


By Phyllis Smith,  May 2, 2016

My husband and I both took this supplement for 45 days. Neither of us noticed any difference in our ailments.  It is a multi vit ok. But I can buy those anywhere.  Not at all what they claim. Have sent empty bottles back for refund as per 90 day guarantee.  Will see but, not holding my breath for the refund.

Was this review helpful to you?
195 out of 207 people found this review helpful.

By Sheryl Padilla,  Jan 4, 2016

I have had some things I have been trying to get in control. In searching for the magic bullet I ran across Panaxcea.It helped me more thanother things I have tried.  In the process of finding there site to order more I ran across this. I'm disappointed to find others didn't have the same outcome as I have.  Perhaps it's the chiropractor and osteopath rather than the vitamins working.

Was this review helpful to you?
214 out of 256 people found this review helpful.

Panacea is Great

By Marji west,  Mar 23, 2016

My cholesterol went from 235 to 196 in 6 mos. HDL and LDL also now normal.  Maybe it doesn't work for everyone. Also most all ingredients are the same not all to regentify.  If you have issues try it.

Was this review helpful to you?
183 out of 202 people found this review helpful.

By PS Elm,  Apr 27, 2016

My 88 year old Dad ordered this for my 87 year old mom who suffers dementia due to Alzheimer's disease. Prior to taking the Panaxcea she had frequent "melt downs", insisting, my dad was some man she didn't know, would frequently run to the neighbor looking for her real husband and exhibited many other out of control emotions.  After a few weeks taking this product she became calmer, recognized her husband and the outbursts were noticeably diminished. While nothing will reverse or eradicate the ravages of this disease, it appears this supplement has supported her overall physical health which in turn aids her emotional control and cognitive abilities.

Was this review helpful to you?
187 out of 211 people found this review helpful.

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User Questions and Answers

if they can squeeze all those ingredients into one tiny capsule, you're not getting hardly any of each ingredient, there is barely enough of anything, so how can this help anyone? -dick

I agree completely.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
144 out of 160 people found this question helpful.

If you decide not to continue to take this product after 30s days, will you ache and pains come back same or worst/ -Michele

Generally, the effects of a supplement - good and/or bad - will subside when you stop taking them.  You won't be better off, but you won't be worse.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
125 out of 143 people found this question helpful.

In your opinion what supplement do your recommend? What is the best product. I have taken rejuvention and liked it. -Nan

In my opinion, non of these "rejuvenation" supplements are anything more than vitamin supplements. I haven't taken them though, so I can't really make a comparison.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
101 out of 119 people found this question helpful.

This not a question but I want you to take a look at a product called Meristem Cell Therapy. I can tell you it works but I would appreciate your review. You are right about Panaxcea and Regenify -Arthur Caponegro

We actually do have a Meristem review. You can check it out here.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
49 out of 62 people found this question helpful.

Do you know of any supplement or herbs out there that can help lower pressure so I can do away with my expensive prescription drug that is making me pee too much? -Timothy

It's possible that something to boost nitric oxide can help, but you will need to discuss it with your doctor first.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
12 out of 15 people found this question helpful.

You said its quite expensive. Do you know if there is an over the counter product that is equivalent to this? -Judy

Panaxcea is an over the counter product. No prescription is required.  But really any complete multivitamin you can get in the store would be comparable to this.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Are resetgen-d, regenify& panacea all the same product? -Manuel

That's my suspicion, but they move around and have a few separate addresses, so I can't be sure.  If they're not the same, they're definitely copycat products.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

Okay so i dont see any secret ingredient that isn't in any other vitamin. -sherri

I agree.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

I have tried everything.  Do you really think it will work? -cassie

Hard to tell.  If you look at the reviews below, you'll see mixed results.  The only way to tell for sure is to try it out yourself.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

I just received a food supplement booklet in the mail from North Shore Health in Montreal. 1-800-785-1842. A product is recommended by Dr. Earl Mindell. They are promoting Ergo+ for life extension - seems like lots of mushrooms for the immune system. Their website does not work. There are no results from a quick computer search. I would like to get it but have been fooled so many times by other promotions that follow the same pattern. Any information you can give us out here in Ergo+ would be appreciated. -Ariana

I'm in the same boat you are. There's nothing online, and no other sources come up with anything either. My educated guess is that it's the same story as Panaxcea and the others. These days, if you can't find any information about something online, it's definitely a red flag.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

How does one know if these are legitimate reviews? I wouldn't trust such a company. -sandy

I agree. You really have to take everything you read with a grain of salt and do your own research. In the case of this supplement, as far as I can tell, it's no more than a multivitamin.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

