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A new company keeps popping up my radar.

I’ve had a few of my readers ask me about them lately, so I decided now was the time to take a look. The company is called Nootrobox.

They make nootropic supplements that you can either take individually or as a stack.

We’ll look at a few of them individually, and we’ll devote some time to assessing them as a stack.

The product we’re talking about today is called Nootrobox Rise.

It appears to be the centerpiece of the stack, the main daily nootropic and probably the one they would recommend you start with first if you’re going to choose only one.

So lets dive in and discuss Nootrobox Rise, its benefits, its drawbacks, the company, and ultimately you’ll be better armed to make a decision about whether or not to get involved with Nootrobox Rise, or Nootrobox as a whole.

nootrobox-rise-imageWhat Is Nootrobox Rise?

Nootrobox Rise is a daily supplement you can use to boost your everyday cognitive functioning.

When taking this pill, you should see an improvement in your memory, your ability to stay on task, and remained centered through the many distractions you may face during your day.

It’s not a quick acting supplement based on a caffeine buzz to help you power through.

You should expect to see results improve over time.

This is the promise, now let’s see what goes into it so we can better determine if Nootrobox Rise delivers

Nootrobox Rise Ingredients

The Nootrobox Rise formula is very brief, with only three ingredients: Bacopa Monnieri (300 mg), Rhodiola Rosea (300 mg), and Alpha-GPC (300 mg).One of the most positive aspects of Nootrobox as a company is their very complete ingredient information.

I have to say, in the online supplement world, this is rare.

Not only to do they tell you what’s in the formula, but they tell you how much, and they provide a detailed description of each component and how it can help.

Let’s take them separately, and see what they each have to offer.


Bacopa Monnieri comes from India, and as such has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine traditions.

Unlike a lot of other ancient herbs, this one has actually been used historically for the same purpose it’s being used for today – cognitive enhancement.

It’s mainly a memory enhancer, which is what most of the studies have been involved with.

The Nootrobox Rise website mentions a few clinical studies.

In one, participants took 150 mg twice a day for 90 days. The study showed a notable improvement in spatial working memory, whereby subjects found they could recall words learned over time, even with interference.

In another, subjects took 300 mg a day over 12 weeks and found improvements in the rate of learning and memory.This second study involved 54 subjects, all over the age of 65 showing no signs of dementia.

Yet another study showed that Bacopa Monnieri can lead to less anxiety and depression as well as an overall improved mood state.

Bacopa Monnieri works in three ways.

  1. It acts as an antioxidant, which means it protects cells against neuro damage.
  2. It increases the flow of blood to the brain, delivering more oxygen and nutrients.
  3. It inhibits the breakdown of the important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

Within the Bacopa Monnieri plant, it’s the Bacosides that provide the cognitive benefit.

The higher the concentration of Bacosides, the better.

Nootrobox Rise uses the highest concentrations available, and contains the same 300 mg used in clinical testing.

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant found in cold environments and is generally used as an adaptagen, which improves the way a body and mind respond to stress and change.

It’s been used in China for centuries to fight fatigue.

And more recently, it’s been studied for its neuroprotective qualities.

nootrobox-rise-rhodeala-imageIt’s been shown to increase attention and improve learning capacity. One study of college students showed an increase in attention and a decrease in fatigue when taking 50 mg daily over 20 days.

Rhodiola Rosea also works in a couple different ways.

It’s an antioxidant which means it protects the health of cells, including brain cells, and it functions similarly to gIt may also act like a Monoamin Oxidase Inhibitor, which presents the breakdown of serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine – leading to improved mood.

The original Nootrobox Rise formula didn’t include Rhodiola Rosea, but not long after its inception, they reworked the formula to add it in.

Shortly after that, they increased its potency from 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides to 5% rosavins and 2% salidrosides, while keeping the dose at 300 mg per day, which is well above the clinically studied dose.

Alpha-GPC causes choline to be delivered to the brain.

This is important because choline is the precursor to acetylcholine.

It increases dopamine and serotonin as well.

nootrobox-rise-alpha-gpc-imageIn healthy subjects, Alpha-GPC’s effects have only been studied as part of a stack with other ingredients.

These tests have shown improvement in the areas of attention and memory.

A large meta-analysis of over 4300 subjects was conducted showing positive effects for subjects who suffer vascular dementia, due to causes such as stroke.

Unlike the other two ingredients, Alpha GPC works in only one way, and that is as a building block of acetylcholine.

The original Nootrobox Rise formula did not contain Alpha-GPC, but it was added when they updated the formula for the increased benefit it could provide.

How To Use Nootrobox Rise

The recommended dose is 2 capsules a day taken with water and food.

In fact, Nootrobox Rise is best absorbed when taken with some form of fat.They also recommend that you take it at the same time each day to establish a routine.

If you follow this routine daily, your results should be evident within two to twelve weeks.

It should be noted that Nootrobox Rise is completely vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

The only allergen it contains is soy.

Nootrobox Rise Side Effects

Each of the ingredients in Nootrobox Rise have been studied for side effects, and none causes more than minor issues, like headache, irritability, and digestive upset.

Who Makes Nootrobox Rise?


