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I recently had one of my site visitors ask me if I’ve ever heard of Reliable Richard ed pills.

The gentleman that approached me actually went so far as to say that their supplements work better than prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc.

reliable richard email

I actually hadn’t heard about it yet, but that’s not unusual in the least.

Supplements like this come out every day, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of them.

But the part where he said that it seemed to work better than pharmaceuticals, now that sparked my attention.

When someone tells me that a particular pill works better than Viagra, it’s usually because they are pumping Viagra into their supposed all natural supplement.

This has happened dozens of times, and companies that have been caught doing this include Rhino pills, Ready Man, and a host of others.

So is Reliable Richard doing this?

Unless you have it clinically tested in a lab, there’s no way to tell for sure.

However, I decided to try out each and every one of the Reliable Richard product line.

I can tell you from personally taking prescription ed medications like Viagra and Cialis what the effects are like.

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First off, let’s talk a bit about who they are and what products they sell.

What is Reliable Richard?

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Reliable Richard is in one business and one business only.

Sexual enhancement supplementation.

They make several different brands of products, including (click on each to jump to my full review):

The company is located in Keller, Texas, and is owned by a company called Russ N Kell LLC.

I’ve actually bought and tested each of these, here are my reviews of each below.

My Reliable Richard Review

Reliable Richard seems to be their “flagship product”, so it was only natural that I tested this one first.

reliable richard reviews

According to the product label, it contains the following ingredients:

  • Ginkgo Biloba: 60 mg
  • Eurycoma Longifolia: 150 mg
  • Flos Carharmi: 40 mg
  • Herba Cistanches: 50 mg
  • Horny Goat Weed: 50 mg

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

original reliable richard ingredients label

How To Take It

The directions on the label state that you should take 1 or 2 capsules 3 hours prior to a sexual encounter.

This is unusual in the fact that normally fast-acting pills like this work, well, faster.

That is not necessarily the end of the world, but the fact of the matter is that most people are looking to take erectile dysfunction supplements for the sole purpose of having fast acting results so that you can waste no time hopping in bed.

3 hours seems like a bit of a stretch, but I decided to down just 1 pill and wait an hour to let the effects kick in.

My Personal Results

From what I can tell, you need to be sexually stimulated for this to star working.

It doesn’t produce a magic boner while you’re just walking around, although they do say on their website that there’s no stimulation required. content/uploads/2018/04/no stimulation

About 20 minutes after taking Reliable Richard I could tell it was already starting to work.

It’s always a bit difficult to describe the feeling, but I could tell that my erection quality was WAY better than it usually is.

It also seemed to produce good effects for several days, finally wearing off at the end of day 3 or so.

Side effects: The only thing I noticed was a slight headache and a stuffy nose towards the end of day 1.

This could have been caused by any number of factors, and was not necessarily caused by the Reliable Richard pills themselves.

My Rating: 4.5 stars (would have given it a 5 if it weren’t for the minor side effects)

My Extreme Richard Review

According to the official marketing, Extreme Richard is geared towards guys that have been regular customers of the original formula.

reliable richard extreme reviews

It’s composed of an almost completely different ingredients list that includes the following:

  • Astragallus Membranaceus: 100 mg
  • Ku Gua: 75 mg
  • Herba Epimedii: 50 mg
  • Herba Cistanches: 50 mg
  • Horny Goat Weed: 75 mg

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

reliable richard extreme ingredients label

As you can see, the only common ingredient that the original Reliable Richard and Extreme Richard share is Horny Goat Weed.

Horny goat is used in 100’s of male enhancement supplements, including Staminon, Steel Libido, and Wydenz.

My Personal Results

They recommend that you start with the original Reliable Richard formula first, which of course is what I did.

I waited about 3 days after the effects of the original wore off, and started off with the recommended 1 capsule 45 min. prior to sexual activity.

For me, it didn’t seem to product NEARLY the same effects as the original.

I could sense an increase in my overall libido, but it was much tamer from what I could tell.

If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say that it worked about 50% less than the original formula did.

Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to pills like this, and just because this happened to me doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen to you.

Side Effects: I didn’t notice any side effects with Extreme Richard.

My overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

My Hard Dawn Review

Remember those morning woods you used to get when you were in your teens and 20’s?

Yeah, I do too. 🙂

At 36, I don’t get them as nearly as I used to, but it is nice to wake up to one every once in awhile.

Hard Dawn promises to bring back those morning boners, and help you feel like you were in your 20’s again.

hard dawn pill reviews

It of course does this through the ingredients, which include:

  • Epimedium: 125 mg
  • Horny Goat Weed: 125 mg
  • Tongkat Ali: 100 mg
  • Korean Red Ginseng: 75 mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea extract: 75 mg

Unfortunately I don’t have a good image of the label because I scratched it off when I was trying to remove the stickers they put over every box.

Luckily, I figured out a way to remove the stickers without damaging the label.

hair dryer to remove stickers

What’s interesting to note here is that Epimedium and Horny Goat Weed are essentially the same thing.

The only difference is the name.

The standard dose of horny goat weed for erectile dysfunction can range from as low as 900 mg icariin to as much as 1,500 mg icariin, depending on body weight and other individual factors.

