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Rob Miller | July 26, 2015
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Andro Fury Overview

We talk a lot about stacking a pre workout with a testosterone booster for great results, especially if your goal is adding muscle mass.

A pre workout gets you going with energy and pumps, while a testosterone booster sets your body up to be more anabolic, more willing to hold onto muscle and let go of fat. Andro Fury is a workout product from BioQuest that combines the best of both worlds into one supplement.

If it works, this could be a great way to save a little money without sacrificing results.

We were definitely interested enough to take a look.

Andro Fury ReviewAndro Fury Benefits

Andro Fury promises a one-two punch of performance enhancers like you’d find in a pre workout and the power you’d get from a testosterone booster.

According to its promotional material, Andro Fury:

  • Boosts testosterone.
  • Up-Regulates your performance.
  • Increases power and aggression.
  • Provides amino acids for muscle recovery.

Andro Fury Ingredients and How They Work

The backbone of the Andro Fury formula is the AFX Extreme Performance Matrix, a proprietary blend that includes:

  • Tribulus Terrestris from Bulgaria to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone.
  • BCAAs like L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine, and L-Glutamine to support post workout recovery.
  • Vinpocetine for increased focus and concentration.

Other ingredients include:

  • Niacin for increased vasodilation.
  • Caffeine for energy and focus.
  • L-Arginine and L-Citrulline for increased nitric oxide for better pumps.
  • R-Lipoic Acid for better energy metabolism.

Instructions are to take 2 scoops of Andro Furymixed with water about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.

Andro Fury Pros and Cons

Advantages of Andro Fury

  • There are several positive Andro Fury reviews mainly referring to energy and pump.
  • The formula is pretty well rounded.

Disadvantages of Andro Fury

  • Word is that the taste is pretty nasty, and you have to use 2 scoops, so it’s probably pretty strong too.
  • The marketing definitely seems more hyped up than it deserves to be.
  • The only testosterone boosting ingredient is Tribulus, and while it’s helpful, there are much more effective ingredients.

Where To Buy

You can purchase Andro Fury online. The 28 serving tub sells for $32.50 which is pretty average.


General consensus on Andro Fury is that it’s decent but nothing special.This runs counter to the marketing hype for sure.

Things aren’t pointing to Andro Fury getting a high recommendation from us, and the clincher is that people almost universally say this is the worst tasting pre workout they’ve ever tasted.

Have You Used Andro Fury?

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