Do You Think You Have Low Testosterone? Take Our Quiz!

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Low testosterone is something that affects all men at some point in their lives, and you will undoubtedly notice the difference when the time comes. Symptoms range based on age, but the bottom line is this….losing testosterone, which is the lifeblood of male dominance and aggression, SUCKS!

While every guy gets depressed, or doesn’t perform well in the sack at times, there are some pretty key things that come into play to really tell if you are suffering from low T, or you’re just having a bad day. Diagnosing this problem early on is the key to helping you lead a more fulfilled quality of life, so we have come up with a quiz to help lead you in the right direction.

This quiz is based on research we have conducted in the field, and it is fairly accurate to help assess your individual levels. However, it will not conclusively tell you whether or not you have low testosterone. The best way to do this is to visit your doctor and ask to get a blood test. This is the only surefire way to tell.

Take our short quiz below to see if you may be suffering from Low Testosterone Levels:

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User Questions and Answers

How can i improve my testosterone level without having Prostate cancer -Nadeemare

Natural testosterone boosters like Testofuel are not believed to cause prostate cancer or other problems. You should also sign up for my free ebook on How To Boost Your Testosterone Safely.  It lays out a plan that doesn't need to include supplements at all.- Rob

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Why I don"t have regular erections in the morning all the time as when I was 16 years old? Is it lack of testoterone? -Gerard

It's all a part of aging, and yes, decreasing testosterone levels definitely play a part.- Rob

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Why now my desire is decreasing and difficult to get a power hard on. Nowaday I seldom get morning erection. -Mohammed Bukhary

It could be low testosterone, or it could be erectile dysfunction. I really can't say. Check out VigRx Plus. It's the best solution for problems such as yours.- Rob

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Have you ever, or do you ever review 'multi-vitamins', the ones that claim to be more focused on men or women specifically. Currently I use Opti-Men which seems to have good ingredients but do you think it gives any assistance to Testosterone boosting? -Duncan

Not really, but I took a quick look, and it looks fine.  Personally I use Mega Men from GNC.- Rob

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I have a friend who recently boyght me 2 90 day supply of BeachBody ActiVit metabolism formula. Is this product any good in your opinion or should I avoid it and stick to my men's multivitamins, creation, and protein regimen which really isn't getting me what I want fast enough? -Brian

I actually don't know anything about the BeachBody supplement. Let me know what benefits you're looking for, and I'll make a couple great recommendations for you.- Rob

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    1. Hey Jim,

      Check your email. I’m about to send over my free ebook, How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally”.

  1. Hi man.hope all is 55, i work out, feel well, eat well, good boners doc said my tlevels are 343.suggested test rather go the natural route.appteciate your feedback.thx
    1. Hey Ed,
      Check out a supplement called Prime Male. It’s one of the best testosterone boosters we’ve ever tested, and we’ve tested DOZENS of these over the years. Here’s my review:

      Also, you may want to sign up for my free “How To Boost Testosterone Naturally” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help encourage your body to produce more of it’s own testosterone. You can sign up for it here, it’s completely free:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I have a hard erection but don’t shoot and at some point my wife get upset thinking she I don’t find her attractive. I explain Getting hard proves I do but to no avail.

    I am under some stress from government interfere in my business but nothing that causes illness or death just over reach issues by them.
    1. Hey Francis,
      That’s really a question best suited for your doctor. There can be interactions between some of the ingredients in t boosters and various medications.

    1. Hey James,
      We’ll there really isn’t a supplement out there that will “cure” your ED. In order to do that you need to identify its root cause. Do you have low t? Diabetes? Are you taking any medications?

      If you want something you can take to help restore your erection quality, check out a supplement called Vigrx Plus. It’s the best supplement I’ve used for this, and I’ve used literally DOZENS of these supplements.

      Here’s my review:
  3. how to improve testosteron level in my body by natural – less intrusive, mininum adverse effect- but quick to respond medicines ?
  4. I am from India. I want to order 4 months supply of prime male.

    I am 21 year old and my testosterone is very low 250ng/ dl due to eat roasted soyabean for a long time ( about 4 months) . My breast is grow like a female and many other symptoms.

    I read many testimonials on prime Is prime male help me to raise my testosterone level which is high about 1 year back.

    Please send me ur useful reply.
    1. Hey Veerpartap,

      Prime Male may help, but it’s a supplement, not a cure for disease. I recommend you consult with your doctor first and find out if you’re suffering from a real lack of testosterone. At your age, your levels should be quite high. If they are not, there could be a medical problem that requires medication prescribed by your doctor.

  5. I am fit to be tied,about 10 years ago i started getting less fit in bed.I would start having sex then get soft.Kinda of tough on my wife and I.I know there is something that can repair the damage,but i do not know what.I tried some pills but they did not work.Can you help me! I am over weight 15 pds.I still have a strong sex drive and want to have sex again.I am only 76.

    1. Hey Tony,
      Sorry to hear about your issues. The most important part of figuring out what’s right for you is identifying the root cause of your ED. Have you ever had your testosterone levels checked? Are you on any medications?

      I would suggest you try a combo of a supplement called Vigrx Plus along with a testosterone booster called Prime Male. The Vigrx Plus uses all natural aphrodisiacs to help promote healthy erection quality, and the Prime Male should help your bodies natural testosterone production. Here’s my reviews of both:

      Vigrx Plus –

      Prime Male –

  6. There are so many products on low T that it’s impossible to try Evan 5 products to find out which one is the right one because all of them claim to do the same thing.
  7. What is the name of the Medical Lab test that shows TOTAL TESTOSTERONE numbers?

    What are the numbers that are desired on the test?
  8. I need some good supplements that will make me fully regain my testosterone, total termination of premature ejaculation, penis enlargement pills that will give me additional 3 inches with full hard rock erection etc
  9. what can help with my E.D issues other then viagra and cialas ? my testo level is at 3.28 normal range for me is 2.80 to 8.00 i am 54 yrs old . i had biatric sleeve surgery 7 months ago loss 98 pounds so far need to lose another 40 but it has slowed to a crawl what can help i do excercise walking 30 to 40 minutes and swimming about 40mins 3 to 4 times a week . wuld testofuel help me lose weight and help give more energy? is it safe
    1. Hey Thomas,
      First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Boost Testosterone Naturally” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info on natural ways to boost your testosterone. Supplements wise, I would actually recommend Prime Male.

      I’ve been recommending it a lot to guys your age, and they’ve all been getting great results. Here’s my review:

      You “might” want to also consider picking up a box of a fast-acting male enhancer called Extenze Plus. Works great for libido / sexual stamina in a pinch, and you can take it as needed. Here’s my review of that one:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. i saw a urologist about my E.D issues and was wondering about my testosterone levels they gave me a blood test my testo level was 3.28 normal range is from 2.80 to 8.00 . can i improve on this without risk of developing prostate cancer as they said can happen with a testo injection ?

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