There is now another name for this same product besides Regenify there is also another one named Resetigen-D as well as Panexcea. So I was researching this as well because I had receive 2 fliers for both Regenify which is in New York and Resetigen-D which is in California and noticed that the fliers were very much the same. Now I find out there is a 3rd one Panexcea. What's the deal? Does this mean there were bad things happening with one so they started the same product advertising using other names. Sounds a bit fishy to me! I must admit I wanted to try it but don't think I will because of this information. -Gail

I don't have the exact details of how and whether they all fit together, but yeah, my suspicion is that they change the name and packaging to stay ahead of the bad reputations they create with their useless products and scam marketing.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Nordic Clinical has a product called Blood Boost. Have you reviewed it yet? -Judy

I haven't. I don't usually review these kinds of supplements. I made an exception with Panaxcea and a couple others that readers kept asking about. But I tend to stick with bodybuilding, male enhancement, and nootropic supplements.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

I'm interested in finding out more about Elixir Greens by Holistic Labs. Can you help? -Mary Patterson

I haven't had an opportunity to check it out.  My list of upcoming supplements is pretty full right now, but I'll let you know if I get something  posted.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Any reviews on Jusuru? -Teri

No, I hadn't heard of it. I usually don't review these kinds of supplements, but I made an exception for Panaxcea because I had gotten so many requests.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

Can these claims of having been tested by the 14 most prestigious medical programs in the country be proven. Very seldom do they name the Universities but in the case of panaxcea Harvard, Duke, John Hopkins, etc were named? -Ernest Lewis

I don't think the tests can be proven. I'm pretty sure they're not real.  If they were, they would reference them, which they don't do.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

I have one of the brochures right here and it does not say it may, it says it will! 100 guaranteed! My question is where does it say it may? and it also names 14 top medical universities is this the same pill you described or another hoax? -Barbara

Their website, Panaxceabooster dot com, is where they use the word "may" for all the benefits.  I don't know if this is the same supplement as your brochure, there are tons of these popping up.  As far as I can tell, they're just multivitamins making promises they can't keep.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 2 people found this question helpful.

What about the EpiBerryMax supplement? I received a flyer in the mail for this. Claims to do a lot. What do you know about it please? -Marcus

I suspect its a rip off, like these others. I wouldn't trust a supplement with no online information these days.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Were is my Order.I order this Supply on 8/8/16 and still don,t have my Order.I order by Mail only.Larry. -Larry Donahay is a review website. We don't have any affiliation with Panxcea. You'll have to call them directly. Their number is 800-375-5498.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Have you heard about Resetigen-D? It seems to be remarketed Regenify / Panaxcea. The ingredients are almost identical. You may want to check it out. Thanks. -Will

Yeah, I've seen it before. I don't have a separate review, though, because I agree with you. It's the same as the others - exactly the same.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I tried your product & it didn't work. I was automatically charged for a second shipment on my credit card (which I returned the shipment). Will I ever get my money back on my credit card from your company. If not, I am going to the BBB and my attorney general for help. -Judy is a review website. We don't sell Panaxcea or have any affiliation with them. In fact, if you read the review above, we call it a scam, for the exact reason you're writing.  You'll have to contact them directly. The number is 800-375-5498.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

does panacea contain citric acid? or any supplement or food to produce ATP? -Florence

For a detailed and specific formula question like that, you'll have to contact Panaxcea directly. The contact information on their website is Phone: 800-375-5498 / Email: Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Are people realizing that the change in diet; staying away from beef,pork & sugar helps tremendously while taking a good multivite similar to this product. -Jay

I think a lot of people realize that eating clean and staying fit are best and help with many conditions and issues.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

what r ingredients -raymond

The ingredients are all listed above in the review.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

received a magazine lately talking about the benefits of panexitrol vitamins do you think they are really good listen my husband is 83 has bad lung problems and I am 72 has back problems we are not rich people but if this is really good we would buy it and save somewhere else would you please answer me on this Thank you Carole -Carole

Unfortunately, I don't think it's worth trying at all. It's essentially a multivitamin, and a very expensive one at that. My review of Panaxcea applies to to Panexitrol as well. They even have the exact same formula... and it's not worth the money. At this time, I don't know of any supplements that cure diseases or conditions.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

What is your review on Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus with Resveratrol or Tumeric? Thank you very much. -Christina

I don't review this type of supplement much, and haven't looked into this particular one. You may want to try a site like Consumer Lab dot com. They have some information you may find useful.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Have you reviewed these? Procera AVH and CurcuActiv? -Jack

