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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 11-3-2016

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Without a doubt, cognitive enhancement pills are some of the most popular supplements on the market these days.

They exploded onto the scene a couple years ago partly as a way to capture the segment of the population that is using ADHD medications off-label to boost their productivity, and provide them with a safer, legal Adderall alternative.

And that’s what nootropics purport to do. They improve your mental acuity, increase your focus and alertness, enhance your memory, and keep you on task all the way through to completion.

It’s a tall order, of course, and different products have demonstrated varying degrees of success.

One product I came across recently and began looking into is called Thrivous Clarity. Thrivous is a company that makes two products, both in the nootropics arena.

Clarity is for daytime use, while Serenity is their nighttime product.

You can choose to use either one of the two individually, or you can stack them for the added benefits provided by both.

In this review, we’re focusing on Clarity.

thrivous-clarity-review-1What is Thrivous Clarity?

Thrivous Clarity is a daily nootropic formula based on scientific research and formulated to improve focus, memory, and mood in the immediate term, and to actually improve the health of your brain functioning now and into the future.

It’s presented on an informative website where you’ll learn details about the components of the formula, and you’re provided links to clinical studies performed on each of the key ingredients.

This is a big deal as most products don’t provide quite the level of detail this one does.

Thrivous Clarity Ingredients

With so many products hiding their ingredient amounts within secret proprietary blend formulas, it’s refreshing and very helpful to see that Thrivous Clarity provides actually ingredient amounts.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.

With many of these ingredients having undergone clinical testing, the only way to really know if the results of Thrivous Clarity will match those in the studies is by knowing if the amounts used in each are the same or close to the same.

So often, a supplement will cite a study presumably showing how effective a certain ingredient is.

The study will use a large amount of the ingredient – say 3000 mg. What they don’t tell you is that their product only contains a scant 400 mg per serving (sometimes far less) which can’t even come close to providing the same benefit as the clinical dose did.

Hiding their ingredient amounts within a proprietary blend prevents potential customers from catching on.

thrivous-clarity-ingredients-1Thrivous Clarity cites studies, and it shows how much of each ingredient they used:

  • Zinc – 7.5 mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract (50% Bacoside) – 300 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract (24% flavone glycoside, 6% terpene lactone) – 120 mg
  • L-Theanine – 200 mg
  • Panax Ginseng Extract (7% ginsenoside) – 210 mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract (3% salidroside) – 200 mg

Zinc is important to multiple bodily functions.

In the case of Thrivous Clarity, it’s notable that it can help decrease depression and anxiety.

Bacopa Monniere has been shown to be effective after 12 weeks of use at 300 mg daily.

It increases memory in both Alzheimer’s Disease patients and younger, healthier ones. No immediate effects have been reported.

In fact improvements had not yet occurred at 6 weeks.

Ginkgo Biloba is shown to support brain health in the long term.

In studies related to age related cognitive decline, Ginkgo, in the dose present in Thrivous Clarity, has been found to improve cognitive performance in patients who are otherwise impaired, with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

Studies pertaining to short term improvements in cognitive function aren’t particularly promising.

L-Theanine has been shown to promote relaxation without sedation.

This means you can feel calm and relaxed, yet still alert and functioning at a high level.

Studies have proven L-Theanine to have anti-anxiety benefits while promoting a calm relaxation. 200 mg is the standard recognize dose.

Panax Ginseng has been shown to improve cognitive functioning in single doses.

It’s not known how it works, but it’s thought to be related to the glycemic properties of Ginseng.

The does in the study was 200 mg.

Rhodiola Rosea may improve energy, focus, and mood.

It’s known as an adaptagen to help the body respond most appropriately to stress environments and situations.



Thrivous Clarity Side Effects

Generally speaking, Thrivous Clarity is safe and shouldn’t cause side effects, but it’s possible that a few of the ingredients may cause unwanted effects in some users.

For instance, it’s possible for Ginkgo and Rhodiola to interact negatively with certain prescription medications and Bacopa Monnieri may cause digestive upset.

