PES Erase Review – Great For Stacking?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-3-2013

PES Erase Overview

If you’re a serious about bodybuilding, you are probably just as serious about the supplements you take. And if you’re goal is to achieve and maintain a more anabolic state, you’ll want to use a natural testosterone booster. Of course, since testosterone converts to estrogen, when testosterone levels go up, estrogen levels do too. The conversion of testosterone to estrogen is called aromatase.

If you want the big gains you get from increased testosterone, then you need to do something about the additional estrogen, which left unchecked will sabotage your gains.

PES Erase is an aromatase inhibitor. It keeps your body in that anabolic state you need to build muscle, lose fat, increase energy, and even boost your sex drive. When your hormone balance (testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol) is kept in check, you get and keep that anabolic effect you want.

Most guys will stack PES Erase with a testosterone booster. This makes sense because while decreasing estrogen will have a testosterone raising effect, it is a small one, and you’ll undoubtedly want to increase that.

PES Erase ReviewPES Erase Ingredients and How They Work

There is only one active ingredient in PES Erase. It’s called Androst-3,5-Dien-7,17-Dione. It’s not a prohormone. It’s a metabolite of DHEA, and is naturally occurring. Supplementation ensures that’s there’s enough in your body to serve the purpose of keeping you mytropic. You’ll get more muscle mass, bigger, harder, drier muscles, better recovery time, less fat storage, and an increased libido. One important plus is that PES Erase does not shut down your body’s own best hormonal functioning, so you don’t need to follow up with another protocol when you complete a cycle with PES Erase.

Dosing Recommendations are to take 1 capsule one to three times daily for an 8 week cycle. Take an off cycle break of 4 weeks before returning again for another 8 week cycle. The warnings on the label are a little more precise than many of the other bodybuilding supplements we see. You are not to take it if you are under 21, have high cholesterol, are pregnant, or have heart disease, among others. It is probably wise (and it is recommended) to consult your physician before using PES Erase.

PES Erase Pros and Cons

Advantages of PES Erase

  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • It can be stacked.
  • It does not require additional supplementation to return to normal hormonal function.

Disadvantages of PES Erase

  • It is primarily meant to be stacked with other supplements for your best effect, which means spending still more money.
  • Clinical studies have not proven the safety and/or effectiveness of PES Erase.
  • We couldn’t find any informative customer PES Erase reviews or discussions.

Where to Buy

You can purchase PES Erase online and in stores. Walmart carries a 90-count bottle which should be about a month’s supply for $50. It seems to be much cheaper online with prices ranging from $25 to $30.


More testosterone, less estrogen, and less cortisol are undoubtedly beneficial to your weight loss and bodybuilding efforts. Finding the best way to get there is another story.PES Erase chooses the route of aromatase inhibition, which is a necessary part of the equation. PES Erase may indeed be of benefit to you. Given the lack of testing and the list of warnings, we think you should check with your doctor first.

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  1. Ill be using testofuel. Do i take erase as soon as I start testofuel or a few weeks after or when finished with testofuel?

    1. Hey Albert,
      I would take it simultaneously with the Testofuel. To start, I would take it every other day and alter up that schedule based on how you feel.


  2. Im still experience joint sorenss in my elbow, going on my 3rd week with pes erase. I’m, taking joint supplement along with fish, and flax seed oil also only taking pes erase twice a day.

  3. Hi

    I’ve read a lot of reviews from people complaining about joint pain whilst using Erase Pro due to the large estrogen drop.

    Did you experience the same with the regular Erase?



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