I do have a Procera AVH review, but I haven't had a chance to check out CurcuActiv yet.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is GSH-3 worth taking? Thank you -marsha

I haven't specifically looked into GSH-3, since the cell renewal/fountain of youth type supplements aren't really in my area of expertise, but generally speaking, I think something like this would be getting a lot more press if it really did what it says it does.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Où on peut adresser en cas de vouloir acheter? Et combien çà coute l'unité ou bien quel est le prix? -Mr. Bertrand

Vous pouvez commander Panaxcea par leur site officiel. Une seule bouteille coûte 39,95 $, mais il y a d'autres options où si vous achetez plusieurs bouteilles vous pouvez payer aussi peu que 23,33 $ par bouteille.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is the multivitamin ultra extend synthetics or has it natural products. -Hannelore

My guess is that it's synthetic, but you'd have to check with the company to be certain.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I'm considering buying panexitrol for someone with liver disease,(sclerosis). I am wondering though if it would do more harm than good as the liver may not absorb the product. However with this desease there are no cures and we are deperate. Do you think it could cause more damage or be helpful -Hajnal

Unfortunately, these cellular rejuvenation supplements are little more than multivitamins. They may make anyone feel a little better, but they don't come close to meeting the promises they make. Not being a doctor, I cannot speak to how it would affect a diseased liver, but I can tell you Panexitrol is not likely to be of any real help.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Cardosone 10. I receive a brochure via mail and they are saying Cardosone 10 will make your heart back to when you're still young and very healthy. Is this true? -zenaida

I haven't heard of this one specifically, but I'm pretty sure their claims are exaggerations.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I need your phone number. -Celinda is a review website, unrelated to Panaxcea. Their phone number is 800-375-5498.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Does Panaxcea raise blood pressure ? -jeff

I wouldn't think so. It's really no more than a multivitamin.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

1. Is it beneficial for swelling in Thalamus and Pitiuatry glands? 2. I am using it for 20 days; do feel some energy. The vitamins I was taking before had the same substance, never felt energized as, may be it did not have Sea Cumber, Fluoride and Reservatrol -Khawaja

I don't believe it would help with Thalmus and Pituiatary glands. It really is little more than a multivitamin.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

your opinion on hyaluronic acid 100mg -joe

Most of the successful studies I've seen when it comes to joint pain use hyaluronic acid injections, not pills. So I'm skeptical that there'd be much benefit when taken orally.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is this the same product as Panaxia AntiBioBotanical. If not have you reviewed this one? -Gemma

These are not the same product. I haven't checked into this one.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Do know of a supplement that will lower PSA -Bob

I don't really have any expertise in that area, but here's an article that might help you out.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

How about GSH-3? Glutathione and sulfur etc from Iceland? Any info? Thanks! -Mike

I hadn’t heard of GSH-3 yet, but after a quick look around their website, I would put it in the same category as Panaxcea.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I'm getting a ton of literature for health supplements including: Meristem, New Era 55, EpiBerry Max, Wild Lycium and numerous other that make unbelievable health claims. I noticed many of them come from differently named laboratories but all headquartered in South Portland, Maine. This is very suspicious but I cannot find out anything about the companies on the internet. Do you have any information regarding these products or know of any scams coming out of South Portland, Maine? Thanks for any information that you have. - Tom -Tom

I don't know anything specifically about scams coming out of South Portland, ME, but I have seen many similar scams. They send out pamphlets making ridiculous claims, and when you try to find more information on the internet, there's nothing. In 2018, this is very suspicious. It's your call, but if I were you, I'd throw them all in the trash.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I'm a diabetes and on is this good for me and should i be taking this. -Maria bates

You should check with your doctor about any supplements you're thinking about taking. They'll be able to tell you if there's any issue with your diabetes or your treatment.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I would like to try it for tinnitus. If it is only a multivitamin then it probably won't help. Any suggestions? -Judith

I tend to agree with you, but unfortunately I don't know of any supplement that gets rid of tinnitus.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

will this improve your stamina,sex and working out?I just can't keep it up like I used to in the gym and bed? -pete

As a multivitamin, it will probably help you feel better in general, but it won't help specifically in those areas. It sounds like you might be looking for a testosterone booster. In that case, I recommend you look into Prime Male.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Give me the site to order with my credit card -Carmen

I don't see a website anymore, but Panexitrol is now sold at Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

What is your opinion of "Youngevity 90 for Life Ultimate Daily Vitamins"? -Arleen

I haven't checked them out. I generally don't review vitamins. We try to stick with mainly workout and male enhancement supplements.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
27 out of 55 people found this question helpful.

