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Test Freak Overview

There’s not too much that is more important to an aging male than his testosterone levels. Low levels of testosterone can quickly ruin your day, month, or year. Low testosterone is associated with depression, fatigue, muscle tissue breakdown, and problems in the bedroom. One trend that is becoming more popular than ever before is the reliance on testosterone boosting supplements to remedy this. One supplement in particular is making big claims about its ability to significantly boost natural testosterone levels, resulting in a complete change in performance, mood, and ability.

Test Freak, one of many within a whole collection of other bodybuilding supplements by Pharma Freak, calls itself a hybrid pro-testosterone stimulator. It supposedly uses high dosages of clinically proven testosterone boosters as well as several testosterone friendly ingredients that are not as well known within the supplement market. This unique formula is said to increase your levels of free and total testosterone.

This will result in more muscle growth and strength as well as an increased sex drive. While Test Freak makes big promises for consumers, can its formula hold up against a review of current research? Let’s take a look at just how effective Test Freak is when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels.


Ingredients and how they work
Pros and Cons
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Test Freak Ingredients and How They Work

test freak reviewTest Freak claims to contain more than double the active ingredients than almost every other competitor out there. The following is what it claims it’s capable of:

  • First: An increase in the GnRH hormone starts several biochemical reactions that all lead to more testosterone production.
  • Second: Stimulation in Luteinizing Hormone production and release by the pituitary gland.
  • Third: Provides testosterone production building blocks in the Leydig cells.
  • Fourth: Prevents testosterone breakdown in the liver.
  • Fifth: Blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT.
  • Sixth: Blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen by inhibiting aromatase.
  • Seventh: Stimulates the Leydid cells to massively increase testosterone production and release.

Sounds good, right? Now let’s break down this “unique and powerful” formula to see what the science actually says:

Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6

  • These three ingredients kick off the Test Freak label and are often sold together as a supplement called ZMA. This is a great start to a testosterone booster as these three, taken before bed, have been shown to boost human growth hormone and testosterone levels via improved quality of sleep. (“A Novel Zinc and Magnesium Formulation (ZMA) Increases Anabolic Hormones and Strength in Athletes” 1998. Para. 1)

Fenugreek Extract

  • As great as the formula began, it quickly takes a nosedive with not one, but two forms of Fenugreek Extract. The main website can make as many claims as it wants about boosting testosterone levels via Fenugreek but, when it comes to solid research, the fact is that none exists. There are no current clinical studies that prove Fenugreek Extract as the powerful t-booster that it’s made out to be.
  • I will give credit where it’s due in saying that Fenugreek Extract does successfully block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Here’s where the problem comes in: Fenugreek is blocking a known estrogen fighter. DHT, a by-product of testosterone, is a necessary evil as it helps to keep estrogen levels in check. Low levels of DHT and high levels of estrogen will result in furthering the issue of low testosterone in your body.

Tribulus Terrestris

  • Known for its ability to get things going in the bedroom, Tribulus Terrestris has recently become a popular ingredient in many testosterone boosters, including that of Alpha Fuel and Xtreme Testrone. Its presence in these supplements, while welcome and appreciated, is unfounded. No clinical research or trials exist to prove that Tribulus Terrestris is an effective ingredient for improving natural levels of testosterone. With that said, do not completely discredit this ingredient. As an overall wellness supplement, Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent addition to any supplement program.

Saw Palmetto

  • It’s always interesting to see Saw Palmetto in any supplement making promises of increased sex drive and testosterone. Yes, Saw Palmetto can do wonders for protecting your prostate. It does so by blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT. As mentioned above, as much as you might hate it for causing hair loss, DHT is necessary in the body. Aside from that, Saw Palmetto has been shown in clinical trials to have the potential side effects of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. So what exactly is this doing in a libido-boosting supplement?

Stinging Nettle Extract

  • Like other ingredients on this list, Stinging Nettle has been used for a long time as an alternative medicine. It recently jumped into the supplement scene as a testosterone booster, and, just like Tribulus Terrestris, it has no evidence to support these claims. Still, I would recommend having it in your supplement program as it has been shown to support the post-workout recovery process. It won’t help your testosterone levels but it won’t hurt them either.


  • A naturally occurring bioflavonoid found within citrus fruits, Hesperidin contains powerful antioxidants, capable of removing waste products from the body. It is also a known anti-aromatase compound, which means that it helps the body rid itself of harmful estrogen. It also blocks estrogen production. Any serious testosterone booster should have this ingredient as a part of its lineup.


