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Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Gerard Butler, The Rock. All of these guys have one thing in common, they are all jacked. So it’s no surprise to want to try and figure out what they did to look that way. Now, you have to remember that these guys are A-list actors with plenty of time allotted to training for a role, access to the best personal trainers in the country, and chef’s to whip up their meals. If only we all had the same luxury.

But, do any of these celebrities take supplements? Well, one recent supposed “Men’s Muscle and Health” article says they do, and these supplements are none other known as Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme. But can these supplements REALLY help you build 15 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks without working out? Well, we dug a little deeper into their claims, and the truth will shock you.

What is Blackline Elite?

blackline elite and refuel extreme reviewBlackline Elite promises to help you get stronger muscles, boost your endurance, increase focus, and maximize growth. Unlike alot of other supplements out there that fail to disclose their ingredients, luckily they give us a sneak peak at what’s inside the capsule. According to their official site, Blackline Elite contains 4 different ingredients, including Agmatine Sulphate, Creatine HCL, Caffeine, and Hordenine HCL.

Agmatine Sulfate produces NO, or nitric oxide. The theory behind the benefits of NO include the fact that during the process of NO production, the smooth muscle tissue surrounding the cell wall relaxes, allowing for increased blood flow. Creatine plays a crucial role in post workout recovery, and while many foods contain creatine, it’s often not enough.

Caffeine….well, we all know what caffeine is / does. The last ingredient, Hordenine HCL, left me a bit stumped. While the makers of Blackline Elite lead you to believe that it will somehow magically turn fat into an energy producing fuel, several other reputable sources say there is NO scientific evidence that you will receive any effects from the consumption of hordenine.

Their home page shows nothing but shredded, huge looking dudes with Tats all over them, and even has a few customer testimonials attesting to its effectiveness. However, if you do a quick google search you will find no independent reviews and / or testimonials on popular forums, like Blackline is exclusively available online, and you cannot buy it in stores like GNC and the like.

What is Refuel Extreme?

refuel extreme reviewAccording to the products official website, Refuel Extreme is a post workout supplement that is also designed with NO production in mind. When I looked at the label, I didn’t really see anything “revolutionary” about the supplement. It contains, amongst other ingredients, Vitamins A, C, and E, CoQ10, and Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium. While it’s helpful to feed your body nutrients right after your workout, none of these would be at the top of my list. At best, it’s a multi-vitamin with fancy packaging.

Just like the sales page for Blackline Elite, Refuel Extreme is packed with solid looking guys, with a wide variety of 6 packs and 8 packs. They mention a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but don’t really elaborate on it. Refuel Extreme is designed to be taken in 1 capsule form, immediately post workout.

Refuel Extreme is also not available in stores as of this writing, so unfortunately the only way you’ll be able to order it is online.

So What’s The Problem With Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme?

While the combo of these 2 supplements “might” be effective, there are a couple MAJOR problems with the advertising and marketing. First off, that “Mens Life and Health” article you read, did you happen to notice that little thing in the upper left hand corner that says “ADVERTORIAL”? In case you missed it, here is a screenshot to show you.

That’s right….this is not a “real” Mens Health article, but rather an advertisement trying to pass itself off as one. They do a pretty good job of convincing you, I might add. There’s options to “Login” or “register now” in the upper right hand corner. There’s seemingly links to browse around their site, links like “Fitness”, “Sex and Love”, “Look Better Naked”, etc.

But, what happens when you try to click on one of those links. Well, watch the screencast below and you’ll find out.

WTF?!?! Every link I click redirects to the Blackline Elite sales page. Yup, again that’s not the real Men’s Health website your looking at, but rather an imposter. Anyways, that’s just the beginning of the story.

The Real Truth about Blackline Elite and Refuel

So, let’s say you decide to order Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme. What you probably didn’t notice was, these are not free samples of their products, but rather are a trial. So what’s the difference between a trial and a sample? Well, a sample is just that, a sample. It’s a small portion of a product you can test out to see how you like it. A TRIAL is just that as well…it’s a period of time that you can use a product to decide if it is right for you.

Still not convinced? Well, let’s take a look at the order pages for both of these supplements for a minute. When you get to the part where you need to input your credit card information, there is a little bit of info at the bottom that is kinda-sorta hidden from plain sight, and it is this for Refuel Extreme and this for Blackline Elite….

That’s right…both companies will charge you close to $90 EACH after a period of 2 weeks or so. And all this time you thought you were getting a free sample, right?

Fake Reviews

Another thing I noted was the sheer amount of fake reviews online, specifically concerning Blackline Elite.For example, one reviewer I found on Youtube spoke very positively about the supplement.

