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There’s certainly been no shortage of testosterone boosters flooding the market in the past few years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Ranging from the outright ridiculous to the clinically proven, men all across the country are looking to both the internet and their doctors to help solve their gradual testosterone reduction. One recent all natural over the counter testosterone booster I came across is called Niwali Advanced Test-O-Boost (or Testoboost depending on who you’re talking to). This once daily supplement has literally flooded the airways with advertisements about how effective it really is, but does it really work?

Want to skip all the fluff? Jump ahead to my personal results.

What is Niwali Test-O-Boost?

Niwali Advanced Testoboost is an all natural product manufactured by a company of the same name. It promises to help men everywhere “feel superhuman” with their proprietary and unique formula, which is said to start working in a matter of weeks. The primary ingredient that fuels this supposed success is Tongkat Ali, which is another name for the plant derivative Eurycoma Longifolia.

niwali advanced testoboost reviewCommonly found throughout the jungles of Southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali has been anecdotally studied to help increase sexual vigor and control, as well as helping to increase sperm count. While there is mixed reports about it’s effectiveness at boosting testosterone levels, there has been some evidence that it may have the ability to counteract osteoporosis.

Niwali Advanced Test-O-Boost also uses 3 other primary ingredients, which include the amino acid L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, and Ginseng. All of these ingredients have shown some promise in helping men achieve enhanced testosterone, which translates to more lean muscle, and increased energy levels. Check out the label below for the full ingredient profile by clicking here.

Questions We’ve Received About Niwali Test-O-Boost

I am attempting more to lose fat, but do need help with muscle building as well.

I read this report in Mens Health about Advanced Test-O-Boost and Pure Garcinia, but I don’t know if they work.What would you recommend for me?

Answer: Thanks for your email. The mens health article you read was a fake, not a real men’s health article. Check out this post I made, it outlines what I’m talking about:

If you want to build muscle and shred fat, stack a combo of a pre-workout supplement called Nitrocut along with a fat burner called Phen 375. Also, I attached my free “Get Ripped” ebook to this email (the ebook is here), it’s packed with ton’s of tips on diet and exercise that will help rev up your metabolism, as well as pack on lean muscle.
Rob Miller,

Pro’s of Niwali Advanced Testo Boost

  • All natural ingredients
  • Some ingredients have been proven in clinical studies to be effective at increasing testosterone levels
  • Can be purchased conveniently online
  • They provide a 30 day money back guarantee

Con’s of Niwali TestoBoost

  • Side Effect profile not fully understood
  • Not available in stores
  • Very few Test O Boost reviews found online

My Advanced Test-O-Boost Youtube Video

My Personal Results With Niwali Test-O-Boost

I got a chance to order a trial of Advanced Test-O-Boost, and wanted to report my findings here. As you may or may not already know, I try out alot of Testosterone boosting supplements, and many of them are just duds. I started seeing results from Niwali Testoboost right away, but they didn’t seem to be very long lasting. Some immediate results I saw were:

  • Sleeping better
  • Had a small increase in energy
  • Small increase in focus, but not sure if it was from this

These benefits probably lasted a week or so (max), but over time it started to fizzle away, leading me to believe that it was probably just a placebo effect.

Personally speaking, I don’t think this supplement really works, and it definitely did not work the way they said it was going to. I didn’t see any massive increase in muscle size or definition, and I certainly didn’t see my abs popping out of my stomach. I didn’t get a blood test done to see if it actually increase my testosterone levels, but an educated guess would leave me to believe that it was probably just a placebo effect.

The Good

  • Safe, all natural ingredients (from what I can tell)
  • I had decent (albeit for a short period of time) results with it

The Bad

  • Free trial is a scam (see below)
  • Very few “real” customer reviews
  • Not available in stores

The Deceptive Billing Practices Surrounding Niwali Test O Boost

fake mens health articleYou’ve probably seen the ads for Niwali advanced testoboost plastered all over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These bogus ads usually involve some celebrity who apparently has been using this supplement in combination with another one like NO2 Maximus or Prolexin IGF-1. I talk alot about this in detail in my investigative report, but will touch on it briefly here.

The supposed article, which appears to be written on a Men’s Health magazine website, is blatantly an advertisement used by internet marketers to swindle you into what’s known in the industry as an auto-rebill, auto- shipment program.

They promise to send you free samples of their supplement, all you have to do is pay a small shipping charge.

What they also tell you (in very fine print like this), is that you will be charged as much as $85.95 for that “sample” 14 days after ordering if you don’t cancel.

On top of that, they will continually send you a new bottle every month, as well as continually bill your credit card every month for the same price of $85.95. Check out how many guys have fallen for this in the comments section below.

Nobody is to blame for falling for such techniques, however, hopefully if you have fallen for it or have observed what others have gone through at the hands of this scheme or similar ones then you will be fully equipped to avoid falling for it yourself or again in the future.