My Personal Results

The directions on the Hard Dawn label state that you should take 1 – 2 capsules 45 min. before an encounter and 2 hours after a meal.

As usual, I started with just 1 pill to assess my tolerance. I waited about an hour, and after not really feeling much, decided to take the 2nd pill.

I actually didn’t really feel anything all day, albeit a slight tingle down there.

However, when I woke up the next morning I had one of the biggest morning woods in recent memory.

It wasn’t quite the same kind of morning wood that I had when I was in my 20’s, but I could tell there was a huge difference.

I nudged my wife with this newfound boner and, well, let’s just say we took care of it 😉

Side Effects: None to report

My Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

My Incredi-bull Review

Reliable Richard says that you’ll “be a bull in the bedroom” with this pill, and that even the slightest sexual thought will trigger a massive boner.

incredi-bull pill reviews

But does it really live up to the claim?

The official ingredients list mentions the following in Incredi-Bull:

  • Epimedium: 125 mg
  • Muira Puama: 110 mg
  • Korean Ginseng: 50 mg
  • Boiled Rehamannia Root: 35 mg
  • Tongkat Ali: 30 mg

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

incredi-bull pill ingredients label

My Personal Results With Incredi-Bull

The instructions on the label state that you should take 1 – 2 capsules of Incredi-Bull 45 min. prior to a sexual encounter, and 2 hours after a meal.

Just like with all of the other pills Reliable Richard sells, they explicitly mention that you may feel the effects for up to 4 days.

I can honestly say that it does exactly that, if maybe a bit shorter.

Instead of taking just 1 pill to start, I decided to go all in and took both capsules at the same time.

Mind you I did this first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach, thinking it would help it kick in quicker.

Well, it sure did!

I actually started feeling it after about 30 minutes, and it seemed to peak after about 2 hours.

It produced pretty much all the things they mentioned on their site, including:

  • Larger / fuller erections
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Lasted WAY longer

That last benefit was especially apparent for Incredi-Bull.

Usually it takes me about 10 minutes or so to climax if I’m trying hard enough to do so.

With this stuff, I felt like I could have lasted HOURS.

My official orgasm time was probably somewhere in the realm of 25 min., but I could definitely tell I had full control over when that would happen.

Side Effects: I’m not sure if it was the Incredi-Bull causing it or what, but I got the same sensation that I got with the original Reliable Richard.

It was like this weird headache and stuffy nose that sort of just came and went.

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My Sexpert Review

Next up on the list is Sexpert, which they call “cliffs notes for the bedroom”.

sexpert pill reviews

Essentially, it will make you a “sexpert” in the bedroom, which will have all of the ladies lining up.

The key difference Sexpert has from all of the other products in their line up is a focus on blood flow.

As I’ve talked about in several reviews in the past, blood flow is crucial for generating harder and stronger erections.

If you have poor blood flow, then there’s no way around it.

You will NOT have a good erection.

In fact, a lack of blood flow is the chief cause of erectile dysfunction issues.

So what causes this increase in blood flow?

The ingredients list in Sexpert includes the following:

  • Korean Red Ginseng: 125 mg
  • Tongkat Ali: 125 mg
  • Radix Astragalus Membranaceus: 100 mg
  • Fructus Momordica Charantia: 75 mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea: 75 mg

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

sexpert pill ingredients label

My Personal Results

The directions on the label are the same as the others.

Feeling adventurous, I decided to do the same thing I did with Incredi-Bull and took 2 pills at the same time.

With the other pills, they mention that you don’t require any stimulation to get it up.

So unlike with the other pills, I decided to just sit around and wait it out to see if I would get any random boners.

So I waited, and waited, and waited.

I probably waited about 4 or 5 hours and noticed that nothing seemed to be happening.

Getting a little frustrated, I decided to stimulate myself a bit to see if anything would happen.

I did get a woody, but this one seemed different than the ones I had with Hard Dawn and original Reliable Richard.

It was sort of blah to be honest.

I didn’t really feel bigger or fuller erections, nor did I feel like I could last any longer.

The only sensation I got from it was maybe a little boost in libido, but nothing to write home about.

Side Effects: I didn’t notice any side effects from taking Sexpert.

Overall Rating:2 out of 5 stars

My Good Timez Review

Good Timez appears to be an improved formula of their original Reliable Richard formula.

good timez pill reviews

It contains many of the same ingredients that Reliable Richard does, with a few added ones.

They also adjusted the dose size of each individual ingredients slightly, here’s the full list:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia: 154 mg
  • Flos Cartharmi: 24.5 mg
  • Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae: 49 mg
  • Gingko Biloba: 49 mg
  • Herba Epimedii: 24.5 mg
  • Astragalus Membranaceus: 24.5 mg

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

good timez pill ingredients label

My Results With Good Timez

For me, the results I got with Good Timez were virtually identical to that of the original Reliable Richard formula.

This didn’t come as much of a surprise, as the ingredients are basically the same.

The effects seemed to linger for a few days, and unlike with the others I did NOT need any stimulation.

The boners were just coming and going all day long without any “input” from me.

