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By: Rob Miller
7 User Reviews
Fact Checked On: 3-24-2020

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Several weeks back, one of my readers asked me to look into a male enhancement product called One More Knight.

It was being touted as a hugely effective fast acting performance enhancement, so I was interested.

I let the reader know I already had a pretty long list of supplements to get to, but that I’d get to it as soon as I had a chance.

It turned out to be a good thing that I’m busy because once I got a chance to look into One More Knight, something very interesting had been discovered about it that would change the entire course and direction of my review.

We’ll get to that important piece of information a little later.

Before that, however, we’ll go over what this stuff is, what it promises, and what it’s likely to be able to deliver.

What is One More Knight?

one-more-knight-review-1One More Knight is a fast acting male enhancement pill.

The fact that it claims to be fast acting makes us sit up and take notice for several reasons.

First of all, this is what most guys want.

They’d rather take a pill just when they need it, rather than having to remember to take it every day.

Second of all, it’s hard to find one that works.

It’s just not the way supplements work, unfortunately.

For the most part, you take supplements for the effects they give you over time.

As the ingredients build up in your system, your libido and stamina begin to increase.

So when a company tries to make one that works immediately, it usually fails, especially when you consider that the results are being compared with prescription drugs like Viagra. Which brings us to the last point.

Often, when you find a fast acting performance enhancement that works, it’s because it contains the same ingredients you find in Viagra.

But they don’t disclose that fact because it’s against the law to sell such medicines without a prescription.

So when we come upon a fast acting supplement, all of that is in the back of our minds as we begin or research. And as you’ll learn a little later, these issues turned out to be very relevant in this case.

One More Knight Benefits

It’s no wonder One More Knight was on its way to becoming very popular.A look at the listed benefits is all it took for guys looking or help.

According to the manufacturer, One More Knight can:

  • Help you last longer, decreasing the occurrence of premature ejaculation.
  • Increase the volume of your ejaculate, giving you explosive orgasms.
  • Increase your length and width.
  • Give you harder, stronger erections.

And all of this without the need of a prescription.

One of the most talked about benefits of One More Knight is the increased stamina.

Word has been getting out that this stuff can make you last forever, even to the point that it’s difficult for some guys to even finish at all.

And while this may be frustrating for sure, it can be quite a benefit for guys who fall short in that area.

So what is it about One More Knight that makes you last forever?

Let’s dive into the formula to see.

one-more-knight-review-2One More Knight Ingredients

The One More Knight formula is a proprietary blend, which means they tell you what’s in it, but they don’t tell you how much.

It’s a 100mg blend consisting of: Avena Sativa, Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Cnidii Fructus, Maca, Ginger Powder, Astragalus, Meberaceaus, Cinnamon Powder, Ginkgo Semon, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Truth is I haven’t even heard of some of these ingredients, but here are some of the highlights about how a few of them work:

  • Avena Sativa is also know as Oat Straw.

    It is thought to boost levels of free testosterone.

    Increased free testosterone will indeed increase libido, improve erections, and build stamina.
  • Guarana is essentially caffeine, so it makes you more alert.
  • Panax Ginseng is an adaptagen. It helps your body adjust in stressful situations, as it also increases libido.
  • Maca is well known as a powerful libido enhancer.
  • Ginger Powder is good for stamina and libido.
  • Astragalus is another adaptagen and has been used to combat premature ejaculation.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is said to increase total testosterone through the mechanism of increased Luteinizing Hormone, which in turn signals an increase in the amount of testosterone produces in the testes.

Looking at this formula, there really isn’t anything standing out as the real powerhouse – the ingredient that drives One More Knight to be great, or fast acting for that matter.

As we get closer to revealing the new information we found about this stuff, it will all begin to make sense.

How To Use One More Knight

The instructions that come with One More Knight say to take one capsule 20 minutes before sex, and not take more than one capsule in a 72 hour period.

It comes with a couple standard warnings, nothing too serious.

Don’t use it if you’re under 18, and don’t use it while consuming alcoholic beverages.

It’s also a good idea to note that chronic alcohol consumption (otherwise known as alcoholism) has been linked to reduce testosterone levels.

A reduction in testosterone will have a MAJOR negative effect on your overall libido and sex drive, so it’s a good idea to refrain as much as possible.

One More Knight Side Effects

Side effects are another issue that plagues fast acting performance enhancing supplements.

Because they have to use certain ingredients to make them effective and these ingredients tend to cause side effects, this kind of pill does come with an increased risk for side effects.

