6 Male Enhancement Scams and How to Avoid Them

Fact Checked On: 6-10-2017 By: Rob Miller

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Let’s face it.

The marketing of male enhancement pills, creams, patches, and enlargement tools and techniques has become a multimillion dollar industry. When that much money is involved, there are bound to be unscrupulous people trying to take some of it for their own nefarious purposes. That’s not to say there aren’t legitimate male enhancement products available. It is to point out that you must keep your guard up when considering purchasing these products for your personal use.

Here are some of the most common scams I’ve come across in my years of researching these pills.

1.) Phony Endorsements on Amazonfake reviews

Amazon is a great place to buy things. You can shop conveniently from home, usually get the best price, and read reviews and testimonials from consumers who’ve actually used the product. Or have they? I have done a ton of research on hundreds of male enhancement supplements, and if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s fake ads on Amazon.

It’s usually very easy to pick them out. You start reading the reviews and they are all completely GLOWING and riveting testimonies as to how well a particular male enhancement product has worked. Literally, almost EVERY single review is nothing short of amazing.

But then, when you start looking to see what other products the “reviewer” has reviewed, it becomes apparently obvious that they probably work for the company, or were paid to leave a positive review. Typically, you’ll see that they haven’t left a review of any other product, and if they have, it’s usually a product that is sold by the same company of the one you were originally reading about.

Like the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is…Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for Amazon to differentiate between a “real” review and a “fake” review, so at this time you’ll have to use your wits to separate truth from reality.

Read our full post on how to spot fake supplement reviews on Amazon here.

2.) “Free” Trial Combo Offers

What can be better then learning if a product works without the financial commitment then trying it out for free? After all, you have nothing to lose, right? Well, think again…

Typically, a company that is offering a free “trial” or “sample” of their product is really just giving you a very set (and very short) period of time to try their product out before they end up charging you some ridiculous amount. It starts like this…1.) You come across an ad proclaiming that a particular male enhancement supplement works wonders, and the company is giving away free samples to prove it. 2.) All you have to do is put in your shipping info, and pay a small (usually $4 – $5) shipping charge and receive your free sample in just a few days.

3.) You receive your free “sample” a few days later, start trying it out, and realize it’s probably not working as well as you thought it would. No big deal, you only spent $5 on shipping, right? 4.) You login to your bank account and realize you’ve been billed upwards of $70, $80, and in some cases $90 for that very same product.

You try to contact the company and argue for a refund, to no avail…so now you’re out $90, and no results from it. Some guys end up losing alot more then that, and I’ve had guys email me saying they had been charged for months before they realized what was going on.

This is especially true of so called “combo offers” or combinations of 2 supplements that are said to give you some major increase in size in less then a month. Believe me, I have tested MANY of them, and NONE of them work the way they say it will. In fact, all they do is whop you with an additional charge, instead of just being charged for one product it’s now 2.

Check out my individual reviews of Xanogen and HGH Factor and Alpha Fuel XT and Orvigomax to see exactly what I’m talking about.

3.) Porn Stars Marketing Pills

porn starThere’s a certain porn star (who’ll remain anonymous here) who’s been peddling male enhancement pills since before you were probably even born. You’ve probably seen ads with him sprinkled all over porn sites, and he’s a bit of an ugly dude. This adult film actor in particular has apparently “spilled the beans” about sex pills in his tell-all website, and go’s on to promote a wide variety of products that he says work the best.

And why wouldn’t you believe him? After all, wouldn’t a guy with a big johnson be the most trustworthy source for anything and everything “male enhancement” related. Well, it turns out that this particular porn star does alot of bashing of products which he used to be a spokesman for in the past, and now all of a sudden he’s turning the tables and saying those products don’t work.

My guess is that, like most porn stars, he has probably not even used ANY of the products he’s claiming have worked the best. In addition, I am 99% sure he is a paid endorser of these blogs, so watch out!

