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What is Crazy Mass
What is Crazy Bulk
So Which One Is Legit
So What Does All This Mean

I’ve had a lot of guys over the past few months asking me what’s the difference between Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk. In fact, if you look at both of the websites, they appear strikingly similar.

They use many of the same before and after photos on each of their websites, both have Crazy in their names, and their products even look very similar.

So what’s the difference between the 2, and more importantly, which one should you buy?

Throughout this article I’ll talk about the differences in their product lines, pricing, availability, and more.

What is Crazy Mass?

Crazy Mass is a company that supplies all natural supplements that are intended to mimic the effects of steroids, while being completely legal. They have a wide assortment of supplements that I’ve personally used with much success, including supplements like T-Bal 75, Testosterone Max, Paravar, and Anadrolone.

If you’re familiar with steroids, these names should sound familiar.

The brand carries a number of product stacks, including the Cutting Stack, Bulking Stack, and strength stack, all of which I’ve personally tested.

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What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk, just like Crazy Mass, is a supplier of supplements that are ALSO intended to mimic the effects of steroids. The names of these supplements are practically the same as Crazy Mass, with a slight variation in the spelling.crazy bulk vs crazy mass

Even the prices are relatively similar, often within a few $ of each other.

So Which One Is Legit?

There’s a bit of a backstory here, so please bear with me. About 2 years ago, Crazy Mass was brought on as a merchant by a company called More Niche, an affiliate marketing company located in the UK.

More Niche used it’steroidss affiliates to help market the Crazy Mass brand, and in doing so, raked in $1,000’s every day selling their supplement.

One of the owners of More Niche (who will go unnamed here) reportedly made an offer to the owners of Crazy Mass to buy out their brand for an undisclosed sum.

The owners of Crazy Mass denied their buyout offer, claiming it was not enough.

About 3 months later, that’s when Crazy Bulk popped up. Their website was quite literally an exact replica of the Crazy Mass website, with the same color scheme, product names, and even consumer testimonials.

Here’s a snapshot of the Crazy Bulk Page in September 2014:

crazy bulk vs crazy mass

And Here’s the Crazy Mass website right around that time:

crazy mass

At around the same time, More Niche suspended its relationship with Crazy Mass, redirecting all affiliate traffic to the now alternative Crazy Bulk website.

As you can imagine, the owners of Crazy Mass were pretty furious, and demanded answers from More Niche and Crazy Bulk, who effectively severed all communications from them.

As a result, the owners of Crazy Mass have been in an intellectual property battle with More Niche and Crazy Bulk, claiming theft of their brand, trademark infringement, and a violation of federal and state laws.

However, since Crazy Bulk is a registered company in the UK, they are effectively protected by that countries laws.

So What Does All This Mean??

Essentially, Crazy Bulk copied the Crazy Mass brand and is trying to pawn it off as their own.

In July 2013, with the help of MoreNiche, CrazyBulk counterfeited, stole, and cloned CrazyMass’s website.

Unlike CrazyMass, CrazyBulk is based out of the UK and hiding behind several proxy companies. It’s unclear who the parent owner is.

They also lost their main domain URL and had to change from to Now, CrazyBulk has changed some of their content and design, so as of right now they don’t appear to be infringing on any copyrights.

I was told by the owner of Crazy Mass that the before and after photo’s of Crazy Bulk are fake, but upon further inspection this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Crazy Bulk supplements may indeed work, but I haven’t had a chance to personally test them yet so the jury is still out in my opinion.

However, I HAVE used Crazy Mass products in the past, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they work VERY well.

Click Here to visit the official Crazy Mass website.

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Chase's Review

By Chase,  Oct 7, 2017

I bought into the crap that crazy bulk put out. I spent a lot of money on the bulk stack and instantly regretted it when I opened the bottles.


All four pills were identical and full of crap which looked like sawdust. I ate like crazy and worked out heavy and gained 2 lbs on a 4-week "cycle".


It is absolute crap in my experienced opinion.

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7 out of 8 people found this review helpful.

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Do their so called legal steroids work? -Lonnie

Well, I've taken Crazy Mass supplements and they work great.  Not as good as steroids, but a pretty damn close second.- Rob

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19 out of 27 people found this question helpful.

Does the bulking stack actually work or is it s load of bull? -Derek

The Crazy Mass Bulking Stack really works. I've used it myself, and I've also gotten tons of great feedback from guys who use it.- Rob

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12 out of 18 people found this question helpful.

Does this legit work , cause I want to know so I can buy it . Does it take a week or month by using this to gettin bigger? Thanks. -chris

Crazy Mass works great but how much muscle you put on and how fast is a function of your diet and workout. The stack will give you an edge and help you accomplish your goals, but I can't really tell you how long it will take because that depends on your routine.- Rob

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