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muscle supplements for middle aged menWhether you’re looking to get back in the gym after years of “taking a break”, or are looking for something that will help push your physical limits, this stack is right for you.

Keeping up with the younger guys on the court can be tough, but there are supplements out there that can help you feel like your in your early 20’s again. These supplements were designed with the middle-aged male in mind, and are perfect for anyone looking to pack on solid muscle.

Combine ALL of these supplements into your daily routine, and make sure you LIFT heavy when you hit the gym. Signup for our free “Get Ripped” ebook to get helpful diet and exercise tips that can give you the results your looking for.

Our #1 Stack – Crazy Mass Strength Stack

crazy mass strength stack reviewGetting old sucks. Right around the age of 30 our bodies start to notice a gradual decline in testosterone levels, which inevitably leads to decreased muscle mass, a loss of strength, increased fatigue, and lowered libido levels. This stack is intended to help reverse all of that, and essentially acts to “mimic” the effects of illegal steroids, without actually being one.

The Crazy Mass Strength Stack is made up of 4 different supplements, which includes A-Drol, Testosterone-MAX, Deckadrolone, and Dianobal. While they do work quite well independently, it’s the stack of these products that makes it so effective. Some users have reported gains of as much as 20 lbs. of lean muscle mass in just 8 weeks, which is nearly impossible to do on your own without the use of supplementation.

Click Here to read my official review of the Crazy Mass Strength Stack.

Other Supplements We Recommend

The Crazy Mass Strength Stack is just one (albeit the best in my opinion) line of supplements that can help you achieve your goals faster. Our team of product testers has personally evaluated hundreds of supplements that can help guys in their 30’s and 40’s not only increase muscle mass and strength, but also help with reduced fat storage and quicker recovery times. Check them out below:


3 Month Supply:$124.99
nitrocut Sometimes getting motivated to hit the gym can be tough. There are plenty of pre-workout supplements out there that contain harmful stimulants, but Nitrocut is different. By encouraging a process called Vasodilation, your arteries open up and allow for increased blood flow. To the untrained eye this might not seem like much. But serious bodybuilders know that Nitric Oxide (NO) production is a key to building muscle. Nitrocut works by using a complex set of ingredients that helps to enhance nitric oxide levels in the body, and produce great results.

Muscle Advance Creatine

Special Offer:FREE BOTTLE
muscle advance creatine There are literally dozens of creatine supplements on the market, all promising the same thing. Some are good, some are just crap. And there are a few that truly stand apart from the rest. Muscle Advance Creatine is one of those that stand apart. With 4500 mg of pure creatine per serving, this creatine supplement helps to support gains in lead body mass and strength, as well as improve muscular performance and power. If you're looking to build some serious muscle, than this is what you need.


4 Month Supply:$209.00
testofuelIt's no secret. Men start to see a gradual decrease in testosterone levels at the age of 30, and this process gives us some unwanted side effects. Low energy, libido loss, and a decrease in lean muscle tissue all factor into this, and it's been pretty obvious from all the advertising being done online that there is no shortage of products that promise to help fix your problem. The problem with many of these products is that they just replace your bodies testosterone with "manufactured" testosterone. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that's exactly where testofuel comes in. Using all natural ingredients like oyster extract, fenugreek seed, and magnesium, Testofuel works to help your body release it's own testosterone. This will give you increased strength and muscle gains, well beyond your expectations.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Special Offer:2LB $27.99
gold standard whey proteinProtein is the building block of life, most of us already know that. There's a wide variety of protein supplements on the market, but most of them suck. They either taste horrible, have a horrible aftertaste, or are made of substandard ingredients. Gold Standard whey protein by Optimum Nutrition is an award winning protein powder that has raised the bar in the protein category. Unlike many of the other protein supplements out there, this one eliminates unnecessary carbohydrates, fats, and sodium, and gives you more of what you need. Plus it tastes great!

Omega Daily

Omega DailyMost Americans are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are typically found in fish oil supplements, nuts, and even some all natural herbal teas. Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous benefits, including helping to eliminate join pain and discomfort, lower blood pressure, and promote cardiovascular health. You know the feeling you get after a great workout in the gym the next day? Well, Omega Daily is a once daily supplement designed to provide you with reduced inflammation of the joints and eliminate soreness. This will get you back in the gym quickly for increased results.

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I'm 36 I work around steel I have to pick IP heavy stuff 5 days a week for 8 hours a day DAT can be a work out without DAT gym I'm 6'3 195 want a few more muscle and get a better ripped wat do I need dats not to high on my money -jarvis

Check out Blade Nutrition Test Booster.  You can find my full review here.  It's a pretty good supplement for muscle growth and it's on the inexpensive side.- Rob

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Nitrocut how is that for a pre workout -Jim

It's great.  It's my top pick for  a non-stimulant workout.- Rob

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