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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

creatine x3 reviewWhile most creatine supplements are designed to be taken before a workout to offer stronger pumps and greater endurance, we find that there are also a number of great supplements designed for after your workout.

Creatine X3 is designed to help boost muscle recovery after a workout and to increase strength in order to help you better build mass.

The company behind the product, Six Star Pro Nutrition claims science to back up their product benefits, so we decided to take a look to see if this is a product we wanted to recommend to others.

How Does Creatine X3 Work?

There are many benefits claimed by Creatine X3, including dramatic muscle growth, almost 20% greater strength, and increased cellular energy to the muscles.

The company cites university research into their ingredients as well as double blind studies.

The ingredient in Creatine X3 offers 4x more mass gain than placebo while also offering an 18.6 percent increase in overall strength capacity.

The product contains three types of creatine monohydrate as well as a number of amino acids, NO activators (arginine) and a freeform BCAA complex.

All in all, the ingredient list is well rounded, proven, and largely free of filler ingredients, although there are added flavors that help give the product its reputed great taste.

While you cannot buy Creatine X3 from the company website, they do list a number of online and store locations where you can purchase the product, including Walmart, GNC, and the Vitamin Shoppe.

User Reviews

In terms of user reviews, results are highly favorable.

Many report “realized strength gains” and that it has helped them get both “bigger and stronger”.

It is worth noting that many reviewers also back up the product’s claims of great taste, which is certainly something unique in the powder supplement market.

There are some who note gastric upset when first taking the product, but in terms of overall effect and benefit, users overwhelmingly agree that the product lives up to its claims.


Recommending a product like Creatine X3 is fairly easy, if only because the product is actually designed to live up to all of its claims and the company shows the science and research to back them up.

User reviews run the gamut from hardcore builders to those new to mass building and supplementation, yet all seem to agree that the product is effective.

With so much working in favor of Creatine X3 and a taste that makes the product easier to take, we certainly recommend it as a quality post-workout creatine supplement.

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User Questions and Answers

Can I take the creatine x3 elite series pills at 15. And do I take them 2 at a time or all 6? -Jawun

15 is a little young, but creatine has been shown to be safe and effective for teens. The instructions are a little vague, but you should take all 6 pills at once.- Rob

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hi im wondering what are the side effects of taken this. aggressive, anger, ect? -nicole

The only potential side effect of creatine is bloating.  It has no relation to testosterone and doesn't cause testosterone-related side effects.- Rob

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Does sixstar pro nutrition creatinex3 have any narcotics containing in the tablets -jose

Not at all. It doesn't even contain caffeine.- Rob

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Can I take creatine x3? I'm 17 years old. I do not know if creatine x3 just has monohydrate. -Matthew

All the creatine in it is monohydrate, but there are also BCAAs. At 17, you should be fine taking this, as long as your eating right and working out hard.- Rob

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I recently purchased creatine x3 capelets. Directions say a serving is 3 pills. It says take 2 servings in the morning. Does that mean take 6 at one time?? -Kevin

That's correct. They recommend taking 2 servings at once, which is 6 pills at a time.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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  1. Does it do it to older people cause I have heard both that it will affect it and it wont affect it so I just trying to see if it does
    1. Hey Mark,

      It will help all ages. Certainly it’s more difficult to put on muscle as you get older, but creatine will help.

        1. Hey Mark,

          No, it’s because ingredients haven’t been tested on kids who’re still growing, so nobody really know what effects it may hav.
  2. I workout 5 days a week. I was wondering is it safe to take this supplement, creatine x3, and still be to loose weight?

    1. Hey Buddy,

      It should work for you, but you may want to check with your doctor to be sure you don’t have any underlying medical conditions.
    1. Hey Jonathan,

      No, not at all. It’s a creatine supplement, which has no effect at all on the penis.

      It provides extra energy to your muscles so you can lift more weight during workouts.

  3. Okay I asked a question already about the creatine not sure if you can answer bout no fury what are it’s side effects?
    1. Hey Nicole,

      I haven’t had a look at it yet, but give me a few weeks and I’ll let you know when I post a NO Fury review.

  4. Hello Rob, I have a couple of questions I would like your professional opinion on.
    I want to give the creatine x3 capsules a try. I want to get stronger and slightly bigger but I also want to lean out and cut down on body fat percentage as I am going into the air force.

    Would I be able to SAFELY stack hydroxycut hardcore capsules and the creative x3 with a good diet to achieve my goals. The reason I have never given creative a try is because I don’t want my long term results dependent upon continued use of the product.

    People I know who tend to stop creatine use tend to fall off hard and lose mass, definition, and I don’t want to experience that at all. Any help would be appreciated and please feel free to forward me a copy of your free Ebola as well.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help
    1. Hey Lamar,

      Well, it’s true that you won’t be getting the benefits of creatine after you stop, but you won’t lose the muscle you’ve gained as long as you keep working out hard and eating right. To that end, I’ve just sent a copy of the ebook over to your email address. Follow the meal and workout routines, and you’ll do great.

  5. Blake. I am a 24 year old 5ft3 in 115 on average pound male.

    I am also vegan. I workout between 3-4 times a week.

    I start my day with yoga, then the gym then biking. It is hard to build muscle being vegan, and was wondering, if the Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Creatine X3 would be a great start for me?

    Any advice? I work with large dogs and been trying to gain muscle strength and mass as I am a smaller guy working around larger animals.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Hey Jared,

      Absolutely, creatine is a great way to put on muscle weight. It helps you lift harder and heavier, so you gain more muscle more quickly. You’ll need to lift hard and eat lots of complex carbs and protein to put on muscle weight. You should sign up for my free “getting strong” ebook for some great help with that. (Of course you’ll have to adjust the diet portion for your vegan lifestyle). I would also find a good vegan protein to help you make sure you get enough. That should do it. Stick with the program, and you’ll put on muscle.

  6. Hey Rob,
    I’m 18 years old, 6′ and 150 pounds. I’ve just started to get serious about working out and go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

    Right now I’m just taking Whey protein after each workout and eating small meals throughout the day, but I’m still noticing most of the weight I’m gaining is in my stomach. Do you have any suggestion for me?
    Thanks, Blake

    1. Hey Blake,
      You definitely should go with Creatine if you want to build muscle. I’d go with the one from Muscle Advance. It comes in capsule form which makes it simple and convenient. Just make sure to drink plenty of water. You also might want to sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook for tons of tips on eating and working out.

  7. Hi!
    I am just finishing my “cutting” phase and will start my “bulking” phase in a few days, at which time I will increase my caloric intake (mostly in the form of protein) and start to use creatine for the first time.

    I have an upcoming trip for four days during which I won’t be able to work out as usual. My question: should I continue to take creatine during those four days and should I continue the added protein calories, of wait until after the trip to resume my routine?

    1. Hey Ed,

      Keep taking the creatine because it’s good to load up, so this is a good chance to do that. As for the calories, increase your protein intake somewhat, but not to the extent you would if you were home, working out.

      Keep it to about half the increase.

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