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1. Anafuse Overview

Ever since the wild west days of steroids, we’re all looking for that shortcut, that little bit of help to get our bodies big and ripped. We’re willing to do the work, but we want something to help put us over the top when we do put in the work.

Steroids gave us a taste back in the day, but ever since they’ve been illegal, we’ve been looking for something to take their place.

Anafuse is a good alternative to steroids

Prohormones come close, but they still leave us with hormone imbalances that we have to account for. Herbal supplements are good, and they’re safe, but they can fall short in how far they can take us.

Vital Alchemy (formerly called Vital Labs) believes they’ve found the ultimate answer in Anafuse.

Vital Alchemy logo, the makers of Anafuse muscle builder

Anafuse promises to “ignite your anabolic furnace” so you can bulk up like steroids, but it’s non-hormonal so you won’t be dealing with side effects. What’s more, Anafuse promises that with the right diet and workout regimen, you’ll be keeping 80-90% of your gains post-cycle, and that’s without PCT.

So let’s take a closer look at what Anafuse is all about. We’ll dig deep into the ingredients, and answer all of your burning questions on our quest to figure out if it delivers on it’s promises, and if it’s the right supplement for you and your goals.

2. What is Anafuse?

The makers of the product come strong with the mantra: “Ignite Your Anabolic Furnace! Build Mass, and Keep It!”

Anafuse is said to “provide a nice combination of nicely dosed anabolic ingredients to create a seamless synergistic formula designed to give you the most from your supplement.”

Vital Alchemy makes the muscle building product called Anafuse

…AND the most from your workout.

The point of this supplement — which is basically a souped-up Laxogenin with added ingredients — is to give your body what it needs to push past the point of muscle fatigue and failure, while simultaneously improving recovery time so that you can double down on workouts and go harder.

Anafuse gives your body what it needs to push past the point of fatigue and failure

The nice thing about Anafuse, especially compared to prohormones or steroids, is that it doesn’t effect or interfere with your natural hormone production. This means you’ll be able to keep more of your gains without worrying about crazy hormone cycles and having to stress about PCT, or ‘Post Cycle Therapy’.

All of this means that you won’t have to expect the negative “come down” and ill side effects that come along with taking steroids or prohormones that you may be familiar with.

You also won’t be needing those super-expensive cycle support supplements when you go with an all-natural muscle builder like Anafuse.

And those nasty side effects you get from prohormones and steroids? You can kiss ’em goodbye. The Anafuse formula won’t leave you with man-boobs, severe acne, small-balls and infertility, or any of that junk you can expect from Prohormones and especially steroids.

With Anafuse, you can experience similar muscle gain like steroids, only without the nasty side effects

Now, I’m not saying it’s the perfect supplement for mass and muscle gains, but from what I can tell, it’s shaping up to be better than the old-school options.

Let’s take a look at what it’s made out of, how it works and whether or not it is worth giving a try for yourself.

3. Anafuse Ingredients and How They Work

There are 4 key ingredients in Anafuse:

The full ingredient profile of Anafuse for muscle growth

Anafuse Review

  • (-)-Epicatechin which comes from plants like green tea and cocoa. It’s primary function is as an antioxidant that helps inhibit Myostatin. As you know, Myostatin is the arch enemy of the anabolic state. It actually puts a hard limit on how big and strong your muscles can get. By decreasing myostatin, Epicatechin promotes muscle growth beyond what genetics had previously determined. (Source)
  • Laxogenin is plant-derived and supports both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in addition to increased strength, better endurance, quicker recovery, and lean muscle growth. It also controls the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that can increase fat and decrease muscle when levels are too high. (Source)
  • HICA which is a metabolite of L-Leucine. It increases protein synthesis and decreases the breakdown of muscle by combating the catabolic forces of the waste products produced by high intensity workouts. It promotes gains and quick recovery between set and workouts. (Source)
  • Vitamin D3 which shows a correlation with healthy muscle growth. Low levels of D3 correspond with decreased strength and muscle wasting. (Source)
All-natural ingredients in Provestra

The recommended dose is 2 Anafuse capsules in the morning with breakfast, and another 2 capsules about 6 hours later, also with food. Most users recommend an 8 week cycle followed by 4 weeks off.

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4. Anafuse Side Effects

Leanbean has very few side effects

The ingredients in Anafuse are all-natural, and it’s not a prohormone or steroid that could have you dealing with everything from headaches and muscle spasms, to shrinking testicles and impotence. (Source / Source)

Nobody wants that.

So if you’ve tried these for muscle growth, and you were disappointed with the toll they took on your body, Anafuse just might be a great alternative for you.

john hansen natural bodybuilding

Although rare, you could experience mild side effects from taking this supplement.

5. Anafuse User Reviews

There isn’t a whole lot of information, user reviews or testimonies out there. But I did stumble upon a treasure trove of dudes who’ve tested Anafuse and had quite a bit to say about the product.