The Marketing Hyper Surrounding Test O Boost

Another thing I wanted to point out was that the vast majority of reviews posted about Niwali Advanced Test O Boost are fake. What do I mean? Well, for starters, I found this supposed “review” on Youtube, check it out:

This guy, who says he is a trainer, recommends Testoboost to all of his clients and friends. But, here’s the thing…this guy is a paid actor. How do I know this? Check out the image below:

fake niwali testoboost review

This guy has done ton’s of fake reviews on numerous different supplements, including 1285 muscle, no2 maximus, and others.

Another deceptive marketing ploy Niwali Advanced Testoboost is that they used Gert Louw’s, who is a world renowned bodybuilder, photo’s and likeness to try and portray that he used their supplement to have a massive body transformation in only 4 weeks. He talks about his experience in the video below:


It’s pretty obvious that a company that has to promote its supplement using fake reviews is not a very reputable one. The fact that they also have to lure unsuspecting customers into buying their product through a deceptive “free trial” campaign also doesn’t help their cause. My results, although a bit favorable in the beginning, also speaks for itself.

If you truly want to transform your body, it takes hard work in the gym, dedication to a good diet, and a combination of supplements that REALLY do work. Unfortunately, Niwali Advanced Testoboost is not one of them. Save yourself the time, hassle, and potential financial debacle, skip this supplement at all costs.

In general, the bolder and more ridiculous of claims that supplement makes the less likely it actually is to work, in my experience, and the more likely it is to be pulling off some lame business tactics that result in good people being scammed out of their money.

Have You Used Niwali Advanced Test-O-Boost? Leave Your Review Below!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Dave,  Dec 10, 2013

I tried the test-o-boost and the orvigomax and saw no difference with either one. They also put me on auto ship without any authorization and charged my credit card more then their listed price.  Would not recommend this co for any thing.

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2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

B. gray's Review

By B. gray,  Dec 9, 2015

I used this product and I'd shoot my load like never before. My girl couldn't believe it.

Was this review helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

What are you using it for

By Louis,  Aug 16, 2016

Hello, I have read several reviews on this product and thought I might contribute. You first must really ask what are you looking for the product to do.  No product is going to do all the work for you. Depending on what your lifestyle is truthfully will determine what products do what for you.  I did not originally try this product years ago to further enhance my physique. I already had/have a combination of supplements as well as the proper knowledge of how to workout that takes care of all that.  I originally tried this product for its claims of helping to boost sexual prowess. In that aspect I have to say that I did experience positive results.  Not that I was having a problem because I wasn't, but I am the type of person that is always looking to get better performance wise in several aspects of my life. Taking this product, my erections did tend to feel/get that much more firm.  I can say that based on the questions I was asked by my partner, she was noticing a difference too. Although there was not a vast difference stamina wise, there was a noticeably slight improvement there as well.  As far as t-boost and mass building, cant say either way if this product was effective because as I stated there were other combinations taking care of that. In conclusion for the purposes I got the product for (which was as a sexual additive, the claims by the manufacturer of this product are correct.  It works. As for the other claims I would have to completely clear my system of other supplements in order to give a true test and review.  That's not happening anytime soon. Keep in mind every person is different and reacts different.  Funny thing is, I tried Testosyn (which is suppose to be rated the #1 consumer t - booster and felt like it did absolutely nothing for me and was a waste of money. I still have a 2nd bottle sitting at home in the package it came in.  By the way I did not visit the doctor to determine if my T-levels actually increased so I cannot give an accurate account if this product was effective in that area as well.

Was this review helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

By John,  Dec 17, 2013

Product doesn't work and cancellation process is just a nightmare.

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User Questions and Answers

What time of day is recommended for supplementation -Robert

Any time is fine. I like to take testosterone boosters before bed, but the important thing is that you try to take it around the same time each day to keep a steady supply of the ingredients in your bloodstream.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. Iam skinny I haven’t always been this way what supplement can you suggest can help me build muscle, mass and gain weight quick
    1. Hey Dhaval,

      Let me know a little more about yourself – your age, height and weight, activity level, and what you’re hoping to achieve… and I’ll recommend a great supplement or stack for you.
  2. I believe that the problem really is about people not reading what they should. everyone only reads “free”
    not the entire sentence of “risk free trial” so most people thinks that they are just giving product away, and they aren’t.
    so read the T&C not only for this product but for everything! it’s the same as signing a contract without knowing what it is stated on it.
    additionally, if you do not agree on the T&C of their trial offer why don’t people purchase one bottle to used it for a month a make the purchase decision base on this experience? let me answer that too. because people is cheap and wants it all for free.
    I’ve used the product myself, for 3 cycles already, and it has work.
    1. Hey Caf,

      I don’t disagree with you. People should read first so they know what they’re getting into.

      That said, these companies make that as difficult as possible. It is clear that they are happy to have people inadvertently sign up for automatic monthly billing.

      If it’s such a great deal, why not display it prominently instead of hiding it? And to your second point, most of these products are not available to purchase any other way than the “risk free trial”.