He states that he’s been taking the supplement and his results thus far have been “so far so good”.

Check out his testimonial below:

However, what you probably DON’T know is that he’s actually a paid actor.

How do I know this?? Well, there is a website called Fiverr where people advertise their services for literally $5. One of those services happens to be testimonials and reviews by actors, and take a look and see who is advertising their gig…

fake blackline elite review small
That’s right folks, our friend Johnny here is an actor, and was paid to do this review.


If you have fallen into this trap, trust me, you’re not the first. Everyday I get dozens of comments from guys who were ripped off from companies like Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme, and just when one combo dies out, another one pops up to take it’s place. I do my best to try and point out all of them to you guys, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with them myself.

These 2 products may indeed work, but if you asked me my honest opinion, I would say they are complete B.S. There is no reason that a company needs to deceive customers about what they are getting into, unless of course they are simply after your money. My advice to you is to STEER clear of these 2 supplements.

Have You Used Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme? Leave Your Review Below!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Austin's Review

By Austin,  May 27, 2015

This supplement did absolutely 0% for me health wise. It is like taking a Placebo pill

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

Bad Experience

By Wright,  Dec 20, 2014

I had a severe allergic reaction to this supplement which tells me that it's not all natural like they say. I asked for a refund and was told that since it was just 1 day after the trial period ended that I was not entitled to a refund they don't say that the trial period is for a very short period time.

I don't recommend this product or company...

Was this review helpful to you?
2 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

elete 360

By Terry,  Mar 28, 2016

I'd give no stars if possible. Pills do NOTHING!! Total SCAM.  Save yourself grief. Steer clear of these snake oil peddlers.

Was this review helpful to you?
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

Not bad

By Dave,  Mar 3, 2019
In Short: I would recommend this to a friend.

I'm 40 years old and it works for me. Sometimes I'm not motivated to go to the gym but I take Black line 30 minutes before and I get a boost of energy/motivation to get my ass in gear.  I'm not sure if it would work for guys that are already in the gym or younger like in their 20s.

Was this review helpful to you?

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  1. My coworker gave me a bottle of each, Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme because he probably got scammed and isn’t big into working out. This is good timing because I need to get more BCAA and Glutamine but Im wondering if I should even be taking these new supplements.

    Since i already have them and not worried about a scam, what are your thoughts on the actual benefit of the product? Or should i stick with what i know and just go to

    1. Hey George,

      I haven’t tried them myself, but my guess is that you’ll see some benefit. I’d go ahead and take them since you have them.

      Then head to when you’re ready for the next supplement or stack.

  2. Purchased the free trial however after 2 weeks you will get charged with 90+ USD for each product. That continues every month even when you stop receiving the product.

    I advise not to try this product as this is a scam and they are only after your money.
    1. Same thing happened to me. My 2 “free samples” turned into 2 $99 charges.

      BEWARE this company is a scam!!
  3. Just wanted to thank you for this descriptive review. I just received these supplements today and have not tried them yet.

    Will post again once I do. But you did save me from my moment idiocracy by not reading the fine print.

    Canceled before my “free trial” ran out. Called the number provided by you, they offered to extend past the 16 days.

    I declined and was eventually given a confirmation number. Informed them I was recording this conversation and any future charge would be considered fraudulent.

  4. Rob,

    Have you heard anything about AbCuts (CLA belly fat formula)?

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    1. Hey Lance,

      I haven’t, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll write up a review and let you know when it’s been posted.

  5. My 17 year old son ordered this online with his debit card. He didn’t know about the “14 day trial” so it charged him on the 13th day.

    I saw the charge and called to cancel it and they refused because they said I was “counting wrong” and the day he ordered it was the first day of the 14 days so I was late. Even if that were the case it would have been the 14th day but she refused to see it that way.

    She refused to let me speak to her supervisor. I am going to the band to dispute the charge but it has put his $95 overdrawn now because he didn’t know he would be charged.

    F%$@ers. I’d put negative stars if it would let me.

  6. I wished I would have read this before ordering my “free trial” within two weeks I was charged full price. My fault.

    You really have to watch for people like this. Do the research and then buy from reputable.

    The advise you need is available thru mens health.
  7. This is a scam. Don’t do it you will be charged almost 200 dollars for so called free trial!

    They won’t let you have your money back! False advertising!!!

    At it’s best!
  8. Come on guys….. This is no ones fault but your own you were charged after the trial.

    Before you even enter your credit card info shouldn you read every word?? Fine print or even so called hidden fees are there to be found.. I ordered… Received my samples..canceled and sent them both back in time because common sense should tell you nothing is free… Be smart guys… Know the details before you release your personal info….