And it’s all good. Well, most of it.

On the Strong Supplement thread, men chimed in about their experiences and the overall Anafuse reviews come in at an impressive 4.65 stars.

The Anafuse user reviews are mostly positive

Robert has taken the stuff (for about a month so far) and is super-pleased with the results. He’s getting a post-workout ‘swole’ on for a good two hours, and has increased his frequency and intensity of workout. He’s packed on 5 lbs of ‘high quality muscle,’ and his strength is up. He plans on running through another bottle of Anafuse, for a total of 60 days which is a full-cycle. He’ll be one happy man if only the results continue…

Anafuse review for muscle growth

Another guy is living proof that you’re (probably) not too old to take a muscle builder like Anafuse. He’s 54 years old. And so far, after about a month on the supplement, he is ‘Amazed’ with what’s happening to his body. He’s pumped that there’s no side effects. If at his age it works so well, he wonders the transformation that’d happen with some of the younger guys.

A 54 year old man takes anafuse and has seen great results

Although the reviews are mostly positive, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

This next (3-star) reviewer is less-than-impressed with his results after 3 weeks of taking Anafuse. His strength gains have been ‘moderate,’ and there’s been little ‘visual change’ in his physique. Also, he’s been having digestive issues since taking the product. Nevertheless, he’s gonna stick to a full 8-week cycle and see what happens…

Anafuse gets mostly great reviews, but some men don't experience impressive muscle gain while on the supplement

There’s only one video-review of Anafuse online, and it happens to be made by (or endorsed by) the Strong Supplement Shop. And… they just so happen to sell the product. But if you can look past that, you’ll see that this is a fairly unbiased review with some pretty solid information.


Specifically, the fella in the video tried Anafuse over the winter. He found his body weight was constantly dropping (which is good, as he was trying to cut weight), while his strength was increasing. He was on a high-carb diet, and getting stronger and looking bigger. In fact, he was collecting PR’s in the gym and even gaining endurance. The only side effect he experienced was increased hunger in the beginning. It’s worth noting that he followed the dosing as it says on the bottle.

Anafuse FAQ’s

Anafuse FAQ's

6. How do I take it?

According to the label, the serving size is two capsules. But for optimal results, you’ll want to take two capsules in the morning with food, and then two more capsules about 6 hours later with food.

7. How do I cycle it?

Most users recommend an 8 week cycle followed by 4 weeks off. This regimen is also recommended by Vital Alchemy, the makers of Anafuse.

How to Cycle Anafuse

And yup, that’s 2 bottles per cycle, which isn’t cheap. But hey, if you’re getting the gains, who’s gonna complain?

8. How much size will I gain?

This differs from person to person and depends on a lot of factors.

Are you a hard gainer? Do you respond well to supplements? How’s your diet? Your workout program? What’s in your genes? Etc.

But from what I’m seeing, you can expect anywhere between 5-10 lbs. in good muscle growth at the end of an 8-week cycle… if you’re doing all the right things.

Most users can experience 5-8 pounds of muscle growth while taking Anafuse

9. What to stack it with?

You might wish to stack Anafuse with other supplements to really maximize gains and decrease recovery time.

As you probably know, I’ve tested and researched literally hundreds of supps, so I have a good sense for what goes with what. And here are a few products that I’d recommend stacking Anafuse with…

  • Testo-Fuel is a T-booster that’ll help you get that extra strength and vitality needed for your workouts and life. It helped me tremendously when my testosterone was tanking, and it could be just the supplement to pair with Anafuse. content/uploads/2014/11/testofuel reviews

  • Instant Knockout Fat Burner is exactly as it sounds, a weight-loss supplement that’ll burn away the fat and give you a rock-hard body. If you’re looking to cut weight and simultaneously pack on lean-muscle mass, then consider stacking this with Anafuse.

instant knockout fat burner review

  • Sarms like Ostarine, Ligandrol, and/or Nutrobal are money when it comes to building mass. These guys will promote the growth of lean muscle tissue and encourage proper bone development. (Source
You can stack Anafuse with SARMS for optimal muscle mass results

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10. Where can I buy it?

You can purchase Anafuse online through a few different retailers, as well as straight from the maker of the product. It is not sold on, and as far as I know, you cannot find the product at brick-and-mortar stores.

11. How much is it?

The 4-week cycle costs about $65 from the Vital Alchemy site, but I’ve seen it for $55 at other online retailers.

Vital Alchemy Anafuse price is $65 per bottle

Don’t forget, it’s recommended that you continue on for an 8-week cycle. So this will put you over $100 for two bottles. Steep? Yes. But it’s a small price to pay if you experience the results that others are getting from Anafuse.

12. Is there a guarantee?

Vital Alchemy does not offer a money-back guarantee for Anafuse.

But this isn’t a deal-breaker, as there’s enough information and reviews that speak to it’s effectiveness.

