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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 3-24-2020

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Where can I buy black mamba premium triple maximum male enhancement pill in Milwaukee Wi -Chris

As far as I know, it's only available online, and several retailers are out of stock. You might try eBay.- Rob

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Can you combine black mamba with other pills for better results -Allen

With all the reported side effects, I wouldn't mix it with other pills.- Rob

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How long do these headaches last? Its been 2 days and mt head is still throbbing. -sean

It shouldn't last this long, but everyone is different. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and if it persists you may want to check in with your doctor.- Rob

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what can I expect from black mamba premium triple Maximum -Bill Smith

It looks like it's been recalled by the FDA because of undisclosed ingredients. Click here for more information.- Rob

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Husband took original black mamba pill and is urinating blood. Is that normal? -Lori

That is not normal. If it persists, he should see a doctor.- Rob

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  1. My husband took one about an hour ago all it did was give him a bad headache and his heart keeps stopping then fluttering like crazy… really worried
    1. Hey Sara,
      It’s been recalled for containing undisclosed ingredients, so it’s impossible to know what’s actually in it. If his heart is stopping and fluttering, he should get to the doctor.

  2. I have a problem of getting hard, ejaculating way too soon, stamina, and staying hard. I need a pill that is like a Nuclear Bomb in bed.

    Meaning it’s fast acting, will give me energy & stamina, and keeping me hard even after ejaculating.

    1. Hey Ale,

      Yeah, it definitely does cause headaches for some guys. You may want to start with a half dose at first to see how you react.

    1. Hey Diana,
      Not recommended. None of the ingredients are targeted towards women, so you likely wouldn’t get any effect. Check out a supplement called HerSolution. It’s specifically formulated for women, and my girlfriend swears by it. Here’s their site –
  3. How do you sell them a friend gave me one and it works well and would like to get some how do I get them.
    1. Hey Andrew, is a review website with no affiliation to this product. You’ll have to contact the company directly.

  4. I’ve been using black mambo for about four or five months an it was good but now it doesn’t have the same effect on me as it did when I first start using it . I take the pill an don’t get an erection .

    What do I do now ?
    1. Hey Michael,

      It could be one of a couple things. It was discovered that Black Mamba contained (illegally) the same ingredient as Viagra.

      They may have removed it from the formula so it no longer works as it used to. Or it’s possible that you’ve developed a tolerance to it and need to take a break before using it again effectively.

  5. It’s been a month since my BF took this pill, his sex drive is gone and can’t erwct. Is this common side effect, and how can he get his sex drive back??

    1. Hey Sandra,

      I haven’t heard of this as a side effect, but he may have some luck with a daily male enhancement supplement that can work to bring back his libido. VigRx Plus is the best choice.

    1. Hey Eddy,
      To lessen the side effects you could try taking it on a full stomach. Alternatively, you can break open the capsule and just take half to assess your tolerance.

  6. I took 0ne manba and after six hour i got a danger blood pressure it was 62 over 45 i got very scare i m 60 so becarfore guy
  7. The reason I think a lot of guys get headaches is because they’re taking the whole pills.. I take the powder in the pill as needed.

    Now it does taste nasty as hell (drink with something sweet). But if you break the pill down (I take it in three doses )it may help with those side effects.

    Worked for me so I hope it will work for you.
  8. the fda says the black mamba contains viagra. that’s why it works. beware of the possible contraindications of viagra.
  9. Hey, I am taking black mamba since 1.5years and had great experience of fast loss and erections….. It’s dam good…..but few days back I stop consuming aprox 20 days back I stopped it….

    After dat I was feeling dowzy n tired for 7 days after stopping it den I was back to normal life but since two days I facing problem of erection……. So plz tell me is this bcoz I stopped consuming black mamba plz rply m really tensed

    1. Hey Tushar,

      It sounds like the benefits of Black Mamba wore off after you stopped using it. This is normal and to be expected.

        1. Hey Tushar,

          What I mean is that it seems as though you need the supplement to perform up to your standards, so if you want good erections, go back to using Black Mamba 2.


          1. Hey Buddy,

            Back Mamba 2 is not birth control. It does not prevent pregnancy.

  10. Seeing crazy blue lights like an acid trip..looks like waves of blue like electricity skimming the surface of everything
    1. Hey Brandon,

      Lots of guys are getting similar side effects. Drink lots of water, and discontinue use.

  11. Tried it to see if it works. My eyes were dialated, crazy colors, my kidneys hurt, my bones hurt bad, headache and my eyes were bloodshot for 4 days looked like I drank my whole life.

    My job really looked at me funny. All this for an erection.

    I guess when God lets Mr. Willy retire we need to get a different hobby.
  12. I wish I’d never taken it. The headache persists after 24 hrs although at last the bizarre pink strobing lights are gone.

    It may work okay as an enhancer, but the side effects are not worth it.
    1. Hey Macntash,

      Drink lots of water, and I would recommend you don’t use it again.

