Meristem Review – The Cure For 120 Diseases?

By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-6-2020


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What Can Meristem Do For You
Here’s a direct quote from the brochure
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Meristem Ingredients
Meristem Reviews
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Meristem Review

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about a new miracle product called Meristem.

There’s a brochure that shows up in the mail, and it to say that it makes some pretty powerful promises would be an understatement.

Not too uncommon for products of the like.

It comes from a company called Jackson and Hart Juvenescence, and it claims to be able to not only make you feel 10 years younger after one treatment, but also to stop 120 age related diseases, including Macular Degeneration.

With promises like that, it’s no wonder our readers are taking notice.

Well we finally got our hands on one of their brochures, we’ve taken a look, and we’re ready to share what we’ve found.

What Can Meristem Do For You?

What Can Meristem Do For You

The brochure goes into great detail about the benefits you’ll see, but in a nutshell, after just one dose, you’ll:

  • Renew all the cells in your body (every single one).
  • Rejuvenate our body’s 11 vital systems.
  • Restore PERFECT health.

Well there you have it.

Who wouldn’t want to take this stuff? Meristem promises that starting the very first day, you’ll feel decades younger.But it’s not just the fluffy feel good stuff.

They promise to restore your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce your blood pressure to normal, eliminate joint pain, cure arthritis, eliminate cataracts, and “stop over 120 diseases.”

Enticing, sure, but what does that even mean and is that really possible out of any one supplement?

These claims are far from uncommon as far as similar products go, but let’s take a closer look and see just exactly what Meristem does to put their bold claims to the test and whether or not they actually hold up.

Here’s a direct quote from the brochure:

“The effects of Meristem are so powerful that at the end of their treatment, all patients had the same medical result: dramatic rejuvenation of all 11 vital body systems and their health was fully restored regardless of their age or their state of health prior to testing.”

They are flat out claiming that Meristem cures diseases and restores you body to a state much younger than you are today.

While this is quite a bold claim and more than likely is the reason why it would draw someone’s attention, is it even really true?

How Does Meristem WorkHow Does Meristem Work?

The basic idea behind Meristemis very simple.

It replaces all the old, age-worn and damaged cells of your body, and replaces them with brand new ones.

Your arthritic joints are filled with old arthritic cells.

Take Meristem, those old cells will be replaced with new cells, and your arthritis is gone.

Your sagging skin is filled with old droopy damaged cells.

Take Meristem and it replaces all those old cells with new ones, and you’re skin is young and beautiful again.

Do this over and over for every age related issue your body faces, and you’ve got the gist of how Meristem works.

Meristem Ingredients

meristem ingredients

The ingredients in Meristem are all natural.They based on plant stem cells that come from a very specific part of the Hornbeam tree, where all the stem cells live. That part is called the Meristem.

The Hornbeam tree was chosen for its high auxin and gibberellin content, the key plant hormone ingredients that supposedly stimulate your body’s own cells to rejuvenate themselves.

Meristem Reviews

meristem customer reviews

The Meristem brochure is full of testimonials from users who were healed and cured of various age related debilitations like joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues, you name it.

But if you look online, you’ll find nothing. Huh? This is 2015 people?

Do you really expect us to believe there’s a cure for aging that hundreds or thousands of people know about and are using, but nobody’s talking about it online?

Not likely.

More Red Flags

warning about Meristem

There are so many more reasons to questions the integrity of Meristem.

  • First of all, you won’t find Jackson and Hart Juvenescence online, and you won’t find Dr. Peter Langfeld either.

    He’s their Director of Health Sciences.

    How can there be an amazing miracle supplement that puts you in “perfect health” exist in 2015 without any indication of it on the internet?

    How can Dr. Peter Langfeld be a world class scientist who discovered the fountain of youth and holds the job of Director of Health Sciences at a supplement manufacturer, and not have anything written about him online?

    These things are just not possible in today’s world.

    With a lot of digging, I came across a forum discussion about Meristem.

    One of the participants had called and asked Meristem why they weren’t online. The response from the customer service rep was that they wouldn’t be able to handle all the orders if they were.