If it’s worked for the majority of users, hopefully it’ll work for you.

Women can take MuscleTech Pro Series Muscle Builder.

13. Is it safe to take?

In our opinion, this muscle building supplement is safe to take. The ingredients are all-natural, and even the side effects are almost non-existent. However, there are some precautions to consider.

According to the makers of the product, you’ll want to check with your doctor before taking Anafuse if you have certain pre-existing conditions.

Anafuse is safe to take for muscle growth, but there are some warnings

And if you experience symptoms like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, or other symptoms, you’ll want to immediately stop using the product. But that goes without saying.

14. Is it a steroid?

No, Anafuse is not an anabolic steroid. It is completely legal, and it will not show up on a drug test.

Anafuse is not steroids, it is completely legal for muscle building and will not show up on a drug test

In fact, this supplement is a good alternative to prohormones and steroids. You might experience similar gains with Anafuse as you would on an anabolic steroid, only without all the crazy side effects.

15. Anafuse Pros and Cons

Advantages of Anafuse

  • It’s a new approach to anabolics and muscle building. It’s natural and non-hormonal, but uses ingredients you haven’t seen a hundred times.
  • You can stack it with other supplements or pro hormones for even greater effect.
  • Anafuse reviews from actual customers are very favorable.
  • There’s no need for PCT.
  • Gains will last as long as you maintain the proper diet and workout regimen.
Users of Anafuse really like the product for muscle mass, strength building, and weight loss

Disadvantages of Anafuse

  • It’s relatively untried. You have to wonder why everyone is not copying the formula if it’s so great.
  • It’s a bit expensive at $55-$65 per bottle.
  • You need to commit to a full 8-week cycle for optimal results.
  • There is no guarantee

16. Recommendations

I recommend Anafuse with a thumbs up

If gaining muscle mass is your goal, I would recommend looking into Anafuse. The formula is unique alright. But it’s totally legal, all-natural, and backed by science to be pretty darn effective.

Also, the reviews are mainly positive — with an impressive 4.6 stars overall. Lots of men are experiencing results from cycling this supp. They’re praising it for how it trims fat while increasing strength and building good, quality muscle mass. And best of all, you can keep your gains and never have to worry about PCT.

On thing is for sure, it’s safe to take and stack with other great products. And you might see similar gains like you would taking a prohormone or steroids… but you’ll be safe from the gnarly side effects you’d normally get with those ‘products.’

I recommend Anafuse

If you can look past the fairly steep price of this supplement, you might be in good company with Anafuse.

All in all, if so many guys are having success building massive amounts of muscle with a supplement, you should definitely give it a try. I think Vital Alchemy might be on to something with this one.

Have You Used Anafuse? If So, Leave Your Review in the Comments Below!

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User Questions and Answers

I'm looking at the label for ANAFUSE, which states dosing is 1-2 per day, not to exceed 4 caps per day. More isn't always better, but is it better to take 4 per day? -Joe Sato

A dose is 2 capsules, and they say to take 1 or 2 doses a day. I usually start off with the lowest dose for the first couple days, to assess any potential side effects or tolerance. If all is well after that, up it to the 2 doses per day.- Rob

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Is this safe to take with accutane? -Andrew

Any time you take prescription medication, you need to check with your prescribing doctor to make sure it's safe to take any supplement you're thinking of taking along with it.- Rob

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I have already ran an 8 week period of using Anafuse and it worked great. Now I'm wanting to order another bottle of anafuse, but how long should I wait to take the second bottle? I've heard some people say wait about 2-3 months after you get done taking the first bottle, then take the second. So my question is how long should I wait to order another bottle of anafuse? -Bryce

Most of the feedback I've seen says 4 weeks off should be fine.- Rob

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Hey Rob, Any more info on this supplement. I am looking for a really good mass supplement. What are your thoughts on stacking this with Testofuel? Do you think Crazy Mass Stack is better? Thanks! -Jeff

I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard good things about it.  If you do decide to stack it with Testofuel, let me know how it goes.  I like the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, but this could be good too.- Rob

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Hello, do you have any data concerning Ostarine? -Milton

I haven't done much research or testing regarding SARMs yet.  The only article I have up right now is for the SARM Ligandrol, but I haven't used it yet.  I may sometime in the future, but haven't thus far.- Rob

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Will anafuse test positive on a PED or drug test? -Tom

It's legal, but there are some organizations that might ban its ingredients. You should check with the organization that's testing you.- Rob

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2 out of 6 people found this question helpful.

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  1. Took first pill right after waking up with testofuel and pwo. Got sick an hour and a half later.

    Safe to say taking all that on an empty stomach was a bad idea and try again with food after my workout? I got two bottles of it and never had issues with my stomach before.

    Usually takes a lot to get sick
    1. Hey Joe,

      I don’t have any personal experience with Anafuse, but if you go to the Strong Supplements website, they make a bunch of stacking recommendations to use with this stuff.

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