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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 1-25-2017

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Vyderal is a new natural brain boosting supplement on the market.

While nootropics have technically been around for decades, they’ve really taken off as a prominent subset of the online supplement industry in the last couple years.

When a new supplement comes out, they often try to position themselves as unique or serving a niche market.

We took a look at Vyderal to see where they fit in in the grand scheme of things.

Vyderal – Achieve Your FAME

At first glance, the name rings a bell. When you think Vyderal, what other word comes to mind? If you said adderall, you’re not alone. While they don’t blatantly advertise it this way, this particular supplement positions itself as an adderall substitute using a clever spinoff of the name.

“Achieve your FAME” is the marketing tagline used by Vyderal.

It doesn’t mean exactly what you think it does at first glance.

FAME is an acronym for “Focus, Attention, Mood, and Energy,” and those are the highlighted benefits that you’re promised to achieve:

  • Increased Focus so you can start, work on, and finish the task at hand.
  • Greater Attention so you can concentrate your whole mind on what you’re doing to complete it with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Better Mood so your motivation to succeed stays high.
  • Sustained Energy so you can accomplish just as much in the afternoon as you do in the morning.

vyderal reviewVyderal Ingredients

A supplement is only as effective as its formula, so let’s dive right into what Vyderal has to offer on that front.

The Vyderalformula consists of 7 ingredients, all of which should be familiar if you’ve done any research into nootropic supplements and how they work:

  • Vitamin B12 which provides sustained energy without stimulating the central nervous system.

    Instead, it facilitates the conversion of carbohydrates to fuel, which means energy that lasts all day and doesn’t cause a crash.

    Another benefit of Vitamin B12 is that it helps support the health of cell membranes.
  • Caffeine which as a central nervous system stimulant, provides energy and focus.

    Vyderal uses Kola Nut and Green Tea as its caffeine sources, so you’re not getting too much, and it’s not to harsh of a come on or crash.

    Its effects are presumed to last about 3 hours.
  • Theacrine which is similar to caffeine in its ability to provide energy, but without the crash and without building a dependency.

    Some of the additional benefits claimed by Theacrine are a reduction in physical discomfort from intense exercise, boosted mood and motivation, and increased neural activity.

    It works by increasing the effect of dopamine.
  • Choline Bitrartrate which is a prominent source of the important nerotransmitter Acetylcholine.

    Increased acetylcholine leads to improved cognitive function.
  • L-Theanine which relaxes you without causing a feeling of sedation.

    It’s commonly used to combat the racy effects of caffeine so you get the energy and focus, but no jitters.

    It also improves focus and attention.
  • L-Carnitine facilitates the conversion of fat into energy, again providing sustained energy as opposed to the quick and fleeting energy provided by caffeine.

    It also acts as an antioxidant to protect cells from oxidative damage.
  • Vinpocetine improves blood flow to the brain, it acts as an antioxidant to protect cell health, and it protects neurons for better cell to cell communication.

    This improves cognitive function.

Click Here to see a photo of the ingredients label.

How To Use Vyderal

The recommended dose is 2 Vyderal capsules taken in the morning with breakfast.

It’s important that you take it with food because some of the ingredients in the formula require food for better absorption.

Vyderal Side Effects

All of the ingredients in the Vyderal formula are fairly well tolerated but there’s no guarantee against mild side effects like headache or nausea.

The label warns against using Vyderal if you:

  • Are pregnant or nursing.
  • Are under 12 years old.
  • Need to avoid stimulants, such as caffeine.
  • Have a medical condition.
  • Take prescription medication.

Vyderal contains a significant amount of Vitamin B12, over 11,000% of the Recommended Daily Allowance.

There may be some side effects resulting from this large an amount of Vitamin B12, including tingling in arms, hands, and face, dizziness, rash, and headache.

Where to Buy

At this time, Vyderal is only available online through the official Vyderal website.

A single bottle, which is a one month supply, sells for $29, which is pretty cheap for a nootropic supplement these days.You’ll save a little more if you buy multiple bottles at once.

Two bottles costs $54 ($27 each) and 3 bottles cost $79 ($26.33 each).

Vyderal offers a money back guarantee.If you purchased only one bottle, you do not have to return it to get a full refund, which is nice.

A lot of companies require returns for refunds, which discourages customers from following through.

If you purchased multiple bottles, you’re required to return them if you want a full refund.

Vyderal Reviews

There are no independent customer reviews for Vyderal online. This is often the case with supplements that are only sold through their official websites.

There are customer testimonials on the website, but these should be taken with a grain of salt, since the company is likely to only show the positive ones.

That said, here is some of the feedback we found:

  • J says, “I can see clearly now, I could go on and on about this product, but I’ll sum it up easy, IT WORKS You owe it to yourself to try it, I did and I’m back for more”.
  • Derek says, “Seriously, it’s like Vyvance without the tweaker feeling, effective and clean, My new upper of choice”.
  • Stephen says, “Being a full time student and working part time is demanding and I don’t always get the sleep I need to stay alert and focused, I have to say I have tried everything from energy drinks to other focus type products but none have given me the sustained kick and drive this one provides, One of the main things i like about it is the fact that I don’t feel all cracked out at the end of the day, Imo, Vyderal is the real deal, Thank you for creating something that actually works”.

However, there was a review from a guy on Youtube that seems legit. Check it out below:

He actually compares it to Optimind (my personal favorite) and even prefers Vyderal over Optimind. I can’t say the same (see more in my review below), but I could see what he was getting at.

My Personal Results

I’ve been testing Vyderal for the last week or so, and I gotta say it’s actually pretty decent. I started off with just one capsule (the label calls for 2) the first day and didn’t feel much.

The second day I took 2 capsules and I would say it kicked in after about 30 min. or so.

It wasn’t any sort of huge “mind-rushing” type clarity. But I could feel a difference.

I felt sharper, more motivated to get things done, but remained relatively calm feeling.

Like another reviewer stated, it was like having a big Red Bull without the “redbullish” type of tweaking effect.

The best thing I noticed was there was no “crash” or side effects whatsoever.

A lot of these nootropic supplements pump a ton of stimulants in them, which helps you focus / concentrate for a little bit, but often leaves you feeling hyper-stimulated.

This wasn’t the case with Vyderal.

It was a very smooth and relaxed buzz type feeling, NOT a cracked out one.

Vyderal Pros and Cons

Advantages of Vyderal

  • It’s cheap.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • The website is very informative.

Disadvantages of Vyderal

  • The formula is very heavily focused on stimulants and less focuses on actually cognitive enhancement.
  • There’s very little independent feedback on the internet from customers who’ve used it and want to share their experience.

    There are testimonials on the Vyderal website, but those are notoriously biased.


Vyderal is a good supplement. Not the best, but for me it seemed to get the job done.

Does it give you mind altering focus? In my opinion, no.

Is it the most powerful nootropic on the market? Not by a long shot.

Will it help you get things done or study for an exam? In my experience, yes.

Does it give you any nasty side effects. In my case absolutely not (which is very refreshing I might add).

Is it better then Optimind? I personally don’t think so.

But it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for something to help with cognitive function.

Have You Used Vyderal?

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