    Read the fine print
  9. Thanks Rob, I was very close to possibly ordering Blackline Elite until I came across your review. It is great that there is someone out there exposing these companies that are in the business of ripping off consumers instead of trying to do the right thing in helping in those that want to live a healthier life.

    1. Hey Gabriel,

      It should, but I recommend you give the company a call as well, but to be sure.

  10. Rob,
    Thanks for your website and reviews. I too got scammed on the Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme “Free Trial” offer.

    I never saw the part of the offer which automatically signed you up for a monthly subscription. Fortunately, I received the supplements yesterday, read your article today and canceled right after.

    I called the 888 number you provided and, while they didn’t try to keep me as a customer, they told me I had to return the product or be charged $90 for their free trial offer. I will be returning their product tomorrow and also contacting the Florida Attorney General, where I live and am a former Florida State Legislator, as well as the California Attorney General where they are located.

    Thanks for what you do to help others.

  11. I wish I saw this over the weekend… I bought the supposed “Free Trial” and now after reading this, I emailed them to cancel my orders AND/OR Re-orders. I’ve already been charged the 4.95 (2) for the two products so I am just gonna go to my bank and cancel my card and get a new one like one of the fellow readers posted above… Thanks for the heads-up

  12. SCAM! I ordered the “Free Trial” and I received 1 bottle on day 8, the other bottle arrived on day 12. Before I find out if the products actually work, I was slammed with a $99.74 bill and a $94.53 bill. When I called to find out why I was being charged, they said because I did not cancel with in the first 14 days after I placed the order.

    I explained to them that I have only had 2 days to try the products because they took so long to send them. The guy on the phone explained to me that hidden (yes he actually said hidden) in the terms and conditions, that I had 14 days to cancel.

    Not 14 days to try the product, I had 14 days to cancel from the date ordered, which means I had 2 days to try the product.
    After he said he understands what I meant, he offered to reduce the monthly charge by 30% and I explained to him again that I do not know if it works that I wanted it cancelled.

    He then offered 50% off which I gave the same response. Then he asked how much I would be willing to pay for the product.

    I told him apparently I was willing to get scammed out of $194 for product that by the sounds of it and the kind of company they run, it likely won’t work. Finally at the end I asked since he can reduce the products by 50%, he should be able to reduce the cost that I am already getting charged.

    He replied with no he won’t since I am cancelling anyways.
    Horrible company just scamming hundreds of dollars from people!

  13. Rob,

    Like others that have posted, I wish I’d known more about these products. I ordered and received the products as promised.

    Now I’m nervously watching my bank account to make sure that the shipping cost is all I get charged. I did email the company to confirm that the shipping was all I have to pay.

    Calling them on the phone was unproductive. With them on the west coast it makes it more difficult to talk to a live person which is very frustrating.

    Thanks for the heads up!
    1. Hey Doug,

      Make sure you either get an email confirmation of the the cancellation or get in touch with them on the phone. Both would be even better.

      You can also call your credit card company, explain the situation to them, and tell them you don’t want to accept the charges. Then you can be reasonably sure you’re all set.

  14. I just got off the phone with B.L. customer service. I was charged almost $200 even though I had called to cancel within the prescribed time (before 14 days from ordering.).I called for a refund and was run through the gammet of discounted future orders.I reiterated many times that I was only interested in a refund of my $200.After constantly refusing over and over to put a manager on the phone the scammer then offered a 30% refund which I rejected.I was put on hold after which I was offered a 50% refund,which I also rejected.

    I was put on hold again so that he could “flag a supervisor” then was offered a 75% refund and told that it was the absolute best they could do. Meanwhile I had the wife on the phone contesting the charges with the C.C. company.I rejected the 75% refund offer but was unable to get a better “deal” as well as unable to get management on the phone.I eventually accepted the 75% refund and and was given termination of subscription numbers,which I was not given the 1st time I had called to cancel and also their reason for not giving me a full refund.

    I was not asked to return the product. I was sent four emails which outlined the Termination of my “Trial” subscription and also detailed my refund.I am still however going to contents the charges altogether with my C.C.

    These folks are the posterchildren of the worlds scammers. Thanks for the outlet to warn off future potential victims.

  15. I wish I would have found this page before getting taken. I ordered what I thought was a free sample but wasn’t, then got charged the $196.00. I called to cancel and was told ” the product has already shipped” so I’ on the hook.

    Then 2 weeks later I had still not received the product that I had to pay for because it was too late to cancel. When I called to find out what was up they apologized and informed me that I was responsible for the charges.