    Okay, if you want to believe that, you can, but it doesn’t explain there not being anything about the company or the doctor.
  • Secondly, their mailing address is a mailbox in a UPS store.

    This miracle cure doesn’t have a physical plant or address?

    How is that possible?
  • Third, we’re starting to get some feedback trickling in from readers who’ve tried Meristem, or at least tried to order it.

    Several people have told us that when they called to order, the customer service rep on the phone tries very aggressively, and even rudely, to get you to buy more products.

    They even talk about being hung up on.
  • Fourth, the brochure talks about how all of Hollywood is captivated by Meristem treatments.

    Star after star uses it, with Amazing results.

    But they don’t mention a single name.

    Wouldn’t they be able to convince even one of their famous clients to share their experience with the world?

After all that, if you’re not convinced this is just a flash in the pan scam, go back and read the promises again.

They’re trying to tell you that Meristem cures 120 diseases.

Diseases that doctors can’t cure, but this Meristem from Jackson and Hart Juvenescence can?

It makes no logical sense.

How to Buy Meristem

How to Buy Meristem

Meristem is only available to order by phone or by filling out and returning the order form in the brochure. (What is this, 1992?) They sell it by the “treatment”.

One treatment is 30 day’s worth and it costs $39. Each treatment in addition to the first costs $20 more dollars.So 2 treatments cost $59, 3 treatments cost $79, and so on.

Your order is covered by a 30 day guarantee.It states that if you are not satisfied, you can request a refund (less shipping and handling) any time within the first month after you order.

You’ll also need to return your treatment(s), even if they’re empty, to get your money back.

Our Conclusion

We first starting hearing about Meristem this past summer, and the questions and comments are rolling in pretty fast.

We haven’t tried it ourselves, but there are so many red flags associated with this, I don’t think we have to.

The fact that this amazing new discovery can’t be found anywhere on the internet should be evidence enough that Meristem doesn’t cure 120 diseases.

Trust me, if this stuff did what it says it does, we’d all know about it in a hurry.

More than anything, when you see such bold claims, it is usually little more than them desperately trying to get you to part with your money no matter what kind of business it is and supplements that do so are no exception.

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Have you used this supplement?

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User Questions and Answers

My dad, age 89, recently purchased Meristem and has been religiously taking it since he received it (about 2 weeks). He recently developed a rash on his right arm and it has spread to his other arm. He states that it itches and stings - I am trying to find any information on this product - like possible side effects, for example. I have not been able to find out much on line about this product at all. I almost don't want to call them, but it sounds like I may have to. -Janice

Yeah, information online is extremely limited. I'm afraid you're going to have to call.  Here's their number: 1-855-839-9520.- Rob

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216 out of 224 people found this question helpful.

when am I going to receive my product? I sent my check on 9/12/15. The check cleared on 9/28/15. No product yet. I would like an answer. THANK YOU -Dean is a review website. We don't sell Meristem (and we don't even recommend that you buy it). You'll have to call the number on the brochure. Hopefully, they'll have an answer for you.  That's a long time to have to wait.- Rob

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Does Meristem could help to improve -Antonio Betancourt

Unfortunately, I don't think so. It's basically a multivitamin.- Rob

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I see where several people called them. I can't find them on the internet. Can you give me their phone number? -CARL

The number on their brochure is 1-855-839-9520 .- Rob

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102 out of 115 people found this question helpful.

Have you reviwed thrive? -Karen

I have.  Here's a link to our full review: Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. Meristem is a joke. I bought it – the REP told me to go to for more info.

    I had already tried that the night before, and found that such a site DOES NOT EXIST – and their OWN REP didn’t know that! However, if you want a beverage that TASTES like you think ROSE JUICE would taste – then BUY THIS.

    Otherwise, save your money.

    You need a miracle cure: IODINE!
    It has been hidden from us by big pharma since the 70’s!
    A great IODINE product is IODORAL – google it.

    THERE is your miracle cure – prevents cancer, brain fog, hypothyroidism, gives you energy and a MYRIAD of other benefits as well.

    TRY IODINE, and be HAPPY!
    Take 50 mg / day to start – contrary to the lies of big pharma, DANGEROUS doses begin up around 900 / 1000 mg!
    We’ve been LIED TO!