  • This is one serious ingredient to have in a testosterone booster. It’s recently been in the spotlight for its positive benefits in helping with breast cancer. This flavanoid has powerful antioxidant properties, including the removal of harmful estrogen from the body. Be warned though, while Apigenin does act as an anti-estrogen, it can do just the opposite if taken in very high doses so it’s important to stick to the recommended serving size.


  • Found within dark grapes and your favorite red wine, Resveratrol has been getting a lot of attention for a number of years. Truth be told, it deserves every positive review it gets. This is an extreme antioxidant with a number of amazing benefits including fighting cancer. Now when it comes to testosterone boosting, it is one of the few natural ingredients that does what it’s supposed to. Resveratrol has been shown to possess anti-estrogen properties AND testosterone boosting abilities. It’s so effective that it’s currently being reviewed by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a possible performance enhancer!

The recommended serving is 4 capsules before bedtime at least half an hour after your last meal of the day.

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Test Freak Pros and Cons


  • It contains an excellent array of natural anti-estrogen agents.
  • Information on the product is easily accessible via the main website.
  • Test Freak reviews from actual customers are moderately favorable.


  • The main ingredient that is said to boost testosterone has no evidence to back it up.
  • There is no money back guarantee through the manufacturer.
  • The price for a month supply is a bit high considering the main ingredients have no research to support their use.

Where to Buy

While Pharma Freak does have a website, they don’t sell their products there. You can buy Test Freak through a number of third party websites such as GNC, BodyBuilding.com, and Amazon. A one month supply, which is half of the 8 week cycle they recommend, can be purchased for $55 to $65. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee so you would have to take that up with your retailer.

You can also find Test Freak in stores like GNC, Walmart, and Vitamin Shoppe, but it doesn’t appear to be for sale in pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS.

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My Personal Results With Test Freak


All in all, I would say my experience with Test Freak was a positive one.  For me, it seemed like it took a few weeks to “kick in”.

Normally when I’m testing supplements I will just take that ONE supplement and nothing else.  This way I can tell if the results I’m getting are from that specific product, and not any others.

For this experiment, I changed that up a bit.

I actually stacked it with an HGH releaser called HyperGH 14X (more on that one in my review here).

I definitely saw some strength and mass gains, and felt a bit of increased energy as well.

My sleep quality seemed to improve as well, getting about 7 – 8 hours of solid quality sleep per night without waking up once to use the pisser.

My sex drive felt like it was in overdrive on this stuff, which was an added bonus.

As far as side effects, I didn’t experience any with Test Freak, but as with any supplement there’s always the potential for that.  I would definitely recommend that you check with your doctor first before taking this (or really any supplement) to make sure there’s no interactions with medications you may be on.


Pharma Freak is a fairly new supplement company that’s making a name for itself pretty quickly. Their flagship product, Ripped Freak, is selling really well, and the company has won a couple of industry awards. While the company may have effective fat burners and thermogenic supplements, it certainly falls short with its contribution to the natural testosterone-boosting category.

Test Freak contains a hit and miss formula. Some of the ingredients are fantastic for supporting healthy levels of testosterone. You can’t go wrong with ZMA, Resveratrol, and Apigenin; however, these few ingredients aren’t strong enough to make a true impact against low testosterone levels.

Personally speaking though, I did get fairly good results from my experiment with it.  So if you have the spare cash laying around, I think it’s worth it.

Have You Used Test Freak? Leave Your Review Below!


Brilla, L. R. “A Novel Zinc and Magnesium Formulation (ZMA) Increases Anabolic Hormones and Strength in Athletes” 1998. http://snac.com/news/a-novel-zinc-and-magnesium-formulation-zma-increases-anabolic-hormones-and-strength-in-athletes. Web.

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I have high blood pressure and taking Mavis for the blood pressure. 1st question: should I use test freak? 2nd question:can you add a zinc supplement with it. -Jeff

Because you take prescription medication, you should check with your doctor about any supplement you're thinking of taking.  As for the zinc, TestFreak has 30 mg per serving. The recommended upper limit for adults is 40 mg per day, so you would want to make sure you stay under that.- Rob

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I want to check if this product is original. -Tamer

I haven't heard of there being counterfeit Test Freak, but if you buy it from from a reputable retailer, it's probably authentic.  If you're still concerned, contact PharmaFreak through their website.- Rob

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Can freak be taking after a few drinks? -Marc

It's supposed to be taken on a semi-empty stomach, but it shouldn't be a problem.- Rob

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