4.) Using Some “Secret Trick” To Grow Your Penis

I get really infuriated when I see some a-hole pushing some “miracle trick to boost your penis size”. These idiots proclaim things like drinking grapefruit juice along with a male enhancement supplement will give you a huge increase in penis size. Really?? Grapefuit Juice?? Haha.

Another favorite of mine is called “penis confusion”…no, I’m not talking about a penis walking around confused about it’s whereabouts. I’m talking about guys that say you need to switch up your routine with penis enlargement exercises to get the best results.

For those of you who don’t already know, enlargement exercises are exercises you do manually with your hand to stretch the penis to a longer state. It works, I can attest to that, and I actually have a free “Enlargement exercises ebook” available if you’d like to learn more about them.

However, some of these guys are saying you need to “confuse” the penis by doing random things during / after these exercises, like shooting your load less then 30 minutes after cumming. Let’s make one thing clear…the penis is nNOT a muscle. It can’t be confused, it won’t respond to different “exercises” at different intervals or times of the day.

Any claim that it will is simply ridiculous.

5.) Counterfeit Products and Illegal Ingredients

Counterfeit products are a growing problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only are male enhancement supplements counterfeited and sold to unsuspecting customers, so are prescription medications. If you find a site selling the product you want for much lower than anyone else does, it’s probably fake.To avoid being taken in by these unethical sellers, buy directly from the manufacturer or from well-respected retailers.

Another common danger we find when testing and researching supplements is illegal ingredients being added to them. For instance, numerous male enhancement supplements have been found to illegally contain the ingredient Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in big name erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra.

Some of these are even sold in some of the most well known stores in the US, including Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, and CVS.

They do this because they want their product to “work”, thereby selling more of it.

The problem with this is ingredients like Sildenafil have a wide range of side effects, and can interact with certain medications. This is the reason why you need to see your doctor first, before you can even obtain a prescription ED medication.

6.) Product Contamination and Ecoli Poisoning

ecoli poisoningSince many of the ingredients in various supplements are sourced in third world countries, often the quality is extremely low when compared to that in the
US. Why, you ask? Well, in the US, the government has strict regulation over the methods farmers grow their crops, and this tight regulation leads to formal and informal tetsing to assure that the product is made to a certain grade of quality.

Unfortunately, however, this same standard of quality is often not met in countries like China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and others. In fact, many of these ingredients are sourced in regions of the world that don’t even have running water, let alone strict measures to ensure product quality.

Because of this, there’s been numerous supplements that have been found to contain a wide range of harmful contaminants, including E coli, and dangerous levels of bitter orange, coltsfoot, and germanium. These can cause a very wide range of nasty side effects, including vomiting, diarrhea, fever like symptoms, and in rare cases, death.

Learn What Ingredients Work

Erectile dysfunction wasn’t discovered in the 21st century.

Men have been coping with this problem for thousands of years. Most of the effective ingredients in today’s natural male enhancement supplements have been used throughout time to overcome problems of sexual function. Look for proven ingredients such as:

  • Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Niacin
  • Tribulus
  • Maca
  • Saw Palmetto
  • L-Arginine

These and a few others ingredients for male enhancement have passed the test of time. Read the labels carefully and look for ingredients that have been proven effective.

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First of all thanks for this article. It is helpful to know what is a scam. You are advicing Vigrx Plus to me and others. How do I know you aren't advertising for them? Could you explain me? Thanks in advance Jabba -Jabba

I do recommend VigRx Plus, and I do get a commission from them on sales that come through my website. I only enter into relationships like this with products that I've used and believe in, and the reviews on my website, whether purely informational or including personal results, are real. The scams I talk about in the article are very different than the personal recommendations I make.- Rob

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there a mail item sent to me X Philllon thriple effect glossy pictures big promises money back to good to be true?Testoterone XXX and Maca.Have you heard of this one?bad or garbage? -Rob

I would avoid this one.  I have heard negative things about their customer service.- Rob

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7 out of 7 people found this question helpful.

