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Pro Force T40 Xtreme Overview

Most of the time, a bodybuilding supplement will fall into one of a few categories, like pre workout or post workout.

But sometimes, you’ll find one that’s more of an all-around muscle builder.

That’s the case for Pro Force T40 Xtreme.

It combines three powerhouse ingredients that work together to maximize your genetic potential to build more muscle than you ever though possible.

Even though you take Pro Force T40 Xtremeshortly before your workout, they say it functions as a pre workout, an intra workout, and a post workout to give your body everything it needs at every step along the way.

So lets dig a little deeper and find out what makes Pro Force T40 Xtreme tick, or what doesn’t.

Pro Force T40 Xtreme ReviewPro Force T40 Xtreme Ingredients and How They Work

The new and exciting ingredient in Pro Force T40 Xtreme is Turkesterone.

This is an extract from the Maral Root plant that Russian Olympic athletes have supposedly been using for years to increase their strength and muscle mass.

They kept it a secret from the west as long as they could. But now it’s out.

What Turkesterone does is prevent post workout muscle breakdown (catabolism) and aids in protein synthesis.

Additional ingredients include Beta Alanine which prevents muscle fatigue and Creatine which helps you use your muscles at full strength capacity so you’re getting the absolute most you can from your workouts.

The recommended dose is 1 Pro Force T40 Xtreme capsule 30 to 45 minutes prior to your wokrout so you don’t experience early breakdown, and instead you’re working at your highest levels to achieve beyond what you thought were your maximum results.

Pro Force T40 Xtreme Pros and Cons

Looking at the good and the bad sides of a product is a great way to make a decision on whether or not it’s for you.

Advantages of Pro Force T40 Xtreme

  • It contains a potentially revolutionary ingredient.
  • It’s reasonably affordable.
  • You only have to take one capsule at a time.
  • The formula includes creatine.

Disadvantages of Pro Force T40 Xtreme

  • There’s nothing in the formula for pumps or energy.
  • There are no Pro Force T40 Xtreme reviews from customers available to see online.

Where to Buy

You can buy Pro Force T40 Xtreme online at Amazon and eBay as well as a few other supplement retailers.

The 30 capsule bottle, which lasts a month, sells for anywhere between $25 and $30. I saw no evidence of a money back guarantee.


Even though they say there are pre, intra, and post workout benefits, Pro Force T40 Xtreme comes under the category of pre workouts (because you take it before you work out).If you compare it to other pre workouts, what’s missing is nitric oxide and energy.

There are other benefits from the ingredients that are there, but it could be even better if these had been included in the Pro Force T40 Xtreme formula.

As with any workout supplement, the best way to get positive results is to combine it with a workout routine that puts your body to the test and a diet that gives you fuel and helps you recover.

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By adam,  Jul 15, 2014

Works great take it an hr before every workout I can lift longer harder then ever amazing how much more energy I have even after my work out seen results with in days

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    1. Hey Johnathan,

      I haven’t heard of any side effects from Pro Force T40, but there’s no guarantee that any supplement will be completely side effect free. It’s not really a steroid or a protein.

      It’s a supplement that contains a natural plant sterol that is thought to help build muscle tissue in conjunction with lifting and eating right.

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