  13. Tried this product for the first time last night and all I can say is IT WORKS GREAT. Super hard erection that lasted a loooong time.

    I’m 47 years old and I felt like I was 25. Awesome pill 🙂
  14. I just purchased this product although I don’t need/haven’t used it. I just love to make sure that I am able to give my lady the sexual experience of a lifetime.

    The last pill I took was years ago it was called Blue Steel, if this is anything like that was it will be by far the best on the market. Aniya Collins post just really opened my eyes, it has really gotten me even more excited to try it.

  15. I took black mamba 2 worked AWESOME,but only for about two days,not5-7. First day great,second,soso,,rhino 7 is Garbage!

    Side effects was weird sensitive to lights,like they were a bit flash of blue,lol,no i was not trippn on acid.not bad tho
    Next ill try one more knight..but i give a solid 7-8 of 10 because of side effect.but ok
  16. took BM2 (red pill) 2x before and on both occasions i had the usual side effects like headache. however last nite i took one & took shots of alcohol after & boyyy i think that was a mistake cuz i ddnt get rock hard like i did before AND i woke up in middle of the night & turned my head left & IMMEDIATELY felt like i was tumbling out of an airplane. i’ve took alota ED pills before but i’ve NEVER had that happen while i slept that. it was that scary. the rest of the night i couldn’t hardly sleep & kept feeling extremely lightheaded every move i made & my eyes felt like they were bulging outta my head….no bueno. i’ve drunk plenty on viagra but word to the wise DON’T drink while using these bad boys. maybe beer but NOT hard liquor.
    1. Hey Bob,

      Absolutely. I start with a half dose pretty often when I try a new supplement.

      Let me know how it works out.

  17. LOVE this stuff well the original Black Mamba… I have tried others Rhino 7, and another I can’t remember the name of. Rhino 7 gave me a warm feeling but no boner or anything at 2.5+hours after taking it.. the other did nothing… This stuff with in about an hour I am HARD and ready to go.. and it lasts for days will just be sitting there and pop a boner… going to the bathroom even got me hard! Headache and flashes of light are hit or miss I think it does have to do with how much water you drink while taking it.

    Looking for the best deal of this stuff online now!

  18. I’ve used Black mamba 2 twice so far. I love it.

    I’m over 50 and it gives me sexual ability like I was 25. Rock hard erections that last and last. Huge ejaculations.

    And the ability to go again after minimal time in between. “What are you using?!" exclaimed one recent lady friend.

    Yes it is a tad more expensive then other supplements, but well worth it. Side effects?

    Yes, I’ve had some of the ones mentioned such as light sensitive vision, flushed feeling in the face. and a bit of heartbeat racing. They went away after a few hours though and the desired effects last for days.

  19. I tried the black mamba triple, the blue one ,wow! hard as Chinese arithmetic, she had a few orgasms thru intercourse I ddint have to eat her, but I still did LOL, had the blue flashes, slight headache, hard to come. But when I did!! we were both sore the next day :):) well worth it the slight headache and flashes.

    Im going to try the red one black mamba two even stronger, who needs sit ups and crunches!! and I’m 55.
    This really works guys, and it last days, don’t take more then the recommended dose! with the blue flashes rock hared erections and all. It is great for a once in a while but don’t make a habit of it.

    Stay healthy stay hard but The best thing to get hard is a healthy life style and a sexy woman.
  20. I try today due to the fact that Red Lips was all out. I have no complaints 20 minutes later it worked just the same.

    I highly recommend it, just make sure u drink it with 1 to 2 bottles of water, to reduce the common side affects.
  21. Ok, I tried Black Mamba twice now. Each time ended with the same results.

    Yes, I was hard, yes my GF loved it. However, I threw up for hours, killer headache, and couldn’t stop urinating the next day.

    I’m glad its now out of my system. Anyone want the other 8 pills?

    1. Hi there,

      I would surely be interested in trying it out. Let me know if you can please ship it to me.

      I can pay the shipping cost.

      1. Hey Hasan,

        We are a review site and don’t distribute products. I believe you can by Black Mamba 2 through Amazon and eBay.

  22. I took one pill everything went well Sex was great, however an hour or so later I start seeing the lights flashing. every light a look it flashes 30 minutes gone and it still happens.
  24. Omg omg…. so its 7/5 and i thought about spending the long weekend with my boyfriend and since he comes so fast i thought about buying something from the sex store and i was referred to the black mamba , i purchased it and gave it to him after dinner and guess what? This man gave me more than 200 strokes in 3 rounds when his only a 2 minute ten stroke.. it was amazing!!!!

  25. black mamba is he best thing out their u will need more then one women havent met any yet that could hang with me after takeing this all i can say is next
  26. This product is outstanding and if you’re lookin to have a 3some, take 1 some Gatorade and it’s on!

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