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Fact Checked On: 4-24-2020

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a nootropic supplement.

I happened to be browsing through my yahoo news feed this morning when I came across this ad:

rejuva brain elon musk

I knew it was a sponsored article by the little thing that said “sponsored” just above the title, but decided to click anyway.

Not all sponsored articles are full of fluff and are misleading, so I try my best to go into them with a fresh set of eyes when I can.

According to this “Business Insider” article, the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, has developed a pill that restores brain function by 57.3%.

elon musk smart pill

The name of that pill is none other than Rejuva Brain.

Problem is, this article is complete B.S.

There are so many reasons that it is B.S. that I should have smelled it from a mile away.

Let’s pick things apart and I’ll show you why you shouldn’t believe a word that is written.

Red Flag #1 – This Is NOT The Business Insider Site

I know it looks like it, but this is NOT the Business Insider website.

Case in point, take a look at the URL in the address bar. What does it say?

rejuva brain business insider article

It should say ““.

Instead, it says “”.

What happens when you go to “”? This is what you see: content/uploads/2018/04/not business

Red Flag #2: Fake Elon Musk Quotes

About the 4th paragraph down, they quote Elon Musk as saying the following:

“Yes, caffeine was my go-to during my career because it does help to promote mental alertness and can, therefore, increase my overall productivity.But the effects of caffeine are minuscule on the scale of cognitive enhancement substances such as “smart drugs”.

Our team has been able to increase overall brain output by 57.3%, that’s just something coffee cannot and will not do.”

If you run a google search for that quote, you’re presented with 3 different pages.

elon musk rejuva brain quote

If you start visiting these pages one by one, you’ll start to see something interesting occurring.

For example, if you go to the first link, you’ll a “CNN” article with the title “E.

Musk lends a hand to neurobiologists and enhances brain function by 93.7%”

elon musk cnn rejuva brain

First off, this also is NOT the CNN official site.

Second, in the ad we just saw on yahoo, they said it enhanced brain function by 57.3%.

Now it’s 93.7%?

It hits you even hard when you scroll down to the first paragraph and notice that they’re not even talking about Rejuva Brain.

iq points brain

Instead, they’re talking about a pill called IQ Points Brain.

So which is it? Rejuva Brain or IQ Points Brain?

Back to the original Google search, we click on the 3rd link: content/uploads/2018/04/business insider link

Again, we’re confronted with the fact that this is not the actual Business Insider website. content/uploads/2018/04/bi link

If you start scrolling through the page, you’ll notice a trend.

You’ll see that this article is literally the EXACT same article talking about Rejuva Brain.

HOWEVER, instead of talking about Rejuva Brain, they’re talking about a completely different product called Brain 360.

Case in point, they feature a Dr. Anders Sandberg talking about the benefits of Brain 360. content/uploads/2018/04/brain 360

and here’s the same Dr. Anders Sandberg talking about Rejuva Brain:

dr anders sandberg rejuvabrain

Suspiciously enough, if you search for Dr Anders Sanberg, he does actually exist.

dr anders sandberg

And he IS a researcher at Oxford.

But is he REALLY involved with Rejuva Brain? Unlikely.

If you run a search for him and the pills, you’ll come up short.

dr anders sandberg rejuva brain

They also show a photo of someone getting their brain scanned, and talk about how celebrities and athletes alike have been taking Rejuva Brain.

athletes and celebrities taking rejuvabrain

What’s more, if you scroll down the page a bit you’ll see that they again not talking about Rejuva Brain.

athletes and celebrities taking brain 360

Further down the page, they mention that Rejuva Brain was tested by their in house senior editor “Daniel”.

His Rejuva brain results are summarized below:

daniels results with rejuva brain

Yet, in the other article, the explicitly mention that he tested brain 360.

brain 360 results

There’s a ton more examples of this, but I won’t bore you because at this point it should be obvious.

Red Flag #3: Elon Musks Tweet

Towards the bottom of the page, there’s an embedded tweet from Elon Musk.

Mind you, this ENTIRE article has been talking about a pill called Rejuva Brain.

If you look at the tweet carefully, you’ll see several mistakes.

neuro xr and brain xr

  1. In the copy of the tweet, he “thanks” those who participated in Neuro Xr’s release.
  2. In the image just below the tweet, it shows a totally different product called Brain XR.

Also, while it looks like this is an embedded tweet, it’s actually not.

elon musk fake tweet

I did a little digging, and scrolled through all of his tweets on November 17, 2017.

From what I can tell, there are only 2 of them (both retweets):

elon musk tweet #1

elon musk tweet #2

Of course, neither one of these tweets makes any mention of Rejuva Brain, or any other pill for that matter.

Red Flag #4: The REAL Company Elon Musk Backed

So this article about Rejuva Brain is based on the premise that Elon Musk likes it so much that he decided to invest a bunch of money into it.

Everything I’ve described above would make you think twice about that, but it turns out there’s a small bit of truth to all of this.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Musk launched a company called Neuralink Corp back in 2017.

Neuralink is researching ways to implant chips into your brain, which would allow you to upload and download thoughts.

It has nothing to do with a pill called Rejuva Brain, Brain 360, or Neuro XR.

Now that it’s crystal clear that the marketing is a scam, let’s find out if Rejuva Brain actually does what it says it does.

What is Rejuva Brain?

According to the official website, Rejuva Brain was designed to promote:

  • Intense Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Cognitive precision
  • Boosted brain function

Something looked very familiar when I visited their site.

I feel like I’ve seem a similar looking site in the past, so I started digging around my old nootropics reviews to see if any of them matched up.

