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What is Somaderm Gel?
Who makes it?
What are the ingredients?
What are the side effects?
How do I use it?
Where can you buy it?

Aging sucks.

Big time.

There are a gazillion so-called homeopathic products on the market that claim to be the fountain of youth — including Somaderm HGH gel.

Reverse-aging, anti-aging, youthification… you name it and these companies have coined a term to catch your attention, and more importantly, your credit card.

Ageing sucks, and Somaderm HGH gel claims you can reclaim our youth

In this billion dollar industry, some products rise to the top, while 99.9% of all other products fade away like a bad dream.

And of course they do!


Because there is no such thing as a fountain-of-youth product that can reverse the aging process.

I mean, last I checked, 10 out of 10 people die in the end.

There are a lot of anti-aging products like Somaderm HGH, but everyone dies in the end

Ouch, right? :-/

But it’s not all doom-and-gloom.

Some products DO help to “manage” and perhaps “slow down” the aging process.

Some even do a pretty good job at boosting energy, helping you to lose weight, improve sleep, etc.

So when I recently received an email from a guy asking if I’ve ever tried New U Life Somaderm HGH gel, I just had to dig in and take a good look at it.

I received an email from a guy trying to get me to review Somaderm HGH

I must say, there’s something different about this product.

It contains Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which we’ll learn more about in a bit.

But does it really work? Is it worth it?

And is it right for you and your health goals?

Let’s find out!

What is Somaderm HGH?

Somaderm HGH is a skin beauty product that contains Human Growth Hormone

According to the makers of the product, “New U Life’s SOMADERM Gel is the only transdermal, FDA registered product, containing Homeopathic human growth hormone."

Let’s stop right there.

You should know that “FDA registered” is NOT the same as “FDA approved."

Somaderm is FDA registered, not FDA approved

Almost anyone can “register” a product, but the FDA will only put their stamp of approval on products that are proven to be safe.

Anyhow, you apply the skin cream to the skin (Captain Obvious here), and it goes directly into your bloodstream.

Check out the Somaderm promotional video…

Why the bloodstream?

Isn’t that a little… much?

The makers of the product claim that pills and sprays are ineffective, and injections are invasive and can cause serious side effects.

Hence the cream, and hence the bloodstream.

The idea is that when it hits the blood, it slowly elevates HGH levels in the body.

Somaderm HGH works by entering your bloodstream
Just your average bloodstream.


For as much as they praise the HGH hormone as “highly-studied and well-documented,” they don’t say what it is, how it works, and why we should care about it.

But don’t worry… that’s what I’m here for.

Who makes Somaderm gel?

We’ll dig into the ingredients in just a bit.

But first, it’s important you learn about the company behind the product, and whether or not they can be trusted.

Welcome to New U Life…

New U Life is the company that makes Somaderm HGH gel for the skin

When you first land on the company’s official website, you get the impression that it’s a small outfit, selling just one product: Somaderm.

Alex Goldstein is at the helm of the ship, and from what I can tell, he seems like a decent guy.

Alex Goldstein is the founder of the MLM that sells Somaderm HGH gel

But here’s the kicker.

With just a little digging, you learn what it’s really all about.

You see, on their ‘Mission & Vision’ section of the website, I came across this…

New U Life Mission and Vision

Alright, hold the phone!

It says, “We believe that your financial freedom is the byproduct of hard work and loving what you do every day."

My ‘Financial Freedom’? I thought this was an anti-aging cream?

What’s this talk about making money and hard work?

And just like that, you feel the cold fingers of a multi-level marketing company tugging at your pocketbook or purse.

Welcome to New U Life…

What is New U Life MLM?

It’s just that, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that you — YES YOU! — can be a part of.

Oh joy.

New U Life, the makers of Somaderm gel, is a MLM company

If you don’t know what an MLM company is, just think Mary Kay, Amway, or Arbonne.

Yeah, it’s one of those.

Does this mean it’s a scam or some pyramid scheme that you should look out for?

Well, we’ll get to that.

But for now it’s important you know the backstory of the company.

Let’s dive further into the actual product, because believe me, it’s an eye opener.

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What are the ingredients in Somaderm HGH?

Erectify Ultra has all natural ingredients

Somaderm’s human growth hormone gel contains three active ingredients:

  • Glandula Suprarenalis Suis
  • Thyroidinum
  • and Somatropin

And a whole boatload of inactive ingredients…

Somaderm HGH gel has a lot of ingredients

Allow me to put some meaning behind all these big words.

The National Drug Codes List says that Glandula Suprarenalis Suis is just a generic name for HGH. Source

Thyroidium is a thyroid stimulating hormone that is said to help with thyroid problems.

One study claims that it has beneficial effects when it comes to weight loss and symptomatic relief. Source

Finally, Somatropin is yet another name for growth hormone.

It is most often injected into the skin, to “treat growth failure in children and adults who lack natural growth hormone." Source But there’s more to this story.

The makers of Somaderm HGH claim that the ingredients are ethically sources, raw and 100% safe

And of course, the makers of the product claim that the ingredients are 100% safe and natural.