It’s not recommended that Thrivous Clarity be taken by children or by woman who are pregnant of nursing.

The primary reason for this is that the ingredients that make up the formula have largely not been tested on these populations.

Therefore it’s impossible to tell what effects they may have.

How To Use Thrivous Clarity

It is recommended that you use Thrivous Clarity daily for best results.

Some of the ingredients have an immediate and near-term effect (L-Theanine) while some take longer to show their benefits (Ginkgo Biloba).

Take 2 capsules a day together in the morning with a meal.

Since Thrivous Clarity doesn’t contain stimulants, it’s not crucial that you take it first thing in the morning, but it may be the best, most convenient time.

It’s also important that you take it as close to the same time each day as possible to maintain a consistent level of ingredients in your body.

Fast or Slow Acting?

Many nootropic supplements are made to come on strong and get you through tasks with ease.

Most of these are heavy on the caffeine and other stimulants that work right away to boost energy and focus.

Thrivous Clarity doesn’t work that way.

It’s got some naturally stimulating ingredients, but nothing that’s going to make you jumpy or jittery.

The effects from Thrivous Clarity are much more slow to appear than that.

Thrivous Clarity Reviews

We found several reviews written by customers who’ve used Thrivous Clarity, most of them favorable.

Here are a few examples:




People who aren’t looking for a jacked up buzzed feeling are getting good results.

Where to Buy

You cannot buy Thrivous Clarity in stores, through the big name online retailers, or even smaller online supplement shops.

The only place to purchase Thrivous Clarity is through the official Thrivous website. You do have a couple options however.

If you like, you can purchase one bottle outright as a single purchase. This costs $40, and you’ll receive 1 one-month supply bottle.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the subscription program.If you go this route, you’ll pay only $30, and they’ll automatically send you a bottle each month at that same price.

Purchases are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.The product may be used, but you’ll need to return the open or empty bottle to receive the refund.

Before returning, you’ll need to call their customer service number to receive an RMA number to send along with your product.

Thrivous Clarity Pros and Cons

Advantages of Thrivous Clarity

  • The website is very thorough and informative.
  • Thrivous Clarity is reasonably priced.
  • The only customer feedback with could find is positive.
  • The ingredients are listed along with amounts, and the amounts appear to be clinically proven doses.
  • It’s reasonably priced, with an autoshipping plan that’s not connected with a phony free trial.

Disadvantages of Thrivous Clarity

  • There are no stimulants, which may be a drawback for some people.

    I know lots of my readers want something that works “right now” in which case Thrivous Clarity might not fit the bill.
  • The only reviews we found come from the Thrivous Clarity website, which means they may not show the full story, only the positive side.

The Bottom Line

The best thing we see about Thrivous Clarity is its professional presentation.

It doesn’t appear to be trying to grab customers with wild exaggerations and promises.

They present the information clearly, and appear to have put together a formula based on scientific notions of improved brain function.

Of course, all of that means nothing is the stuff doesn’t work.

If you want an energy pop from your nootropic, Thrivous Clarity isn’t for you.

But if you want to improve the healthy functioning of your brain, it’s worth giving a try.

The price and the money back guarantee support that notion even further.

Have You Used Thrivous Clarity?

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  1. Hi again, Supplement Critique. I thought you and your readers would be interested to know that, since the time of your article, Thrivous has updated the formulas for some of its nootropics.

    We have also launched a new line of geroprotectors. Thanks again for reviewing Thrivous!

  2. Thanks for reviewing Thrivous Clarity!

    I’m biased (a founder of the company), but I love this product. It’s my go-to nootropic each morning with breakfast, to help me maintain productive cognition throughout the day.

    Since the time you wrote this review, we’ve updated the Clarity formula and launched a few new products on the market.

    If you or your readers have any questions, I’m happy to help.
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      I converted your review to a comment, feel free to respond to any questions or comments from other users. Thanks for reaching out!

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