      Thanks for your input, and I’m glad it’s working out for you.

      1. Niwali’s testo boost it’s available for purchase on their main webiste. You can even purchase 3, and 6 month supplies without signing up for any utoship or anything like that.

        I have even purchase their stuff over the phone without any issue ( not this product, but others)
  3. Hi I’m a new person I want to start gaining more muscle and more mass I do alirtle work out every night to stay fit problem is I’m 28 and I’m 5’5 tall and 115 lbs I eat a lot too but I can’t seem to gain more weight to turn into muscle can you give me some tips on what I should take and do to get a better looking body.
    1. Hey Ernest,
      You’d be surprised how many guys have a hard time putting on any weight at all, especially muscle. Here’s what you do. First of all, you need to eat. A lot. Make sure to eat 6 meals a day. Get complex carbs in the morning and eat 1.5 grams of protein a day for every pound you weigh. You’ll need to lift heavy and limit your cardio. Download my free “getting ripped” ebook for diet and workout tips to help you out there. As for supplements, go with Nitrocut for your pre-workout and Muscle Advance Creatine which will help pack on the muscle. You’ll also want to use a protein powder. I recommend 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition. It tastes great!

      So that should get you started. Good luck and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  4. Thats A Lie if you call Niwali you can get an answer sometimes you dorks dont read, and thats why you are involved in aotuships, but imprettyu sure that if you control your order you are not going to have a problem
  5. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. . they charged my act $84.00 after 4 days of me having the product and since I had no choice but to keep it I used it.. No Results wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at all

  6. Hi, I fell for this scam with test-o-boost. This crap sucks.

    And they keep trying to give me the run around and not cancel my order. I looked on the website but I can not find anywhere that i can cancel it manually.

    Please HELP!

    1. Hey Derrick,
      You’re not alone. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic answer for you.

      The best I can do is give you the phone number I found at their website. It’s 1-855-364-9254. Best of luck to you. And if you can’t get through in time, you should call your credit card company and see how they might be able to help.

  7. This is yet another rip-off “bodybuilding supplement."
    Watch “Harder, Faster, Stronger” to see how these guys operate.

    1. Just read the trailer for Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Looks interesting, will have to check it out, thanks.


  8. I am just starting this product and pairing with prolexin that was advertised with it. I noticed the same effects so far – increased energy etc. my question to you is…following your review you write about testo fuel but say you took for 3 months.

    You only took testoboost for 3 weeks, correct? How can you make a fair comparison?

    I am not a propent if this product (just started) but extensively trying to research the results and side effects. Just looking for the best feed back.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      After 3 weeks, I’d determined that Testoboost was helping. After trying all the different supplements I’ve tried, I felt like I had a good idea that Testoboost works reasonably well. There are other things, however, that go into my recommendation of Testo Fuel. Testoboost is more expensive, and I’m not a fan of the free trial offers out there that so many guys get scammed by. So nothing against the effectiveness of Testoboost, but on the whole, I just prefer Testo Fuel.

      1. Fair enough. I am new to any of these and appreciate any feedback from someone that has tried them.

        I will continue this to the end of this bottle and make my own determination. How much less is the testo fuel?

        Is it available in stores? Did you notice any negative side effects?

        Do you still take it? Thanks again for your help.

        1. Hey Andrew,
          Sure, I understand and I’m the same way… always want to know how people that used something liked it, and why. Testo Fuel is about $10 a month less than Testoboost bottle for bottle, but Testo Fuel offers multi-month packages that really bring the cost down. Unfortunately, it’s not available in stores. You’ve got to get it through the website. No side effects for me. I don’t think there’s that much of a boost for it to cause testosterone-related side effects. I still cycle it in when I can, but as an “occupational hazard,” I’m always trying new supplements, so don’t get to come back to my favorites as often as I like. Let me know if you have any more questions, and also let me know how your experience with Testoboost goes.


        2. Blatant scam shame on me for even falling for it was totally lied to by phone rep returned the product in required time assured my credit card would be credited in 2-5 days one month to-day still trying to get money returned My advice stay far away from any of these internet deals for your own good Reputable companies unfortunately will suffer
  9. today i just ordered the free trial of the test-o-boost product… question about this product is
    how solid are the gains you get from it?…and is it one of those products that will make you shrink when you stop using it?
    1. Hey Brandon,
      I didn’t find much in the way of gains – a little but nothing much, so I wouldn’t say the gains are very solid. You’ll also lose the effects once you stop taking it, but your body’s natural testosterone production won’t decrease back below where they started, if that’s what you mean.

      I hope this helps. And remember to call and cancel your trial soon if you don’t want the $75 charge.

  10. Be very (!!!) weary of Niwali TestoBoost. They stole my photos + wrote a fake story and used it to promote their product internationally.

    If they had to do that, their is NO WAY this product can work.
  11. Hello I was wonder how you cancel the trial order for advanced test o boost. I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

    1. Hey Damon,
      You can either find the contact information that came with your order, or go to the website to cancel your order.

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