Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout Review – Does It Work?

Rob Miller | November 23, 2014
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Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout Overview

I know plenty of guys who’ve never bought the same pre workout twice.

This demonstrates a bunch of things: the market is saturated with tons of options, everybody’s different and responds differently to products, and the perfect, one-size-fits-all pre workout supplement has not yet been created.

But as long as supp companies keep making new stuff, we will keep trying it.

Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout presents itself as a different kind of pre workout powder.

It goes for extreme vasodilation, amplified cellular efficiency, buffered acidosis, and intense hydration, all leading to significantly greater endurance for your most grueling workouts.

The idea is that unlike other stimulant-focus pre workouts, Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout achieves true vasodilation and delivers all of its benefits.

Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout ReviewPurus Labs Condense Pre Workout Ingredients and How They Work

The ingredient profile for Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout is not typical.

Let’s break it down here:

  • Nitratene which is trademarked form of inorganic nitrate.

    It leads to increased nitric oxide in a more sustained way, which allows for long lasting fatigue delay as your muscles are continuously receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to push on.
  • Beta Alanine which blunts the production of lactic acid in the muscles, allowing your more time before you feel the fatigue.
  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine is a form of caffeine that provides energy and focus for more intense workouts.
  • Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride) to maintain the correct balance of charges and hydration in your cells.

Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout Pros and Cons

Advantages of Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout

  • It takes a somewhat new approach to pre workout powders.
  • There are lots of Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout reviews where the user got great results.

Disadvantages of Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout

  • Lots of reviewers say the taste is just not good, especially the crisp apple.
  • You’ll also find reviews where customers say it just doesn’t work beyond the 200mg of caffeine.

Where To Buy

You can purchase Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout mainly online. The cost for the 40 serving tub is about $25-$30 depending on where you look.It comes in 3 flavors: Crisp Apple, Island Punch, and Melonberry Cooler.


If you’re the kind of guy who goes from pre workout to pre workout to pre workout, one after the other, then Purus Labs Condense Pre Workout should be on your list.

Since it works a little differently than most options, it’s worth checking out.

My gut tells me, though, that it’s not quite as revolutionary as Purus Labs wants us to think.

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User Reviews

Videoportal's Review

By  Videoportal Mar 10, 2017

Great product. Condense tastes much better than any other pre-workout I've tried.


It gives me way better endurance during weight training. Could be a little strong if you are having it in the morning and haven't eaten much yet


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