I have an artificial heart valve and a pace maker is PANAXCEA safe to take with this. Eugene -EUGENE

You'll need to check with your doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
0 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

I want to place an order -Stanley is a review website. You'll have to contact the company directly to place an order, which you can do at their official website.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

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Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

103 comments on “Panaxcea (Panexitrol) Review – Should You Try It?”

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  1. There’s nothing bad about Panexitrol. But I don’t believe it’s a miracle pill like they want to make you believe.

    I’ve been taking it for one year! I feel great but I’m not renewing.

    It’s expensive! Supplements need to be researched thoroughly before taking it!

    Proper nutrition, exercise, and controlled stress is the best vitamin!
    1. Hey Dennis,

      I haven’t come across this particular one, but Nordic Clinical comes out with these “cure-alls” fairly frequently. They’ve all been scams so far.

      No reason to believe this one would be any different.
  2. Hi. There’s a lot of negativity here. I am here to tell the world that I ordered the 3 month of Panaxcea a while back and GOD AS MY WITNESS by the time I finished the 2nd bottle my Blood/Sugar levels had hit normal and BP has been normal since. I was on HBP meds and Diabetic Neuropathy meds, GOD is first and Panaxcea is the follower. I had more energy, (it didn’t help my looks, but sure boosted my energy) I’m not saying that there isn’t something better, But it yet has to be found. I’m ready to order more Panaxcea. I’ve taken Panaxitrol for 5 months, nope. I want the Panexacea. My finger nails even grew longer and stronger. The comparison between the 2 supplements is that the Panaxcea has a little more minerals than the “itrol” I am not on and prescription meds except for my allergies which are year round stuff.
    God Bless.
    OH Rob, can you please email me ASAP I have a couple questions, also gave my friend a bottle of the “itrol” and she wasn’t a supply of it.
    Mary Gray
    1. Hey Mary,

      Feel free to email me any questions you may have, but know that we are a supplement review website and have no affiliation with Panaxcea or Panaxitrol.
  3. Hey Rob
    I got the Panexitrol brochure in the mail also, and after reading through it, I ordered a 6 month supply for myself and my husband. They say that” it was researched by 14 of America’s top universities” and they named them.

    Also, it doesn’t claim that these various conditions “may” improve, it claims that they “will”, in every sentence that they talk about. They claim it’s used by gold medal winners as well and show pictures of a few, including Michael Phelps.

    Based on these claims, we decided to try it. Seems to me that if it doesn’t do what they say it will do, they could be liable for all those claims.

    The money-back guarantee they offer is encouraging, but I’m not sure that if we go that route, we’ll be able to get our money back. We just started taking it, so in 30 days, I’ll see where we’re at then.

  4. tion about Resetigen- which sounds like all other ”
    To True To Be Real” Medicine. Is as good as it says. We have to something for my husband soon and I hope and pray there is something out there will help him. Thank you for answering if you have a chance. Adelene Abercia,
    1. Hey Adelene,

      Sorry to say Resetigen has the exact formula as Panxcea. They are both just multivitamins, and cannot possible deliver on their promises.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything that can.
  5. I am 77 years old and have low level prostate cancer for 8 years. My PSA fluctuated from 3 to 10 up to now.

    My ED get worse the lost few months. Using viagra somewhat getting less effective.

    My Dr. Changed My med. Avodart to Tamsulosin to boost my blood circulation.

    I have been using Ben’s prostate for years. I have been trying male male enhancement supplements CIANIX and VIRECTIN but I am not sure this two help me much.

    Also started to use CRCO2 Nitric Oxide tablets. I wonder if these supplements are just waste of money.

    You have any suggestion anything on the market I can trust and not fake!
  6. I have been taking
    panaxcea for 3 months and it may not help all symptoms but i now can see the golf ball in the air and where it lands, plus i have gained 10 to 20 yards off the tee. Had knee replacement and my knee was better in one week than 11 months previous.

    Same results with my golf partner seeing golf ball, he is 70 years old.



    1. Hey Lue, is a review website. We have no affiliation with Panaxcea.

      You’ll need to take up your issue directly with them.
  8. If an individual has a lousy diet, and they take a multivitamin, they may well be able to report miracle health improvements, but that doesn’t mean the same will be true for someone on a better diet or a diet deficient in other things. What this means, is that the testimonials (and complaints) may all be true!