With some supplements, it’s all about the product, and there’s very little discussion of the company behind it.

This is not the case with Nootrobox Rise. Nootrobox is a company based in San Francisco.

It was formed in the Spring of 2014 by a couple of Standford Computer Science grads looking to build a company that “creates a better society through smarter, better brains”.

Using nootropic supplements, they claim to be advancing concepts including:

  • The human is a system (as opposed to a conglomeration of parts)
  • Intellectual ability is the driving force of civilation.
  • Self-Actualization comes from hard work.
  • Technologies to advance human abilities are inevitable and will be everywhere in the coming years.
  • A smart society is a better society.

The Nootrobox Roadmap

Along with their products, Nootrobox provides what they call their Open-Sourced Nootrobox Roadmap.

It’s basically an elaboration of their mission statement we talked about above, but it maps it out in more detail.

Leg 1: Best In Class Inputs.

In other words, they make the best supplements to produce the most positive outcome within the human system.

While they produce the supplements, they also recommend healthy and productive lifestyle choices and the CEO of the company will send you weekly emails on this and various subjects.

As far as their supplements go, coming from the Silicon Valley area, they push the idea that they are fully “open source”.

What this means in this context is that they aim to be fully transparent as far as what goes into their formula and why.

They do in fact follow through on this commitment by publishing on their website the changes made in the Rise formula from original inception until now.

Leg 2: Capture Human Outputs.

They are involved in creating software used to measure the outcomes of their supplements and various other inputs.

This leg appears to be at its beginning stages.

The idea is that we cannot improve inputs unless we know what outputs are the result of what’s currently being used.

Leg 3: Using genetic data that’s becoming more and more accessible every day, Nootrobox is developing software that can be used to pinpoint the precise supplementation needed by each individual.

So while they are at this point selling supplements, they claim a much broader scope than that for the future.

Where to Buy Nootrobox Rise

The primary way to purchase Nootrobox Rise is through their official website.

A one month supply (60 capsules) costs $49, but they offer a monthly subscription discount of 10% bringing your cost down to $44.10.

This subscription price is chosen for you by default, which may bother some people when all of a sudden, a new bottle shows up the next month along with another charge.


It’s a fine thing if you want to continue using it, but it’s often unwelcome if it’s a surprise.

It has also been available at, but it’s currently out of stock, with no indication of when it will return.

Nootrobox Rise Return Policy

I scoured the website looking for a definitive policy, but found none.The only thing I found was in the FAQ section, a statement stating:


“We’ll make it right”? What does that even mean?

Will they refund your money or won’t they?

One of the reasons this concerns me is that I’ve read a few other reviews of Nootrobox products, and according to them, there used to be more information available, but it was conflicting.

In some sections of the website they said their products were 100% guaranteed.

In others, they said all sales are final.

So the fact that they don’t have a stated policy is definitely concerning.

Nootrobox Rise Reviews

Here’s another area of concern.I didn’t find a lot of feedback, but what is out there isn’t very good.

Before they changed the formula, it contained caffeine, which caused it to have a completely different effect – more of an immediate one.

The customer feedback I found came from those days, so discussion about the actual effect of the pills isn’t really relevant.

What I did find, however, were some negative comments about how the company operates when it comes to customer service.

Take a look at this review:


This sentiment seems pretty typical.

I checked the website thoroughly, and it’s true they don’t provide a phone number. This seems particularly odd when you remember they call themselves “open source” and want to portray an image of transparency.

They do provide an email address, but apparently, they’re not responsive to it, and people have had lots of trouble canceling their subscriptions.

Nootrobox Rise Pros and Cons

Advantages of Nootrobox Rise

  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • It doesn’t contain stimulants, so it’s suitable for people sensitive to caffeine.
  • They provide detailed ingredient information.
  • The company offers weekly blogs and emails with information on how to be more productive and successful.

Disadvantages of Nootrobox Rise

  • The company provides no customer service phone number.
  • According to reviews, they are unresponsive to emails.
  • The formula is brief, and missing several necessary components for an effect nootropic.

    This is probably because they want you to combine this one with their other products instead of providing everything you need in one.

    This way they can get you to buy more.
  • There is no specified guarantee, which is troubling when you combine that with the negative reviews of their customer service.
  • There is no feedback from customers who’ve used this product with success.

The Bottom Line

Nootrobox is an ambitious young company with big ideas about how to make its mark on the future.

Nootropic supplements are the crux of that mark, utilizing the output measurement and DNA information to pinpoint the needs of humans as we strive for intellectual prowess.

The problem seems to be that while they’re developing the tools to bring their dream to fruition, they are creating a negative reputation for themselves based on poor customer service and a weak formula.

Nootrobox Rise may evolve into the nootropic of the future, but I recommend you wait till they get their act together as a service providing company before you get involved with them.

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Ron's Review

By Ron,  Jul 1, 2017

I purchased from Nootrobox and the customer service was great. The only thing was the lack of discretion through the mail.  The package was covered with the company name and products and was openly advertising Nootrobox all over it and everyone at the post office could see the products that I ordered. They sacrificed my privacy for exposure.  For that reason, that was my final order from the company.

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