XXXplosion Review

By: Rob Miller

With a name like Xxxplosion, you probably expect some pretty huge results.

It’s a product claiming to deliver sexual enhancement and longevity.

It’s subtly described on Amazon as a “sex pill” and “sex supplement.”

We had to go ahead and check it out ourselves, and see what the reviews are.

We found some pretty surprising information floating around about Xxxplosion in the process.

In particular, the FDA recently announced a warning against it.

So what’s the reality with this product?

1. What Is Xxxplosion?

Xxxplosion is a supplement marketed as a sexual enhancer for men.

xxxplosion review

Some of the other claims used on Amazon include:

  • 100 percent natural
  • No side effects
  • Works within 20 minutes
  • Creates a strong erection
  • Delays ejaculation
  • Improves energy

These are big claims.

The Amazon product description also highlights that it lasts for 72 hours.

However, we’re not necessarily sure how this is a benefit when it comes to a sexual enhancer.

2. Ingredients in XXXplosion

It was actually tough to find the ingredients.

We ended up finding a photo of the packaging and other than that, there wasn’t much out there.

xxxplosion ingredients label

Based on the packaging, there are only a few ingredients.

First, there’s epimedium.

Epimedium is a fancy name for horny goat weed.

If you’ve done research into herbal sexual enhancers, you’ve probably come across this one quite a bit.

Epimedium aka horny goat weed might help improve blood flow and sexual function.

Some users claim it helps with the physical aspects, but also with improving desire.

Also listed is Rehmannia root.

This one’s common in Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine.

With this one, we’re not entirely sure of the benefits, at least not sexually.

It seems more beneficial for conditions like diabetes and anemia.

Stinging nettle root is an ingredient also included in the mix.

Stinging nettle is in a lot of herbal supplements.

Some of the issues it may help with are an enlarged prostate and urination problems.

XXXplosion FDA Warning

Now, for the bad news the makers of Xxxplosion are currently facing.

A few days ago the FDA issued a warning about the purchase of XXXplosion.

They cited that lab analysis showed it contained sildenafil.

This is the active ingredient in Viagra.

The risks the FDA mentions in their warning is the potential interaction between this and other drugs.

Namely, sildenafil can dangerously interact with blood pressure medicines and nitrates.

3. What Do the XXXplosion Reviews Say?

Next, what do the reviews say? Mixed might be a good way to put it.

Checking out the few reviews on Amazon, they’re not great.

xxxplosion average review rating on Amazon

Some buyers felt duped by not getting the products with the sildenafil.

If you read one of the most recent reviews on Amazon, the buyer wanted the product the FDA warns about.

negative review of xxxplosion on amazon
Why not just get a prescription for Viagra?

There seems to be inconsistency in whether products with sildenafil are sent out or not.

Customers on Amazon describe some discrepancies between orange and yellow pills.

They say the orange pills work and the yellow don’t.

Some reviews on Amazon describe the product as an overall waste of money and ineffective.

A couple of Amazon reviews are favorable.

For example, one review says the product works well especially with nitric oxide boosters.

positive review of xxxplosion on amazon

Another reviewer said it works quickly and lasts a couple of days.

eBay reviews are more positive overall.

Out of the 220 XXXplosion reviews on there, the vast majority of them give it a 4 – 5 star rating.

For example, one reviewer says it’s a really good product, but it does cause a headache after using it. Another person said something similar.

The reviewer said it works well, but also can cause a slight headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

4. Are There Any Side Effects?

Based on what we could find, the primary side effect of Xxxplosion is probably a headache.

Some people reviewing the product online recommended using only half a pill to reduce that somewhat.

headaches are common with xxxplosion

Horny goat weed products shouldn’t be used long-term.

In the short-term, they’re probably not unsafe.

Long-term use can lead to side effects like dry mouth, vomiting, and dizziness.

High doses of horny goat weed can cause breathing problems and spasms.

Rehmannia side effects can include changes in blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes should consider this before using Xxxplosion.

Stinging nettle root has possible blood sugar effect.

It might also cause kidney problems in some users.

Keep in mind, users should be cautious regarding the FDA warning.

It doesn’t seem like all the batches of Xxxplosion sent out contain the ingredient the FDA warns about.

However, if you do take certain medications, it can interact with some batches of Xxxplosion.

5. How Do I Take It?

Okay, if you’re still interested in Xxxplosion how do you take it?

Instructions indicate all you need to do is take it 20 minutes before you’re planning to engage in sexual activity.

xxxplosion directions

The effects last for 72 hours if that’s something you’re looking for.

The instructions indicate it can be used with alcohol, although that’s something that’s up to you.

6. Can Women Use It?

There’s probably not much of a reason for women to use Xxxplosion.

Some sexual enhancers on the market have herbal ingredients that can be beneficial for men and women. Xxxplosion isn’t necessarily one of those.

7. Where Can I Buy It?

We found Xxxplosion on Amazon and eBay.

It may be available on some other third-party sites as well.

Be aware, however, that since the FDA just issued its warning, it may be tough to find it soon.

