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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 6-16-2023

A natural male enhancement formula that is also generally good for a man’s health and well being?

Those were the claims that led us to do a review of Maximor.

More and more, herbal remedy based formulas are becoming the most common basis for a male enhancement supplement that you can find.

This herbal male enhancement formula promises men an “experience that’s hard to forget,” and that is about the most “tongue in cheek” slogan we have yet encountered with male enhancement products.

We decided to see if the ingredients could match claims such as “works in 40 minutes” and improves blood flow and energy levels.


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1. How Maximor Works and Ingredients

How Maximor Works and Ingredients

We greatly appreciated the honesty with which the manufacturer, Natural Products, identifies the different herbal ingredients.

We recognized the familiar male enhancement items such as Epimedium for enhanced blood flow and improved sensation of the sex organs as well as ginseng for an increase in energy and its abilities to override impotence and work as an aphrodisiac.

Maximor’s formula also includes dioscorea villosa, lyceum, cistanche, fructus rubi, Euryale ferox, and more.

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Each of the compounds does seem to have a sexual effect, but they all also seem to be good for many other health issues too.

In addition to telling us what was in the formulation, this product also lists how much of each compound is contained in a serving!

The one worry that we have is the simple fact that it is made outside of the United States (in South Africa) where control over the quality of the ingredients and the costs for them can be a problem.

2. User Reviews

maximor reviews by users

We next looked for actual buyer feedback and were disappointed to find no testimonials on the manufacturer’s website and none on the Internet either.

We did run across several professional reviews of the Maximor product and found that it is viewed very favorably.

Because there are no clinical trials available, however, we feel that the absence of feedback is a definite problem.

A sample review of Maximor we found:

“It is a good blend of natural herbs, most of which are beneficial to overall health.”

Ellyn, PA

3. Will Maximor Make Me Bigger?

Will Maximor Make You Bigger

In short, no. No pill will do that, despite many of them claiming so.

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4. Where To Buy Maximor

The cost for the product is $23 for four capsules, and they are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.The shipping can be a problem because the pills are coming from South Africa, and this is another issue that we believe is a problem for buyers as well.

5. Recommendation

maximor for erectile dysfunction

Though it receives generally favorable reviews from professionals; the total absence of customer comments, and the difficulties in actually getting the product in the mail make us say that Maximor is not something we would recommend for treating cases of erectile dysfunction.

In general, the less information and verified customer reviews available on a product, the less it can be trusted to give the intended results.

If you’re looking for an effective viagra substitute, there are plenty of other alternatives for that.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Dave's Review

By Dave,  May 23, 2015

I have been using Maximor for almost two yrs now and my performance is excellent. I take one pill and will continue to have sexual strength for almost 72 hrs or sometimes even more.  Yes, there is a headache, which is sometimes very severe but I managed to overcome by taking paracetamol at the same time with Maximor and I have since noticed the disappearance of a headache thereafter. About heartburn, I am taking Maximor after meals and not on an empty stomach and that does the trick.  The only thing is that when taking Maximor after lunch or dinner, you must wait for almost three to four hours to allow Maximor to be absorbed in your system. Headaches are common when using most ED pills and it is not only Maximor that is having this issue.

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By michael,  Sep 25, 2013

I have discovered the power of Maximor this weekend. I have used other products before, but this product has the best results.  I experienced enhanced erections and much more stamina. Also, I have overcome the pre-ejaculation problem I have had since I can remember.  This is a brilliant product.

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By Gert Backhoff,  Sep 23, 2013

I don't know if this is the suitable place to place this comment. But in any case.  I have used this product for over 4years. For the last 3years, I experience some side effects from Maximor For Men. I have sinusitis and headaches.  It ups my performance very well. Can someone please tell me why these side effects happen to me?

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By Sarel,  Apr 10, 2013

I'm 53 years of age, and after my divorce 4 years ago, I found myself with huge lack of libido. I also experienced prem ejaculation issues before.  I started using Maximor for more than a year. I took it on an on/off basis with excellent results.  I am now enjoying a healthy sexual relationship of 2 - 4 times good quality sex per week with my fiance. I sometimes have to use one pill during the day, and then one at night before action, especially if I have not used it for a while.  It definitely boosts my libido and endurance. Although widely claimed not to have side effects, I do suffer from heartburn and burping whilst using the product and for up to 3 days afterward.  Unfortunately, this means I have these side effects most of the time if I'm using Maximor regularly. I also suspect that it plays a part in my raised blood pressure.  Whilst using it I have a raised bp of above 140/90, which according to my general practitioner is probably caused by using enhancer products.

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Side effects of maximor

By Eric Michaels,  Jan 23, 2014

I used Maximor. It seemed to have worked, but I also suffered from heartburn, reflux, and indigestion for up to 3 days afterward.  What should one do to counteract this?

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Rob Miller: Your best bet would be to take it on a full stomach with plenty of water. You might also want to consider lowering the dosage by half and re-assess your tolerance.



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User Questions and Answers

My question is can I get Maximor in India, and is there any side effects? -denis

You would have to check with the seller to see if they ship to India. As far as side effects, looking at the ingredients, I wouldn't expect anything serious beyond  the potential headache or nausea.- Rob

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I am taking Hydrea to reduce my Platelet count can I safely use Maximor? -graeme

Whenever you take prescription medication, you'll need to check with your doctor about any supplement you may start taking. They'll know if there's any reason you can't use them together.- Rob

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4 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

I took Maximor but I still can't get an erection.  Is there something I did wrong? The only thing I feel is reflux. -vee

It could be that Maximor just doesn't work for you. That happens with supplements sometimes. They don't all work for everyone. If you've only used it once, give it another try. If it still doesn't work, look into using Extenze Extended Release instead. Here's my full review: Rob

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Como devo toma -Aloisio

Eu não sei. Você tem que ler o rótulo.- Rob

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  1. Hi I am Mike and I have tried Maximor Advance for the first time this past weekend and it had absolutely no effect with me, rather disappointed as it is quite pricey.
  2. It works for my wife but requires two pills at a time. There was a headache and heartburn but other than that my wife said it worked.

  3. I have issued Maximor and I had an unbearable headache for more than two weeks. I went to the GP and he couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

    My whole body is actually sore. I will never use it again.

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