    The most annoying “reviews” are the ones that start, “I just ordered it,” or “I’ve been taking it for 3 days, and…” Generally, though, a good reputation and history is what you want to look for.
    1. Hey Sandra,
      Agreed. My biggest problem with supplements like this one is that it promises to cure all that ails you, but it’s a multivitamin. Sure, it can help you feel better, but it won’t fulfill the promises it makes.

  9. I received a brochure re Panaxcea. It looked interesting.

    While trying to make up my mind, I received a brochure for Resetigen-D, the contents of which matched those of Panaxcea. Also, the pricing was EXACTLY the same.Both made similar claims concerning efficacy.

    1. Hey Al,

      That’s right. They’re the same product made by the same company.

      Typically, companies will do this when they have a product that doesn’t fulfill expectations. When one product develops a reputation for not working, they release the same thing under a different name to capture a new market.

      I wouldn’t recommend you bother with either. They’re basically very expensive multivitamins.

  10. I’ve got to give the company a high 5 for the way they laid out their marketing brochure that came in the mail. Nowhere in the pages or articles was any mention of the word “may” used to describe any results from the use of their product.

    It was all positive. After a couple weeks I’ll let you know if I’m still holding a positive attitude towards their product.

  11. I have tried Panaxcea for over two months with no change to anything in my life. I want to send the bottles back but have lost the Company’s name, address,and telephone number.

    Can you send me that information? Thanks, John

  12. Hi ya Rob.
    I just wanted to say , ” Thank you ” .

    Thank you for taking the time to set this all up and do all the research and legwork.
    I went to search the Panaxcea on Google and your page was #1 and it was independent so I figured I’d get a straight answer. And I feel I have.

    Keep up the good work. Sincerely,
    Lenny T.




    1. Hey Vivian, is a review website. We have no affiliation with Panaxcea.

      They do claim to offer a money back guarantee. There should be a contact phone number on the brochure.

  14. I have not tried Panaxcea. However, your article made a huge difference in making up my mind to stay away from false advertising.

    Tv’s ads. go thru expenses to get the public in sales of their products. I’ve tried at least 6.and none of them worked.

    Dr’s go on National TV and lie to millions of viewing women for making money. The truth I learned from a surgical 30 yr.

    Army trained in the field of plastic surgery, no creams, nor supplements, nor facial gadgets will work to rejuvenate your facial look.
    Cindy Crowford started using meaningful beauty at age 20 faithfully till now.

    So even if you start using it at age 60 will it take us 30 years before we see results???. The No No burns your hair leaving an ugly oder, the Wand also does nothing but swells and red appears on the skin.

    So as once a Law Student, I’m reasearching the False ads Law to put these rippers out of business. Seminers, conferences and one on one consultations show that a mini facial lift by Lifestyle Lift and Lazer seem to be near perfection.

    Thank You Teresa??
  15. Rob Miller,

    I am on a natural remedy and alternative medicine mailing list, therefore I get all the flyers like Regenify, Panaxcea, etc. I recently got one for StemTek, which is supposedly a stem cell supplement that makes claims to heal everything that ails you. Have you, or could you, research this supplement and let us know what you think?

    The claims for this supplement sound a lot like the others, i.e. hard to believe. Thanks!

    1. Hey Gary,

      I primarily stick with workout and male enhancement supplements, which are the areas I’m most familiar with. I reviewed a couple of these “cure-all” vitamins when I first found out about them, but they’re mostly very similar and really nothing more than hype as far as I can tell.

      You have to be suspicious of these products that don’t have a strong web presence in this day and age. I haven’t looked into StemTek specifically, but a quick web search doesn’t really bring up much of anything.

      I’d recommend you avoid this one.

    2. Hey Gary,

      I primarily stick with workout and male enhancement supplements, which are the areas I’m most familiar with. I reviewed a couple of these “cure-all” vitamins when I first found out about them, but they’re mostly very similar and really nothing more than hype as far as I can tell.

      You have to be suspicious of these products that don’t have a strong web presence in this day and age. I haven’t looked into StemTek specifically, but a quick web search doesn’t really bring up much of anything.

      I’d recommend you avoid this one.

  16. I will not buy this product because it is misleading. It is a multiple victim which does not do all that it said it does; red flag!!!!!!!!?

    1. Hey Jo, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      In fact, we don’t recommend Panaxcea at all, as it’s pretty much just a very expensive multivitamin. If you still want to order, you’ll need to contact them directly.

  17. Even tho not stated in their ingredients as I have read in their sales brochure, are the ingredients they found from Star Fish and Worms that do help regenerate as these particular animals do themselves and not sure what the website may share or not share on these two additional sources in their formula.

    Have seen many others as well, And looking at address, I do not recall it for the Regenify formula.