    I told them that I understood that but didn’t want to both be charged AND not get the product. He happily mailed me a new bottles.

    When I get the confirmation email it says “trial” . I called and he assured me that I was getting the full supply.

    The chick on the phone offered me to ” lock in ” $24.87 per bottle to keep it. That’s a LONG way from $196.00.

    Bottom line, I feel like I was mislead and taken advantage of. Also, I’m not buying that the product was “already shipped” and happened to get lost in the mail.

    1. Hey Gabriel,

      Here’s the contact info I have. I believe it works for both products:

      Customer Service Hours of Operation:
      Phone Support:
      Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
      Phone: 888-259-8769
      Email Support:
      Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.
      For Product Returns: (MUST INCLUDE RMA#)
      (Obtain RMA by calling 888-259-8769)
      RMA # –
      Attn. Blackline Elite
      3760 W McFadden Ave Suite B 602,
      Santa Ana, CA 92704-1392

      Hope it helps!

    2. yes, They will offer you the deal of the day to keep buying. If you like it maybe it’s worth calling to get the ” good deal”

  16. Hey Rob. I have ordered these supplements but am now skeptical to try them because of this article.

    You seem to make some valid and thoughtful points regarding the financial aspect of it. I’m 5’11 190 pounds.

    I’m big for my size (19) but have been trying to lose fat and become more cut for months. Any suggestions regarding supplements?

    1. Hey Tim,

      Yeah, definitely make sure you call and cancel as soon as you get the products. Otherwise they will charge you for what you probably thought was free. If they don’t make you return the supplements, you can use them. You’ll probably get some benefit from them, just nowhere near the money they cost. Check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack instead. I had fantastic results with it.

  17. Rob, your site saved my tail! I just fell into the Blackline scam and wanted to update your readers because it was your site that tipped me.

    I too thought it was a free trial. I ordered on Jan 3, got my blackline and refuel on the 7th.

    I after receipt,I did a web search that night and found this string in the mix of BS articles and reviews.So I went back to the BL website and read the terms and conditions and confirmed the racket! I immediately emialed the customer service site that initially confirmed my order stating “TERMINATE” I alos called on the 8th to confirm.

    When I called on the 8th to cancel,the gal kept me on the phone for 25minutes — very persistent…trying to persuade me to extend the trial, to agree to a reuced feeof abot $70.00 ongoing, and finally to namemy own price. I continued to refuse.

    She then insisted I send the products back at my own expense and pay a $9.95 restocking fee.I refused and pointed out the terms and conditions do not require me to send the product back if I am canecelling…only if I am requesting a refund and I wasnt. After some argument back and forth, she first tried to”waive” the restocking fee, then eventually also agreed to”waive” the requirement I return the products when I pointed out to her the BLE website says the product is mine to keep. So persistence on the phone will win wout. But those who fall into this and cancel within the 14 day trial period should have the terms and conditions regarding returns right in front of them and the website language about keeping the product and throw it back at them unti lthey give you cancellation confirmation numbers for BOTH BLE and ReEx.

    Hope this helps your readers and gets the word out bro. Paul M.

  18. Hey Rob I fell into the scam you were talking about and I noticed that they charged me almost $200 I guess after the two week trial and yesterday I get an order confirmation at that I never ordered and they a BS reason about the whole agreement thing. What do I do?

    1. Hey Andrew,

      You’ll have to give them a call and tell them you want to cancel the autodelivery program. At that point, you can discuss with them whether or not you can get a refund either by returning the products or not, and see what they say.

      Some companies will and some won’t. You should also cover your bases by calling your credit card company and telling them you don’t want to accept any more charges from these companies.

      After you do all of this, keep watch on your card for a couple of months to make sure everything has indeed been cancelled.

  19. Hey,
    Thanks for the posts regarding Blackline. I have 2 bottles on the way.

    So, I emailed them just now to cancel the subscription and I will refuse delivery of the packages tomorrow.
  20. Rob – great site, thanks for the heads-up – I fell into this one hook line and sinker, even though I have been duped before. Once I started investigating, I found that the company flooded the internet with crazy web pages of supposed “independent” reviews of the the Blackline and Refuel products. (I found this link well-below the other trash-vertisements for the products.) All it took was reading about three sentences into those web pages to know that this is BS, written deliberately in sub-5th grade english, complete with improper grammar and spelling.

    Wow, must be authentic if an illiterate reviewed it.

    Anyway, I called and canceled my trial and was told to send the product back, was given two cancellation numbers and promised an email confirmation. The lady who helped me was very nice and tried to sell me on a 35% and 50% discount to stay on with them – she even went as far as asking me how much I would pay to stay with them.

