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Phenibut Overview

All sorts of drugs and supplements fall into the broader category of “nootropics.” Basically what they are is brain boosters. They help you think better, concentrate more acutely, pay attention for longer, and recall things more easily. The many different kinds, however, each work in slightly different ways and have slightly different benefits. Most of these are not classified as drugs, so they’re not regulated by the FDA and don’t require a prescription to take. There’s a whole “cult” of guys (and gals) that swear by these supplements, making the rounds of each one in attempt to find the one that works best for their particular needs.

Phenibut is one such nootropic compound. It is related to GABA, a neurotransmitter found naturally in the body. It’s better than GABA, however, because it is better at crossing the blood brain barrier. Let’s back up just a bit, though, and talk a little more about nootropics in general.

Phenibut ReviewWhat is a Nootropic?

These compounds work by acting on the neurotransmitters present naturally in the brain. Each distinct nootropic acts slightly differently, but the goal of them all is to boost the brain’s cognitive functioning. They improve memory. They increase retention. They quicken recall. After these benefits, they begin to distinguish themselves. Some make you more awake and alert. Some relieve stress and anxiety. Some work against depression. Choosing the right one can sometimes be a matter of choosing which feels the most right to you.

How Phenibut Works?

Phenibut in particular is a little different than a lot of the other choices. In Russia, it is a prescribed medication for anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. While it also improves cognitive functioning, its primary use is for relieving stress and anxiety.

How to Use Phenibut

Phenibut has been found to be very safe, but it does create a tolerance which will minimize its effectiveness over time. That’s why Phenibutis commonly cycled in a two weeks on/two weeks off rotation. This maintains effectiveness without disrupting the effect too much.

Phenibut Pros and Cons

Advantages of Phenibut

  • It’s been clinically shown to relieve anxiety and stress.
  • It’s been shown to have very low toxicity.

Disadvantages of Phenibut

  • You can develop a tolerance quite quickly, and there may be side effects to that such as rebound anxiety.
  • Its effects as a nootropic have not been well-studied.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Phenibut from a number of different manufacturers and sources, some more reliable than others. You can get it in powder or pill form and the price varies a great deal.

Personally speaking, I have tried several brands of Phenibut, including Kavinace, Phenibut XT, and Happy Hippo Phenibut. I’m amazed at how much of a difference there can be between retailers, which leads me to believe it all depends on where they are sourcing their phenibut.


Phenibut is really more about improving mood than it is about improving cognitive function, though on some level, it accomplishes both. From all that I’ve heard and read about it, Phenibut requires a bit of experimentation to figure out how and when taking it is best for you. You’ll also have to watch out for the tolerance issues. In the end, for straight cognitive enhancement, there are better options.

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User Reviews

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don't mix it with alcohol

By Heather,  Apr 14, 2016

I’ve been using Phenibut from for many months now. Tolerance had built up so I mixed it with alcohol. Big mistake. I was sick to my stomach for days. However if used occasionally for anxiety when headed to a party, this is a great product. It helps you be more talkative and less shy. That’s helpful for people with anxiety issues. Customer service at Liftmode is amazing, and I’ve always been satisfied.

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