  2. Rob, Thank you for providing this service. I believe you and your group has just saved me from making a big mistake.

    Thanks again,

  3. Dear Rob,
    Normally I throw these types of advertising away, but this one caught my attention because it related stem cells which I have been researching, especially relating to injecting your own back into a problem area. As I am in Australia and they do not do it here, I had to put it aside, but have been wondering (and hoping) you could take something to do the same.

    I have arthritis in my left hip and after 15 falls on that leg during the night (due to not sleeping for two months, due to the drug for RLS no longer working and doctor experimenting with six others that did not work) my leg is so bad I cannot walk without a crutch. So am longing for something that will grow back the cartlidge.
    However, I appreciate your site and comments and won’t fall for this ‘miracle’ supplement nor future ones that promise the world.

    1. Hey Margaret,
      Yeah I hear you. There are so many supplements that make promises like this that it can be nearly impossible to keep up.

      Glad I could save you from making a costly mistake! You might be better off with a simple chondroitin / glucosamine supplement combo.

      I’ve done some pretty extensive research on this, and apparently the 2 work great when combined to help with the natural regeneration of cartilage. Unfortunately since you’re in Australia I can’t make a specific supplement recommendation, but I would check with your local vitamin store.
    2. Hi margareetha,
      Try MMS, I have been using it for over 10 years For everthing,
      I get mine from
      There is a mass of information on the site.
      Also when on the site check out DMSO also for your leg.

      Kind regards.

      Shellharbour, NSW.
  4. Just got the brochure today. wanted to dissolve cataracts. I’ll throw it in the wastecan, thank you for saving this 82 yr old grandma from another scam.

    Tania Miller
  5. Rob,
    Thank you so much for being diligent in calling out this company. I got a copy of there advertisement in the mail today and read the entire pamphlet and I’m thinking, Wait a minute, this sounds vaguely familiar.

    About three years ago I got this same ad about this miraculous elixir known as Meristem, and before that it was called rejuvenence or something. I remember doing a lot of research on this product because, frankly, it sounded too good to be true.

    A miracle! Why wasn’t it on TV or in the American Medical journals. I also researched the address on Western Ave, which is a Fedex drop box.

    To make a long story short. This PMB is a drop box for college kids trying to make some extra money by sending out these unbelievable advertisements and it’s a scam.

    The products don’t do what they are advertised to do and it’s nearly impossible to get your money back. You’ve just been had!

  6. E. Bruce Tunnell
    I have just read Blake’s comment that you should try a supplement before you comment on it.

    I truly believe Blake is not sane. If a product says you can take and jump off a ten story building hit the pavement and not get hurt please have Blake try it before commenting.

  7. Great review. Of course it’s a scam – of it was legitimate it would be making headlines all over the world.

  8. My husband receivedied in the mail from Jackson & Hart Juvenescence. Any updates regarding this product?

    Noticed these reviews dated 2015.
    1. Hey Nalani,
      We actually haven’t had a chance to update our Meristem review in quite sometime, but I do have it on the list for a refresh. Check back in a couple of weeks, we should have additional info.

    2. Thank you for these comments.I was going to trial this product. Will bin the information now.Of course we would all love a second chance at life.But if this product was what it claims to be,someone would shout it from the rooftops. Elaine B

  9. Their advertising is very convincing and clever. I called to order Sunday night and they were closed.

    My niece had , in the meantime, sent me your critique. Thank you and your contributors for saving me the money and heartache of waiting to feel better.

    Do you have any answers for chronic and terrible pain. I’ve tried so many things.

    Much of it is nerve pain. I’ve tried 2 different brands of cbd.

    It did nothing for me. Yet I’ve heard of many people for which it’s been a great blessing.

    I feel we’re missing something big in the information we’re getting.
    1. Hey Sandy,
      No problem at all, glad we could help! Check out a substance called Kratom. It’s a bit controversial, but it’s VERY effective at helping with chronic pain, and is a great replacement for powerful pain meds. I talk about exactly what it is, how it works, etc. in my full review of Coastline Kratom (my preferred vendor for various reasons). Here’s my review:
  10. So just was so desperate to help my Michael with shingles since March of 2018 and on dialysis getting weaker so thought this couldn’t hurt to try! Says money back guarantee!