    I felt like I was in Tijuana for a minute there… I would suggest you send THEM an email confirmation after you cancel, including your cancellation numbers, just to protect yourself further. Please check your credit card statements also, and utilize your right to contest any charges as fraud if they charge you after you cancel.

    As one other reader said earlier, you can always cancel your credit card to prevent them from charging you further.
  21. This product is the biggest scam ever I ordered my free trial and two weeks later they charge my credit card two separate times for 100 bucks each what a rip off the product does nothing but give me a headache!!!!!!! It’s junk-thanks for the rip off right here at Christmas time a holes
  22. I was suckered too, but I feel like I will share my experience so far. I ordered the trial, and canceled on the same day after reading this post.

    I got e-mail confirmation that my on-going membership/subscription is canceled and no more charges will be filled. I was asked to ship back the product (still arguing with them because the product hasn’t even left there warehouse) I told them flat out in an e-mail I will not be returning the product if it is shipped to me.

    They said based on the terms I agreed to I have to send them back or be charged. Call me blind but I see nothing in the agreement that would suggest I would need to send the product back if I was not satisfied from my trial.

    1. Hey Garrett,
      I read the terms and agree that it doesn’t say you have to return anything. In fact, it plainly states that calling to cancel within the stated time will ensure that you won’t incur any more charges.

      I removed your link, though, since I don’t like to link to outside sites I don’t necessarily trust. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

  23. Rob,
    Thank you very much for your review of this product. I was skeptical when most of the review sites where linked to the product.

    If you don’t mind, I would like your advice on which of your books to try, and what supplements would be recommended.
    I’m 44, 255 lbs and 6’5. Before my car accident in 2008 I was pretty solid, worked out 3-4 times a week, etc.
    In the accident I damaged my necke pretty good, broke my shoulder and knee.
    Got a great family and want to be around for them, so I’ve kicked the meds, and I’m eating healthy again. My workouts are limited, can’t do heavy weights or jogging anymore.

    I can do bands , bike, sit-ups, exercises along that line.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Stephen,

      Glad to hear you’re recovering so nicely. Given your limitations, I recommend you sign up for my weight loss ebook. The workout is somewhat less aggressive in terms of lifting, so I think it would be better suited for you. As for supplements, go with the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s a great, all around stack that’ll go a long way toward getting you back in shape.

  24. Here is my experience with Blackline Elite and Refuel Extreme. I called them before my 14 day trial ended and told them that there is no way I was going to pay $90 a bottle and that I found another supplement on Amazon that claims the same thing they did but at $20 a bottle.

    So in return they gave me my subscription at 75% off, $23 for one bottle and $21 for the other. After one shipment I stopped it because I felt it wasn’t working, as far as the energy went anyway, I still have 2 unopened bottles.

  25. Blacklineelite is a fraud and rip off. Don’t be fooled by the free sample just pay for shipping.

    The 14 day trial which you will miss if you click to fast, starts the date of purchase. Not the date of shipment or the date you receive it.

    By the time I received it I was passed my 14 day window. Also they claim you can call in and ask for an extension which is stated on one of the check boxes.

    Don’t be fooled. Put it this way, if a store won’t sell it then don’t buy it.

  26. I have a question I told you before that I brought the blackline elite and refuel extreme and just wondering if it safe to try them out.
    1. Hey Trevor,

      You should be fine. I haven’t found these kinds of supplements to be dangerous, just not worth the money they charge you.

      So since you’ve taken care of that end of things, go ahead and use them till they’re gone.

  27. I unfortunately signed up for this trial thinking it was just the $4.95 for each product and then I would get to decide if I wanted to continue it or not. As soon as I read your article I called the number listed and canceled my membership for both products.

    They canceled my membership and I was allowed to keep both products for $9.95 each. I said sure I will pay that to still try them and not have to go through the hassle of having to ship them back.

    I signed up for your free e-book and look forward to trying some of the products you suggested. I am 6ft-1 and 140lbs and 19 years old.

    I have always been skinny, what do you suggest that I use for me to gain some weight?
  28. Being over weight has never been a problem but gaining muscle is something that is just impossible. I am 26, 6’0 and weight about 153lbs. I was hoping you had an idea of something to look into that i can add to workouts that will not cause me lose more weight but will help gain and tone muscle along with giving me the much needed energy and motivation to not stop.