Side Effects:None to report.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My Strong Review

I haven’t had a chance to test this one out yet, but I will update this review shortly when I have.

Where To Buy Reliable Richard

It appears that you can buy their entire product line on both their official website (, and on Amazon.

From what I can tell, the prices are a bit more expensive on an average of $4 or so.

Some guys may find it more convenient to buy it on Amazon, which backs all of their purchases.

On the flip side, Reliable Richard also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

There’s a few caveats to this, including:

  • All product must be returned to them within 30 days
  • If you bought more than one product unit, then only one unit may be opened
  • Only applies to brand new customers

It should also be noted that all of their products are shipped discreetly in a plain unmarked envelope.

reliable richard is discreetly shipped

The only thing it will say on the package in the return address is “Russ N Kell LLC”, so your mailman won’t know you just bought a sexual enhancement pill.


After personally testing out the entire Reliable Richard brand, I can say with 100% certainty that their stuff WORKS.

I had a minor potential side effect, but again I cannot be sure that it was entirely caused by Reliable Richard itself and when weighed against the positive effects that I got out of it, it was well worth it.

What’s more, I didn’t get any sense that they’re pumping any illegal ingredients into their formula.

If they were, I would have no problem calling out Reliable Richard as not safe to consume.

Considering they’ve been around for a few years, I’m guessing that the FDA has at one point or another tested their products for any illegal ingredients.

If they had found ANYTHING that wasn’t supposed to be in their product, we would have heard about it by now.

In my personal experience, the best products were the original Reliable Richard, Hard Dawn, Incredi-Bull,

If you’ve been on the fence about trying ANY of the Reliable Richard pills, I would highly recommend you get off the fence and give it a go!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Kai's Review

By Kai,  Jul 5, 2018

Based off your reviews alone, I went ahead and brought a 10-pill box of the Original Reliable Richard from the store on Ebay. I got free shipping.

First of all, you were right.  It works.! I took two pills an hour prior to sex and by the time she arrived, I was ready to go.

You do feel it working.  It was crazy, I just kept going. Even after I came, I was immediately back in it.  I felt like a beast. It drove her crazy.

After the next day I had a horrible headache!  I can't even describe how it was. I could barely function.  I had to get strong painkillers to manage it.

It does last up to four days. I could tell from the headaches and the constant erections.  Next time, I'm just gonna take one pill and see how it goes. I'm also going to drink more water.

You cannot beat the price and effectiveness.  I figured if I just took one pill a week, it'll last two months per box. The box was like $35. That's very affordable for me compared to VigRX which is like $80 a month.

When I use it again with one pill, I'll update and tell ya how it goes.  But it DOES WORK! I went multiple rounds with ease.  Can't tell you the last time I did that. And I have a strong case of ED.  Try it.

Was this review helpful to you?
17 out of 17 people found this review helpful.

Gives me a rock hard boner

By dave,  Oct 6, 2018
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

This stuff really, really works and lasts for up to 5 or 6 days. I am 70 years old and I wake up with a huge boner every time I take it!  It makes me feel like I am 20 years old again, and I love that feeling. I would highly recommend this to everyone, you can't beat it!

Was this review helpful to you?
10 out of 10 people found this review helpful.

By Jack Austin,  Feb 21, 2019
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I am 72 years old and it works great.

Was this review helpful to you?
4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

Better than Cialis and less stuffy nose n headache

By Rick,  Jan 6, 2020
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

Tried all types of script ED meds. Cialis worked best for me but kept me with a stuffy head sinus infection like headache for a couple days after.  The RELIABLE RICHARD pills are the bomb! I take half and my girl says I am AMAZING !  So for me I can get double fun for one med. Only thing I found is to try not to swallow the plain powder .  It burns my through the like acid reflux feels.I divide the capsule and swallow it and save the other half.Pack the small side till it’s full with the bottom of the other part of the capsule. Better than anything I ever tried.  Thumbs up.

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

Hugh super hard boner

By Dave,  Dec 9, 2022
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I decided to try the original formula about 4 years ago. And I have never been dissapointed!! I am 75 years old and it gives me a 20 year old bonesr, what an amazing feeling!! It lasts for me up to 5 days.  I wake up in the morning with a hugh rock hard boner and I love it!! This stuff is the absolute best!!

Was this review helpful to you?

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  1. Out of the Reliable Richard products which is better Sexpert, Reliable Richard Extreme, or Hard Dawn??? Please contact me ASAP so I can purchase…

    1. Hey Dakar,
      Sexpert and Extreme did virtually nothing for me, and Hard Dawn worked pretty good. Keep in mind that each of these will respond differently to different guys, this was just my personal experience.

  2. Thanks for the info and the review. I just want to know if this pill is safe ?

    I would imagine because fda would have shut it down. When u took good timez did it affect your digestive system?

    1. Hey Tyrone,
      Sorry for the late reply. Yeah you’re 100% right.

      The FDA routinely tests supplements out, especially sexual enhancers like Reliable Richard. As far as I’m aware, they’ve never had any FDA warning letters or investigations brought against them.

      Regarding Good Timez, I didn’t notice any effect on digestion at all.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

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