    Was I to gullible.?
  11. they mention lung disease but i know of no medication anywhere that will fix C.O.P.D,so i think it,s a scam
  12. I have recieved an ad for Metozal. It is a purported stem cell treatment which contains a long list of vitamins.

    I am interested in it for my joints as I recently tore my meniscus. Do you think it might work?

    I’m afraid it is one of those things that sounds too good to be true.
    1. Hey Diane,

      I haven’t checked this particular one out before. A quick Google search doesn’t yield a whole lot of information.

      From what I can tell, it’s similar to these others – making a lot of big promises, but really it’s just a glorified multivitamin. I would probably not recommend it.
  13. Thanks for the review. I couldn’t find a list of ingredients for Meristem so I was suspicious.

    I also thought it sounded too good to be true and was targeting the elderly who often don’t use the internet a lot. Pretty low tactics.

    Sounds like a scam and definitely won’t be trying it
  14. Just got offer in the mail toda.
    1 months treatment $70A
    Thankyou for your site as at 71 was really tempted.
    Thes scams seem to move here after a few years in the US
    Thanks again.
  15. Hello, just want to say thanks, this is great info on here , i am trying to get back from serious shoulder and back injuries to my pre- injury health strength and fitness , i was injured aged 57, i am now 65soit has been along road back, so read all on here looking for the right supplements .
    Thanks again.

    1. Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for that, glad I could help! What’s your primary goal?

      Are you looking for something to help lose weight, or more for helping to gain muscle? Let me know what your goals are and I can recommend some great supplements.

      1. Hello Rob, yes i am trying to build some muscle, my goal is to get back to how i looked at 57, now 65, even close to previous i will be happy.
        All the best

        1. I would recommend you stack a testosterone booster called Prime Male along with a pre workout called Nitrocut. The 2 work great when combined, and will help you build solid, lean muscle.

          Here’s my reviews of each:

          Prime Male –

          Nitrocut –

          Also, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you get faster results.

          Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
          1. Hello Rob….thanks for your help, much a appreciated, i will see if the supplements are here in
            All the best

  16. The people who advertised this cure-all product “Meristem” also advertised another cure-all product called “Ocean D3” 8 or 9 months ago. They also were advertising another cure-all product called “SUNROOT” extracted from Jerusalem artichoke a couple of years ago.

    I purchased one bottle of 30 capsules for $39 just to prove to my wife that we should eat more of Jerusalem artichoke that our yard was full of it and I couldn’t stop them from taking over all the empty spaces of my yard. I wish there was some law to stop/prosecute this company from fooling people.

  17. Hi thanks for all the reviews here
    I have 1 question do you know anything about a company called BetterYou as they seem to be more informative about their supplements
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Regards Roy
    1. Hey Roy,
      I don’t have any knowledge of or experience with this company. Check for customer reviews of both their products and their customer service.

      They should be pretty telling about how good of a company they are.
  18. If this meristem works wonder why should it not be in the news no one should be going through medication and operation it would save NHS lots of money too
    Having now done my own research I say no thanks

    It is too good to be true people should be very careful and sensible
  19. Well, I was going to order some of this Miracle Cure but you have changed my mind. I now see the image “How can this product cure all those diseases that Doctors can’t?” I’m sorry but I am a real skeptic, before I order anything I usually check out the forums online to see what people who have use it say.
    Wild Raspberry Keytone is a scam, for sure, all they want is your money & they are quick to take it.

    They even take your money BEFORE you have any of the product & this was on a FREE TRIAL. Keep well away from this.

  20. Thanks for your info on “Meristem”, after reading your comments and others on your website It certainly sounds very Fishy or every physician would be recommending it?
  21. This just a comment. I agree completelt with this review.

    I live in Brisbane Australia, and I got their product brochures in the mail the other day too, and so searched (hoping to find journal references to their said “clinical trial”) but alas there are no reported trials in any journals – the only published info about those plant stem cells is within plant biology research. Not convincing.