    Preferably at a reasonable price since money is tight these days. Thanks for the help

    1. Hey Chad,

      First, I’ll recommend that you sign up for my free “Getting Strong” ebook. It’s got great tips and plans for meals and workouts to help guys like you put on muscle weight. As for supplements, use Nitrocut as your pre workout. It’s got no stimulants so it won’t suppress your appetite or speed up your metabolism. And add Muscle Advance Creatine to your regimen. Creatine gives your muscles what they need to push harder so you bulk up faster.

  29. another sucker here. Thank you so much for the blackline elite and refuel extreme on your site and i wish i found your website before i order their trial. i have some questions for you.

    Will they be able to fine me and suit me if i decline their charges on my bank? After reading your review, i called their company to cancel the trial and yes indeed they asked for the unused portion back and if not i have to pay full price.

    The dude sounds like a 14 year-old kids and was pretty rude. So i hung up and called my bank, i explained to them the situation and they said they will cancel my debit card and send me a new card with new number and expiration date.

    So now I am not worry about the charges. But will that company come fine me and sue me?

    They have my name and shipping address. Now that i will get new card, they won’t be able to charge me full price and won’t get their unused portion back, i’m afraid they’ll do something about it.

    1. Hey Vinh,

      I have not heard of anybody being fined or sued by these companies, and I’ve heard from lots of guys who’ve handled it the same way you have. I think you’re probably fine.

  30. Just found this site that talks about blackline elite and refuel extreme and it’s a good thing I found this site. I canceled everything with those company which I didn’t need to pay for cancelation fee

    I’m 22 yrs old and weighting about 135lbs I want to know which product to take to gain weight.

    The laziness kills me
  31. Thank you Rob. I wish I would have seen your review first.

    But I’m very thankful that I read your review and saw what you had pointed out about the companies. Saved me time and money.

    I appreciate it.
  32. Thanks for the great info on this review. I was very close to pulling the trigger on getting these supplements but you saved me from what seems like a lot of drama.

    What advice can you give me for my situation. I’m 38 and currently weigh 250lbs at 6’4. I have always been physically active with sports but with an injury on convoy duty years ago forced me to cease all sports and limited me to minor lifting and arc trainer cardio only. I just had a 3 disc spinal fusion back in april of this year and have a bit of titanium on my spine. before the surgery I was doing pretty good in the lifting department, 90lbs each arm concentration curls, 80lbs each arm for Arnold presses, and just shy of a grand on leg presses. basically no slouch in the lifting department.

    I was down to 215lbs and a 34in abdominal circumference. I have just been released to start working out again and want to ease into it.

    I want to be able to run but need a good starting program along with supplements to help me shed off the weight and fat I got from being laid up in bed for 3.5 months. My abdominal circumference is now at about 39in.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to get this cut down before my next physical fitness test due in march as I am active duty military.

    Thanks again!
  33. Hey Rob,
    I’m a 22 year old Marine so I’m very active on a daily basis. On an average day I run up to 3 miles on top of lifting.

    I’m 5’11 and weigh 155. Im trying to find some products that will help boost muscle growth and help me pack on weight faster due to my high metabolism. I’m currently on a cycle of P6 Black.

  34. Hey Rob,
    So I found out about black line and such but after reading this review, it made me skeptical of them. Is there anything you can recommend for me?

    I use to play baseball but I want to get toned again and build a little muscle. I’m standing at 5’8″ at 150 and wouldn’t mind gaining muscle mass.

    I walk a lot for work, maybe like 4 miles a day and not so much active on the gym bc I’m tired from work. What do you think would be right for me?

  35. I bought thinking it was a free trial and your getting set up for a couple hundred a month recurring deal. If you want to cancel and return the product unused you not only don’t get your money back but you owe them more for canceling.

    Im not even going to give this product a try because I won’t buy a second bottle from a company that planned on screwing me in the first place.
    1. Hey JJ,

      If you call and cancel within 14 days of the day you first placed your order, you should be able to avoid further charges. They may require you to return the products.

      Some do, some don’t.

        1. Hey Garret,

          Here’s the contact info I have:
          Customer Service Hours of Operation:
          Phone Support:
          Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
          Phone: 888-259-8769
          Email Support:
          Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.

          For Product Returns: (MUST INCLUDE RMA#)
          (Obtain RMA by calling 888-259-8769)
          RMA # –
          Attn. Blackline Elite
          3760 W McFadden Ave Suite B 602,
          Santa Ana, CA 92704-1392

          If you still can’t reach them, call your credit card company, explain the situation, and ask that they don’t accept any further charges. Hope this helps.


    1. Hey Johnny,

      You might get some small benefit, but it won’t be worth anywhere near the $200 a month you’ll be charged. Think about it this way.