I ordereda 14 day free trial from PriaMax who after 14 days charged my credit card a womping !76.00 forn what I thought was a free trial. have their been other complaints about this company. -Cheryl

Yep, it's a very common scam, and extremely infuriating. The terms of the "free trial" deal are there on the website somewhere, but they do their best to keep customers from actually seeing it.- Rob

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3 out of 3 people found this question helpful.

Dear Mr Robe thank you for respond my Question if use the bathmate hydromax and vigrx plus everyday do you think well help me and have no said affect adem osman 6 jul 15 -adem

That's right, Adem.- Rob

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What do you think about or have you researched Rexadrene or SixeGenix or Pro Plus please let me know? Thanks Joe. -Joe

I would put them in the scam category for sure. Let me know what your goals are, and I'll recommend something better.- Rob

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Does Vigrx Plus work on men with ED, caused by type 2 diabetes? Tell the truth. -Dennis

While I certainly can't guarantee that it will work in yours or anyone's specific case, it works for ED stemming from many, even most, causes. Just make sure to check with your doctor to check that it's safe with your condition and any medications you take.- Rob

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Is Varitonil safe because most of reviews claiming this to be good. I called the company to make an order they then sold me another one which called STAMILIN testosterone booster (food supplement)say they go together for a maximum gain -Eddy

I haven't tried it myself or even done any research on it, but I took a quick look just now at the formula, and judging by the listed ingredients, I would expect it to be safe.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

I was about to order vigrx plus, but it is a scam. Is rexazyte also one of the scam products? -robert

I can vouch for VigRx Plus. It's not a scam at all. It's the best performance enhancement product I've used. Rexazyte focuses a lot on permanent size increases, but in the end, you won't get that from a pill.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Where can I get Vigrx Plus; also thank you for the information about phone ads. -KATHY

You can order it through their official website: http://www.vigrxplus.com/ct/134391- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Does Penis Enlargement Remedy work? Which is increases stem cells. -David

I've seen no scientific evidence that adult stem cells can do the things some of these products (like Penis Enlargement Remedy) say they will. (That's why all the research is being done with infant and fetal stem cells). That said, exercises can result in size increases, mainly in girth. just not through stem cells. Since this product talks about this unproven science, I wouldn't trust them.  I have a free ebook with an enlargement exercise program. Check your email, I'll send it over.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Don't understand your attitude toward Rexazyte (never mind who endorses it). Have you actually tried it to see whether it works or not? If not, then why bash it simply on the basis of who promotes it? -Keith

I've been in this business long enough to recognize a scam. You are certainly free to try anything that looks interesting to you.- Rob

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Hey Rob, What's up? Based upon your recommendations I'm going to give these two product a try but my problem is that I'm living all the way in Jamaica. So what I want to know is how can you get these product with out it costing me an arm n" a leg how much is it for a pk of a Vigrx plus one of the Hydromax I'm your friend Malcolm -malcolm

A single month's supply of VigRx Plus costs $76.99 plus $19.99 for international shipping. You can save a lot by buying multiple boxes at one. For instance, a 6 month supply would be $384.99 plus only one shipping fee of $19.99. The cost of the Hydromax depends on which model you choose, but international shipping costs $12.99.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

How do I stop the free trial before I'm charge a fee, I'm trouble locate to cancel -Arthur Campos

You need to contact the company you bought from within 14 days of the day you placed your order, and tell them you want to cancel your subscription. You might be able to find their number with the transaction on your credit card. If not, call your bank or credit card company. They should have a working number you can use to contact them.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Is alpha max male enhancement safe and effective? Bc they do the free trial too with the $5 shipping, but I have yet to find anything illegitimate about the product, through my research of the supplement... -Chris

The free trial products tend to be safe, but they are generally not very effective. The biggest problem I have with them is the deceptive free trial.- Rob

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