    Furthermore, since natural compounds cannot be solely licenced, the big question is why arent other natural therapy manaufacturers manufacturing this product if its claims are correct? I think its another scam, and way overpriced, a bit like Herbalife.

    I nearly fell victim to the idea…of course everyone would want this if its claims were true. I can agree an individual anecdotal positive response might happen, but then again there is always the placebo effect, and the results are not ubiquitous among the majority…to your point Rob that if this product was so astounding the world would be hearing about it big time and the Dr in its science department wouldn’t be stuck in his non-existent lab…thanks Rob for the review, and the obvious truth..Pete

  22. Hi Rob,I received the information about Meristem and thought this is the stuff that will fix me up,Im glad I read the peoples comments it saved me a lot of money.I hate these scamming bastards more than going to the dentist.
  23. I received this promotion in the mail today and am suspicious of this product so I read your review to have more answers here in Australia they have given me an envelope to place my trial order and its:
    Greenstay, P.O.Box 6399 Alexandria NSW 2015 . In the brochure they show all the elderly men and women are rejuvenated after taking this MERISTEM.

    Sounds like the movie “Cocoon” where all the elderly folks jump into this swimming pool got out and were young again…. thanks for your feedback because I dont buy this promotion if its real why are they not promoting this on the media and let the whole world know about this miracle portion that cures athritis and kidneys etc the photos of the doctors are so fake they dont look real person? Guess the authorities should look into this too good to be true I reckon.

  24. I was trying to find any reference to Greenstay and found your site and thats about all I found on them . Just received brochures on another miracle cure for everything …they are clever !

    This time Quercetin Max from the Iceland alps where a species of never before found Rhododendron has grown in the volcanic ash. Needing miracle relief and wanting to believe but being sensible enough to try and research this company ..ouch !!! cruel

  25. I foolishly fell for it and ordered a 3 month supply without checking their credentials. You see,at 75 years of age, I suffer many life threatening chronic illnesses and, I guess, I am the sort of person they prey on.

    I certainly will heed yor advice and not order anymore. These sorts of “supplements” are rife and it surprises me that there is no regulation.

    There is another product called NutriO2 promisig cellular rejuvenation. Have you heard of this.

    I believe it is another Scam. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hey Adrian,

      Yeah, I completely understand. We want something to work so badly, we allow ourselves to become convinced.

      I hadn’t heard of NutriO2 before, but I looked at it quickly, and it sounds like the claims are way overblown. There may be something to “oxygen therapy”, but according to WebMD, evidence for its effectiveness is not really there.

      My educated guess is that while there may be minor benefits, I’m sorry to say, it won’t be all you would hope for.
      1. The product I have proved to be OK is H2O2 which is Hydrogen Peroxide but you need the 35% FOOD Grade one which must be diluted with DISTILLED water in the ratio 11 to 1 before use .
        I have had no colds, flu , teeth probs , earaches , Infections , Sores all over cured after 3 months of oral protocol that lasts 6 months ,and daily dabbing with the 3% solution which aturally found in our bodies

        I too was here to see if the MERISTEM review ,worked.So tempted — they have a great front , but guess it’s like the other 3 I’ve tried before , great blab , and no results !
        Look up HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 35% food grade and this product CURED the pneumonia outbreak when the Suez was being built.

        The writer was Madison Cavanaugh , the BOOK was the” One \Minute Cure”and like many other s, was “BURIED ” Too cheap for the big players in the health game .3 of us used it for 6 months , one bottle costs. $50 , the distilled water $6 , and you need lots of that !
        1. I have a distiller and distill all my own drinking water. I started drinking the distilled water at my Dr’s suggestion when we bought a motorhome and were going to do some traveling for a few months.

          She said it was not a good idea to be drinking all the water that I’d be coming in contact with—so I bought a distiller from a company in Florida. It fits nicely in the MH.

          I also buy the 35% peroxide and mix it 11 / 1 for washing all my fruit and veggies (even if they’re organic.) I also drank the peroxide/distilled water for quite a few years (I never got a cold while doing so—It was from some Organization that I think was named Echo.
    1. Hey John Barr,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  26. Just received brochures in the mail – cost 1= $70 2= $119 3=$149 6 = $249. Expensive to prices quoted above. 6 different brochures enclosed re product made me suspicious.