      If a supplement worked, they wouldn’t have to resort to scammy marketing to sell it.

  36. Hey Rob, you have some great information. Can you suggest something for a 50 year old, 5’11 about 185lbs, decent shape but want to build more muscle and lose the fat?

    Going to the gym alone is not cutting it. Any products you can suggest would be great.

  37. I’m 28 yrs old and I’m 5’7 weighing around 180 and I’m trying to find the quickest way to shed my gut. I jog/walk 2 miles at least 4 times a week.

    I like my weight where it’s at but my midsection fat is just too much for me. I’m trying to lose it naturally but am going to have to take something?


  38. Hello Rob,

    I’ve a difficult task. I’m not over weight or anything.

    I am very active. Have been for a long time.

    I’m 36 and stand at 5′ 7″ and weigh around 140. My work is a fitness program in itself, hardscape landscaping.

    Large boulder walls, stone walkways, ect. Heavy stuff.

    I’ve tried for years to build size, protein shakes, calories galore, stacks of different types. All from reputable companies like GNC or Complete Nutrition.

    Along with gym time and the workouts at home. Metabolism is way high.

    I don’t seem to be able to gain. I’ve been offered the less legal route and the idea of steroids is not appealing to me.

    Is there anything that can get me where I want to be. I’m healthy and in good physical shape, just want to be bigger. My goal is to be as tone and cut as I am, but I would like to be in the 160 – 170 lbs range.

    Closest I’ve gotten was 150.

    Thank you for any info you have

    Have a blessed day

    D. J.

    1. Hey D.J.,

      I’ve got a few tips for you. You’ll need to eat. a. lot. Try for 6 meals a day. Get lots of complex carbs in the morning, and plenty of protein throughout the day. Limit your cardio to nothing or next to nothing. And when you lift, lift hard and heavy. It’s all about building muscle and taking in more calories than you use (which is tough for someone like you with a fast metabolism). As for supplements, try the CrazyMass Bulking Stack along with a quality protein like 100% Whey Gold Standard. Also, sign up for my free “getting strong” ebook. It’s geared specifically for guys who want to put on muscle weight. You’ll find lots of tips and advice there.

  39. Thanks for posting this review. I was going to give these supplements a try, but I wanted to see if they were even real.

    They do seem to be real, and I guess they work from what I’ve read, but that is messed up that they scam everyone who tries the product. I only wanted to tone my abs and put a little more on my arms, and it seemed like these products could help me.

    Since I’m not going to get scammed into paying $200 a month, do you have any suggestions for supplements that won’t really bulk me up, but give me the toned muscle I want?
    1. Hey Zack,

      Go with a stack of Nitrocut with Testofuel. Nitrocut is a non-stimulant pre workout that’ll get you pumped and energized, while Testofuel will boost your testosterone levels so you’ll be better able to add muscle and lose fat.

  40. Glad I found this review site before finalizing the order.
    Rob is there a supplement that you’d recommend for faster fat-loss? Already watching what I eat and working out but if I could loose the fat a bit faster would be great.

    1. Hey Ceasar,

      I’m glad you found us in time too. A lot of people don’t get to us until it’s too late. Check out Instant Knockout. It’s my top choice for fat burners, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

    1. Hey Greg,

      Sorry to hear you’re in this situation. You’ll need to get in touch with the companies. I found some pretty complete contact information on the website For Blackline, its:
      Customer Service Hours of Operation:
      Phone Support:
      Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
      Phone: 888-259-8769
      Email Support:
      Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.
      For Product Returns: (MUST INCLUDE RMA#)
      (Obtain RMA by calling 888-259-8769)
      RMA # –
      Attn. Blackline Elite
      3760 W McFadden Ave Suite B 602,
      Santa Ana, CA 92704-1392

      For Refuel Extreme, it’s a little different story. The contact page link takes you to the Privacy Policy page, so I’m not sure how to reach them. Maybe try the number you have during the listed hours or ask the Blackline Elite customer service people what to do. They’re clearly related.

  41. Hi Rob,

    Good thing I looked this up. I did order the “trial” but have to receive it but I will be calling as soon as they arrive and if they want it back they can have it.

    I also called my CC company & told them to cancel any further transactions from the company.

    You recommend Nitrocut as a pre workout, what do you recommend for a post workout?