Some of the ones we’ve seen associated with One More Knight are:

  • Headaches.
  • Sinus issues.
  • Dizziness.
  • Flu-like body aches.
  • Heartburn

One More Knight Reviews

One More Knight is sold through online retailers, which usually means online reviews, and that’s a good thing.

The reviews I saw tend to follow a couple specific themes. They mainly say it works.

Some say it works too well – to the point where they just can’t get off in in the end.

And lots and lots of guys talk about the negative side effects.




So What’s The Big News?

On August 16, 2016, the FDA issued a voluntary recall of One More Knight.During a routine analysis of ingredients, it was found that this “all natural supplement” contains not one, but two undisclosed ingredients, both of which require a prescription by law.

The first one is Tadalafil.This is the same active ingredient used in the prescription drug Cialis. No wonder it works, right?

This is actually a very common occurrence.

It is very hard to make a fast acting supplement that works, so instead of accepting the failure, companies will inject their products with a little bit of what they know will work.

You may be thinking “what’s the harm?” but actually there could be quite a lot of harm.

The prescription ED medications need prescriptions mainly because they can cause a very dangerous interaction with some other prescription medications, namely nitrates used for heart conditions.

It’s not safe for someone to unknowingly take these drugs.

Someone who takes nitrates is likely to turn to a “natural supplement” precisely because it’s safe with their medication.

But if their “natural” supplement contains undisclosed prescription medication, they could experience some real problems.

The second one is Dapoxetine.This one is a little less well know.

It’s not yet approved by the FDA, but if and when it is, it will require a prescription as well.

Dapoxetine’s promise is that it may help with premature ejaculation.

It approaches the issue from the angle of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which have long been known to have the side effect of prolonging the time to orgasm.

The difference between Dapoxetine and other SSRIs is that it’s meant to work immediately, so you don’t have to take it every day to achieve the effects.

At this point, Dapoxetine is not FDA approved, but again, when it is, it will require a prescription.

Can You Still Buy One More Knight?

One More Knight used to be available at, but they remove all supplements with FDA recalls as soon as they find out about them.

So you won’t see One More Knight there anymore. But it is still available online through a few other online retailers.At one called A1 Supplements, a single pills will cost you $6.95 and you can buy 6 capsules for $39.95.

What’s Next for One More Knight

Usually what happens when a supplement gets recalled is that it goes off the market, at least for a little while.In some cases, the company reformulates the product, this time with natural ingredients, then brings it back and goes on selling it.

In other cases, they just continue to sell it until stock dwindles to nothing.

In still other cases, they say they reformulate, but they really don’t.

A year or more later, there’s another FDA analysis and another recall is issued.

One More Knight Pros and Cons

Advantages of One More Knight

  • You only need to take it as needed.
  • According to a lot of readers, it works, both to help you get erections and to help you keep them.

Disadvantages of One More Knight

  • It contains undisclosed ingredients which may be dangerous for some guys.
  • It’s been recalled by the FDA, so it may not be available for much longer.

    It’s just too soon to tell.

The Bottom Line

I understandthe attraction to buying a prescription strength pill without having to go through the hassle of actually going to the doctor and getting a prescription.

I also get the attraction of the price when you compare it to the prescription drugs.

But here’s the big problem – Putting something into a pill that people put into their bodies, something that can potentially harm some of them in a big way, is just plain irresponsible.

We have to ask, “how can we trust these people?” And the answer is that we can’t.

If they would do this, what else would they do?

Even if you’ve used Cialis before with no issues, you don’t know what dosage is used in One More Knight or what the sourse is,and you probably haven’t used it in conjunction with Dapoxetine.

Who knows what kinds of problems you could run into.

If you are taking certain heart medications or nitrates, then you should avoid One More Knight like the plague in case it does contain the undisclosed prescription strength drugs mentioned above as the interaction could prove to be fatal.

There is no shortage of feedback indicating that One More Knight causes side effects.This just proves the point that unleashing an untried and untested product onto an unsuspected public is dangerous.

Because they’re doing all this in secret, it hasn’t been tested, and they have no idea what the consequences might be.

It’s products like this this that make people justifiably wary of the whole supplement industry.

