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Brain Vitality GPC Overview

What started with off-label usage of ADD/ADHD prescription medication has ballooned into big business for supplement makers. As soon as people became aware that there was a way to improve your focus, mental clarity, and memory, they wanted it for themselves. So companies began to oblige.


Products weighs into the memory supplement market with their offering, Brain Vitality GPC. It claims to promote a healthy memory and mood, increase your power of concentration, improve your mental clarity, and help you achieve and maintain normal functioning of cell membrane signal receptors. We’ll take a look and see if we can determine whether or not Brain Vitality GPC is a memory supplement worth trying.

Brain Vitality GPC ReviewBrain Vitality GPC Ingredients and How They Work

The Purity Products website gives information on the active ingredients and how they are expected to work:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine supports the signal receptors of the brain cell membranes to help maintain mental alertness by helping to produce energy in the body and the brain.
  • Phosphatidyl Serine supports memory and helps your brain to age healthily. It helps prevent age-related decline in brain functioning.
  • Alpha GPC supports healthy cell to cell communication by helping to produce choline, a key neurotransmitter responsible for communicating between cells.

Purity Products recommends that in addition to eating right and exercising, you should take 2 to 4 Brain Vitality GPCcapsules each morning for optimal protection against brain aging.

Brain Vitality GPC Pros and Cons

Comparing the good with the bad is a helpful way to determine whether or not Brain Vitality GPC is for you.

Advantages of Brain Vitality GPC

  • It is made by a well-established supplement company.
  • It contains some tried and true memory and brain supporting ingredients.

Disadvantages of Brain Vitality GPC

  • It is expensive.
  • We were unable to find any independent Brain Vitality GPC reviews from customers.
  • Brain Vitality GPC has not undergone clinical testing.
  • There is no advertized money back guarantee.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Brain Vitality GPC online from the Purity Products website. A single bottle costs $80 and can last from 1 to 2 months depending on how many capsules you take per day. There is a buy 4/get one free deal. In addition, you can save on your per bottle cost by signing up for automatic delivery.


Brain Vitality GPC might be a decent product, but we don’t think it justifies the cost. The ingredients that are in the formula are decent, but there are save on auto repair too many beneficial ingredients that are not included. Without reviews, testing, or a satisfaction guarantee, we see no reason to recommend Brain Vitality GPC.

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Kate,  Aug 9, 2014

The semester I took brain Vitality formula, there was a huge difference in my performance at school. I got my papers done for school much faster and my teachers even told me I wrote well, which was a first.  I have dyslexia and am ADD. I went from getting a D- in Science to an A-, but this also included my mom spending three hours on Saturday of my mom tutoring me.  I only took my last semester of highschool, but am now wanting to find an affordable option to buy it again. I bought something else at another point but I found it made my focus worse then better.  So I want to get the tried and true Brain Vitality Formula

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