  43. hey guys i got duped into this too, luckily i was able to cancel the trial period before any more was charged unto my card thanks to this article existing, only review out there is this one for authenticity, they WILL try to get you to stay with the program, even after i told them taking it made me not feel well, make sure you get the cancellation confirmation number they should give you, and check that you get an email from them as well proving so. hopefully we can prevent more people from being scammed.
  44. I have been dooped! It took almost a week for the first bottle and 5 days more for the second (Refuel post work out) I am 9 day into the first bottle (blackline) and got dinged on my card the total 94.53 for black line and 99.47 for the refuel. 7 called in to complain and was given the 14 day agreement BS read from a pre designed complaint form. They are not about the product but only about money.

    They offered a 50% off on future products, I demanded cancel and offered to send back product to prove ammount of pills / days of use and thier claim was not to be able to accept opened products. In short I would have been ok with results but business practices just floored me, I was given a 30% discount on fees charged and they waved cancelation fee.

    Do not buy into this online scam!
  45. Yep sucker here too!! Thankfully I just found your review & I’m trying to cancel my “trial” but I keep getting busy signals from both phone numbers. Any idea who I can contact to make sure my credit card isn’t charged in the future?? Also can you recommend something to help me lose weight?

    I’m slowly getting back into working out, mostly cardio, and hoping to get training again for 5k’s just need something that will help boost my weight lose so I stay on track & don’t give up!
    1. Hey Kandace,

      I found some pretty complete contact information on the website For Blackline, its:
      Customer Service Hours of Operation:
      Phone Support:
      Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST
      Phone: 888-259-8769
      Email Support:
      Please Allow 24 Hours For Reply.
      For Product Returns: (MUST INCLUDE RMA#)
      (Obtain RMA by calling 888-259-8769)
      RMA # –
      Attn. Blackline Elite
      3760 W McFadden Ave Suite B 602,
      Santa Ana, CA 92704-1392

      For Refuel Extreme, it’s a little different story. The contact page link takes you to the Privacy Policy page, so I’m not sure how to reach them. Maybe try the number you have during the listed hours or ask the Blackline Elite customer service people what to do. They’re clearly related.

      As for a supplement suggestion, try Nitrocut as your pre workout combined with Phen375 for burning fat.

    2. Yep another one bites the dust….but….dispute this BS through your financial institutions they are aware of this. I disputed and was refunded my funds even after the 14 days in less than a hour and a half in love my bank!!…its funny when you talk to them on the phone their so sturn and atitudaul cause they know you can’t reach through the phone.

  46. This product ,may or may not work,but there business practices..NEED WORK..I am very disappointed in how they do business…
  47. there phone number is right on the bottle. But I made sure to write it down when i order off their site, because i was going to cancel for sure.

    I did not see anything about shipping anything back when you cancel before the 14 day trial.
    1. Hey Bill,

      Yeah, some of the free trial companies make you send it back, and some don’t. I’m not sure about these guys.

      Make sure you find out when you call.

  48. Bravo Rob!
    It was really tough finding an expert opinion that wasn’t fake.

    One other thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t creatine less effective as men age.

    I have my doubts creatine plays any part in how those older actors look.
    1. Hey,
      Thanks! I’m glad you found our site useful.

      Actually, there’s been lots of talk lately about how creatine helps older guys build and maintain strength very well. It is true, however, that it’s just plain harder to get big as you get older.

      Let me know if you’re looking for any specific recommendations, and I’ll see if I can help you out.

  49. Thanks Rob… I looked for honest opinions, and found nothing but BS endorsements until I found your site… Great job and many thanks for the honest REVEALING review!
  50. Add me to the suckered list – I appreciate the phone number you added, just like Victor said there was no information in the shipment – their website is not completed and the email they sent did not work. So the number you added was great as it allowed me to cancel but it still cost me the upfront cost of the “trial” and then $19.95 for not shipping it back.

    Glad I didn’t wait longer they said it was going to be $95+ for each product per month. Yikes.

    1. Did they make you send the product back to them? Has anyone used the products at all and then tried to cancel?

      I just called the number and this guy said that he was going to extend my trial for another few days. Should i be concerned about this?

      Great website though! Very helpful Rob!!

      1. Thanks Jake,

        I’m not sure I’d trust them to extend the trial. My impression of these companies is that sometimes each rep doesn’t know what the other reps are doing.

        If I were you, I’d stick to the original trial period just to be safe, unless you got the extension in writing.

  51. I suspected this much, great job Rob! I noticed the “ADVERTORIAL” trying to hide right away.

    Like they also say, if it seems to easy…. Nothing substitutes real work.

  52. Also when you get these two products there is absolutely no information regarding their “free” trial or how to cancel any further shipments/charges.
    1. Hey Victor,

      I’m not surprised. In case you need it, the number for Blackline Elite is 1-888-259-8769.

      For Refuel Extreme, it’s 1-888-287-7173.


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