8. Conclusion

In all honesty, some things might give you pause if you’re thinking about Xxplosion.

Some people who have given it good reviews may have gotten the product with sildenafil.

They seem to prefer that because it’s the active ingredient in Viagra and they’re purchasing it online.

There are risks with products that have hidden ingredients, however.

Related Article: Closest Thing To Viagra Over The Counter

You never know how you’re going to respond to those ingredients.

You also don’t know the interactions certain ingredients might have with other medicines you use.

The fact is that the reasons why prescription medications that actually are supposed to contain sildenafil have such a long list of side effects is because they have many interactions with medications, specifically nitrates and other heart medications and the side effects can be quite severe.

It may be best to steer clear of Xxxplosion for now.

Effectiveness seems inconsistent between batches at a minimum.

Beyond that, you may have reactions you don’t expect because of ingredients not listed.

Have you tried Xxxplosion?

Let us know what you think

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Old Worked----New Dud

By Jasper,  Nov 11, 2018
In Short: I would NOT recommend this to a friend.

Ahhhhhh remember this one well. Seems it was around a long time; poof like a blast from Alladin's lamp it's gone.  The older version worked well. Rock hard erections in a matter of minutes.  I took it on an empty stomach and rose to the occasion in less than five minutes. Sex was 20 minutes after intromission.  That was the old version. I'd give this one 2 1/2 stars if I could simply because this one is half and half.  Me and a girlfriend used it several times and were successful. I was suspicious though because I had taken Viagra and Xxxplosion felt an awful lot like it.  It was, that's why the FDA busted them. The successor pill was a dud.  As to the other ingredients, who knows? Epimedium, misspelled on the pack photo above does have some benefit, but I have to take massive amounts to get anything close to the desired results.  The amount of it in Xxxplosion is not likely to be of benefit to anyone. Or did they misspell the word on purpose so they could say it's not in there at all or is a different substance altogether?  Xxxplosion is a bit sparse on ingredients, that is likely why the FDA found sildenafil in it, they had to put something in it that would make it work. Nothing madder than a man who really depends on something to make his penis work and have that assistance fail him!  Rehemmania and stinging nettle do have some properties affecting the circulatory system, but their specific effect on the blood supply to the penis is still an unknown quantity. The assumption being the if the ingredients help the circulatory system in general the penis supplied by that circulatory system will benefit as well.  How much benefit, who knows? You can also run atindite and athinolithium through the web and if you get anything remotely informative about exactly how and why they help the penis, you're ahead of me!  The FDA warning put a box on the whole thing. I remember seeing it in convenience stores and gas stations all over the country.  Now it's nowhere to be found. I got mine from a friend who sells them in a chain of stores he owns.  The new formula, if you can even call it that does not put pep in the penis!!! I did recommend this to a friend after taking the old formula, I recommended it because it worked fabulously.  Now it doesn't work and I wouldn't recommend it to a friend, or anyone else.

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. Gulp, this is Jasper again; forgot a detail. It does last about three days.

    Having taken Viagra the lasting effect of Xxxplosion was the same in that the first formula of Xxxplosion, like Viagra was effective that long. A good solid steel ramrod erection could be had on the second day.

    On the third day the effect could be determined, but everyone is different. My erection was more firm than with nothing, but not firm enough for the pole to go in the hole.

    The second formula left me a little queasy, annoying but not truly painful headaches came and went. This lasted into the to third day, just less frequently.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your fantastic article about xxxplosion but I have to add something. My first purchase was 2 yr ago.

    I tried one on an empty stomach and worked within 20 min and lasted for 72 hr exactly as claimed by the seller. A few months later I bought from the same seller but didn’t work.

    A few months later I bought from another seller who claimed it made in USA and worked very weak like sildenafil (for 2 hrs), while I searched online by chance I found fraud article by FDA and the first seller I purchased from him twice was caught guilty among the 4 guys. Last week I purchased from new seller with 5 stars review by all buyers of xxxplosion and when took the pill on an empty stomach it didn’t work AT ALL.

    I mean it doesn’t even have Sildenafil! So my explanation I think they sell authentic brand first time and when got good review they shifted to the fake one (may be only the supplier cheat and the seller don’t know) so in this case they will blame the buyer and say it is personal variation.

    1. Hey Khalid,
      Glad to help! Yeah you’re pretty much right on the money. I’ve personally seen this happen dozens of times. They’ll make a product that actually works (because it contains sildenafil), the FDA will force them to recall it once they find out what they’re putting in the stuff, they reformulate a less potent product, and piggyback on the reviews / reputation of the original XXXplosion pills.

      You guys might want to check out a supplement called Hardon Helper. It works just as well (if not BETTER) as XXXplosion, and they aren’t putting anything illegal in it. You can read my full review here:
  3. Been using various times, sometimes it works sometimes not… I haven’t noticed the color at the moment of taking it maybe thats why. It does not give me headache but It gives heartburn everytime i use it.

    If i take half the burn is less. If you’re looking for a better option try Figaxp it gaves me the same symptom but the result is greater.

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