    But, as it goes and I seen here by comments on other supplements, u must take a very dim few of many supplements they can and do work for others.
    True not all products and people have the same problems and make up in their bodies that some supplements will work. I am trying few others from other supplement companies and find true, not all work for every ailment but have helped to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol readings down to normal over 3-6 mos steady usage.

    May as it be, then headed another supplement found that can be positive for my circumstances and see what it does.

    Found GSH-3 and Hydraburst from Nordic Clinicals in Fla not all that beneficial as they say but have helped in some ways over few mos of using.

    Maybe u need to be more positive in life…seems u practically condemn everything…and TRUE, I can find other formulas on local economy with all those vitamins and more that I do use daily.
    1. Hey Charles,

      I’m actually a very positive guy, but I don’t want to advise my readers to buy expensive products that don’t help them.

  18. I have just ordered panaxcea, I received a 25 page pamphlet thru the mail and not once does it say “may” cure pain, it says pretty clearly it will do everything it suggests. Could this be a lawsuit?

    1. Hey Anna,
      Yeah the fact that they’re claiming all these things without any evidence to back it up leads me to believe that it may be grounds for a lawsuit at some point.

  19. I did not order Panaxcea. I was extremely skeptical so i decided to do a search product online and I cam e across you article.

    The sales tactics being used in these health and fitness market today are not only unethical but criminal. God forbid the government does anything does anything about these crooks.

    If not for the service you provide (Rob Miller) many more people would be victimized. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  20. You said you haven’t heard of Jusuru and don’t usually critique this type of product… It is said to rebuild joints and smooth skin. Something I would think (joint repair) would be important for male/female workout info.

    1. Hey Teri,

      You’re right, it is somewhat related, but I have a long list of workout supplements to try, and I just don’t see that much interest in Jusuru. If that changes, I’d be happy to do a review.

  21. ‘Panax’ is the scientific name for ginseng, an ingredient reputed for its broad medicinal properties, but not actually in panaxcea! ‘Panacea’ is, as most people know, greek and latin for cure-all. This has scam written all over it.

  22. Hello I really need some advice about panacea product….I am taking IM-3…..Antibiobotanical….Av/At……IM-1.
    Since I take this medication my whit blood cells drastically reduce…
    1. Hey Oliver,

      Because of your condition and your medications, you’ll need to discuss any supplements you’re taking with your doctor. Not being a doctor, I don’t have any expertise in what should or should not be combined with your medications.

      1. Hi Rob, thanks for the reply. To be clearer the Dr who follows me now think that my quite sudden and very severe depression of my immunity could be explained by a medication.

        Logically I am looking toward some Panaxea product that I’m taking. So fat nothing is clear or proven, but what is the quality control of these products made in China ?

        1. Hey Olivier,

          I’m not specifically aware of how thorough the quality control is in China. In general, I think the US has the highest standards.


  23. I encountered an accident due to protection formula
    I placed on the ground to protect my fig tree. I
    wa diagnosed as Mersa, given a formula of which I
    took one pill at bedtime and woke up three days later
    in he hospital for 30 days.

    When I was released I
    was sent home with nine prescriptions. It has taken me two years to get off of all of them.

    I have been on natural substances for about nine months now, still have memory problems, digestive problems and physical weakness, but much better than I was.I want to how Resetigen-D might help?
    How are cells of the body related to codons of the
    DNA, do you have any idea.

    Rob, I really appreciate what you are doing in research!

    1. Hey Dr. Cannon,

      As far as I can tell, Panaxcea is nothing more than a multivitamin, and while it might help improve general health and energy, there’s no reason to believe that it can alter DNA or any of the other promises it makes.

  24. To say it is just vitamins is to do a disservice to all vitamin supplements. I feel that we all have different deficiencies, so the ingredient proportions make a big difference.

    As to price, the vitamins from my doctor were more expensive and less effective than my current ones. I am diabetic and hated how I felt on prescription drugs.

    The supplement I have taken for the last 18mos. has reduced my A1C to 6.6 and my doctor is very pleased with the results. I also take magnesium malate for fibromyalgia.

    The concentration of each ingredient is very important for individual results. Once I found what worked I made sure to check the ingredient list if I switched brands for any reason.

    If I stop taking this the pain returns within 3 days. This seems to be true with prescriptions as well.

    Nothing cures, only abates. Side effects from prescriptions can be (may) life-threatening.

    I do appreciate the info about customer service problems and name change. This is not where I want to invest my money.

    1. Hey Mary,

      All great points. Vitamins can indeed be very helpful for all kinds of ailments, but you’re right.