So What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Somaderm HGH is a human growth hormone gel that you apply to the skin

All of these ingredients point to the human growth hormone that, some say, helps to:

  • improve bone and joint health
  • increase muscle
  • reduce fat
  • improve sleep
  • and strengthen the immune system

But here’s the thing…

Growth hormones have a long history of abuse, especially in the world of sports.

One only has to recall the golden years of baseball that were marred by excessive doping.

Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco… these household names became synonymous with “juicing” for top-shelf performance.

Although Somaderm HGH is not a steroid, people often abuse HGH like on

While HGH is not a steroid (it’s actually a protein-based hormone that’s made naturally by our pituitary gland), many people use and abuse HGH supplements and injections for similar performance-enhancing reasons.

For instance, Harvard conducted a study on HGH, and the preliminary commentary is pretty telling.

Harvard conducted a study on HGH, the active ingredient in Somaderm HGH

And here’s the irony.

From outside-looking-in, HGH works pretty damn well.

But, upon closer investigation, you’ll find it’s mostly smoke and mirrors.

Athletes who take HG “try to benefit from the known anabolic action of the drug, to increase their muscle mass and power." Source

While there is evidence that they do work, have a look at the findings of Harvard’s research on the efficacy of HGH on athletes….

“After receiving daily injections for an average of 20 days, the subjects who received GH increased their lean body mass (which reflects muscle mass but can also include fluid mass) by an average of 4.6 pounds.

That’s a big gain — but it did not translate into improved performance.

In fact, GH did not produce measurable increases in either strength or exercise capacity.

And the subjects who got GH were more likely to retain fluid and experience fatigue than were the volunteers who got the placebo. Source

Not so good.

“Right,” you might say, “…but I’m NOT an athlete, I’m a 69-year-old couch potato looking for a little extra somethin’."

Well, to that I say…

The Harvard researchers conducted an almost identical study of the effectiveness of HGH on 69-year-old couch potatoes. 😉


And the results? Not. So.


Instead of improving things like cholesterol, triglycerides, bone density, blood sugar and insulin levels — the growth hormone recipients “experienced a high rate of side effects." Source

Which brings me to my next point.

What are the side effects of Somaderm HGH?

Leanbean has very few side effects

According to WebMD, the side effects of HGH might include:

  • Nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • Swelling due to fluid in the body’s tissues (edema)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Numbness and tingling of the skin
  • High cholesterol levels

But keep in mind Somaderm HGH is a homeopathic and packs a much lower dose than your typical HGH injection, so if you do experience these side effects, they will likely be minimal.

Nevertheless, from the research I’ve read, HGH has varying results for those who take it.

Is it a scam?

Is Pharmacy RX One a scam?

Well, it is an MLM company pushing the product.

And we have seen just how ineffective — and perhaps dangerous — HGH can be.

So I’ll let you put two-and-two together.

User reviews

YouTube is filled with “honest reviews” of Somaderm HGH.

But I’ll tell you what… I trust them about as far as I can throw them.

I don't trust Somaderm HGH

The reviews I found we’re unabashedly made by New U Life members, and they come across as blatant advertisements.

So I won’t even bother sharing them with you.

With that said, I wasn’t able to find any unbiased user reviews of Somaderm HGH.

This, too, is rather telling.

Somaderm FAQ’s

How do I use it?

You pump the gel onto the thinnest layers of your skin, where you can see your veins.

These areas include:

  • Armpits
  • Forearms
  • Wrists
  • Behind the knees
  • etc.
Apply Somaderm HGH gel to the thin areas of skin

Where can I buy it?

You can only purchase Somaderm HGH from the New U Life website.

Because of the MLM business structure, it is not available at physical or online retailers.

How much is it?

You can score a bottle of the stuff for one easy payment of $149.99.

Somaderm HGH is very expensive

Wait… what?! $149.99 for a bottle of gel?And that’s if you ARE a member of the scam, I mean club.

If you’re not a member, you’ll have to fork over $169.99!

I literally just lost a year off my life from sticker shock alone, thus negating any potential anti-aging benefits from the product One step forward, two steps back.


Up to this point, I tried my best to give Somaderm HGH the benefit of the doubt.

But this ridiculous price tag is the nail in the coffin.

Somaderm HGH is very expensive and does not offer a guarantee

Is there a guarantee?


As far as I can tell, Somaderm HGH does not come with any guarantee.

The whole ‘risk vs. reward’ scale is definitely weighing heavy on the ‘risk’ end.

In other words, I will NOT jump at the chance to pay $160 for a bottle of gel that a) I’m not sure even works, b) Has done nothing to earn my trust (no testimonials, reviews, etc.) and c) Doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee.

Nuh uh.

No way, Jose.


Run for the hills.

It’s not that I’m cheap.

It’s that I’ve been doing this long enough to sniff out the bullshit from a mile away.

I do not recommend Somaderm HGH

Best case scenario from using this cream might look like this: you don’t experience negative side effects, and maybe you get a slight boost in energy or “vitality."

But I’ll be damned. No trusted testimonials.

Research that says it’s not effective and could be harmful.

An MLM company slinging the stuff… and a price tag that’ll make you shart your pants.

At the end of the day, I can’t recommend Somaderm HGH with a clean conscience.

Have you tried Somaderm HGH?

If so, write your review in the comments below!

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