Have You Used One More Knight?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Andy's Review

By Andy,  Nov 1, 2016

Great review Rob! My experience is very consistent.
I decided to give this one a try - just wanted to see if "natural ingredients" plus Tadalafil would make a difference.  The price is also attractive. Got it from A1 Supplements.  Took one pill. My impressions: it worked on me as advertised (way more than I expected) except for the fact that I started feeling it the next morning (took it in the evening).  By the feel of it, the amount of Tadalafil is at its max (20mg) or maybe even more. Overall effect is definitely stronger than just taking Tadalafil.  The effect lasted for 3 days (and counting), the first two days it was insane. The negative side effect was an unbearable headache.  WHoever wants to try it - should split the pill in half (maybe even to one third). I'll try 1/3 next time (if I survive the headache I'm having right now).  Overall, this stuff works 200%, but the side effect makes this pretty much useless for me. I'd say don't try it, unless you are absolutely desperate )))

Was this review helpful to you?
17 out of 18 people found this review helpful.

I Own the Night & the Day!!

By Good Wood,  Nov 29, 2016

I've been using One More Knight for over a year...with outstanding results. It make me feel powerful and I can really f*ck like I was 16 again.  First of all, I only use 1/2 of a pill at a time (a whole pill is way to much in my experience) and I get 3-4 solid days of impressive erections. I have never experienced any headaches with this product, but on day 2 and day 3 you will have spontaneous erections with just the slightest thought about sex or visual stimulation.

My overall health and fitness is good.  I'm in my early 40's, not on any medication, exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes (walking, playing soccer) and drink lots of water. I don't use One More Knight Weekly or Monthly...just when I feel I need an extra lift or I know she's in the mood.  I recommend it to all my friends of my age or older and they have all thanked me.

PS - The raw power is bitter. I usually open the pill and pour half into a mango or blueberry smoothie shot, 1-2 ounces, followed quickly by 8-12 ounces of the same smoothie flavor.  My favorite is the "Naked" brand mango smoothie.

Was this review helpful to you?
12 out of 12 people found this review helpful.

Did work

By M Forseth,  Dec 27, 2016

One More Knight really worked, but did cause a mild headache. It worked for days and we enjoyed it... HOWEVER - we purchased another about a week ago.... it DID NOT WORK AT ALL.  Not even a little... should have flushed the money down the toilet. Guess the new formula is a waste of money.

Was this review helpful to you?
9 out of 9 people found this review helpful.

Taz's Review

By Taz,  Jan 17, 2017

I have tried "One More Knight" twice. Both times the positives worked as advertised.  Strong hard erections and the ability to go on & on. I never noticed an increase in the size of my ejaculation tho.  Like one othe comment the next few days were kinda crazy with Rick rock hard hardons out of no where and a lot of times in what could be embarrassing times. So yes it works well.

The bad: both times I suffered from a headach that just made me want to do nothing.  The second time I passed out after ejaculation for a few seconds to a minute and after coming to was felling anxious like having a panic attack. At that time I drank over 24oz of water which helped out.

So here is my overall review.  It works but even tho the package says no headach expect 1. Drink lots of water during the 72hr period which in turn helps flush it out of your system. Most of all be careful.  The side effects I have had got me to look it to it more and the FRA recall will most likely keep from using it again.

A company that hides ingredients in their products to me is not trust worthy.

PS they have out 3 other formulas 1 more for 72hrs and 2 that day they last 5days or more. Be careful with them also.

Was this review helpful to you?
4 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

Norm carbone's Review

By Norm carbone,  Dec 3, 2017

I tried it before for about a year one or two a month. If the wind blows on my pants I get a boner.  The only problem I have experienced lately is that the first day of taking it I get the runs and my stomach feels upset. I am not sure if the benefits outweigh the results.  I may try to take a smaller amount of the pill, and see what happens.

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

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used one more night before with great results however now it makes me sick with the diarrhea, should I not take the hole pill and try 1/4 of it? -norm

Yeah, One More Knight is known to contain undisclosed ingredients, so you never know what you're actually getting. Try taking half a pill to see if you feel better with that.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this question helpful.

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Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I have used One More Knight in the past, AND IT WORKS!
    I was disappointed when I found out it had been taken off the shelves by the FDA. I did feel some of the side effects like slight headache and sinus congestion, but I thought it was due to the rush of blood thru my veins because the pill seemed to opened them up for increased flow.

    I had a harder and larger erection that last for several days, I could go all night even after ejaculation. I felt awesome, because I could please her to the point of exhaustion and have her craving more.

    1. Hey Robert,

      I haven’t checked out Crazy Monkey, but if you let me know what benefits you’re most interested in, I’ll recommended something I’ve used with great success.
  2. Hi, I’ve been using own the knight for awhile now. Actually I’ve used several different over the counter male enhancement pills and I’ve had all of the mentioned side effects the worst being the heartburn and body aches.

    Is there anything that doesn’t cause those?

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