      In order to really help, they need to be tailored to your particular needs, which clearly this stuff is not. Thanks for your feedback.

  25. I couldn’t find a website for Panaxcea. I have been ripped off so often, that I finally decided to check to see if the product I was interested in had a website.

    If they didn’t, then that was a red flag. I just happened to find your review as I scrolled down.

    THANK YOU. Another rip off (I suspect) is EpiBerry Max.

    Apparently, the only ingredient is bilberry, which I take on a regular basis. What made me suspicious was some 68 year old man saying he was cured of AMD.

    Yeah, right. According to my opthalmologist and family doctor, there is no cure–only something they stick in your eyeball to stop it from getting worse, except every time they do that, it creates a blind spot.

    So, if you know of something to cure AMD, I would love to hear about it.

    Thank you,
    Pat Garlinghouse
    1. Hey Pat,

      Yeah, it’s amazing how they talk about curing all kinds of ailments with these basically multivitamin supplements. Unfortunately, if there were a cure for AMD, it probably wouldn’t be a supplement.


  26. Rob…
    Have you heard about a Hair Growing Supplement “Restore FX”?
    This is from North Star Nutritionals.

    I have been taking them for 3 Months… No New Hair!!!
    1. Hey Dennis,

      Hair growing supplements are a little out of my area of expertise. At this point – knock on wood – I don’t need them.

      Seriously though, I don’t know anything about them.

  27. What do you know About: doterra vitamins Alpha CRS+.EO Mega, MicroPlex MV, I have taken Vitmains all my life + Different Vitm. Supplements.

    But I must confess these have made me feel better than anything else I’ve taken. Plus on a good note:
    I finally for the fist time got good results on my blood work. Is this in my head or just a fluke?

    1. Hey Alice,

      I don’t generally look into products like these. I made a few exceptions, but it’s not my area of expertise.

      In the end, if it’s working for you, that’s great. I think vitamins can clearly provide benefits, but not to the extent products like these advertise.

  28. I received Panaxcea in mail as well and it looked really familiar to me so I dug through a few other offers I had received and found Resetigen-D. They are identical and claiming the same results.

    Heck they even have some of the same photos in their brochures. I believe what you are saying, they are just renaming the same vitamin after 6 months or so when the complaints come in.

    I’m going to stick to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Amen vitamins and stay away from these scams.
  29. I have not use it, but did get the materials on Regenify in the mail as well as this. Multiple red flags for me as well, including all that were submitted by Rob Miller, plus the following: they claim that multiple studies have been done by top researchers, but they do not name any particular study nor any particular physician.

    It is marketing commonplace supplement which may have benefits, but not the miracle of revujenating all your cells, regrowing your hair, etc. Could be a placebo effect as well, but expensive for what they are offering.
    1. Hey Mike,

      Sorry, pain relief creams don’t really fall into the categories of supplements that we review.

  30. Many thanks for the info, thought of buying a bottle but seems to good and could not receive any info as to what it is the product, thanks for the info, will not try it, do you have any info on the product called GSH-3 from Nordic Clinical/Ft. Lauderdale,FL.?

    1. Hey Hugo,

      Yeah, there are more and more of these feel-good supplements coming out, each with less real information than the last. I hadn’t heard of GSH-3 yet, but after a quick look around their website, I would put it in the same category as Panaxcea.

  31. What can you tell me about a product called(niagen) INGREDIANT is NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE (250mg) Live Cell Research out of Chatsworth California. It is supposed to help with your (NAD+ Levels in Cells and Tissues

  32. I was just about to call them and place an order when I decided to check your site and read what you think about the product. Thank you for saving me a lot of money!!

    Everett Cox

    1. Hey Manuel,

      I hadn’t taken a look at them, I don’t generally review mood supplements. I did take a quick look at their ZemBright product.

      It looks like it might have some small effect from the B Vitamins and Ashwagandha, but I don’t tend to think it would be much.

    1. Hey Mark,

      I haven’t really had a look at it, but I’m sending you over my free “natural enlargement” exercises ebook. It’s probably a similar program.

      And it’s free!

    1. Hey Sonia,

      I’m not sure what article you received, but it may be an advertisement for Panaxcea, or it may have been written by someone who thinks it works. There certainly can be different opinions on the subject.

      My guess is that it’s the former.

  33. Can you send it to my po box. I’m deaf.

    Thank you… Hw much cost if I want to keep it? Please let me know and email me back.

    Thanks again.
    1. Hey Kay, is a review website. We don’t sell Panaxcea.

