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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 7-25-2013

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Pink Magic Overview

Pink Magic is a testosterone boosting supplement that turned out to be more of a lesson in product marketing than a successful product offered by a sports nutrition supplement company. Allow me to explain…

If the story is to be believed, before it was named, a prototype sample of these supplements was left forgotten on the desk of the CEO of USP Labs for more than a year. Once they were found, he gave them to USP Labs tester, Joe Simone. After using them for a cycle, Joe was duly impressed and asked, “ What the <bleep> is in these pink pills, and how can I get more?” He noted the “rapid vascularity, balloon-like muscle fullness, crazy recovery, sick strength, and a feeling like no other!” It was then that the name Pink Magic was born and it was decided to market it as “So Chignon (Mexican slang for Bad Ass) We Had To Make It Pink”

Okay so that’s the legend they used to sell Pink Magic.

Now lets look at what’s went into it.

Pink Magic ReviewPink

Magic Ingredients and How They Work

There are three ingredients in the formula, none of which are what we’ve come to expect to find. Luckily, explanations for how they work were provided by USP Labs.

  • Massularia Acuminata. Animal studies have shown that this West African shrub can boost testosterone levels, though these studies were done on animals and required a prohibitively high dose for regular consumption.
  • Nelumbo Nucifera. Animal studies show that this Lotus Flower extract may reduce fat accumulation. The study on mice used extracts from the leaf of the plant. Pink Magic uses extracts from both the leaf and the seeds.
  • Phamnus Nakaharai. This herb has been shown to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

    It has not been shown to have an effect on testosterone, weight loss, or lean muscle growth or retention.

In summary, Pink Magiccontains 3 ingredients, only one even linked to testosterone at all, and that one only tested on rats and at doses far higher than what is contained in the supplement.

If you look for them, you can find Pink Magic reviews where guys say it works. But you never know whether or not there’s an ulterior agenda behind reviews like that, so we like to look to the bodybuilding forums so we can get a glimpse at real discussions guys are having about these supplements. What we found there were mostly negative, and frankly pissed off, comments about how Pink Magic is junk.

Pink Magic Pros and Cons

Advantages of Pink Magic

  • Slick marketing campaign.

Disadvantages of Pink Magic

  • It doesn’t work.

Where to Buy Pink Magic

Pink Magic was ultimately discontinued by USP Labs. You can still get it on eBay for a ridiculous price if you must.


Now here comes the moral of the story. A fresh new marketing angle like “So Bad Ass We Had to Make it Pink” and a great story of origin to go with it is a great idea. It will get your product into peoples hands. But what happens after that is even more important. If the product doesn’t deliver, like Pink Magic clearly did not, word will get out and people will stop buying it.

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How much is pink magic and can It help with speed if you're an athlete(sprinter) -Abs Murey

It's been discontinued, and no, it didn't really work.- Rob

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