    1. Hey Antonio,
      While no supplement can be considered completely side effect-free, but they don’t list any reported effects, so it should be considered safe. If you have concerns, check with your doctor.

    1. Hey Brad,

      I haven’t had personal dealings with them, so I don’t have a definitive answer for you. On the one hand, some of their products get great reviews from customers, but on the other hand, I’ve seen a little negative feedback about their customer service.

      It’s a tough call.
    2. I’ve been using Biotrust products for years, mostly the Lo Carb protein powder and the Organic Protein bars. Use them on an almost daily basis and like them very much.

      The only time I contacted customer service they were great.
  27. When I rang and asked what the free gift was he said it was a pen with a magnifying glass attached, why would they give this gift if the cure all fixes your eyesight? also the product comes out of China!!!!
  28. Received info in the mail which sounded too good to be true. Read the Historic case file and then Googled 1931 Dr Roger Miller-Organotherapy; 1960 Professor Paul Lebanon-Embryo Phytotherapy; 1981 Professor Charles Winfray-Stem Cells; 2000 Dr Andre Vannier-DHEA; 2014 Dr Powell-Plant Hormone Therapy.

    NO NO NO NO NO these so names specialist in their field DO NOT EXIST. People it is A SCAM, put your purses away and talk with your GP of Naturopth and be guided by people who can help you with your health.

    Eat correctly, and exercise, even if it is only gentle walking 5-6 times a week. Retired Grandmother (74) but not from LIFE.

  29. forgot to mention that tried to lookup Greenstay Laboratories , but couldnt find it maybe you can and let me know , as i suspect it coming from backdoor. i wont purchase a product until i know if its legit from the main source , whether it works or not. Example , i purchased Apple Pectin Powder from EBay , when i started using it and adding to whatever drink whether coffe juice etc, it wouldnt dissolve and became cluggy and float , it reminded me of flour and stick to your mouth ,tongue inner mouth wall , but after a while just melt away, so i looked up Solgar and they are a Genuine Laboratorie as i emailed them and told them about whats happening with the product, so to my surprise after a week got an email to contact them about the issue with the product.

    So you can see that they are concerned and are legit. i hope i didnt bore you with this Regards Ladislau.
    1. Hey Ladislau,
      Yeah, I looked them up too and didn’t find anything. All signs point to these guys being phonies.

  30. I received a brochure from Greenstay Laboratories stating Dr Powell was the doctor who discovered this but I can’t find anything on the company or even this doctor’s first name or credentials (and no photos match). I was really interested in this product for my osteoarthritis (I’m in my forties) and for my elderly parents’ many ailments.

    I was skeptical of the marketing material and want to believe it but am wondering why there is nothing on the internet. I’m more suspicious now that you say it’s been narketed hy different fiunding “doctors” and companies.

    I am in Australia. I hope you can update me on this.

    Thank you
    1. Hey Michelle,

      I haven’t looked into anything from Greenstay Laboratories, but their MO sounds a lot like the others (Meristem, Regenify, etc). I would not trust them if I were you.

      1. Thank you Rob. What a shame.

        I did wonder if such drastic cell regeneration could actually be a cause of cancer rather than a cure but was hopeful of getting imoroved mobility and pain relief. Ah well… very cruel of these people to prey on the potentially vulnerable.

  31. It is true every one has a different make up and yes it may take awhile for it to work or maybe it will not work at all. I have not tried Meristem but until I do I can not make a comment on its healing powers.Only way is try it.

  32. Hi, Rob, and many thanks for your review of Meristem – just what I was looking for. When the promo came in the mail (I’m in Australia) I would have really loved for their claims to be true.

    BUT I’ve learned to be sceptical, so off I trundle to find a review – and you had done one. Damn – no instant cure.

    So, I’ll save my money and stay sick anyway. At least I’ll be sick and richer!