      You can order it through their product website, but I don’t recommend it. It’s really nothing more than a multivitamin but it costs over $45 a bottle if you include the cost of shipping.

  34. read your for real facts and trashed the mailing that I just received today 11/12/2015. Thanks so much. Your comments always help m and so many.

  35. My booklet uses the word “will” and cites 14 top universities have studied and have research papers on panaxcea. I was ready to try this supplement, glad I read your review.

    1. Hey Sharon,

      Yeah, there are a few of these supplements out there. Thanks for sharing what you know.

    2. I received the pamphlet yesterday and it struck me that they didn’t actually name any studies , only said there were studies. They also left all of their “doctors” un-named.

      As to their claim of rejuvenating every cell in your body, I believe that happens naturally.
    3. I am in the process of buying panaxcea. I’ll let you know what I think.

      I do supplements and feel a difference when I don’t take them so I’ll try it and see.
    1. Hey Dennis,

      Sorry, that’s really not something I’ve every looked into. I recommend you talk to your doctor about it.

  36. Hi Rob, First I am so glad I read all you had to say as I was just about to research and you saved me a lot of time. (just got their advertisement in the mail). I am not a fool, I do know we all age, but I take good care of myself and I am very active (barn work, riding, cleaning, cooking, exercise on equipment at my son’s home.

    I am the mother and caregiver of a Marine who was severely injured so I do everything I can to improve myself so God willing I am here for him as long as possible. For 2 yrs he could not talk, walk and was pretty much bedridden and wheelchair bound.

    We worked very hard together and he is even riding his therapy horse as well as walking and talking. The head injury was the worst they ever saw that someone survived and he should not have memory, or any of the improvements.

    But he never gives up and has no regrets. It is a lot of work but I am in awe of him and honored to do it all just to see this miracle. (sorry this is so long, I just wanted to see I am not looking for the fountain of youth unless you find it, lol) My question…I have been taking HGH tablets and I was wondering what you think of them?

    I do have a lot of energy and strength and as you see very active for 65. Thanks
    1. Hey Christine,

      Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you found our website before you placed an order for Panaxcea. As for HGH supplements, to be honest, I’m not sure whether or not the science holds up, but I’ve used HyperGH 14X and thought it was great. I got great sleep, had a lot of energy, and saw some stubborn fat melt away. So if what you’re taking is working, I’d say keep taking it.

    1. Hey Jo, is a review website. We have no affiliation with Panaxcea.

      You’ll have to contact them directly for any information you need. I wasn’t able to locate a phone number for you.

  37. What would be your opinion of VitaPulse? It contains CoQ10,
    NAC and PQQ offered by Princeton Nutrients with about the same claims as Panaxcea and others.

    Thank you.

    Clayton in CA
  38. Why don’t they just sell it as a complete multi vitamin.Panacea is the most complete vitamin I have seen. A full 90 day supply for $30.00 would be a great idea.
  39. My Dad tried to order Panaxcea for him,Mom and me. It was late at night on the weekend so our trusty credit union denied it.

    My question is, we’ve been using Zeal For Life for 4 years. Have you come across anything else with all the ingredients as Zeal?

    It’s helped us in many ways, but Dad is still seeking “The Fountain of Youth”. Our biggest concern is trying to find a product that will help Mom’s arthritic knees.

    I doubt we will ever find any better product than Zeal For Life. Well, besides Cannabis Oil which saved Dad’s life!

    Thank you,Ran C
    1. Hey Randy,

      I don’t usually write about multivitamin supplements; it’s not really where my expertise lies. If you’re having success with Zeal for Life, I think you should continue to use them.

      I don’t think there’s much value in using Panaxcea.

  40. what do you know about Syntra 5 I ordered a bottle and the pills were so large that I gaged on them when I attempted to return them I was told that they did not sell them to me but to a inmentry and the compay does not answer my emails but they sent me an another which I lhave challenged the charge. be careful.
    1. Hey John,

      I don’t have any knowledge of this stuff at all. It’s not really in a category of supplements I get involved with.

      That said, it’s very common for supplement companies to take advantage of high prices, free trials, and poor customer service to separate people from their money any way they can.

  41. I just ordered 1 bottle to try it. Can’t say as I have noticed anything so far but did notice that instead of the 30 pills promised, there were only 21 in the bottle.

    Am only taking 1 per day in case of allergies so will give it 21 days to see if it works.

    1. Hey Geraldine,
      I'm a bit tied up with reviews at the moment, so not sure if I'll have a chance to review that one.Check back with me at a later date and I'll let you know if I have time.


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