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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018

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With the exploding popularity of brain boosting supplements, it’s no wonder companies are springing up all over, trying to get you to buy their version of the “Limitless Pill”.

These supplements are selling like gangbusters, and it’s no wonder why.

They promise to help your brain function much closer to max capacity, so you can accomplish your goals, and feel good doing it.

The most recent choice I came across is called BrainieX.

Let’s take a look and see how it can help you reach for your dreams.

What Are Nootropics?

For a lot of years now, kids and teens have been taking Adderall to help overcome their limitations associated with ADD/ADHD.

It increases focus and attention, while relaxing the hyperactive brain, enabling sufferers to concentrate on the task at hand before successfully completing it and moving on to the next.

It wasn’t long before college kids realized this stuff could help them too, even if they didn’t technically have ADD/ADHD.

It increased energy and motivation, and helped eager and competitive students stay on task and tackle their challenging assignments with relative ease.

But taking someone else’s prescription medication can get expensive, not to mention illegal.

That’s where supplements like BrainieX come in.

BrainieX ReviewBenefits of BrainieX

BrainieX is a natural supplement meant to replicate the effects of Adderall and other ADD/ADHD medications.

Some of the benefits they say you can expect are:

  • Boosted short term memory.
  • Increased long term memory.
  • Greater energy levels.
  • Improved focus.
  • Better overall brain health.
  • Laser-like focus.
  • Clearer mental vision.

How BrainieX Works

Just like the rest of our body, our brains age, and the negative effects can start as young as age 30.
The aging of your brain happens in a very similar way to the aging of your body.

Your cells get damaged and die, and unlike when you were young, they don’t get repaired and replaced as quickly or completely.

There’s less flexibility and the transmission of signals slows down.

Good health habits and nutrition can help, but not everyone has those good habits or even knows what to do to maintain and improve brain health. BrainieX promises to take care of it for you, making sure you get the nutrients you need to put your brain in the best possible state for high performance functioning.

BrainieX Ingredients

Unfortunately, BrainieX is put out by one of those companies that believes it isn’t obligated to share anything about its formula with their potential customers.

Their marketing goes on and on about how starting at age 30, your brain function declines precipitously.

They warn against this decline and promise to stem the tide, giving you back your memory as well as your clarity of thinking.

But when it comes to the real information we need in order to decide if it works, the makers of BrainieX aren’t talking.

All they tell us is that the formula is made up of all natural ingredients that combat memory loss, difficulty concentrating, lack of focus, and lack of energy and motivation.

The fact that they mention energy is a good sign that BrainieX contains caffeine as an booster.

But this is just more speculation on our part since BrainieX isn’t talking.

BrainieX Side Effects

Again, we don’t know for sure because we don’t know what exactly goes into this stuff, but most nootropic supplements on the market don’t cause much concern for side effects.

As with anything you take, you may experience some nausea or possible headaches, but there’s no reason to believe you’d experience much of anything else.

Where to Buy BrainieX

Like a lot of its competitors, BrainieX is only available online by signing up for their “free” trial offer.

I put the word “free” in quotes because while they call it free, it’s really not free at all.

Here’s out these trials usually work:

You sign up by paying a small shipping fee, usually $4.95, and they send you a full one month supply of BrainieX. 14 days later, they charge you full price for the bottle they already sent, and they start sending you a new full price bottle every 30 days.You can prevent this by calling and canceling your subscription before your 14 day trial period is up, but the order page is specifically designed so that most customers don’t see the clause that mentions the full price or the ongoing subscription.

Customers get blindsided when the charge shows up on their bank statement.

The reason we’re talking vaguely about the BrainieX free trial terms, and haven’t mentioned the actual price, is because at this time, it we can’t get to the order process.

There are plenty of links from affiliate sites all over the internet, but wen you click those links, they take you to the websites of other products.

This is a more common situation than you might think.

These free trial products come and go all the time.

Once customers start complaining publicly about the customer service and billing practices used to support these products, they pull the plug. But they’ll be back.

Usually, they change the name and the look of the bottles, and they’re back on the market in no time, with a clean slate and a world wide web full of potential customers.

As a point of reference, however, we will let you know that most products like BrainieX cost anywhere from $60-$100 per bottle when they’re charging you full price.

BrainieX Pros and Cons

Advantages of BrainieX

  • The ingredients are said to be all natural, and unlikely to cause side effects.

Disadvantages of BrainieX

  • They don’t tell you what’s in the formula, so it’s impossible to have even a small idea of if or how it works.
  • There are no independent customer reviews to show how real people are doing with it.
  • It was only sold through a free trial offer that really isn’t free at all.
  • All links to place an order take you to other products.
  • It’s not certain that BrainieX is even available anymore at all.


With such limited information about ingredients, the free trial, and the current inability to even place an order, it’s basically impossible to recommend that you waste even one more second on this product.It’s pretty clear that BrainieX was just put out on the market on the fly for a chance to make a quick buck.

If it never becomes available again, it’s hard to imagine anyone missing it.

Have You Used BrainieX?

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