Thermofight X Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 2-25-2021

Diet supplements have been a popular way to lose weight for many years and the industry has not stopped pumping out different brands that usually claim you can cut tremendous amounts of weight just by taking them.

There have been a fair share of those that stand by the effectiveness of certain diet supplements and others who have felt completely scammed out of their money after not losing a pound.

Independent distributor “It Works!” sells a particularly popular diet supplement product known as Thermofight X that boldly promises that you can lose 31 pounds in 90 days using this product.

For this review we will go through everything about Thermofight X to see if it actually stacks up as a dietary supplement that can get you the results you are looking for.

We will go down the ingredients list and see if any of them cause any unwanted side-effects and all the potential pros and cons of committing to this product.

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What is Thermofight X?

thermofight x reviewThermofight X is a vegan-friendly, non-GMO dietary supplement that claims to give you a boost in energy while also regulating your body’s sugar levels.

It is made up of various ingredients that are said to help in burning fat and reduce food cravings throughout the day as well.

How Does Thermofight X Work?

Thermofight X works by accelerating ketosis to create more ketones in the body and uses thermogenesis to aid the process of burning body fat.

Ketones are chemicals your body naturally produces in your liver when you do not have enough insulin to turn glucose into energy your muscles can use to function. (Source)

Your body actually uses fat to create these ketones and hopefully, you can now begin to see why people that want to burn fat want to accelerate ketosis in their bodies.

Thermogeneis is quite simply the heat produced by your body when it burns calories and ingredients found in Thermofight X like caffeine and green tea extract help thermogenesis occur quicker.

What Are Thermofight X’s Ingredients?

Thermofight X displays their ingredients on the product’s page under the “How to Use” section by clicking “View Product Information.”

This list will go through most of these ingredients and try to focus on the main ones used that are said to aid in burning fat.


Taking up 140mg per serving in Thermofight X’s recipe is the basic element of calcium.

Calcium is used for all kinds of things in your body but, most notably, it is the main ingredient used to build strong bones and teeth.

For medicinal uses, it can be used to regulate things like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus in your blood as well as controlling high blood pressure.

Calcium itself is not really associated too much with burning fat as it is to a healthy diet because foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt are all fairly high in calcium and are certainly not great for burning fat. (Source)


With 200mcg per serving, chromium is yet another element that is often taken as a supplement to increase the effects of insulin and glucose in your body.

You can obtain chromium just by eating many different kinds of food and is only really taken as an additional supplement by those with type 2 diabetes.

The recommended amount of chromium you should ingest daily is around 20-35mcg, so this supplement has you taking a highly excessive amount of chromium per serving.

However, many people will ingest well over the recommended amount of chromium per day just by eating certain foods and the upper limit is said to be around 1000mcg. (Source)

Proprietary Green Tea Blend

This ingredient easily takes up the largest portion of the supplement with 437.5mg per serving and provides most of the caffeine that is included in Thermofight X.

For the most part, it is the caffeine that will help you experience the extra energy that this product claims to give you.

Caffeine is a well-known drug that is featured in coffee, most teas, soda, and all kinds of other food and drink products that people take in daily.

I could take up the entire rest of the article just talking about caffeine in general but, for this product, it is used primarily to keep your appetite and food-cravings low.

It has been proven that caffeine gives you more energy as well and its necessity in our culture has gone far past just fat burning purposes.

This green tea blend features more ingredients than just caffeine, but it is certainly the one that you will feel the most when taking this supplement. (Source)

Proprietary Thermogenic Blend

This blend features a list of various fruits and natural ingredients that take up 75mg per serving in Thermofight X.

The ingredients in this blend include jalapeño pepper, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.

These all have the effect of promoting thermogenesis in your body which is defined above but, to reiterate, it helps burn calories.

There are all kinds of chemicals and foods that promote thermogenesis and this proprietary thermogenic blend is simply just a blend of spicy foods that do just that.

As to whether it is powerful enough to really burn that many calories, these ingredients by themselves will certainly not burn enough calories to make much of a difference. (Source)

Calcium Carbonate

Among the list of extra ingredients, it is not said exactly how much calcium carbonate is in Thermofight X but I will assume it is a relatively small amount that does not have to be listed on the main supplement facts.

It is very commonly used to treat things like acid reflux and heartburn and can be found in tablets at almost any drug store or supermarket.

Calcium carbonate is very helpful for your body but you can take too much of it and potentially have a fatal overdose if you take too much.

However, you likely do not have to worry about overdosing on calcium carbonate with this product unless you take well over the recommended amount of pills per day. (Source)

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Do These Ingredients Have Any Side-Effects?

Calcium supplements, even at normal doses can cause some mild side-effects such as gas, constipation, and bloating.

Higher doses of calcium supplements can also possibly cause bladder or kidney stones which are extremely painful if you have never had one before.

There are also some studies that say high-calcium diets can increase your risk to a heart attack but this is still disputed and some dietary experts will disagree with this claim.

Chromium also has a few side-effects with reports of its supplements causing some irregular heartbeats, insomnia, mood fluctuations, headaches and sometimes an allergic reaction can occur.

For those that have kidney or liver problems, excessive amounts of chromium can exasperate these issues and cause further damage as well.

The side-effects of caffeine are also well known in that it can cause insomnia, a feeling of jitteriness, and it is a highly addictive chemical.

Does Thermofight X Really Work?

The customer reviews of Thermofight X are fairly mixed with some saying they achieved the 31 pound loss in three months while others said they did not lose a single pound using it.

Whether it works or not is highly dependent on your diet, workout routine, and lifestyle choices.

If anything, this product is more about triggering a change in your lifestyle rather than burning fat all on its own.

Where Can You Buy Thermofight X?

Thermofight X is available on the official “It Works!” website as well as Amazon and it can be shipped to the U.S. easily.

It also has a 30-day money back guarantee that you can use if you find the product does not work for you in the first month.

Pros +

  • Will increase energy level
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Can trigger a change in lifestyle
  • Reduces food cravings

Cons –

  • Some ingredients can trigger mild side-effects
  • Is fairly weak and cannot burn fat all by itself
  • Caffeine can make you jittery rather than focused
  • Will require you to change your diet

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Conclusion – Is It Worth Trying Thermofight X?

Thermofight X by itself is not worth trying as a dietary supplement because it is simply too weak to burn fat on its own.

You will have to put in the work in order to make this product work for you and, at that point, you may as well have saved your money and just went on a diet and workout routine.

If you need a reason to change your lifestyle and burn fat this product could certainly trigger that change as it does give you some extra energy throughout the day and reduces snack cravings.

However, if you are looking for a dietary supplement that can truly do it all for you, this one’s ingredients are far too weak to trigger any real change in calorie burning in your body.

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