    1. Hey Billy,

      I don’t know for sure that they’re the same company, but yes, I believe they’re both scams. They’re either the same company, or two different companies running the same scam. They’re just multi-vitamins. There’s no way they can cure all those issues and illnesses. We have a review on the website for Panaxcea you can check out here: My recommendation is to stay away from all of them.

  34. Just a comment. if all of these products did what they said-there would be no sick people. Taking a good vitamin every day will work just as well.

    Most of these claims are just marketing ploys, same used with everything out there.
    1. Hey Nancy,

      I haven’t yet, but I’ll look into it, and see if maybe it’s something we should review. Thanks for the heads up.

  35. I will not try Meristem,I would think if there was a good company revealing there product there would be lots of chatter about what it does,have you ever wondered that some of the critiques were by paid people.Other companys i would like to see tour research on is Dr. Sinatra Omega Q plus and The ultimate heart formula.I did have a ultra sound and they found a blood clot in my left leg.Thats when i started to take the ultimate heart formula.After three months my Dr. wanted to see me.I took the formula in to show her.She told me to through it away because they did not use it.She had me do another ultrasound.So after the ultrasound i asked the nurse how the blood clot was,she said it was gone i was clean as a whistle.Your thoughts on these two company’s.thanks
    1. Hey Tony,

      I agree with you completely on Meristem. I find it amazing that they’re getting people to fall for it.

      As for the Omega Q Plus, I’m glad it worked out so well for you, but I really don’t know anything about it. I try to stick to what I know – workout supplements, male enhancements, and nootropics.

      The only reason I commented on the Meristem is that I had about 20 readers ask me about it in a about 3 days. I figure they’d just sent out a mass mailing, haha.

    1. Hey Nani,

      I haven’t really looked at it. I mainly focus on workout, male enhancement, and nootropic supplements.

  36. I got the mailing and since I have many health problems, wanted to immediately send for this “Miracle” cure-all. HOWEVER, since I learned from past experiences that IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE it’s usually a SCAM, I looked online and found your site, Rob.

    It’s really a shame Meristem is not the “super food” supplement it’s advertised to be. Really, they ought to be sued for making such promises!

    Guess it’s the old “buyer beware." Anyway, thanks for your site and your comments on Meristem.
    1. Hey Gloria,

      Agreed. It’s a real shame these guys can get away with preying on people like us.

  37. Total scam! I feel stupid for believing that anything could do all that they claim.

    And then they signed me up without my knowledge for 2 programs that began charging me $17.95 each per month. Check your credit card bills!

  38. I have some Meristem. I’ve tried it three times.

    It does lift my spirits, but with your review I am afraid to use it more.

    Have anyone had it tested for ingredients?

    1. Hey Marylyn,

      I haven’t had it tested for ingredients. I wouldn’t think it would be dangerous, but you never know.

  39. Rob, I do not know you but if you are going to review products for people who are skeptical about claims that appear to be outrageous don’t you think its extremely important before you judge ANY product that you try it yourself? It makes absolutely no sense to make your statements about any product unless you have personally tried it yourself.

    I’ve read your reviews on Panaxea and Meristem but you have not personally tried either. Don’t get me wrong, As I am very skeptical about their claims as well.

    However I received the Panaxea 22 page magazine in the mail and your claim of them stating that it MAY help with this or that is no where in the literature. All their claims state that it will work for anyone who tries it guaranteed.

    I can send you the copy I received in the mail if you would like. In the future though, if I were you, if you truly are just writing this information to review products and not trying to sell your own then you should be giving a true and honest review by actually trying the product before you review it online.

    I welcome your response.
    1. Hey Blake,

      I understand your point, but at what point can you be confident a product won’t live up to its claims. What if a supplement guaranteed to cure cancer, to make you 6 inches taller, to regrow a lost limb.

      There is no science to support any of those claims. Would I have to try each of them to state that they probably don’t work?

      I have well over 1500 reviews on my website. Some of the products I’ve tried.

      Some reviews are just researched. I’m upfront and clear about each kind.

      I’ve researched and tried enough supplements to recognize scams and false promises. They usually fit into one of several very predictable patterns in terms of their marketing and business practices.

      But if you try either one of them, I’d be happy to hear how they work out for you.

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