Sure enough, when I looked at the official website of a product called Enhanced Mind IQ, it hit me.

They have virtually the exact same website design.

When I say “virtually”, what I really mean is they’re identical.

Case in point, I present to you exhibit A:

rejuva brain website

enhance mind iq website

and Exhibit B:

And lastly , but most importantly, the return address for both Rejuva Brain and Enhance Mind IQ are exactly the same:

enhance mind iq return address

rejuva brain address

“Why is this relevant?”, you ask?

Well, it turns out that back when Enhance Mind IQ was for sale, there were about 50 people that came to our site complaining that they had been scammed.

You see, at the time Enhance Mind IQ was running what they call a “free trial”.

You paid $5 or $6 for the shipping, and they would send you a free bottle.

Then way down in the fine print, it said something like this:


That’s right, they would charge you almost $90 14 days after ordering your supposed “free trial”.

There were 1,000’s of guys and gals that got bilked by this scam, and it started to reflect online.

For example, on the Better business bureau page for Enhance Mind
IQ, there were about 10 reviews that all said the same thing.

enhance mind iq on bbb website

Well, guess who is doing the same thing?

That’s right, Rejuva Brain…

In fact, the Better business bureau already has some complaints rolling in as we speak.

rejuva brain bbb

What The Rejuva Brain free trial is all about

If you fill out your info on the Rejuva Brain website, you’re then redirected to the checkout page.

It says here that you’re getting a 30 day supply for only $6.95, which sounds like a good deal.

rejuva brain free trial

That is of course until you scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the fine print.

rejuva brain terms and conditions

This may be one of the reasons why when you start typing rejuva brain into a google search, the first suggested term that comes up is “rejuva brain phone number”.

rejuva brain money back guarantee

If you’re looking to get your money back, you’re in for a rough ride.

How To Cancel Rejuva Brain

Step 1:You have to call their customer support phone number at 877-577-8331 to cancel your subscription.

You NEED to do this within 14 days of ordering, otherwise they won’t cancel it.

Step 2: You have to ship back the remainder of the product in the bottle postmarked no later than the 14th day of your trial.

If you don’t they won’t cancel it.

Step 3: I would recommend getting shipping tracking and delivery confirmation.

This way they can’t “claim” they never received the trial bottle back from you.

They definitely make you jump through hoops to get your money back, but it IS possible.

Rejuva Brain Reviews

Surprisingly enough, finding reviews for these pills was actually easier than I thought it would be.

For one, it is available for sale on Amazon.

A pretty rosy picture is painted there, with almost 90% of the reviewers rating it at 4 stars or above.

rejuva brain reviews on amazon

You’ll see several statements stand out at you, like:

  • Recommend it highly
  • Seem to work well
  • Gladly order it again
  • Zero side effects

Of course, it can be difficult to discern whether or not these reviews are legit.

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Rejuva Brain Ingredients

When you look at the Rejuva Brain ingredients label, I can see that it contains many of the same compounds you’ll find in several other nootropics.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the label:

rejuva brain ingredients label

To be honest, there’s nothing “revolutionary” about this formula.

Ingredients like DMAE, Bacopa Monnieri, and Gingko Biloba are found in countless other nootropics, including supplements like Optimind, AdderRX, and fat burners like Lean Fire XT.

Do they provide enhanced cognition and focus? Yes.

Are they an effective replacement for drugs like Adderall or Modafinil? Not really.


I’m actually planning on testing out Rejuva Brain in the near future. Personally speaking, I don’t think it’s going to do much.

This is based on my experience with Enhance Mind IQ, which appears to be their original product.

What really gets to me is the free trial.

They trap unsuspecting customers into this free trial, with the complete knowledge that 99% of the people who buy Rejuva Brain won’t read the terms and conditions.

With that said, many of the reviews on Amazon are reporting good results.

Which begs the question, why ruin a good thing by deceiving potential customers with an unsuspecting free trial?

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Mike's Review

By Mike,  Dec 4, 2018

Rejuva brain may or may not work but i can confirm by bank statements that they double charged me for the same product. when trying to communicate with the company my 4 or 5 emails to customer support were returned as undeliverable. after explaining this various times to the supervisors they refused to provide me with another email address that i could send proof of the overcharge. this loss of $102.95 for a person on a fixed income is a great loss for me and unacceptable customer service for a online company. WARNING, WATCH YOUR BANK STATEMENTS BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY RECOURSE!!!  By far the worst experience i have ever had in my 66 years of doing business with ANY ONE EVER!!! IVE BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF WITH NO RECOURSE!!!

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  1. All of these comments are true, Rejuva Brain is a big scam, I tried to cancel within the 14 days, I got a message that phone calls were not being accepted at this time. Tried several times, finally email them to cancel, still got charged for 2 bottles & shipping for two they came in same package.

    Canceled my credit card to get it stopped. Called them to try to send it back but they said they could’n do anything because my account had been closed, yes they scammed me.

    They used Dr Ben Carson’s name in add making it look like he recommended it which is a lie. Tried to make a complaint with BBB but it won’t let me get past first stage, wondering if BBB is legit ????

  2. read your article/blog on rejuva brain and found it very helpful. oddly i had just tried to order via their freetrial offer, got an error msg. stating that “temporarily we are only accepting visa”. was considering to order through amazon when i saw your article; i’m sure glad i didn’t order, have been scammed by similiar crooks in the past. i think the visa thing is just put off as they are probably having some kind of difficulty related to their scam. tks. for your work.
    1. Yeah I’m seeing ads for Rejuva Brain all over the place today, so they must be ramping things back up. Glad I could help, and good call on taking a pass on these guys!

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